Grocery Store

by Naughty Clyde

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This happened to me when I was in college. I went to the grocery store to pick-up a few items that I needed for supper. The store I went to had a free coffee area for the customers where you could get a free cup of coffee and sometimes they even had cookies and donuts. This happened about 4:30 PM when everybody seemed to be buying something for suppertime, and the store was quite crowded. I had in one of those small baskets that carry a few items in one hand and I was reaching for an empty coffee cup with the other hand. A woman was standing in front of me and she had just poured herself a full cup of coffee. Anyway, I accidentally bumped her with the plastic basket and coffee spilled down the front of her dress. To make matters worst, the dress was a light colored cotton dress and the dark coffee spread all over the front of her dress.

I said, “I’m sorry. Is there anyway I could make it up to you!”

“Are you kidding. Now I will need to dry clean this dress, and even then I’m not sure if the stain will come out. If you were one of my kids, I would give you a good hard spanking when I got home,” the woman said.

“I’ll pay for the dry cleaning, but is there anything else I could do to make it up to you,” I said.

“I wasn’t kidding about you deserving a spanking,” she said. “If you pay me for the dry cleaning and you agree to follow me home for a spanking, I’ll forget about the whole thing.”

“But I haven’t been spanked since I was twelve years old,” I said. “Isn’t there any other way I could make it up to you?”

“Either you agree to the spanking and paying for the dry cleaning, or I will make a big scene in the store, and you don’t want that to happen.”

“Okay, I’ll take a spanking,” I said.

“Good,” she said. “Put down your stuff and follow me home. I don’t want to be seen like this for very long.” So I followed her out of the store and we got into our cars and I followed her home. Once we got there, she showed me in and said, “Why don’t you sit on the sofa while I go into the bedroom and change.” So I sat there and waited. Soon she came out wearing a different dress and she took a chair from the dining room and placed it in the middle of the living room. She sat down on the chair and turned to me and said, ”I want you to come over to where I am seated, and stand there with your arms at your sides.” So I went over to her and I stood as she directed me. “When my kids were growing up, I always spanked them on their bare bottoms and they were expected to follow my every command or else they received a more severe spanking, and I expect the same from you. Do you understand?”

“Yes I do,” I replied.

“Also, during the spanking you shall refer to me as Mrs. Anderson if you need to address me, but otherwise you will only speak when spoken to. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Yes what?” she asked.

“Yes, Mrs. Anderson,” I said.

“That’s better,” she said. “Now I want you to stand still with your arms at your sides while I prepare you for your spanking.” So I had to stand there while she unbuckled my belt, unzipped my slacks, unbuttoned them, and guided my slacks to the floor. I started to say something and she said, “I told you I always gave my kids spankings on their bare behinds, and that’s what you’re getting. So stand still and don’t say a word!”

Then she grabbed a hold of the waistband of my underwear, and she pulled them down to my ankles. I was now standing naked from the waist down in front of a woman I had just met. I had an erection, and she noticed it. “I see you are a little excited. My boys sometimes would have erections at the beginnings of their spankings, but they would always go down by the end of the spanking. Now lay over my lap.” She first hiked up her skirt and then she positioned me so that my penis was between her legs. Then the spanking started. She started lightly but soon the spanks really stung, and she covered my whole bottom. While I was still over her lap and while she was spanking me she asked, “I never asked your name, what is it?”

“Clyde,” I answered.

“Clyde, I’m sorry we had to meet this way, but I am glad you decided to come home with me for a spanking.” I felt like a little kid being spanked by my mother. Soon the spanking stopped and she said, ”After a hand spanking, I would always paddle my kids. So stand up, and once I get up I want you to bend over the back of the chair with your hands on the edge of the seat.”

“Yes, Mrs. Anderson,” I said.

“Now you are learning and acting like a good boy,” she said. As I leaned over the chair, I saw her go into the bedroom and get a paddle. It was a long wooden paddle with holes in it. “This is really going to sting, but my kids could take it so you should be able to handle it. You now will get 50 swats of the paddle. If you move from your position, I will add more to that, so be sure and stay bent over.”

