A Matter of Perspective

by Crimson Kid

(All rights reserved. This story's setting is October of 1970 in the U.S.A.)

Oh, this is all so unfair—such a delicious scene in front of me, but I can't enjoy it...

My cousin Paul getting just what he so richly deserves across Marcie's lap...Boy, can she ever swing that wicked oversized hairbrush!

He must have already gotten twenty-five whacks, and she's still going strong with that powerful left arm of hers—those smacks are ringing out like pistol shots! His bouncing bare bottom is already a nice rosy red, and he's yelping and squirming like there's no tomorrow...The tears are building up in the corners of his eyes—he won't be able to keep from crying for much longer, I can tell that much.

There's nothing better for embarrassing a fourteen-year-old than having his pretty young babysitter royally walloping his bare boyish buns, that's for sure—especially if she swings that spanking brush as long and hard as Marcie does!

This would such a great show, except...I'm next across Marcie's lap, bare-assed and everything, and it's not fair! How did Paul set it up, to make that clerk friend of Marcie's think that I was there with him, instead of still at church? Some other girl our age, it must have been... According to Marcie, that girl said that her name was Miriam, Paul's cousin...The clerk knows who Paul is, but she doesn't know me, so he set this thing up!

Oh, those hairbrush swats are SO hard! Marcie's just plastering Paul's undercheeks, which are wide open the way she's got her left leg pinning him in a jacknifed position—just listen to him howl...His tears are flowing freely now, and his hips are trying to wiggle out of range of that cracking-hard wooden brushback—no chance of that, dear boy! It's so much fun watching a cocksure guy like my cousin get taken down a few notches by having a blazing-hot bonfire lit on his bottom with his pants and panties pulled down—listen to him sobbing and begging for mercy!

Except that when Marcie's finally finished with Paul's dishonest derriere, mine is next on her agenda—but I've been set up! Paul warned me not to tell Marcie about him leaving church service early, but I thought he was bluffing...He said that we'd both be punished, but did I believe him? When Marcie called the drugstore, I could scarcely believe it! Right on the phone she told that young woman clerk, Amelia, that both of us, Paul and I, would be getting our bare fannies roasted with her hairbrush...and possibly her leather belt, too!

So now I can't really enjoy Paul's punishment, even with his chubby exposed buttcheeks such a brightly-glowing fire-engine red color...He's gotten about fifty whacks now, and he's starting to blubber babyishly... I still can hardly believe that I'll be doing that shortly—I've never been spanked in my life, except for a couple quick swats when I was a toddler...Paul seeing MY bare bottom? I'll be so embarrassed—it's so much better when HE's got the 'southern exposure' in the rear, like he does now...and later when he has to stand with his red bottom on display in the corner...He's so much fun to tease then!

BRRINNG! BRRINNG! What's that...the doorbell! Marcie's stopped paddling, but she's keeping Paul in his punishment position, holding his left hand pinned against his waist while he bawls helplessly.

"Get the door please, Miriam—see who it is."

Sure, Marcella—anything to postpone my set-up spanking, even for a minute or two!

It's a young woman, a tall brunette, nice-looking—I've seen her somewhere...

"Hi, honey. Is Marcie Valentine babysitting at this house?"

"Uhhh, yes—but she's...ahhh...kind of busy right now, a private...uhh... thing..." I can't really tell her what's going on, whomever she is, can I?

"Is she administering a sound spanking to someone?" Her eyes are twinkling merrily—she's amused at my embarrassment.

"Ahhh, well..." Oh, wait! Could SHE be...?? "Ummm, who are you, miss?"

"Amelia Fontaine...I work at the drugstore. My shift just got over, and I thought I'd better stop over here. This is the Royalton residence, where Marcie's babysitting two teenaged cousins for the weekend?"

Oh, this is awesome—my savior!

"PLEASE come in, Amelia. I'm Miriam Palace, and I wasn't at the drugstore with Paul this morning—was I?"

"YOU'RE Miriam? Well, I thought that I might have been tricked. That other little girl seemed suspiciously open about telling me her name— your name, that is."

"Who's there, Marcie?"

"It's your friend Amelia, from the drugstore—I'm bringing her in!" Oh, this is going to be so wonderful—there IS a just God, after all! "Come on in, Marcie's in the living room doing some disciplinary work." Well, actually the spanking has been stopped momentarily—but not for long, once Marcie hears Amelia's news!

"Well Marcie, what have we here? Your young charge here seems to be displaying quite a red bottom...Hello, Paul—having a good time in that position?"

