The Brush Women Calls

by Marcpain

This story was inspired by one of Jay Em’s drawings “hair brushing demonstration”

Jay Em's HairBrushing Demonstration

Ms Linda personal counsellor, knocked sharply on the brown door of number 28, alongside her stood her thirteen year old niece Hannah, a pretty looking girl, who’s fair hair was set in plaits she was dressed in her school uniform, which made her look younger than she was. Hannah hated it when her mother sent her to help her Aunt with her brush demonstrations, looking at the case her Aunt held she reached back with her hand’s pushing them under her grey school skirt she rubbed her hand’s against her navy blue knickers.

The door opened, and stood in the entrance was a dark haired boy dressed in a white vest and a pair of Khaki shorts that barely reached the boys mid thigh; he looked to be around fourteen years of age. Hannah and the boys eyes met, he was approximately two inches taller than Hanna who stood at five foot three inches tall. The boy’s eyes quickly danced down to her pert young breasts, and then to her legs he breathed in slowly enjoying the view in front of him.

“Mrs Jones?” enquired Ms Linda.

Dragging his eyes away from the girl he turned and shouted, “Mum it’s for you.”

“Who is it?” enquired the voice from within.

“Ms Linda personal councillor,” replied the lady.

“Invite her in Bobby.”

On hearing that the boy turned to look at her, a tall rather stern looking women looked down on him, he quickly averted his eyes downward, then he saw it “Acme Brushes for all purposes” emblazoned on the side of the case she was carrying, the boy froze.

Suddenly Bobby’s mother was reaching over his shoulder and pulling up the front leg of the boys already short shorts, and two sharp smacks were applied to the boy’s soft inner thighs. While Ms Linda smiled at the boys obvious embarrassment Hannah hid her grin behind her hand.

“I told you to invite them in,” his mother said.

As Ms Linda and her niece were ushered in to the living room, Bobby started to climb the stairs.

“Oh no you don’t young man, living room now,” bawled his mother. “You’re needed in there.”


“Don’t you why me boy,” with that she smacked his khaki covered bottom as he tried to creep past her.

“Thank you for coming”

“Mrs Clark told me you might be interested in some of our new wares,” responded Ms Linda “we were demonstrating our new lightweight hairbrush weren’t we Hannah, ideal for young girls”

Hannah blushed; Bobby looked at her and grinned.

“Yes, she said you sometimes bring your own model” said Mrs Jones looking at Hannah “but its brushes for boys I am in need of, one for a fifteen year old, so you can use Bobby here if you wish, to demonstrate on.”

“Mum,” whined the boy.

“Shut it,” said the boys Mother.

It was Hannah’s turn now to grin.

“OH! the boys fifteen is he,” said Ms Linda sounding surprised “here let me show you the range.”

With that she placed the case on the coffee table and opened it, a range of brushes were displayed. Ms Linda picked out a brush.

“This one is the standard hairbrush used on early in a naughty boy’s life, as you can see it has a smallish area of contact, suitable for most boys up until the age of twelve”. Ms Linda picked up the brush and whilst looking Bobby in the eye she smacked it into the palm of her hand, Bobby visibly winced.

A smile slowly spread across Ms Linda’s face “I see young Bobby is familiar with this sort of brush Mrs Jones.”

“He most certainly is, but I think he has out grown it the effectiveness of that size on his bottom.” replied the boy’s mother.

“Indeed, indeed” responded the counsellor at the same time she gestured towards the boy “may I?”

“Please feel free.”

With that response, Ms Linda turned once again towards the boy.

“Stand up boy.”

Bobby slowly stood, the shorts he wore were tightly wrapped around his bottom displaying the outline of the underpants he had on, the leg of the khaki shorts were loose giving his mother, as she showed early on excellent access to the boy’s thighs when needed.

Ms Linda hoisted up her skirt and parted her legs, pointing to a spot on the floor in-between “Stand there boy, and place your hands on your head.”

Having done as he was told he felt Ms Linda’s finger unfastening the buckle of his belt.

“I will just prepare the boy, then we can discuss the three brushes I recommend for this age group.”

Hannah watch her aunts nimble fingers quickly undo the boys fly, she was so waiting for the unveiling of this young man having never seen a boy this old prepared for a spanking.

Pulling Bobby’s khaki shorts down she noted he only had a pair of socks on his feet.

“Step out of them young man,” ordered the counsellor.

Having done as he was instructed he stood there dressed in just his y-front and a short sleeve vest hand still on his head, Hannah could not take her eyes of the boy’s crotch while her aunt took down the boys shorts. Grasping the chin of the boy Ms Linda made eye contact with him, having done so she inserted her fingers in to the elastic around the top of his underpants and slowly without averting her eyes from his pulled them down to his knees, she then turned them inside out, the bottom of the boys vest reached to the start of his bush so everything was on display, also much to Bobby’s embarrassment his penis was saluting the females, Hannah’s face was a sight to behold.

Smiling to herself Ms Linda left the boy standing and removed three brushes from her case.

“As you know, and can see embarrassing a boy especially an older boy is an important part of his punishment, having a female present when he is spanked to witness it is the way boys learn, today Hannah a girl younger than him is present.”

“These three brushes have a similar impact area, but the length of the handle varies, firstly we have here the bath brush.” On saying that she swung the brush impacting on the standing boys left cheek instantly he covered his bottom with his hands.

“Keep your hands on your head boy,” shouted the counsellor.

Ms Linda then picked up the older smaller brush and as hard as she could she impacted it upon the boy’s right cheek.

“As you can see Mrs Jones hardly a mark on his bottom with the old brush, and he hardly felt it.” continuing she said “the bath brush is ideal when a boy is not in the over the knee position, but for that we have the middle handled brush.”

Grabbing the boys vest, she pulled him in close and before he realised what was happening she tipped the boy over her left thigh, using her right leg she clamped the boy in to a classic OTK position.

Picking up the middle-sized handle brush, she began to apply rapid strokes to the boy’s naughty bare bottom.

“No, no please,” screamed the boy “It’s not fair!”

Mrs Jones and the counsellor both laughed at that as Hannah sat there catching flies, mouth wide open.

Ms Linda could feel the boys rapidly deflating penis against her bare thigh, after about twenty strokes of the brush she released him and stood him up, his penis now hanging limply against his thigh.

“As you can now see it’s very effective at spanking the naughtiness out of a boy.”

Mrs Jones nodded away while her son danced away rubbing his bottom vigorously. “And the smaller handled brush?” she enquired.

“Ideal for getting in those more inaccessible areas like the inner thigh do you what me to demonstrate?” enquired the counsellor.

“Lets have a refreshment break first, I could do with the toilet and I expect you and Hannah could also, then a drink,” suggested Mrs Jones.

“Hannah put Bobby in a corner please.”

“Will that be bare bottom corner time aunt?” asked the grinning girl.

With that, she placed her hand on the crying boy’s red-hot bottom and pushed him towards a free corner.