I was surprised how much the first swat hurt. When I was younger, my parents would sometimes paddle me, but the paddle never had holes in it. So by the time I had received about forty swats, my bottom was really hurting. On the next swat, I stood up and rubbed my bottom. “I told you not to move from your position,” she said. “For that, you will receive ten more swats. Bend over, again.” So I bent over to receive twenty more swats. At fifty swats she said, “That takes care of your fifty swats, now stay bent to receive your extra ten swats of the paddle.”

I bent over again and I stayed bent over until the last two swats. They were so painful that I stood up again and rubbed my poor hurting bottom. “Clyde, it seems like you want me to spank you all day. Standing up again will cost you extra ten swats again. Please bend over, again.”

So I bent over the chair again and this time really grasped the edge of the seat so that I would stay in position. In this manner I was able to take the next twelve swats. As I received the last swat she said, “Stay bend over until I say you can stand up. I want to examine your bottom.” Then I felt her hands on my poor bottom. At least they were soft and didn’t sting like the paddle.

“I will make you a deal,” she said. “If you agree to be spanked by me at the same time next week, I won’t make you pay for the dry cleaning.”

Since I was a college student and money was tight, I said, “Okay, I guess I would agree to another spanking from you, Mrs. Anderson.”

“The next spanking will be more severe and I expect you to be here right at 5 o’clock a week from today. Before you leave, I want your complete name, phone and address so if you don’t show up, I know how to contact you. But you can stand up now, and pull up your pants.”

So I left her the information she needed, wrote down her house address, and told her that I would be sure to be there next week. I left wondering what my next spanking would be like!

[ top ]

Last week I went to the grocery store and I accidentally knocked a woman who was getting coffee. I went all over her white cotton dress, and made a big mess. I offered to pay for the dry cleaning of the dress and anything else I could so. Well, she had me follow her car to her house, and then she spanked me. I was told that if I showed up at the same time next week for another spanking, I wouldn't need to pay for the dry cleaning charges. I'm in college and money is very tight, so I agreed to another spanking.

It was a Saturday evening and I was supposed to be at her house at five o'clock. Traffic was all tied up because of an accident, so I was running a little late. By the time I got to her house, I was over five minutes late! I rang the doorbell, and Mrs. Anderson answered the door with a portable phone in her ear.

"I told you that it was very important that you be on time for your spanking." Mrs. Anderson said. "I was trying to call you right now to see what was delaying you. Now that you are finally here, go into the living room and take off your slacks, shoes and socks. Put them in the corner of the room and then wait for me to give you your spanking. Since you were late, you will get an extra paddling. I'll get the paddles and stuff, and will be right with you."

I felt embarrassed taking off my clothes in a middle of the living room of an older woman that I had just met a week ago. My mind was racing with thoughts of what this spanking would be like. The phone rang, and I could hear Mrs. Anderson talking to someone, but after a few minutes she went to her bedroom and came out with some spanking implements and paddles in her hands.

After putting a straight back wooden chair in the middle of the living room, she called me over to her. "Stand in front of me with your hands at your sides." Then I felt her fingertips in the waistband of my underwear and soon they were at my feet. "Please step out of your underwear so they don't get in the way of your spanking." She next tossed them over to the corner where my slacks, shoes and socks were located. I was now completely naked from the waist down, and I also had an erection. My face was also red from embarrassment.

"Don't worry about your erection, just bend over my knees for a hand spanking to begin with. I wish you weren't so late since I have other plans for tonight. Stay still for this hand spanking." Then Mrs. Anderson started to spank me. I felt like a naughty little boy being spanked. Mrs. Anderson doesn't like me to say anything, so I kept quiet. After about two minutes of spanking, she said, "Now stand up and then bend over the chair so that I can paddle you. Also, take off your shirt."

I stood up and took off my shirt. Now I was completely naked as I bent over the back of the chair. I gripped the seat of the chair very tightly because the last time she spanked me, I got extra when I got out of position. I saw her reach for the paddle with holes in it. That paddle really stung my ass when she spanked me the last time. "You are going to get fifty swats of the paddle. Keep quiet and stay in position, or I will give you extra swats. Also, spread your legs apart."

