New Paddle

by Gary

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Part 1

It was not infrequent that Gary Ashley spent time at his aunt's, especially since both families lived in the same town. It so happened that on this particular weekday, Gary was staying over his aunt's for the week.

While at school, Gary had the misfortune of arriving late to his first class following his lunch period, due to having a too long chat with one of his friends. When he realized the time, he rushed to make it on time, but, unfortunately, didn't make it time.

Walking into the classroom, he knew he was in trouble as it wasn't the first time he was late for class following lunch.

“Nice of you to make, Gary. Did you forget you had to return to class?”

Gary didn't respond, nor was he expected to. He started to head to his desk, but his teacher, Mrs. Watson, stopped him.

“No, Gary, come up here.”

Gary knew what that meant. Unlike most other school systems in the state, the use of corporal punishment was permitted. And right now, Gary was about to experience it, not for the first time. As he walked to the front of the class, Mrs. Watson pulled a chair to the front of his desk.

In junior high, teachers had the choice of where to spank a naughty student. The could, as was about to happen, turn a misbehaving student over her knees in front of the class, being restricted only in that a student couldn't be bared completely. Or, she could take the student to the cloakroom, bare his bottom and spank him. In either case, the teacher had the choice of using his or her hand or an 18" ruler.

Once Gary arrived at the front of the room, he stood next his teacher as she reached over and began undoing his pants. Gary stood there, blushing, as he was being undressed in preparation of being spanked. Despite having been spanked in front of the class before, it was still an embarrassing situation for the 13 year old teenager. Once his pants were down at his knees, Gary was taken across his teacher's knees.

As he awaited the start of his spanking, thoughts of what his aunt would say, or do, when she found out. Gary had no illusions about his aunt finding out as his cousin, Justin, was just a few rows back, watching.

His thoughts were interrupted by the first smack of his teacher's hand on his underwear covered bottom. Despite not having his bottom bared, the first smack elicited a loud "OW" and more as the spanks came fast and furious. It didn't take long for Gary to begin crying, and Mrs. Watson didn't stop spanking until Gary was crying hard.

Once the spanking ended, Gary was quickly stood up and his pants were pulled back up. With a hard smack to the seat of his pants, Gary was sent to his desk, which he did, with his head down. Sitting down, he did all he could to avoid squirming on his sore bottom as Mrs. Watson belatedly resumed the lesson.

After school, Gary, Justin and Justin's younger brother, Jay, awaited the arrival of Mrs. Ashley, who was going to pick them up. The van arrived and as the boys got in, they were asked the usual question of how their day was. While Jay answered “good” immediately, there was a pause from the other two boys, not unnoticed by Mrs. Ashley.

Hearing their silence, Mrs. Ashley looked at Justin and Gary.

“Ok, what happened?”

Gary and Justin looked at each other, and Gary decided he better own up.

“I...ah....was late to class after lunch.”

Mrs. Ashley knew there was more to the story and ‘encouraged’ Gary to continue.

“Gary, I am not interested in dragging this out. Out with it now, or we will continue this at the bench outside this van. You won't like that.”

Gary gulped. “Mrs. Watson spanked me for being late.”

“That wasn't that difficult, was it? I would find out anyway. Well, you know the rule, don't you?”

Gary nodded. Getting spanked at school meant another spanking later, whether at home by his mom, or by his aunt when staying over there.

“We are going to pick up Beth and then go to the mall. When we do get home, we'll discuss this further while you're across my knees.”

Gary gulped and remained quiet as Mrs. Ashley started the van and headed for the high school to pick up Beth.

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Part 2

Gary's aunt drove him and her two sons to the high school,where her daughter, Beth, was waiting for them. Once inside, they proceeded on their way to the mall.

It didn't take long to notice that, unlike her brothers, her cousin was quiet and not looking particularly happy. She was aware of one possible reason for his sulking.

“Gary, what's the problem, get into trouble at school?”

Gary didn't respond, until he was prompted by his aunt.

“Tell Beth what happened in school, Gary. She's going to find out anyway.”

Gary sighed. “I got into trouble in school today. Got spanked.”

“Well, that explains it. Not a good idea, as you know.”

“Yeah, I know.”

Shortly, they arrived at the mall and poured out of the van and headed for the mall entrance. Once inside, Jay, Justin and Gary asked to go to the arcade. Mrs. Ashley gave a partial ok.

“Justin and Jay, YOU can go there, but, Gary, you stay with me.”

Gary didn't like to hear that, but with no choice, remained with his aunt and Beth, who decided to stay with her mom and cousin.

After going thru various stores, occasionally purchasing an item or two, they were in a department store, in the toy department for the young son of a family friend. As Mrs. Ashley walked through the aisles, sometime got her attention.

She went to the display and picked it up. It was one of those ball and paddle toys that wasn't uncommon in stores. But what was imprinted on one side of the paddle was unusual.

The paddle was called an ‘Harbanero Paddle’ and displayed a red-hot pepper and above it, the words, ‘Hot As’. It was an obvious indication of another use for the paddle. Holding the paddle in her hand, Mrs. Ashley smacked the palm of the hand with it, testing the paddle's durability.

