by the Crimson Kid

(All rights reserved. This story’s setting is mid-September of 2009 in the U.S.A.)

Part 1 | Part 2

Part 1

Bobby Behr stared across the wide, calm lake at the brand-spanking-new Lakefront Tennis Club. Since the hour was close to midnight the courts and administration building were dark, but he recalled that only a few of the courts had been lighted when he’d arrived at his aunt’s lake house four hours earlier. The night was eerily still, at least it seemed that way as he remembered the bright lights and activity that had surrounded much of the shoreline area only a week earlier.

Labor Day weekend had been the climactic last gasp of the summer season, it had gone out with a celebratory bang but it had nonetheless gone out completely. The air felt as warm and comfortable as it had during midsummer yet Bobby hardly felt comforted. Summer’s end was always a melancholy time for him, the better the season had been the more despondent he always felt afterward. That summer, in which he’d worked at a dream job as the assistant pro at the tennis club, had been a wonderful experience filled with sweet sunshine, mild breezes and a deeply-felt summer fling with an extremely attractive college girl that had filled his evenings with laughter, playful games and rather passionate romance.

He sighed hopelessly, knowing that it would take him considerably longer than usual to fully recover from his annual period of autumnal sadness. Like over ninety percent of the lake area’s summer residents he had returned to his permanent residence last weekend, but unlike the vast majority of them he had been drawn to return on the Friday after Labor Day. Nobody else was currently occupying the spacious lakefront cottage where he’d stayed for the season beginning in early June, although Aunt Miriam had spent almost all of the summer there and had hosted frequent visitors in the form of her newlywed daughter and son-in-law and her first cousin and his wife. Like the other departed summertime residents his aunt might spend a weekend or two at the place in October or early November, but there would be no serious long-term return to the area until the next Memorial Day weekend.

Having fallen helplessly in love over the summer was making his post-Labor Day depression much more severe than it otherwise would’ve been, but Bobby nonetheless believed that it had been better to end the romance by default than to try to maintain a doomed relationship once the season that had nurtured it had ended. Would he encounter his former lover again next June? Perhaps, if he ended up working at the center again, or they could even bump into each other if he was visiting Aunt Miriam—assuming that she spent the season at her family’s lake house again. He shrugged, telling himself that he’d deal with that distant possibility if and when it occurred.

He’d turned to go back inside the cottage when there was a rustling from the shore trail behind him. Looking backward, he saw an unidentifiable human form approaching in the darkness.

“Fancy meeting you here,” remarked a sardonic feminine voice, one that left Bobby feeling dumbstuck. No one spoke for a long minute as the young woman slowly walked up to face him. “Nothing to say to me, sweetie?” she finally asked pointedly.

“Cieuh-Cierra,” he finally murmured.

Her right hand lightly reached up and caressed his cheek. “Oh, so you do remember me then. Yes, I’m that person who’s been calling, e-mailing and texting you all week.” Her voice changed from lightly sarcastic to scornful. “Can you give me one reason that I shouldn’t slap your face as hard as I can and then leave your presence forever?”

Bobby shook his head dazedly. “No, I suppose I can’t, Cie… Except that I thought it was best to end it quickly.”

She paused pensively. “Hmmmm, end it quickly, you say. Kind of like ripping a bandaid off in one sudden pull, is that what you mean?”

He could feel the warmth of her well-toned yet buxom body close to his, making him uncertain that he should’ve decided to end their romance at all. “Something along that line, right,” he managed to blurt out without much conviction.

Cierra smiled wanly. “That makes sense, I must admit. I have just one other question for you, Bobby dearest, and if you’ll answer that to my satisfaction then I will accept your decision about us and never bother you again.”

He found that a highly undesirable outcome; it was virtually impossible for him to resist the dark-haired beauty’s charms, both physical and emotional, once in her entrancing presence. Nonetheless he somehow forced a wavering query. “What’s that?”

Her tone was both puzzled and hurt. “Since we live only two miles apart in town, even if that’s not as lighthearted and romantic a place as this lakefront is during the season, why would it have to end at all? Was it just a summer fling to you, Bobby?”

Bobby gulped. “No, but things are different in the fall, busier and more distracting, the past three months weren’t like that—they were magical.”

A teardrop glistened in the corner of her left eye. “I still don’t understand why you don’t want us to be together, even if the environment isn’t quite the same, but I accept your explanation.”

“Please don’t!” His plea sounded desperate.