Look at Paul's expression—he know's he's BUSTED but good! Marcie looks a bit puzzled, but Amelia will straighten her out now...

"What's up, Amelia? Why did you drop by now, just to watch the hairbrush festivities?"

"Actually, no...As it turns out, I'm just in time to prevent this young lady from being unjustly punished." You tell her, sweetheart!

"What do you mean?" Marcie looks annoyed—but that's good, now that Paul's bare seat is going to be her ONLY target to release that annoyance upon...

"She's not the girl I saw with Paul here in the drugstore...That girl looked a bit younger, with longer hair—slightly darker, too. She said she was Miriam Palace, Paul's cousin, but she volunteered that information a bit too eagerly."

Ohhh, look at that expression on Marcie's face! She doesn't liked being tricked and lied to, not one bit!

"Who was that then, Paul—the girl who said she was Miriam at your suggestion?"

"Uhhhhh...Ohhhh, Muh-Marcie, I cah-can't tell...Please..."

"Paul, your bare-bottomed blistering has just quadrupled, at the very least, already—I really don't think you want to increase your punishment any more...but that's up to you, darling." Her voice is icy calm—boy, is Paul in for it now! This will be a terrific show to watch—maybe I'll get to even participate...

"Ohhh...Bruh-Brittany S-Sinclair..." It figures! She's a twelve-year-old with this 'puppy love' crush on Paul—she'd do whatever he said.

"Hmmmm...I'll have to phone her mother later—I think Brittany needs a good tanning of her little bare bottom for that deliberate frame-up." Now Marcie's smiling at me. "Miriam, I'm sorry I didn't believe you—in the future I always will, I promise." She's lightly pressing the hairbrush's smooth back against Paul's glowing crimson bumcheeks—they're trembling really cutely, because he's so scared!

"You still have to finish Paul's little session over your knee, don't you?" Amelia is smiling rather smugly—but I'm sure not as smugly as I am right now...

"No, WE are going to chastise this dishonest young man, all three of us— and we're going to start all over! What he already got was just a light warm-up, compared to what punishment his bare behind is GOING to get! He victimized all of us, so I'll want your help in making him regret it forever...Are you with me, girls?"

"All the way, Marcie—one thousand percent!" You don't have to ask me twice—I'm going to get to paddle my lying cousin, and does he EVER deserve it!

"Certainly, Marcie...Exactly what do you have in mind?" Attagirl, Amelia!

"Well, first I'll finish this hairbrush walloping—except I won't be finishing it up, I'll be starting it over from the beginning..."

"No, Marcie! Please, thuh-that's not fair!" Why Paul, you sound upset, dear boy!

"After what you did, trying to frame Miriam, I wouldn't bring up fairness! If you interrupt me again, we'll be moving the punishment procedures to the front porch, facing the street." Marcie means it, too... Go ahead Paul, call her bluff!

"How many hairbrush whacks will you give his bare backside, Marcie? It's already bright red, after all." Don't worry, Amelia—he's only getting his just desserts!

"At least a hundred...Don't worry, his rump is very solid—it can take plenty of punishment...and it's going to get plenty! Then we'll put him in the corner, showing us his bare bottom, for fifteen minutes...then it'll be Miriam's turn to wallop him, using her aunt's wooden racquetball paddle."

"Great! Oh, I'll REALLY plaster his lying bare behind for him! You'll be bawling like a baby, dear cousin..." Will he ever—I'm giving him well over a hundred whacks!

"We'll have him bend over the arm of the couch for Miriam's paddling— that should give you an excellent downswing angle to catch his tender 'sit spots' with every swat, Miriam."

"I will—I promise you." Try to frame me, will he?

"After fifteen more minutes of red-bottomed corner time for Paul, it'll be your turn, Amelia. There's an oversized wooden cooking spoon in the kitchen, with a wide, flat back you could use..." Oh, that has a WICKED sting, according to Paul!

"Why, I'd love to, thank you. I'll put him over my lap and teach him a long, hard, bare-assed lesson about trying to manipulate me." All right, Amelia!

"Just don't go easy on him or stop before you think you should, no matter how much he kicks and cries or how red his naked fanny gets. I'd suggest that you use a restraint position like this one, except reversed since you're right-handed."

"Please give him at least a hundred smacks, Amelia—and promise me you'll make them totally HARD!" I don't want her wimping out, although she looks determined enough...

"My solemn promise to you, Miriam." She's chuckling. "And to you too, Paul." Oh, nice zinger there! I'm sure Paul appreciates being included...

