How To Deal with Bad Boys

by Anonymous

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Part 1

“From what I have heard, I don’t think you will need a long time to teach Douglas to behave,” Mrs. Bryson said. “Your reputation for correcting teenage boys is remarkable, and I trust you entirely to adjust his attitude without much difficulty.”

“Thank you,” responded Ms. Watson. “Our methods may not be approved by many these days, but our results are excellent. Leave everything in our hands, and we will call you as soon as Douglas demonstrates that he has learned the lessons he needs so much to take to heart.” She paused. “Of course, Douglas,” she said, addressing herself now to the smirking thirteen-year old standing before her, “It is not your heart, or even your head, that will be the focus of our attention! As you will discover. Please, follow me.”

She led him to a small room, sparsely furnished with an armless chair, an armless sofa and, most curiously, a padded table. The walls, Douglas noted, were also padded. A large wooden cabinet stood near the door. The walls were painted white, and bright fluorescent lighting glared off them. A door stood ajar, leading into a small adjoining bathroom.

“So, Douglas,” Ms Watson began, let me explain why your mother brought you here, and what is going to happen. You may think that you are a mature young man, but, in fact, you have been acting like a naughty little boy, and naughty little boys are best dealt with by old-fashioned methods. You may be able to guess what those are.”

Douglas said nothing. He stared at the floor.

“See,” Ms Watson went on, “that is an example of behavior we do not tolerate. You will answer, and you will answer truthfully, or you will suffer the consequences. There are no second chances, either. You just refused to answer me. For a disrespectful answer, I might have taken into the bathroom for a mouth soaping, and other signs of recalcitrance might find you in there getting an enema, but right now you will be spanked. Get over my knee!”

Douglas was about to answer back, argue, refuse... but he thought, how bad could a little spanking be? Why not get it over with? So, as Ms Watson seated herself in the armless chair, he bent across her lap and felt, before he was expecting it, her firm hand descend on the left side of his bottom. Again, and then again, her hand smacked him, but since he was wearing jeans, he hardly felt the blows, and a silly smirk played over his features. It stayed there, even as he felt his seat warming a bit, but the whole thing, in spite of the embarrassment, was really too stupid to cause him serious worry. Even though he was beginning to feel some discomfort, it wasn’t...

He was yanked to his feet. “Now,” said Ms Watson, “that you have had your bottom warmed up just a little, we can get down to business. I’ll ask you a question. And you will answer. Or... well, I think you can guess. Here’s the question: What did you do that made your mother bring you here”

Douglas drew in his breath. What, exactly, was it? It could be many things, most of which he did not want to even mention. Was it lying? He did that a lot. Was it talking back? He did that, too. Or was it one of his big secrets, something his mother couldn’t possibly know about, unless he carelessly blurted it out. He decided on discretion.

“Talking back, I guess,” he mumbled.

“No,” said Ms Watson . “You will get spanked for that, now that you mention it. But that’s not what you are going to be REALLY spanked for.”

Douglas didn’t like where this seemed to be going. “Lying?” he ventured.

“No, but that’s always a good reason for a sound spanking, so now that’s two spankings extra, and we haven’t even begun the real spankings yet!” Ms Watson smiled, thinly. “I think we better begin.”

Douglas started to lie back across her knees when her hand reached out to hold him. “Oh, no,” she said. “No more warming up Each spanking gets a little worse. You should have figured that out. No, the next one is with you pants down, so get them down. Now. Or I’ll take them down myself, and in that case...”

He didn’t need further explanation; if he didn’t pull his pants down right away, that would be defiance, and another spanking... He tugged at his belt, let his jeans fall to the floor, and bent across her lap.

Douglas was surprised to find out how much her hand stung on his jockey shorts as she began the second round of spanking, but he still thought he could endure this, except that the spanking didn’t seem to go on very long before he heard Ms Watson speak again, and this time, her voice had a cold, quiet certainty about it which chilled him.

“Well, now, we finally get to the part I love. Bare bottom! You must have known you would have your bottom bared, didn’t you? No, don’t get up. Just lie there, and I’ll pull down your jockey shorts for you. If you ask, politely.”

“But... I don’t want... I mean...” Douglas struggled to say the words he knew he had to say. His throat was dry. A few hard smacks, however, encouraged him, and he managed to stammer. “Yes, please... Take down my pants... And give me a good spanking on my bare bottom!”

“Just right,” said Ms. Watson. “There’s a good boy. Since you asked, you will get what you asked for. Of course, we still haven’t gotten to the real reason you are going to be spanked today, or the good, sound spankings you need, but since you asked politely, I’ll give you the next spanking fast. You’ll find my hand does a very good, stinging job on a bad, boy’s bottom.”

And during the next five minutes, that’s exactly what he discovered.

Bare over her lap for a hand spanking
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Part 2

“Now, it’s time for us to have a serious discussion, Douglas. That bottom is nice and pink, and warm, but your spankings have hardly started. After all, you still haven’t told me what I already know, the nasty secret your mother discovered that made her bring you here. And I know you want to tell me about it, and get spanked for it, rather than get more and more spankings until you finally get around to it. So let’s hear it.” Douglas’s mind raced. What was it? He’d better think fast... But could it really be... She said “nasty secret”. Had his mother discovered... And if she hadn’t, should he confess it? What if she didn’t know? What if this was some sort of trap? No, she couldn’t know... It was a bluff... He’d better not admit...

“I don’t know. Really, I don’t. Please... Don’t spank me any more. It hurts...”