I spread my legs apart a little, and was very aware that left my penis and balls dangling between my legs. I felt a swat from the paddle on my inner thighs, and she said, "Now spread you legs wider than that." She kept swatting my inner thighs until my legs were wide apart. This completely exposed my most sensitive, tender parts of my ass to the paddle. "Now stay in that position while I paddle you." Then my paddling started.

As she was paddling, she said, "I had my white dress dry cleaned, and to my dismay, the coffee stain was still left on my dress. So now you have ruined my 200-dollar dress. If you agree, after the paddle I am going to use a cane on you. I only used the cane on my kids if they were very, very naughty; since it is so severe. It's either the cane or you pay me 200-dollars for a new dress. What do you want to do?"

As a college student, I didn't have an extra 200-dollars to give her, so I said, "I don't have the money to pay you back, so please cane me." I didn't believe that I said that, since I had read how painful a caning could be, from articles in magazines about European school punishments.

After about 40 swats of the paddle, her doorbell rang. "Stay in position while I take care of this." I didn't want extra swats, so I stayed in position. I heard the door open and heard Mrs. Anderson talk to another woman. To my surprise, her friend was now in the living room and was looking at me. She was about my age, and now I really felt embarrassed and humiliated.

"Clyde, this is Elizabeth." Mrs. Anderson said. "We have a dinner date that we don't want to miss. I also told her about the incident in the grocery store."

Then Elizabeth said, "I would have pulled down his pants and spanked in at the grocery store. He is a very naughty boy. Let me examine his well spanked ass."

"Clyde, stay in position as Elizabeth examines you." Mrs. Anderson said.

Next, I felt her hands on my warm and burning ass, and her hand even went between my legs and grabbed my penis and balls. "It seems like he is enjoying his spanking."

"Men and boys seem to get excited when they are spanked." Mrs. Anderson said. Then she reached for the cane and started swishing it in the air. "I don't have time to give you your full spanking, so I am going to give you two strokes of the cane. But I will need you to come back next week for the rest of your spanking. So stay still."

Next she gave me two swift strokes of the cane. It felt like two burning lines of fire going across my ass. It was more than what I ever expected, so I stood up and rubbed my poor ass.

"Since you stood up, you will get the full twelve strokes of the cane next week." Mrs. Anderson said. "Also, the rest of your paddling. So be sure to be on time. You can get dressed now."

As I went to the corner of the room and to get dressed, I heard Elizabeth ask Mrs. Anderson, "Is it OK if I help you spank him next week?"

"Sure, that sounds like a good idea."

I left Mrs. Anderson's house real fast, and I wasn't looking forward to another spanking from Mrs. Anderson, especially since Elizabeth will help her with my spanking.

[ top ]

This will be my third spanking from Mrs. Anderson for spilling coffee on her dress at the grocery store. I am a student in college, and can’t afford to buy Mrs. Anderson a new dress, so now I have hesitantly accepted being spanked by her. Last time I was spanked, I arrived late plus she had a dinner date with her friend, Elizabeth, so now I need to go back for yet another spanking.

My spankings have always been at 5 PM on Saturday, so I left my house early to be on time. Since it was on Saturday, I had time to shower and put on clean clothes before I left my dorm room.

When I rang the doorbell, Mrs. Anderson’s friend, Elizabeth, greeted me. She is about my age and it really did embarrass me to have her help with my spanking last time. She was wearing a very short dress and had on some very nice perfume.

“Clyde, it is good you made it on time for your spanking. Joyce, you call her Mrs. Anderson, is in the bedroom getting some things ready. So she asked me to prepare you for your spanking. She says you already know to strip down to your underwear and put your clothes in the corner. I will put a wooden chair in the middle of the living room, and you can stand in front of me when you are ready.”

So I took off my clothes, except for my boxer shorts, and put them in the corner. I had decided to wear loose fitting boxer shorts and now I wish I hadn’t. Elizabeth’s perfume was having quite the effect on me. Between her being my age and not knowing what was going to happen to me next, I had an erection already, and you could really tell it. But I went over and stood in front of Elizabeth.