Cierra frowned. “Don’t do what?”

The slim blond embraced her clumsily. “Don’t accept that answer, now that you’re with me it makes no sense at all. I don’t want to lose you, you’re a sweet, beautiful, wonderful girl and I’m so incredibly lucky that you’d even talk to me, much less love me.”

He kissed her hard on the lips and she returned the kiss with equal passion. When they finally pulled apart slightly, still entwined in one another’s arms, she addressed him with accusation in her voice.

“You could’ve talked it out with me, at least let me know how you were feeling. Even if you’d responded to my contacts by telling me that you needed some time to readjust, I’d have been understanding about that.” Another teardrop appeared, this time in her right eye. “But to just ignore me like I didn’t count for anything, that felt cold and cruel.”

Bobby nodded. “You’re right, I’m so sorry.”

She swiped away the moisture with her right hand. “That’s the last tear I’m going to shed over this situation, but you’re going to cry me a river of them before you’ve earned my forgiveness—unless you’ve decided that we should say good-bye after all.”

“That would break my heart,” he confessed leadenly.

She patted his face. “You’re lucky then, darling boy, because I have no desire to break your little heart—I just want it to be devoted to me.” Her expression became predatory. “However, I do plan to hurt your bouncy bottom a great deal and believe me you’re going to be bawling like a baby while your bare behind feels like it’s burning up in the flames of Hell itself—and I don’t mean just one time either, you put me through four days of my heart being ripped apart.”

“I’ll agree to that,” he told her quickly. After all, she’d spanked him soundly several times a week throughout the summer and he was still regularly paddled by both his aunt and her daughter Bethany, his cousin. Certainly he could endure additional bare-assed blisterings at Cierra’s hand—at the punitive implements wielded by her hand, to be more precise—even if they’d be somewhat more strenuous than his previous spankings had been.

Cierra’s smile was warm yet wry. “I know what you’re thinking, sweetie, but the tannings I delivered to your naked fanny these past months were primarily playful in nature, you haven’t yet been seriously disciplined by me—but you will be, in spades, if you truly desire my forgiveness.”

Her once and future paramour swallowed hard. “Ahhhh, those sessions always left me sobbing pretty loudly, you weren’t giving me any gentle lovepats with your hairbrush and paddles.”

The dark brunette nodded. “I always play very hard, but those paddywhackings were still administered basically for fun—although I do recollect being rather annoyed with you as the main reason for several of them. According to your cousin Bethany, she and her best friend spanked your bare bottom teasingly but still quite soundly when you were growing up.” Her expression darkened. “What I’m planning for this weekend is something much more severe and lengthy, a true extended punishment for your inconsiderate and hurtful treatment of me. It will only be stinging pain applied to your exposed asscheeks, darling boy, and I won’t break your skin or cause extensive bruising or blistering on your tight little buns, but beyond those limitations all bets are off.”

Bobby felt faint, or at least fainthearted. “What does that mean?”

“Well, for one thing there are instruments of corporal correction that are capable of producing raised weals and sizzling stripes on a nude boyfriend’s deserving derriere, items like canes, riding crops and leather tawses, and I’m going to demonstrate my expertise with them to you—I promise that you’ll find those lessons extremely convincing, Bobby dear.” She grinned diabolically. “Of course I won’t ignore the old standbys that you’re accustomed to either, I have a brand-spanking-new hairbrush, several types of paddles and a couple of straps available and they’ll get their share of interaction with your bare behind as well.”

He whistled lightly in trepidation. “That sounds like a looong weekend for me.”

“For both of us,” Cierra countered. “It won’t exactly be enjoyable for me either, repeatedly ravaging your rear end with such intensity, although I do expect to obtain significant satisfaction from being the dispenser of severe but necessary justice.” Her hands went to her shapely hips as her resolute gaze bored into his eyes. “So do you willingly submit to undergoing my retribution in full, starting immediately?”

Even in her role as his imminent strict disciplinarian, she was totally irresistible to her hapless victim. However he had somehow managed to break off their relationship when they’d been separated, it seemed impossible to do so when in her presence—not that he had any inclination to do so anyway, despite the steep punitive price he was about to pay for his inexplicably callous misbehavior.

Therefore the required reply was a no-brainer: “Yes, ma’am.”

