by Anonymous

“We only let a few boys join,” declared Katy, “and they have to have an initiation. But if you are willing to do that, then you can join too.”

Danny wasn’t sure where this was leading. The three girls who made up this “club” were the most mature in his fifth grade class, and they had a reputation among the boys for doing some over-the-top things, including putting on “shows” in the basement of one of their homes. He couldn’t help being intrigued, and a little bit aroused.

“What kind of initiation?” he asked.

“Look,” said Alison, “boys your age are still little kids, y’know? But we’re not kids any more. We... well, things have happened. Y’know? Boys and girls are different that way. We have, y’know, matured, and I’m sure you haven’t. So if you want to join our club, you have to prove that you are mature enough to know the answers to some questions. And if you don’t answer them right, we get to spank you, because that shows you are just dirty little boys who get spanked for being dirty little boys, and saying dirty things.” She giggled. “It’s only four questions, and if you answer even one right, the spanking won’t be that bad. Just a play spanking. And then, whether you get spanked or not, you get to be a member of the club!”

It sounded a little scary, and maybe a little too... Danny wasn’t sure that it wasn’t some kind a trap. But there the three of them were, in the Jennifer’s basement, with her mother far away upstairs, paying no attention to them. She never did, and so they could get away with all sorts of stuff, so maybe...

“I bet know the answers,” Danny said. “You guys aren’t all that mature. I know all about that kind of stuff. Let’s do it.”

The three girls shot each other expectant glances. They seemed excited, as if they knew just what was going to happen. They had baited the hook, and now they could reel in the new fish.

“So, before we start, let’s be sure you know the rules,” said Alison. “Four questions. Each one has a simple answer, a good answer, a clean answer. If your answer is anything dirty, you lose that round. Depending on how many answers you got right, you will either become a member, just like that, or have to get spankings from each of us. What those spankings are like will depend on how well you answer the questions. Got it?”

“I guess so,” Danny mumbled. He wasn’t sure he really got it, and he was worried that he might really “get it,” but he couldn’t show that in front of the girls, so, for better or worse, he said. “Let’s get started.”

“OK,” Katy said with a smirk. “What does a man do on two legs that a dog does on three legs and a woman does sitting down?”

Without thinking, Danny answered, “Pee!” And then he realized that the first trap had sprung!

“That’s not a nice answer!” Katy shouted. “So you’re gonna get a spanking, no matter what, and you better be more careful about the other questions, or it could be a really hard spanking. Oh, and the answer is, ‘shake hands.‘ A woman doesn’t have to stand up to shake hands, and a dog... can’t shake hands without one leg lifted. You’re not so smart after all, Danny. So think carefully next time.”

“My turn,” said Jennifer. Better get this right, or your pants’ll be coming down. Here goes: what is a four letter word, ending in ‘it,’ that means something you find on the bottom of a bird cage.”

Danny wasn’t so quick to answer this time; the answer that sprang to his lips was obvious, but not the right one. “Sh...” he started to say, and then clamped his lips shut. But what else could it be? Think! Think! That word had taken over his consciousness.

“I... I... Dunno,” he admitted.

Jennifer crowed. “Hah! It’s ‘grit.’ G-R-I-T. Easy. But not for you, and now you are going to get spanked without your pants on! Better take them down right now. Not your underpants... We don’t want to SEE THAT. Now now, anyway, but a spanking on your shorts is going to hurt plenty. And now, we come to question #3, and this one’s really important, because if you miss it... Well, see that hairbrush on the table over there? Wanna find out how much that stings? No? Then you better get this one right!”

Danny felt a distinct sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. He guessed that he didn’t have a chance to get both of the next questions right, but maybe, maybe one of them... well, there was nothing he could do about it now.

It was Alison’s turn, and she was smiling broadly as she asked, “What’s a four-letter word, that ends in K? Oh, and it means “‘intercourse.’”

Another trick question, and Danny didn’t have a clue. He certainly knew what “intercourse” was but he also know that the F-word was going to get him the hairbrush, for sure. That WAS the word for “intercourse.” Was it better to say it out loud? Or not? It didn’t make any difference, he guessed. “Fuck!” he said. It wasn’t an answer. It was just an expression of how he felt at that moment.

“Oh, you dirty-mouthed little boy!” shouted Allison. “I didn’t say ‘SEXUAL intercourse.’ I just said ‘intercourse.’ ‘Talk!’ The word is ‘talk.’ That’s called verbal intercourse. And now, Danny, go grab that hairbrush, and bring it over here, so you can feel how thick and heavy it is, and how it’s going to feel on your botttom.”

“But before you go get it, there’s one more question,” said Jennifer. And this one’s going to matter more than any of the others. This is the bare-bottom question! Yeah, miss this one, and your spankings will be on your bare bottom. With the hairbrush, that’s going to sting a lot!”

At the thought, Danny felt more than a tightness in his stomach. He felt a tightening in his crotch, a sure sign that... Oh, no, please, don’t let that happen. Not now, while he stood there in his underwear. But just thinking of having to pull down his underwear in front of these girls was having an obvious effect on him, and then he heard the last question, and knew he was doomed.

“What goes in hard and dry,” giggled Katy, “and comes out soft and wet?!” crowed Allison.

He thought about the question, and what it meant, and that did it. He just stood there, helplessly, with the hairbrush in his hand, his pants beginning to bulge in the front as the girls pointed and smirked. They must have planned it this way all along.