“Joyce told me even more about you when we ate dinner last week, so all week, I was looking forward to spank you. Now, put your hands on your sides and hold still.” Elizabeth said.

Slowly, she put her fingertips into the waistband of my shorts and they dropped to my ankles. Now my erection sprang out at her. “I like the way you react to me! Step out of your shorts and then go over my lap for a warm-up hand spanking.”

Then she opened her thighs so that my erect penis would dangle down between them. I became even more excited because I was able to see her pink panties because she hiked up her dress. Although I don’t like being spanked like this, I do enjoy being next to a woman’s warm body, smelling her womanly scent, and feeling their hands on me.

“Spread your legs, like you do for Mrs. Anderson, so I can spank your whole butt.” I spread my legs and then felt her hands rub my naked bottom. “Joyce was right, you do have a very nice butt to spank.” I started to squirm a little bit, but then felt her powerful thighs clamp around my penis, to hold me in place. Next, Elizabeth started to spank me. Unlike Mrs. Anderson, she cupped her hand so that she was able to spank me more in my inner thighs and my whole bottom.

“I grew up in a family with three younger boys.” Elizabeth said. “My mom and dad both worked, so I was allowed to discipline my bothers by spanking them. It feels good to have your over my lap and to be spanking you. I am glad you showed up late to Joyce’s house last week, so we could meet.”

Elizabeth continued spanking me and then I heard Mrs. Anderson walk in. “The spare bedroom is now ready for Clyde’s spanking. You can stand up now and follow me.”

When I entered the bedroom, I first noticed that it had a single twin bed in it, and had pillows and a towel in the center of the bed. There was a nightstand next to the bed, and neatly laid out were some paddles and a cane. On the other side of the bed was another table. It also had paddles, a cane, and some wooden spoons on it. The main light was not turned on, but three smaller lamps lit up the bedroom.

“Since you are going to be both paddled and caned today, I thought it would be easier for you to endure it laying on the bed. So lie down on the pillows so your bottom is up high. Also, spread your legs.”

Since I ruined Mrs. Anderson’s dress and agreed to be paddled and caned, I laid down on the pillows. The two women positioned me so that my penis hung down, in plain sight, between my spread legs. I have never been naked and in such a venerable position in front of two women.

“Since Elizabeth is here to help me spank you, it shouldn’t take so long. Try to stay still, otherwise I have some rope ready to tie you down so you don’t move.” Mrs. Anderson said.

“I will be good and not move. Please don’t tie me down.” I said.

Then my paddling started. Elizabeth was on one side of the bed and Mrs. Anderson was on the other. So both of my bottom cheeks were being spanked at the same time, in this rapid-fire method. I had a choice of which side of the bed to watch, so I so to watch Elizabeth spank me. She did have a real pretty face and nice flowing blond hair. Also, I almost couldn’t believe I was allowing a woman my same age to spank me like this.

As I was being paddled, the whole lower region of my body warmed up, and I couldn’t help that I was still maintaining an erection. After what seemed like a half hour, they stopped paddling me and soon I felt four hands on my warm bottom.

“His butt looks a nice red color now, and is very warm.” Elizabeth said.

“Yes, I think he should receive his twelve cane strokes now.” Mrs. Anderson said. “Clyde, before you came I showed Elizabeth how to use the cane and she practiced on a pillow. I guess you will find out how well I taught her. I will give you a cane stroke, and then Elizabeth will give you the next one.”

Then Elizabeth said, “We also decided that you should count each stroke and when you are ready, ask for the next stroke. That way we will go at your own pace. So now, ask for your first stroke. Be sure and count and say ‘Thank You, Mistress’ after each stroke.”

I couldn’t believe that now I would have to ask for each stroke of the cane, because I remembered how much it stung me. But I said, “Please give me the first stroke of the cane.”

I heard the cane noise a few times cane and clenched my bottom cheeks, and then it finally landed on me. It felt like a hundred bees stinging me in a straight line. But I took a deep breath and said, “One, thank you, Mistress.”

“Now it will be my turn!” Elizabeth said. “Let me know when you are ready.”

I really didn’t want to ask to be punished like this, but I said, “Please give me the next cane stroke.” I heard the unique cane noise again, then the searing pain. “Two, thank you, Mistress.”