She leaned forward to gently, lingeringly kiss his lips. “You’re salvageable, sweetie, I knew that or I wouldn’t have driven up here to confront you. Once I’ve shown you how much backside-blistering pain you can actually endure in the name of love, perhaps your typical male fear of commitment can be overcome.” Reaching into the right pocket of her snug-fitting white jean shorts, she withdrew and flourished a solid paddle-shaped hairbrush that was stained a reddish brown hue. “We’re going to start out your weekend of corporal chastisement here on this path, let’s go over to the oak stump.” Her left hand grasped his right one as she led him down the dirt pathway that weaved through the woods near the shoreline of the lake.

Bobby sighed while walking carefully in the darkness. “Not an unfamiliar location as far as our spanking sessions are concerned.”

His ladylove couldn’t help chortling in spite of the overall seriousness of the occasion. “That last one there a couple weeks ago, when those three eighteen-year-old girls showed up in the middle of your over-the-knee walloping with my sandal, your face turned as shining scarlet as those blazing buttcheeks of yours were—and that bright red thong too, at least you had adequate coverage up front but you were still hugely embarrassed.”


He shuddered, remembering the scene with painful accuracy. The three late-teenaged females, all attired in bikinis and aquashoes after a midnight swim during a slumber party, had stumbled across the fanny-tanning in progress; Cierra had been seated on the two-feet-tall stump with Bobby draped over her left knee and her right leg across his thighs, holding him down as her right hand cracked the sole of her wide leather sandal against his squirming nether moons while her left one pinned his upturned right wrist atop the small of his back. His running shorts had been tangled at half-mast position around his knees, leaving him only the minimal modesty provided by the crimson thong brief he’d been wearing as underwear.

The girlish teenagers had giggled with glee at the sight, eagerly accepting Cierra’s invitation to “stay and see how to keep a naughty boyfriend in line” while she continued spanking said boyfriend with increased intensity; he’d been tearfully wailing by the time she’d finally finished forcefully applying the smooth unyielding leather to his acutely smarting seat six minutes later. Slipping on her sandal, she’d made an offhand comment that “I could smack him even more effectively with my wooden hairbrush,” only to have the prettiest of the three girls, a pert short redhead, promptly produce a Sephora brand paddle brush from a fanny pack and hand it to her.

“Could you please demonstrate for us?” the cute teen had asked. “I mean, he’s in position already and you haven’t made him cry as much as a bad boy truly should.”

The idea had intrigued Cierra. “How many swats should I administer for you?”

The redhead had snickered with delight. “Oh, fifty for me… and fifty more each for Lucille and Sally too, if you can manage that many.”

“If SHE can manage that many,” Bobby had sputtered plaintively, “What about me, you want me to take another hundred and fifty whacks with that brush just for your damned entertainment?”

“You’ll receive as many sound stingers as I say you will, smack on your bare bottom for the amusement and edification of these young ladies,” Cierra had informed him sharply, “And your pouting has just earned you another fifty blistering hairbrush spanks for myself, so it’ll be a grand total of two hundred even—a nice round figure for this naughty round fanny.”

The redhead, apparently the only one of the three teenaged females able to do more than titter together at Bobby’s humbled circumstances, had clapped her hands enthusiastically. “Give it to him really good and hard, set his hiney on fire with my spanking brush!”

Cierra had required no further urging and her powerful tennis-trained right arm had evinced admirable strength and stamina as she’d emphatically paddled her paramour’s upthrust and unprotected posterior for the subsequent fifteen minutes, leaving him blubbering helplessly in front of the three gloating girlish witnesses. Before releasing him, she’d suggested that each of them fondle his darkly glowing glutes in order to feel the deep heat radiating from his thoroughly roughened skin. The redhead had done so eagerly, her friends then following her lead a touch tentatively, but all were seemingly impressed while Bobby whimpered from both extreme embarrassment and the flaming firestorm engulfing his southern hemispheres.

“This bare backside of his feels burning red-hot,” the redhead had enthused, “It has to hurt soooo very, very much!”

Cierra had grinned smugly. “Well, that’s the whole idea behind spanking a misbehaving lover who hasn’t treated you right. He wanted to mope and moan about the summer being almost over, now I’ve given him a much better reason to carry on like a chastised child.”

The redhead, who’d introduced herself as Freida, had tried to give Cierra the hairbrush that had walloped Bobby’s defenseless derriere so explosively when wielded by the young woman’s practiced hand, but the offer was politely refused. “You’re certain to have a boyfriend of your own soon, if you don’t already, and his bare bottom will undoubtedly need plenty of attention from this punishment brush—but I wouldn’t mind knowing where it was purchased, if you happen to know.”