Oh, you know that didn’t hurt so much. A hand doesn’t hurt, even on the bare. Now, a ruler though... and it’s going to be ruler, next, right across that little pink bottom of yours.” She opened the cabinet and pulled out a heavy wooden ruler, but the doors of the cabinet were open long enough for Douglas to see that there were other objects inside, objects he could only glimpse before he was yanked down, across her lap. “Over my knee, Douglas. This time, it’s really going to sting!”

And it did! The wooden ruler struck straight across both buttocks with a resounding “WHAP” and then another, and another. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! He jerked his body upright, but she held him down and the spanking went on and on, for at least a couple of minutes until he lost count. Then, once again he was raised to his feet, and Ms Watson took him by the shoulders, stared straight into his face, and said, angrily, “It is time to confess, young man, and take the punishment you deserve. No more fooling around! From here on, the spankings will get harder, and longer, and they will not end until you tell me what you know I need to hear!”

She reached behind her into the cabinet, and pulled out a solid, wooden paddle. It looked like a ping-pong paddle, but the rubber had been stripped off and the wood sanded down and coated with varnish, or maybe another layer of wood had been fitted to it, for it seemed a good bit thicker and sturdier that a regular game paddle. It looked as if it would hurt a good deal more, too.

Douglas knew he was about to learn that for sure, and unless he could figure out what secret his mother had discovered, he was in for a long, painful session. Then he noticed, in the same cabinet, a pile of magazines which looked familiar. His secret stash! The one he kept hidden beneath his mattress... His porno collection! That had to be what this was all about. And so, in spite of the humiliation, he had to confess, or suffer the consequences, so he quickly said, “Stop! I’ll admit it. I have a bunch of dirty magazines hidden away! That’s it, isn’t it?”

“Well, not exactly, but you are on the right track,” replied Ms Watson, with a grin. “And here they are! Let’s see... ‘Hustler,’ and something called ‘Beaver Shots,’ and this really nasty one called ‘Girls Who Love Oral.’ I can guess what you do with these!” And she held them out for him to see, opening one to a very explicit photo of a girl who was servicing a young man with her mouth.

He couldn’t help himself. What he saw made him harden, even as she stared at his crotch. He would have given anything to make his erection disappear, but here it was, in full view.

“Ah,” she said. “That’s what I thought, and that’s enough reason for a good, hard spanking right now. Get over my knee, and no back talk!” Douglas was glad to be able to assume a position where his arousal was not so obvious, but in a second he felt the paddle descend on his right cheek, and then on his left, and pain was far beyond anything he had felt so far. *WHACK!* went the paddle on his already sore bottom. *WHACK!* again, and again, and still again, a dozen times, two dozen, and he began to writhe and twist his body in a futile attempt to avoid the blows. Oh, please, he thought, let it stop. “Please!” he shouted out loud. “Please... Stop... No more! I’m sorry!!!”

Bare over her lap for a hairbrush spanking

And then it did stop, and he was able to stand up and grab his red-hot bottom cheeks, and try to rub out the pain.

But, apparently, it was not over yet.

“Well, Douglas,” she said, “now you know what a real spanking is! Now you now what a red, well-spanked bottom feels like. But I’m afraid we still haven’t finished with that bottom today. Not until you say you are sorry and ask for your spanking. And this one, I am afraid, will be even more difficult for you to endure, because this time I will be using the best method of all to spank a naughty boy.” And from the cabinet she took a solid, wooded hairbrush. “Are you ready to say you’re sorry? Are you ready for your good, sound hairbrush spanking? Because I can go on spanking you with the paddle until you are.”

Douglas knew he had no choice at all. This was really going to hurt, but what could he do except say, his voice choking, “Please... let me lie over your lap... Now... And give me a hard, good spanking with the hairbrush. I know I deserve it . I know I need it. Please... Spank me. Spank me hard!

And she did exactly that. She applied the hairbrush with vigor, alternating from cheek to cheek until tears came to his eyes. He twisted and thrashed about, and howled, but the spanking went on and on until his backside was solidly red and burning. Finally, after five minutes of having his bottom blistered, he was allowed off Ms Watson’s lap. He was certainly a weeping, soundly spanked little boy, truly sorry for all he had done. His scarlet, naked bottom, displayed for Ms Watson to examine, his tear-streaked face, and his breathless sobbing testified to what he had endured.

Bare over her lap for a hairbrush spanking

Was it finally over now?

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Part 3

Apparently, there was to be a good bit more.

“You see, it’s not really all that naughty for dirty little boys like you to pleasure themselves with pictures like that. All little boys do it, and some grown-up men do it too. But here’s the real point: Look at the writing on the cover of this magazine.” And she pointed to the words, ‘Not for sale to minors.’

“See,” she said. “You obviously stole this, or if somebody else did, you bought stolen property. That is not a childish act, for which you should simply be spanked. That is a grown-up act, and grown-ups do not get ‘spanked’... by hand, with a paddle, or with a hairbrush.

“No, Douglas, you have already been spanked, and properly spanked, as children need to be spanked for childish naughtiness. But stealing is something worse than naughtiness. And we will deal with that tomorrow. You need a night for your bottom to cool down, and you need a night to think about what is coming.

“But tomorrow, I expect you back here again. Tomorrow, first of all, you probably will be spanked again, because I am sure there are a few more childish behaviors you want to confess to ... if you know what’s good for you!

“Then, after the spankings, we will deal with your stealing. You will confess to that, and you will ask to be punished as you should be. Bent over the table there, restrained if necessary, with your bottom bare, of course, well-positioned for...” She said nothing more. But she reached into the cabinet, and pulled out a well-oiled leather strap, and a thick black leather belt, and some restraints with buckles.

Douglas knew that what had happened so far was only prologue to a much more intense, painful, and humiliating experience to come.