Then I felt fingers on my poor naked bottom again. “You left a nice cane mark that Clyde will feel for a long time. Good Job!” Mrs. Anderson told Elizabeth.

I did pretty well like this until my ninth cane stroke. I forgot to count and my hands went back to rub my poor bottom.

“I warned you about moving.” Mrs. Anderson said. “Elizabeth, secure his legs with this rope, and I will secure his hands.” Now I felt I couldn’t move at all. “Since you forgot to count, that stroke will be given again.”

It took a lot of concentration, but I was able to count and thank them for all of my remaining strokes. “You have some lotion on your side, Elizabeth, so lets rub some lotion on his butt.”

It felt really cool and nice. I felt their hands everywhere. “Go ahead and milk him.” Mrs. Anderson said. “He took the paddling and caning very well.”

I was still restrained with the ropes, and I felt Elizabeth’s fingers stroking the shaft of my penis. Although my poor bottom really hurt, I was also having a lot of pleasure. I relaxed and a large load of cum came out of my penis. Then I collapsed on the bed and pillows.

“I do like the way Clyde reacts to me. Lets release him and then he can get dressed, once he is ready to.” Elizabeth said.

The two women talked in the living room as I lay on the pillows for a while, trying to figure out what just happened to me. I finally was able to stand up, walk into the living room, and finally got dressed. It felt good to put my clothes back on again.

“Joyce has a great idea for us.” Elizabeth said. “We were going out to eat after your spanking, and I convinced her to bring you along. So will you go with us?”

I didn’t have any plans, so I said, “Yes, I will go with you. It might be painful for me to sit down.”

“We can bring a pillow for you to sit on.” Mrs. Anderson said.

So off we went to a nice restaurant, compared to the fast food places I usually go to. It felt a little funny for me to engage in conversation with the women who had just spanked and caned me. But the more I talked to Elizabeth, the more I found out we had in common. She was also attending classes at the same large university that I am enrolled in. All three of us talked for a long time, and then Mrs. Anderson drove us back to her house.

“Your butt is probably still sore. If you lay on the bed again, we will rub lotion on you again.” Elizabeth said.

“That would be nice.” I said. So I took off my pants and underwear and lay on the pillows again. Soon, I felt the cool lotion on my still burning bottom.

When I stood up, Mrs. Anderson said, “Why don’t you two meet at my house at 5 PM next Saturday, again. And Clyde, give your phone number to Elizabeth, so she can call you.”

So I gave Elizabeth my phone number and finally was able to go back to my dorm room. Now I have mixed emotions about Elizabeth. I really like her, even though she has spanked me and milked me.

[ top ]

Well after my spanking and caning on Saturday, Elizabeth did call me several times on my cell phone. It was easy to talk to her, and we talked for a long time during each call. Now, she is letting me call her Liz, and I am looking forward to see her again on Saturday. The more we talked, the more I liked her and the more we had in common. I grew up in a family where my dad was an over the road salesman, so he wasn’t around very much. I also had a sister who was only a few years older, so when my mom was working, I was disciplined by my older sister. So I was always spanked by strong females in my life.

This is what I actually liked about Liz. She told me even more about her family and how she spanked her younger brothers. That is why she liked the opportunity to spank me. We also discussed our goals in life, and our values. She liked the fact that I volunteered to be spanked after spilling coffee on Mrs. Anderson’s dress. That showed her that I like to take responsibility for my actions. I guess I learned that growing up. Liz also told me that Mrs. Anderson’s husband died in a tragic automobile accident, and she now lives in the house alone.

So when Saturday rolled around again, I showered again before I left my dorm room. But this time, there were many people using them, so it delayed me. By the time I got to Mrs. Anderson’s house, I was fifteen minutes late, and I was sure I would be spanked again.

After I rang the doorbell, Liz greeted me. It was now getting warm outside and she was wearing a thin, summer dress. I walked in, she closed the door and gave me a nice big hug.

“Your late. We’ll take care of that later, but it is good to see you again.”