Before the girls had departed to return to Freida’s family beach house, Cierra had insisted that Bobby express his gratitude to each of them separately for the fifty swats that he’d received on her behalf: “Thank you for the hairbrush spanks that were delivered to my bare bottom at your behest, ma’am, I richly deserved them and I hope that you enjoyed watching me being soundly corrected like the naughty little boy that I am.” He’d somehow stammered that sentence out, word-for-word, three times in a row to a different smirking female the better part of a decade younger than him.

“You’re quite welcome, Bobby honey,” Freida had replied, then she’d stepped to his left and given each of his still-naked buttocks a sharp slap with her open palm. “That’s for good luck, and many, many future spankings for you from your beautiful girlfriend.”


“At least this time it can’t be that embarrassing,” Bobby attempted to console himself as he and his feminine disciplinarian reached the oak stump.

She smiled tautly. “Perhaps not, there’s virtually nobody around to come across our punitive proceedings right now, but this is going to be only the beginning of a long, hot weekend for your deserving bare derriere. Out of those clothes, sweetie, every stitch of them!” She patted the flat back of the hairbrush, which she had ordered from based on information provided by the redheaded teenager two weeks earlier, against her left palm.

“You’re going to be fully forgiven by Sunday night, darling, but you’re going to earn my forgiveness by your naked fanny suffering the veritable fires of Hell itself…”

Part 2

Bobby began taking off his light clothing, starting with his cardinal red “Louisville University Tennis” polo-style shirt.

“Can’t I leave my thong on again, Cie,” he asked quietly, “Just in case someone comes by like that last time?”

She snickered. “How likely is that tonight? This whole area is unoccupied except for the two of us, darling boy, there are no lights in any of the other lake houses.”


He began removing his sandals. “Still, it was just a couple weeks ago that those three girls—“

“That was BEFORE Labor Day,” Cierra interjected curtly, then she waved her paddle brush at the surrounding wooded area. “Can you see or hear any signs of current habitation?” she demanded.

Her newly-returned paramour shook his head. “No, but I’d prefer that you let me keep my underwear on anyway, it won’t protect me at all so it shouldn’t matter.”

The black-haired beauty pointed the Sephora brush at the tall young blond’s naked chest. “Is that a formal request then, Bobby dearest, that I spank you over my knee while you’re wearing only your thong?”

Bobby nodded. “Yes, ma’am.” He decided to press his apparent good fortune. “With your sandal, not with that hairbrush, just for old time’s sake doing it like you were when those girls came along here.”


His once-again girlfriend couldn’t help smirking. “You want to rekindle the feelings of that rather humbling experience on your part? That’s surprising, unless your real motive is that my sandal doesn’t sting quite as much as this sweet-smacking brush.” She paused in mock contemplation. “You got a solid ten minutes of walloping with the sandal, slightly over half of it with those lovely lasses ogling your reddening bare bottom and giggling while you squealed, squirmed and sobbed, if I recall correctly. So are you directly asking me for a repeat performance along those same lines, young man?”

He gulped. “Uhhhh, exactly, ma’am.”

Cierra shrugged nonchalantly. “Far be it from me to refuse such a polite little boy who’s requesting corporal correction from me.” Seating herself comfortably on the two-feet-high oaken stump, she watched her soon-to-be spankee remove his red-trimmed white walking shorts, leaving himself attired only in a crimson thong brief that left his well-toned tight buttocks effectively unprotected. “There’s a sexy sight that I never grow tired of,” she noted appreciatively, “Especially when I’m going to turn those cute buttcheeks a deeper red than that strip of cloth running down your asscrack.” Leaning down, she slipped the wide leather sandal off her right foot before left-handedly patting her thigh. “It’s time, darling, get yourself across my lap so I can fulfill your desire for a fanny-whacking with this sandal.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Her victim quickly obeyed, relieved at seemingly having avoided an immediate session with the punishment brush, which had been set on the ground where he ended up facing it once in position to be spanked.


His strict-but-loving chastiser seized Bobby’s right wrist with her left hand and twisted his arm up behind his back in a tight hammerlock, then she bounced her right knee and slid his torso forward to further elevate his thong-separated white buttocks; even in the darkness they were easy enough to target, she mused as her right hand patted them lightly with the wide front of her sandal’s leather sole.