Watching his aunt do that made Gary nervous. Gary got even more nervous when he saw his aunt notice a loose paddle below the display that was missing the ball and picked it up. He got very nervous when his aunt looked at him and then at the paddle.

“Come here, Gary.”

“Please, auntie, not here!!”

“Tell me, Gary, did Mrs. Watson take you to the cloakroom and bare your bottom for your spanking, or did she spank you in front of the class with your underpants still on?”

Gary blushed as his aunt asked the embarrassing question in an not quiet voice.

“In front of the class.” Gary mumbled.

“In front of the class,” Mrs. Ashley repeated, but not mumbling like Gary had. “Now unless you want me to go one step further than Mrs. Watson, you'll come over here right now!”

With a sigh, Gary walked over to his aunt who undid his pants and lowered them to his knees as Gary's cheeks turned crimson.

His aunt then turned him around and bent him forward


The first smack of the paddle struck his covered bottom causing an verbal “OW!” from Gary. Two more hard smacks followed causing the same response from her nephew.

“Seems to be effective, maybe a few more for this field test.”


Seven more times the paddle smacked down on Gary's behind, causing tears to roll down his cheeks.

“Yes, definitely well worth it. I'll buy it.”

Gary remained bent over, not sure whether he was going to get additional smacks to his seat.

“You can stand up and pull up your pants, Gary. The ‘field test’ is done.”

Gary quickly stood up and pulled his pants back up, glad to not have his underpants on display any longer. It wasn't the end of his embarrassment, however.

After putting down the paddle she used to smack her nephew, she picked up an unopened ball and paddle package and they headed to the checkout counter, where a college girl was waiting. She was waiting because she, like others in the store, could hear the sound of the short spanking as well as Gary's crying.

The girl smiled as she was handed the Habanero Paddle Set to ring up. Knowing what use the paddle was purchased for, the clerk couldn't help but inquire.

“Was this satisfactory? I couldn't help but hearing the sound of a spanking.”

“Oh yes, it was,” Mrs. Ashley replied, to the discomfiture of her nephew. “But that was just a sample. When we get home, he's going over my knees for a real spanking with his behind nice and bare.”

Gary complained as his fate was announced to a perfect stranger.

“Did you have to announce it to her?”

“You're in no position to complain, young man.”

She grabbed Gary's arm and turned him around and gave the seat of his pants two resounding smacks that caused Gary to yell out.

“Now, unless you want your spanking in the middle of the mall, I better not hear any further complaints from you, do you understand?”

“Yes, auntie. I'm sorry.”


The purchase complete, Mrs. Ashley, Beth and Gary walked out of the store, finding Justin and Jay waiting outside the store. They had returned a few minutes before and was going to go inside, but seeing Gary get smacked caused them to wait outside.

The five of them left the mall, going to the van. Once inside, they headed home. The ride was much too short for Gary's liking, knowing what he faced.

Pulling into the Ashley driveway, Jay, Justin and Beth brought in the bags while Mrs. Ashley took Gary's hand and together they walked into the house. Once inside, in the living room, Gary had to stand there while his aunt undid and removed his pants. She then took him to an empty corner and put him in it, nose the the wall, and pulled down his underpants.

“I'll be back shortly to give you the spanking I promised.”

With his nose in the corner, Gary had no way to know how long he was in the corner when eventually he heard footsteps enter the room. The footsteps came closer until he sensed the person right behind him. He felt his arm being grabbed and he was pulled out of the corner and turned around. He realized that it was his aunt and then he saw the stool sitting there, the new paddle on top of it.

Brought over to the stool, Gary was handed the paddle and told to hold it until told otherwise. Then his aunt sat down and pulled Gary over to her right and then up and across her knees, now his arms and legs dangling in the air, his behind high up.


A fast volley of hand spanks peppering his bottom started the spanking, causing Gary to yell out in pain.


Then after a slight pause, Mrs. Ashley repeated the volley, her hand smacking the upturned seat with hard hand spanks.

Then she stopped.

“Beth, come here!”

In tears, Gary was surprised, and unhappy, that his cousin was being called in. He wondered w.hy his aunt wanted her to witness his spanking. It wouldn't be the first time she has seen him spanked, whether my his aunt or his mom, but never had Beth been called into the room to witnes his being spanked.

Since he was facing the hallway, he saw Beth approach the living room, with a questioning look to her.

“Yes, mom?”

“I just wanted to let you know that tonight, you will be babysitting the boys, including Gary. As with Jay and Justin, you have permission to spank Gary just as you would your brothers. Gary, did you hear me? I don't want you saying you didn't know.”

Gary heard and didn't like it.


“Stop yelling Gary!! Beth spanks her brothers and she can spank you as well. And, let me tell you, she knows how to give a good spanking, so you better behave for her. Now, hand me the paddle.”

Gary reached back and handed his aunt the new Harbanero paddle.

“Your bottom will be as hot as the hot pepper that is shown on the paddle.”