“You are really such a bad little boy!” shouted Allison. We can all see what you think the answer is, but you’re wrong. It’s ‘chewing gum.’ That goes in your mouth hard and dry and come out soft and wet. You naughty boy! All you can think about is what you have down there, and now you are going to get your spankings. So pull down those jockey shorts and hurry up across my knee so I don’t have to see more of that *thing* than I have to.”

Danny thinks about what's about to happen

Danny didn’t need any more encouragement; he stripped the underpants down and threw himself across her lap to hide his erection.

“You forgot to give me the hairbrush,” laughed Alison. How am I going to spank you good and hard without it? Get up, and bring it to me so I can use it on that nice, bare bottom of yours.”

Bare inf frount of the girls

Danny was almost in tears already, but he choked down his humiliation at having to get up and expose himself again, grabbed the hairbrush and handed it to Alison while getting back in position and gritting his teeth in anticipation of what was about to begin.

It was only a second before he felt the *CRACK* of the brush against his left buttock, right where it curves, and then a second *CRACK* on the left side. He heard the sound and felt the impact immediately but then, right after that, the searing pain, pain which started to build up as the hairbrush continued its trip back and forth, up and down, across his bottom. “Stick your bottom up!” Alison ordered as she smacked him right across both cheeks. “And stop wriggling!”

He couldn’t help it. Each new stroke caused him to thrust himself forward, and as he did that he realized that her thin skirt was rucking up her thighs, bringing his naked flesh in contact with hers. The sensation of feeling his burning bottom being smacked, while his most intimate parts were rubbing against her leg, aroused him even more, something that Alison obviously noticed.

“Get off my lap, you dirty little boy! I know what you’re doing! Katy, you take over and paddle his little butt until he’s howling ... But first, pull down your skirt. Danny’s getting so horny he’ll make a mess any second.”

Danny over a classmate's lap

So Danny found himself over Katy’s lap next, and her rough tartan skirt gave him no pleasure at all as he felt the second part of his spanking begin. Katy had a way with the hairbrush; she snapped her wrist at the end of each stroke, making it sting unbearably, and now that his bottom had already been thoroughly reddened, the spanking just built and built until his entire backside was on fire. But the spanking just went on and on, and he feared that tears would be coming to his eyes any second.

Begging was better than crying. “Please,” he begged. “No more. It hurts so much! I’m sorry, I’m sorry... don’t spank me any more... I’ll do anything you say, only let me go.”

The spanking did stop.

“Anything? That sounds interesting,” chuckled Jennifer. “See, we know all about what little boys do, when they are all alone and have nasty thoughts, But we’ve never actually seen that. Now, we know that when you have dirty thoughts, something happens that doesn’t happen with girls... We already saw you... get hard, y’know. And I figure you are still too little, maybe, to do much about that ... or at least to have... anything come out of there. In a year or two, you’ll get that sticky stuff that shoots out. But maybe it’s there already! Maybe if you tried to find out, we could see. See, you are already getting hard again, so if you don’t want to be spanked again, on that really, really sore, red bottom, why don’t you try to take your hand, and if you can make yourself shoot, then, we’ll let you off. Get off, and you’ll be let off!”

Danny had known about “playing with himself” for a couple of years, now, and he knew that he could get a great feeling from doing it, but that was all. Nothing ever came out, and he did try it, every couple of weeks, just to see. But he didn’t need the added humiliation of doing it in front of the girls and then having them see that he was still just a little boy, in that regard. He saw his erection begin to wilt and, with resignation, climbed over Jennifer’s lap. Saying absolutely nothing. What else could he do?

Danny begging for it to stop

It was, given his already flaming backside, the worst spanking of all. The hairbrush took a long trip, back and forth, up and down, his buttocks, not missing the tops of his thighs, just under the curve, or the this flesh just above where his bottom started to jut out. It was as sound, and hard, and long a spanking as any boy his age had ever undergone, and his howls testified to that:

“OWWW! OUCH! Please! No! OH, my bott...BOTTOM! It HuuurTS! STOP! Don’t SPANK me anyMORE! OHH! OWWW! NOOOOO!” It went on that way for a long, long time.

But it did end. Except for one final piece of huimiliation.

“That was great!” said Jennifer. “I loved it!”

“Yes,” said Katy. Now that you are a member of the club, you can get spanked any time you want to.”

“And” chimed in Alison, “if you want to watch us spank other boys, we’ll let you do that, if it happens. That’s what our club is all about... finding ways to tease little boys, and spank them if we can. We love to see their little red bottoms, and the way their weiners bounce around when they stand up and rub themselves.”

“Of course,” she went on,” that’s all you can do. You are a boy, and boys don’t get to spank us. Or see us undressed. Or anything else! When you grow up, and your little thing is bigger, then you’ll be able to make some of the rules. Big boys, we know, are just as nasty as little ones; and once they start to grow hair down there, and can spurt, and... well, they try to make the rules, and we have to go along, at least a little, with what they want,. But for now, we are the ones who give each other pleasure, and sometimes even spankings, and... but that’s not your business. You got to be a member of the club. I hope you enjoyed it.” She laughed. “But it’s a girl’s club, and all boys can do is join. And you did. So that’s it. ‘Bye!”

“Unless, of course, added Katy, “You want some more spankings. You can come back and get those any time!”

The Girl's enjoy the show.