“I know you’re thinking that you’ve managed to reduce the severity of your sentence, Bobby dear, for the moment anyway,” Cierra informed her boyfriend, “But I’ve got a couple rather painful surprises in store for you—starting right now!”

The first surprise became immediately apparent, it being that the young woman could make her sandal’s flat sole sting and burn an exposed posterior nearly as much as the Sephora hairbrush did--if she really put her mind to doing so, and she certainly was doing exactly that.

THWACK!! WHACK!! SMACK!! SPLACK!! The sandal flashed up and down like a paddling dervish, impacting its wriggling, rapidly-reddening twin-moon targets in an alternating-cheek pattern that concentrated its resounding impacts on the ‘sit spots’ just above the yelping male spankee’s thighcreases. The blistering-hard swats landed only three seconds apart, giving the bouncing bare behind no time to recover from one of them before the following one searingly struck home on the other side.

The typical spanking-recipient transition from yelping to howling to sobbing to outright crying was accomplished in slightly less than five minutes under the unexpectedly fast barrage of the stiff leather’s crisp cracks, much to Cierra’s satisfaction as she administered the blazing chastisement with great enthusiasm. Her paramour’s implied assumption that she couldn’t deliver a first-class, bare-assed walloping with her sandal, that was something she considered to be a challenge to her disciplinary expertise and she was determined to rise to meet it.


The spanking lasted just over twelve minutes, with Bobby unabashedly bawling through more than half of it then finally weeping softly but uncontrollably for the last ninety seconds, much to his girlfriend’s delight—breaking her spankee down to that point of distressed resignation signified that the corporal correction had been fully effective, she’d always believed. She released his right arm and soothingly rubbed his back with her left hand as he continued to blubber while lying across her lap.

“There, sweetheart, the punishment you requested from me has been delivered,” she noted sweetly, “Since you specifically asked for it I felt that it should be the longest, hardest bare-butt paddywhacking with my sandal that you’ve ever received.” After putting her sandal back on the proper foot, her right hand gently squeezed his magenta-hued hindquarters, feeling the heat emanating from the fiery-looking skin at the base of his nether cheeks. “Wow, are you ever heated up back here, Bobby honey, that was certainly a satisfactory warmup for your hairbrush walloping, I’d say.”

It took several seconds for him to internalize his spanker’s meaning, then his body stiffened abruptly. “Wah-Warmup, whahh-at do yuh-you mean wuh-warmup, you juh-just spanked me, Cie, duh-didn’t you?” he protested while still sobbing.


Her voice was patient in response. “I administered a chastisement with my sandal that you’d requested for yourself, sweetie, but now this inconsiderate naked fanny of yours is due for the hairbrush walloping that I’ve had planned for it since before I started out driving up here.” Cierra sighed softly. “It’s going to be a considerable challenge to deliver a spanking with this paddling brush that’ll sting your bare buns even more than the sandal smacking I just gave you, I definitely will need to let my arm recover a bit—and your rear end needs to cool off just a touch, I don’t want it to go numb on me.”

“Buh-But that’s nah-not fair,” the young blond sputtered, “I tuh-took that puh-punishment with your sandal instead of with yuh-your brush.”

“Oh no, darling, I’m afraid you must have misunderstood,” his ladylove explained gently, her left hand pressing down on the small of his back, “That fanny-tanning with the sandal was in addition to the hairbrush whacking you’re going to undergo in a few more minutes—and after the cruel way you treated me for the past week, your bare backside will be better off if you’d avoid bringing up the issue of fairness.” She smiled thinly. “I’m going to spank you plenty long and hard enough as it is already, you don’t want to give me any more motivation in that area.”

Bobby hardly lacked basic intelligence, he didn’t require a second warning. “Uhhhh…Okay, Cie,” he mumbled, albeit reluctantly.


His beautiful disciplinarian slapped each of his exposed asscheeks twice, using as much force as she had available to make him gasp after each smarting spank. “Now get up and face that big elm tree, then lean forward and touch your nose to its trunk and lock your hands together behind your back.” She helped him rise up to his feet, then he obeyed her instructions without hesitation. “Any movement from that position will cost you an extra twenty-five strokes with the punishment brush, is that understood?” she demanded curtly.

“Yes, ma’am,” the red-bottomed young man acknowledged while maintaining his rather humbling stance.

