Teenage discipline from Sis


It was a particularly beautiful spring friday afternoon. All I could think of was getting out of school and enjoying my weekend. My mind was not at all on my studies as I daydreamed of what I was going to do. I had already decided to walk home instead of taking the bus. Afterall I could leave school as soon as the bell rang and school would be officially over for another week. Besides I could enjoy the outdoors by walking and didn't have to wait on what seemed like an eternal wait for the bus followed by a long ride with stops along the way.

The bell startled me when it rang. I got up and started for the door in a very excited manner. I stopped and left my books in my locker, grabbed my jacket and headed out. Normally I would have stopped by the boy's restroom before heading for the bus but I didn't feel it necessary and besides my mind was on far more pleasant things. The walk was wonderful, fresh air and clear skies!

About half way home I felt a faint urge to use the restroom but ignored it thinking home was near. I was enjoying the fresh air so much that I was determined not to let anything distract me. The further I walked the stronger the urge was. There was nowhere to stop nor was there anywhere to hide. It annoyed me that this strong urge was disturbing my wonderful walk. The urge became almost painful as I rounded the corner and started acrossed the field for home. I was almost home when suddenly I could no longer hold it in. I felt the warm pee running down my leg. I felt relief and thought no one would ever know. I hurried in the back door to go to my bedroom. I did not know high school only had a half day that friday. As I entered the door my older sister and her best friend were sitting at the table having a snack. I was embarrassed as my pants were soaked so I said nothing but started for my room in a hurry. Sis stopped me before I could get by and asked what had happened. I was so embarassed I was in tears as I told her of my unfortunate incident. She scolded me and intructed me to go to my room and change and then return to see her. I rushed to my room and changed into dry clothes and my mind rushed as I wondered why Sis wanted me to return to see her. Afterall even though she had spanked me before I was now a teenager in junior high and hadn't been spanked in quite some time now. Perhaps she just wanted to tell me something exciting. She did seem upset though. Surely she wouldn't discipline me in front of her friend anyway.

Finally I got up the courage to go back to the kitchen to see my older sister who by now seemed a bit annoyed at my delay. She scolded me again for the delay. She went on to scold me for wetting myself and how she felt I was entirely too old for that to happen. She explained how very childish it was for me to wet my pants and how she felt that since I had acted childish that she had decided to spank me like a naughty little boy. I was both scared and embarassed. I knew the wrath my sister could bring upon my bottom and afterall getting a spanking at that age was embarassing enough without Sis' friend being present. I started to protest but was stopped in my tracks when Sis reminded me of an similar incident that had happened years ago. Then mom had caught me and not only spanked me but then put me in diapers for a week. I stood quietly hoping that either Sis' friend would leave or at least Sis would take me to my room. She told me to get Mom's hairbrush. I was so embarassed I was already crying. As I returned with the old wooden hairbrush Sis lead me into the living room and invited her friend Susie to join us. Sis sat on the couch and motioned me over. I was so scared and embarassed. When I got near Sis she grabbed for my pants and tugged them down. I did not want her nor Susie to see me that way, once again I protested. Sis showed no mercy as she pulled both my pants and shorts down to my knees and then grabbed my wrist and pulled me over her knee. She began scolding me again and then suddenly I felt the burn of the hairbrush on my bare bottom. The brush struck over and over and with each hit my bottom burned even more. I tried kicking and screaming hoping the spanking would end. The more I kicked the harder Sis spanked. The spanking went on for what seemed like an eternity. Finally it stopped and I went limp acrossed Sis' lap. I was crying like a small school boy. I no longer cared that Susie could see my bare bottom. Finally Sis told me to get up. I reached for my shorts and pants but she stopped me and told me to stand in the corner with my bottom showing until she told me I could come out. I tried to cover myself but my shirt was too short and I had to walk past Susie to reach the corner.

As I was standing in the corner I could hear the two girls talking. Sis asked Susie if she had ever seen a boy get a spanking before and then asked if Susie thought that she had been too hard on me. I had a hard time hearing Susie but heard mention of diapers. Surely Sis wouldn't make me wear diapers at my age. After a while standing in the corner Sis told me I could leave the corner. My worst nightmare flashed by me as I turned around. Sis scolded me again and told me that since I had protested twice and had struggled so much that she and Susie had decided that I had to spend the weekend in diapers. After all they felt it was appropriate for my behavior. Sis explained that her and Susie would take turns changing me and that if at any time I gave either of them a difficult time I would get another spanking from whomever I disobeyed. I was so embarassed I thought I would faint standing there in front of the girls. Susie called me over to her and had me lie on the floor like a little kid. She powdered my bottom and then diapered me. When she was done I was allowed to get up and pull my pants up. I was then allowed to go on with whatever I wanted to do but the girls watched me carefully all weekend and embarassing as it was they changed me as necessary. I only got one other spanking that weekend, it was from Susie.