"We'll give our naughty bare-bottomed boy another quarter-hour in the corner, then my belt's coming out of its loops and doubling up for some serious strapping business." That belt is thick and wide, and she really cracks it with authority! "Paul will go back over the couch arm, and I'll just leather his plump bare rumpcheeks until my arm's exhausted—and I've got a VERY strong arm, believe me." She sure does!

"Then he'll wrap up with a half-hour in the corner...By that time, Paul's buns should be a deep shining red, almost maroon—it will be interesting to see if he stops sobbing before his half-hour is up."

"Boy, that's a whole lot of really hard walloping on his bare seat..." Oh Amelia, don't get tender-hearted on us...

"I guarantee his bottom can take it with no permanent damage—just plenty of stinging, blazing intensity to make him learn a much-needed lesson. Trust me on this, Amelia—he's going to get what he deserves." Tell her, Marcella!

"Okay...I'm sure you're right." Damn straight she is!

"When I call Mrs. Sinclair and suggest that Brittany be punished by her, I'm going to offer to send Paul over for a good bare-bottom blistering from her too—since I'm sure that he convinced Brittany to lie to you, Amelia." Oh, how truly delicious...And Mrs. Sinclair will absolutely go along with it, too—so Paul will be getting ANOTHER bare-assed licking, with Mrs. Sinclair's razor strop. What a spanking-good day this is going to be!

"Miriam, you may accompany your cousin tonight and watch his spanking at Brittany's house, if you wish."

"I'd love to...Thanks, Marcie." I'll taunt him all the way there and all the way back, too...How's your bottom feeling now, Paul—pretty sore? Boy, you really blubbered like a baby over that woman's lap, didn't you? I'll bet your buns are really burning up, aren't they? I really made you cry like a five-year-old when I paddled your bare bottom, didn't I? You were just begging me for mercy, dear boy, but I didn't give you any! Isn't it kind of embarrassing for a teenaged boy to be bare-assed and bawling in front of three females all afternoon, dear cousin?

"Then we're ready to begin our disciplinary proceedings—as soon as the formal request is made." Marcie's lightly patting Paul's upturned red rear end with the back of her hairbrush. "Paul dear, you've heard my plans for your punishment, haven't you?" He sure has, he's quivering in dread with his naked backside sticking up so invitingly.

"Yuh-Yes, Marcie, uhhhhh, b-but please..." He's sobbing already—that's so cool!

"Please ask us to implement them, just as I've described them, because you so richly deserve them." Oh Marcie, what a super idea—making him ASK for his bare ass to be blistered! "Right now, young man!" He knows he has NO choice here...

"Oh, no, uhhhhh...well...all right...please...puh—punish me...as you said you would...oh, but that's so much..." He's not all that convincing, is he?

"That's a hairbrush spanking over my lap, starting immediately, then a paddling from Miriam, then a spanking with the wooden spoon over Amelia's lap, then a strapping from me with my belt—and later a spanking from Brittany's mother. All on your bare boyish bottom, with corner time between and after—so you'll have several women looking at your exposed buttcheeks for quite a while, and you'll probably get around five hundred total strokes across those dishonest, naughty cheeks." Oh, it's REALLY sinking in now—Paul's realizing what he's in for today, his face is so pale...

"Is that what you're requesting from us, Paul? Just yes or no, please." Marcie's tightening her grip on his left wrist, lifting her right leg to push his trembling, fiery-red rump up higher.

"Oh, Marcie...Yes, I ruh-request that...uhhhhhh...but not too hard, please!" Not too hard? There's ZERO chance of that, begging little boy!

"Expect it to be BLISTERING hard!" Marcie's raising the hairbrush in her left hand... "Starting NOW!!"

Oh, she's really giving it to him, look at that punishment brush solidly connecting smack against his bare undercheeks, just above his thighcreases! He's crying openly already, after only a half-dozen whacks— what music to my ears!

Might as well sit down on the couch, next to Amelia, and enjoy this show... Until it's my turn to participate—then I'll teach Paul to try and frame me, I'll scorch his bare seat with that paddle showing NO MERCY!

That's it, Paul—wail and howl oh-so-loud, wiggle your hips and bounce your stinging, red-hot asscheeks...I love a good show!

Oh, resoundingly cracking-good smacker there, Marcella—I'll bet that one REALLY stung, judging from my cousin's frantic squirming...

Perspective is everything, isn't it? Now that I'm going to be a spanker rather than a spankee, this is the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!!

{The End...of the Story}