“You’ve just endured a very sound bare-assed walloping with my sandal and in another twelve minutes you’ll be back over my knee for an even more intensive nude fanny-tanning with my paddling brush,” Cierra announced breezily. “I have to admit that I find it quite exhilarating to have you at my mercy like this—especially since there won’t be any mercy granted to your bare babyfat bottom, young man.”


“Please, Cie,” he petitioned humbly eleven minutes later, “Let me keep my thong on, it won’t give me any protection from your brush but it will give me some coverage if we’re being watched.”

The young woman chortled, rising from the stump where she’d been sitting. “Watched by whom, honeybun?”

“I thought I saw someone moving out in the woods, later there was a soft sound from out there, kind of like…” Bobby’s speech tailed off.

His girlfriend smiled tauty, somewhat amused by his anxiety in spite of her punitive state of mind. “Like what exactly, my naughty little boy?”

He mumbled his reply. “Maybe a girlish giggle, later on, right after you finished with the sandal…I saw the movement earlier, just before you started smacking me.”


Cierra laughed devilishly. “You’re being paranoid, Bobby darling, but I’m willing to grant this request also—for a price, of course.”

Unable to turn and look into his chastiser’s eyes to evaluate her seriousness, the sniffling blond felt uncertain. “What kind of price, Cie?”

She chucked lightly, her eyes riveted on his glowing gluteal globes as he stayed in the humbling position she’d assigned him. She thoroughly enjoyed having the type of dominance she was able to assert during a severe spanking session—and their strict disciplinary weekend was only beginning. “An extra hundred solid swats with my hard-whacking hairbrush, bringing the total for your imminent paddling up to three hundred stingers to your naked buttcheeks.” Her voice took on a taunting undertone. “Are you interested in such an arrangement, Bobby my love?”

He gasped loudly. “An extra hundred, Cie? I was thinking of…” He’d actually hoped to receive no addition chastisement at all, but that clearly wasn’t an acceptable option. “Well, at most twenty more.”


The dark-haired beauty stood up. “I’d think you’d be more concerned about the extreme hurting that I’m going to deliver to your bouncy bare buns in the near future rather than your paranoid worrying about being observed, but we’ll split the difference if you’re that insistent: sixty additional paddywhacks, take it or leave it.” She paused for three seconds. “Well, young man?”

Bobby swallowed hard. “Okay, Cie…uhh, ma’am…I’ll take it.”

Then a teasing feminine voice from fairly close by interjected itself into the conversation. “No doubt you will, but like a grownup man or like a misbehaving toddler boy being paddled by his mommy?”

Both of the reconciling lovers whirled to face toward the source of that rhetorical query as a figure approached them.


Cierra was the first to identify the pert, pretty redhead from their previous encounter. “Yes, I thought that voice was familiar…Freida, isn’t it?”

The eighteen-year-old grinned with delight as she stopped a yard away from the slightly older female. “At your service, Cierra,” she affirmed saucily. “I’d like to see your boyfriend’s hairbrush whomping up close and personal, if that’s okay with you—I simply adore the way you blister his bare bubblebutt, good and long and very, very hard, not to mention the way he carries on like a spanked baby while you’re teaching him a much-needed lesson.”

Freida’s attire was almost identical to Cierra’s but more importantly so was her punitive mindset, and the redhead’s youthful enthusiasm was impossible for the other young woman to resist. “Why not? It’s not like you’ll be seeing anything you haven’t been exposed to already, I’m certain that my loving boyfriend will defer to my discretion on this matter.” She glanced at her stunned-looking paramour. “Isn’t that correct, Bobby my dear?”

His humbled demeanor was exactly what his ladylove wanted to see from him, it triggered in her mind an awareness that the presence, possibly even the active participation, of the younger female could be a key element in breaking down his last vestiges of male ego over the weekend. “Whatever you wish, ma’am,” he managed to blurt out in a submissive tone.


The teenager tittered. “Oh, I definitely like that form of address, I’d love to be a ‘ma’am’ to him too.” She smirked impishly. “By the way, Cierra, I don’t remember you giving this young man permission to remove his nose from the tree trunk—so unless my memory is seriously going bad, he’s disobeyed your instructions pretty blatantly.”

Cierra nodded pensively. “You’re quite correct, and naturally disobedience means additional punishment, but that retribution can wait until after I’ve put him back over my knee for his seminude hairbrush walloping. Of course I’d never insist on Bobby being totally naked in front of any witnesses, if I’d known that you’d be watching I’d have agreed to him keeping on his thong brief without any bargaining over extra swats.”

