Brush Lady

by Naughty Clyde

My wife spanks me, but up until this time, it has been kept as our little secret. But my wife surprised me recently when I came home from work. We were having our supper and she said, “Remember the brush man that went from door to door about thirty years ago?”

“Yes I do,” I replied.

“Well he has been replaced by a woman who sells brushes and other things. Her name is Sue and she dropped by our house today. She told me about her products and her new product line, and I invited her back so that she could demonstrate her products to the both of us.”

I didn’t think this was unusual in any way, so I asked, “When will she be here?”

“About seven. I think you will find her products very interesting.”

My wife had me bring out two wooden straight back chairs and put them in the living room. She also had me clear off the coffee table. Soon it was seven o’clock and there was a knock on the door. My wife quickly answered it and Sue walked in. She was wearing a very short skirt and a white blouse.

“Could your husband help me carry in some cases from the car? Sue asked.

“Sure, he’d be happy to.” My wife replied. “You two haven’t met yet. Sue, this is Clyde. Clyde, this is Sue.”

So I helped her carry two heavy bags from the trunk of her car. As I was carrying the bags into the house, Sue said. “Your wife has told me so much about you. It will be so nice to demonstrate my products on you.”

I thought her statement sounded weird, but I really didn’t think much of it. Sue spread some of the contents from one of the bags onto the coffee table. They were a bunch of different brushes. From clothes brushes to hairbrushes. But it surprised me when my wife and Sue sat on the wooden chairs as opposed to sitting on our nice sofa.

Then Sue said, “You told me that you like to spank Clyde with a hairbrush, do you want to try any of these.” Now I knew why she had invited this brush saleslady over to our house. She wanted to try out some new spanking tools on me. Now my wife usually spanks me on the bare behind, and I thought it would be different with Sue being here.

“Clyde, pull down the shades and then take off your shirt and undershirt. Then come over here and stand next to me,” my wife said.

I am very submissive when my wife spanks me. If I disobey her in any way during my spanking, she spanks me a lot harder and for a longer time. So soon I was standing beside her.

“I always spank him on the bare,” she told Sue. “So Clyde, put your hands above your head while I pull down your slacks and underwear.” So now I was standing before my wife and Sue completely naked. “Over my lap you go.”

“Why don’t you start with this one,” Sue said as she handed my wife a hairbrush. Then my wife started spanking me with it. My wife would give me about ten swats from a hairbrush, then Sue would give her another brush. I could really feel the difference between the brushes, and I guess the two women could see a difference in the results.

Then my wife told Sue, “Why don’t you try spanking Clyde.”

“Clyde, come over here so that I may spank you. Let me first hike up my skirt, so you don’t mess it up.” Then I went over Sue’s lap and she started spanking me with her various brushes. After about twenty spanks, Sue said, “Stand up now, so that I can show you our new line of products.” Sue went over to her other bag and pulled out a bunch of items. They were straps, cuffs, paddles, and plastic things. “Clyde, hold out your arms so that I may attach wrist cuffs on you,” Sue said. Sue then got off of her chair and turned the chair around so that the back was facing me. “Bend over the chair.”

She took one of the plastic things and showed it to my wife. “You don’t have to use rope anymore. These plastic ties come in various widths and lengths, and you can use them over and over again.” Then Sue used the plastic ties to secure my hands to the chair, using the metal rings in the cuffs. Next, ankle cuffs were put on me, and with my legs spread, they were likewise secured to the legs of the chair. “This next product you will really like. They are thigh straps. They keep the thighs spread wide apart while you spank him.” Then the thigh straps were put on me, and now I felt that I was really exposed for the two women. “Try this paddle on him.”

Then my wife started to spank me again using the various paddles. Being secured to the chair, I was forced to stay in place and be spanked. After about ten minutes like this, Sue said, “Let me demonstrate a new product for us. It has about five fingers to it, and it works real well when someone is secured like he is. You can use it horizontally like a paddle, or you can use it vertically, and really get to his sensitive areas.” Then Sue gave me a vertical swat that hit my penis and balls, and it also hit the very tender insides of my buttocks. It stung so much that I made the chair bounce around. “Now you try it,” Sue said to my wife. My wife spanked me the same way Sue did, and I made the chair bounce around some more. After a few more swats of the five-fingered thing, my wife spanked me with the other paddles that Sue had laid out on the coffee table.

“Let’s leave Clyde secured in his present position while I talk to you about purchasing these products.” She told my wife the price of the various brushes, paddles, cuffs, etc., and showed her several catalogs. But what really surprised me was when she said, “And if you agree to give a party where I can demonstrate my products, I will give you 15% off anything you buy now, plus a choice of one-hundred dollars worth of products after the party.”

I had never been spanked by anyone other than my wife until now, and now she was asking my wife about a party where I would be spanked by five of my wife’s friends and Sue. I was shocked to hear my wife say, “That sounds like a great idea. Let’s schedule a party!” Then my wife and Sue figured out a good date for this party. Meanwhile, my bottom was very red and I was still bent over and secured to the chair.

“Oh, I almost forgot,” Sue said. “You always want to be sure that he is feeling OK after a spanking, so we added this to our product line.” Sue went over to one of her bags and pulled out some more stuff.

“Very interesting,” my wife commented.

Sue had put on a special glove, then I felt her rub something around my asshole, and then I felt her fingers inside me. Since I was still secured to the chair, I just had to allow her to do this to me. Then I felt her fingers withdraw, and I felt something else being inserted into my asshole.

“It will take a few minutes to take his temperature, so why don’t you show me what you want to buy, at this time.” Sue said.

So my wife picked out various brushes, paddles, and cuffs to be used on me. Sue wrote up the order, put away some of the stuff into her bags, and then said, “Now its time to see what his temperature is,” and she withdrew the thermometer. “Right where it should be. You husband seems healthy.”

Then Sue started to undo the cuffs that secured me to the chair. My buttocks really hurt from the spanking, and as soon as I stood up, my hands went around back to sooth my buttocks. I guess I had an erection, because Sue said, “It looks like Clyde enjoyed the spanking, too. I will look forward to spanking you again at the party next week.”

I guess that’s another story.