Mrs. Ashley resumed the second part of the spanking, this time with the new Habanero paddle. And quickly, the intensity of Gary's crying increased. The spanking continued at a steady pace as Gary began sobbing.

As she looked on at her mom spanking her cousin, Beth knew that when her mom spanked, she spanked hard and long. Since her mom's only form of punishment was spanking, Beth had plenty of opportunities to witness or experience first hand how her mom spanked. Right now, she was glad she wasn't the one across her knee getting a bare bottom spanking.

As for Gary, he was very unhappy as he was bawling from the lengthy and painful spanking. His aunt finally finished his spanking, ending it was a flurry of spanks to his sit spot. Resting the paddle on his very red behind, she scolded her nephew.

“So, Gary, what do you think of the new paddle? Does it pass the field test?”

Gary's response was just his bawling.

“This is what happens when you misbehave in school. I expect you won't have any further problems at school while you are staying here. If not, you will not like the consequences. Now, off my lap.”

Helped off his aunt's knees, Gary was brought back to the corner, where once again he was placed, along with a warning to not reach back to rub his bottom.

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Part 3

Following Gary's spanking from his aunt as her punishment for getting into trouble at school and the corner time he had to serve following his aunt's spanking, Gary spent the rest of the afternoon doing his homework.

After supper, he, along with his three cousins watched a movie, following which, Beth announced that it was time for Jay and Gary to get ready for bed.

That didn't sit well with Gary, as he was older than Jay and the same age as Justin who was not being told to get ready for bed.

“That's not fair!!! Justin can stay up!”

As Gary put up his argument, Jay headed to his bedroom, not wanting to put himself in jeopardy as his cousin seemed to be doing.

“Justin didn't get spanked in school today, did he? If you had behaved yourself today, you would have been allowed to stay up a little longer.”

“But I can stay up longer at home!”

This wasn't quite true, but even so, Beth wasn't moved.

“I am not sure about that, but, in any case, you aren't at home, but here and you need to follow the rules here. Have you forgotten what your aunt said earlier?”

Not happy and pouting, an unhappy Gary stormed out of the room, making Beth unhappy, but letting it go. However, a few moments later, the house shook as a result of a door slamming hard in their guest room, which was serving as Gary's bedroom.

Beth sighed. That, she wasn't to let go. She knew too well that her mom never let her or her brothers get away with that. Standing up, she grabbed the stool which was still in the room as well as the Harbanero paddle that was resting on the nearby end table and headed to Gary's room.

Once at the room, she knocked once and then went in. Gary hadn't made a move to change into his pajamas. Beth shook her head in annoyance.

“Gary, you are going to learn that slamming doors in this house as well as disobedience is not tolerated.”

Beth placed the stool down as Gary's face blushed at the thought of being spanked by his cousin who was in high school. For Beth, it didn't phase her, having had to spank her younger brothers previously.

Sitting down on the stool, she called Gary over.

“Come here, Gary.”

Instead of obeying, Gary just stood there.

“I'll go to bed, you don't have to spank me!!” Gary tried to talk himself out of being spanked.

“Oh, I know you'll go to bed, but it will be with a red bottom. Now come over here now!”

Gary still stood where he was. Beth sighed and stood up, and walked over to Gary, turned him and smacked the seat of his pants twice hard.


“I guess you want to do this the hard way. Now, stay still.”

Beth reached over and pulled Gary's shirt off completely and grabbing his nearby pajama top, put that on him. Then she reached for his pants, causing Gary to step back.

“I can do that!!”





Once again, Beth reached over and smacked Gary.

“I told you to stay still!”

Once more, Beth began to undo Gary's pants. This time, Gary remained in place as his cousin pulled down his pants and had Gary step out of them. Having left the door to Gary's room open, Justin heard to sound of the smacks, and thought to himself that Gary wasn't cooperating. He also knew who would come out on top.

With just his pajama top and underpants on, Beth brought Gary to the stool, sat down, and turned Gary across her knees, causing Gary to dangle helplessly across his cousin's knees.


Beth began raining spanks with the paddle upon Gary's bare behind as he yelled out in pain. He was already crying hard when all of a sudden the sound of wood cracking was heard as Beth found herself holding just the handle of the paddle.

“Well,” she said, “I guess your bottom will be the only bottom this paddle will touch.”

Gary, thinking his spanking was cut short, started to get up off Beth's lap.

“Oh, no, where do you think you're going? Your spanking isn't over yet, mister.”

“C'mon, the paddle broke.”

“That doesn't mean the spanking is over.” She then called out to her brother. “JUSTIN! Can you come here please?”

Justin, hearing his sister called for him, was startled. Was he in trouble for some reason he wasn't aware of? Still, he did what he was told and when he arrived at the bedroom, he noticed that his sister was holding a broken paddle.

“Justin, it seems that this paddle reached it's limit on how many spanks it could apply to Gary's bottom. However, I haven't finished spanking him, so could you go to mom's room and retrieve her hairbrush for me? I am sure that won't break on Gary's bottom.”

As Justin went to get the hairbrush, the sound of Gary's displeasure was mixed in with his tears.