The redhead smirked. “I figured that, which is why I didn’t show myself until after your naughty boy had agreed to take those sixty more smacks with the spanking brush.” She pointed at Bobby. “Too late now, sweetcheeks, a deal’s a deal—think of me while you’re getting those extra five dozen stingers to your red-hot bumcheeks.”

His eyes faced downward as his facial cheeks flushed a bright pink but he gave no verbal response to her smug taunting.


“Don’t worry, he certainly will,” the dark brunette stated briskly, bending over to pick up the sturdy Sephora paddle brush in her right hand, “I’ve figured out the perfect way to make sure of that—but right now it’s time for the original two hundred licks to be delivered to Bobby’s bare babyfat bottom.” After again seating herself on the stump, she patted her left thigh with her left hand. “Bend over this knee, Bobby honey, we’re going to start right out with a restraint position so I won’t have to interrupt our punitive proceedings to put you into one later on—because you’re going to need to be restrained long before I’m finished tanning your naked fanny, I’ll guarantee you that much!”

Thirty seconds later the flustered blond was in proper punishment position, jackknifed over Cierra’s left thigh with her right leg firmly across his kneehollows and her feet interlocked together; his right hand was turned upward and its wrist pressed against the small of his back by his disciplinarian’s strong left hand, his own left hand meanwhile being free to flail in front of him but blocked by her torso from effectively reaching backward to protect his openly-exposed posterior.


Freida chuckled appreciatively. “Boy, he’s not going anywhere at all, is he? Look at the way those bare buns are sticking up and pointing skyward, like they’re just totally begging for a nice long blazing-hot blistering!”

The black-haired vixen raised the flat-backed hardwood hairbrush, gripping it tightly in her right hand while taking aim at her victim’s nervously twitching naked buttocks. “He’s certainly giving me a wide-open spank-target, isn’t he? It would be highly impolite to refuse such an obvious invitation to wallop it, so I’ll simply have to deliver what this inconsiderate young man so desperately needs and thoroughly deserves—IN SPADES!!”

Then she put the solid disciplinary implement into highly effective action, applying emphatic smacks to Bobby’s squirming nether moons in a left-right pattern that featured full downward swings of her tennis-trained right arm as she wielded the paddling brush steadily but unhurriedly, landing a stinging swat once every five seconds or so—SMACK!! WHACK!! CRACK!! SPLAT!! WHAP!! SMACK!!

“Ahhhhowww!… Please, Cie… Owwwwch!… Don’t hit… Uhhhhowww!… So damned hard… Yeowww!… Christ, that hurts!… Ahhhhouch!… Damn it, Cie… Yeouch!… It really stings!” His well-rounded gluteal globes, reddening deeply under the wickedly-whacking onslaught of the brush’s smooth back, bounced buoyantly in turn as he continued to yelp and protest in vain—much to the amusement of the extended chastisement’s enthralled onlooker.


“Dear me,” Freida chortled, “This misbehaving boy certainly carries on childishly, doesn’t he? Such a foul mouth, blasphemous even, I truly hope that he won’t get away with that kind of disrespectful language.” She shook her head in mock disapproval. “Save your breath for crying, Bobby, you’ll be doing plenty of that soon enough.”

That no-brainer of a prophecy was almost immediately fulfilled as the intensive paddling continued unabated, in fact increasing in intensity as Cierra found her spanking rhythm, her tennis-trained right arm smacking the flat-backed hairbrush against her hapless victim’s desperately squirming nether moons to produce a mixture of howls and sobs from him that overrode any attempts at coherent verbal communication. With his feminine chastiser focusing all her energies on keeping him howling and sobbing via vigorous application of her instrument of corporal correction to his increasingly well-punished posterior, only the youthful female observer was left to comment on the disciplinary activity taking place.

“Wow, the way Cierra’s using that paddle brush, with those downward swings from over her shoulder, those whacks have to sting and burn like a flaming firestorm on that nicely naked fanny of yours, Bobby. Not that I feel even a bit sorry for you though, hurtful little boy, you clearly deserve everything you’re getting and it’s a true pleasure to watch you crying your eyes out. It’s too bad that a lot more boorish, insensitive guys don’t get their bare asses whomped the way that you’re getting yours tended to by your loving girlfriend, my mother always said that much and now at last I see her point perfectly.” Freida snickered. “This spanking is really, really hurting your cute round bubblebutt, isn’t it? And just think, sweetheart, you’re only barely beginning to learn the lesson that Cierra’s going to be teaching you all weekend, I simply hope that she’ll let me be her teacher’s aide in this learning process on your part.”

The twenty-year-old smiled wryly at the younger woman’s gloating commentary as she continued to resolutely paddle her male spankee’s defenseless derriere; by the ten-minute mark he was weeping continuously to the accompaniment of the pistol-shot cracks of the brush’s smooth back, each one of which resulted in a loud, high-pitched wail from him in helpless reaction. The chastisement slowed down slightly at that point, the hard brushback connecting forcefully to its doubly-rounded target at six-second intervals over the following eight minutes, the last three of which found Bobby brokenly whimpering as he spattered teardrops onto the ground below his face.


“That’s two hundred spanks,” Cierra stated matter-of-factly, “And it looked like you clearly felt each and every one of them, Bobby dear.” Still holding the tall blond restrained over her left knee as he blubbered raggedly, trying to regain even a small modicum of composure, she smiled at their grinning onlooker. “This Sephora hairbrush is terrific for over-the-knee paddling action, Freida, thanks to your input it will be spending lots of time blistering Bobby’s bare bottom in the foreseeable future—including ten minutes from now, with you applying it to the area of his anatomy designed by Mother Nature for the corporal correction of errant young men.” She paused, her gaze meeting the redhead’s, and even in the darkness she was aware that Freida’s dark blue eyes were sparkling with excited anticipation. “If you’d be willing to do that for me, and for Bobby especially as he still needs plenty more bare-assed punishment and it will heighten his embarrassment to undergo some of it from you, that is…Would you mind doing that for us?”

The eighteen-year-old giggled delightedly. “Oh, I was just praying that you’d ask me for my help in disciplining your boyfriend. Count me in two hundred percent, I’ll do my best to add even more heat and sting to this bad boy’s bouncy bumcheeks.”

Bobby attempted to protest. “Uhhhh-Oh, Suh-Cierra, buh-but—“


His womanly chastiser cut him off abruptly. “Exactly, sweetheart, your B-U-T-T is what you need to be worried about, and I won’t be dealing with any other ‘buts’ of yours. Right now you’re going to have two tasks to accomplish after I release you and before you go back to touch your nose to the tree again with those glowing glutes on display for us—you’re going to sincerely thank me for the sound spanking I just delivered smack on your naked nates, then you’re going to sweetly ask Freida to administer the remainder of your outside fanny-tanning for this evening. First, however, in response to your backtalk to me…” She then delivered another thirty sizzling-hot paddywhacks with the hairbrush to the plump base of his nether moons in an alternating-cheek pattern, once again reducing her punitive victim to soft sobbing. “Do you understand me, young man?” she demanded afterward before releasing her hand grip and leg hold on his shaking body.

He staggered to his feet on quivering legs. “Yeh-uhhhh-yes, mah-ma’am,” he managed to reply while gasping for regular breaths.

Cierra stood up to face the tearstained, sniffling reprobate that she’d just spanked so extremely effectively; she raised her right hand, the paddle brush still held in it, to his lips. “Go ahead now, darling, and you’d better make it truly sincere.”

He kissed her hand lightly but respectfully. “Thuh-Thank y-you fuh-for span-uhh-spanking my buh-bare b-bottom, mah-ma’am, Ah-I deserved it ahh-and Ah-I veh-very much ap-pruh-preciate your ehh-effort in cuh-correcting my mih-misbehavior.”

Freida tittered with amusement. “Oh, that was nicely affectionate even if a bit blubberish, he really does love you, Cierra—I think that he even loves being spanked by you too, in some part of his awareness… but probably not on his red-hot hind end at the moment.”

The beautiful brunette handed the Sephora brush to her downcast paramour. “Deliver it and make your request, sweetheart, and once again I’m expecting total sincerity.”


Bobby made a quarter-turn and stepped forward to face the beaming teenager; he held both of his palms upward with the wooden pervertible implement atop them lying on its still-warm flat back. “Pluh-Please accept this hair-uhh-brush and yuh-use it t-to paddle my bah-bare bottom veh-very soundly, m-ma’am,” he murmured, quite unaware that his sky blue eyes were evincing a shine that was not entirely due to the salty moisture brimming within them.

Freida’s fingers slipped tightly around the spanking brush’s handle while she smiled broadly with great satisfaction. “Anything to help you become a better boyfriend to Cierra, my dear naughty boy…”