When she hugged me, she must not of been wearing a bra, because I felt her nipples on my chest. She had very nice perfume on and I reacted as before. So I knew she could feel my erection pushing up against her when we hugged.

“Joyce has fixed us a great supper, so lets eat first.”

Mrs. Anderson’s dining room table was all set and the steaming hot food was already on the table. Liz and I sat next to each other, and Mrs. Anderson sat across from us. After a short prayer, we started eating. It was great to enjoy a home cooked meal like this. Liz sat very close to me, and even had her hand on my thigh when we were eating.

“Elizabeth is almost like a daughter to me.” Mrs. Anderson said. “After my sons grew up and moved away, and then my husband died, she has helped me emotionally and physically around the house. What is also nice is that she lives only a few houses away. Our families have known each other for a long time. Elizabeth also told me you have talked on the phone several times.”

“Yes, we talked for a long time. I actually would like to know her even better. We have a lot in common.” I said.

Then Liz said, “So after we eat, we have a proposal for you. I think it should benefit all three of us. But first, let’s finish eating.”

The food tasted so good, I almost forgot that I would be spanked for arriving late. After we ate, I acted like a real gentleman and helped in clearing the table of dirty dishes.

“Now lets go into the living room and talk.” Mrs. Anderson said.

Liz quickly sat down in the middle of the couch and Mrs. Anderson sat on a nearby chair. As I was about to sit down, Mrs. Anderson said, “Before we talk, stand in front of Elizabeth. Remember, you were late.”

As I stood in front of Liz, she said, “Clyde, just keep your hands on your head. I will prepare you for your spanking.” I looked down, and Liz undid my belt, unzipped me and soon my pants were at my feet. Although Liz had spanked me before, I really felt embarrassed, standing in front of her while she undressed me. Then I felt her fingertips of my shorts, and as they slid down my legs, my erect penis stuck out in plain view.

“See, I like how Clyde reacts to me.” Liz said. “Now step out of your pants and underwear, then go over my lap for your spanking.”

Like last time, her powerful thighs wrapped around my penis and held me in place. Liz likes to spank me with my legs apart, so I spread my legs for her.

“Clyde is being a very good boy today.” Liz said. “He spread his legs without me even asking him to.”

Now I had mixed emotions when my spanking started. I felt excited that Liz, who I have grown to like in many ways, was spanking me. I also felt like a naughty little boy, like when I was over my sister’s lap, for a spanking. But I did like feeling Liz’s body next to mine, smelling her perfume, and feeling her hand spanking me.

While Liz kept spanking me she said, “Clyde, we know money is very tight for you and that you probably are not eating the best foods. Joyce, Mrs. Anderson as you call her, has a spare room and office you could use, and needs help around the house. If you moved in with her, I would be close to you and we could be together more often. What do you think about moving into here?”

I felt I was in a very vulnerable position, with Liz still spanking me. “What would be expected of me, and what would I pay?” I asked.

Mrs. Anderson answered me with, “You could stay here for free, if you helped me around the house. You would also agree to be spanked when I feel it is needed.”

“I also know that you and I agree on many things and we could help each other with our classes.” Liz said. “But you would have to agree to be spanked by me, even if we were to end up dating each other. I could even help you move tomorrow.”

“You have given Clyde a good warm-up spanking.” Mrs. Anderson said. “Lets continue this conversation while Clyde bends over the dining room table for the paddle.”

“Good idea.” Liz said. “Stand up and take off the rest of your clothes, and then bend over the table.”

I knew I would be paddled, so I took off my clothes and bent over the table. “Spread your legs apart, for us.” Mrs. Anderson said.

Now I was completely exposed again. “Can I spank him with your big wooden paddle with the holes in it?” Liz asked Mrs. Anderson.

“Yes. It always makes an impression on him, and leaves his butt very red.” Mrs. Anderson said. “Since you like to spank him, why don’t you give him his swats?”

“Before each swat, I am going to ask you a question.” Liz said. “After each swat, answer the question and address me as Mistress. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.” I answered. After knowing Liz on a more personal basis, it felt funny calling her ‘Mistress’.

“Do you agree to continued to be spanked by Mrs. Anderson?” SWAT

“Yes, Mistress.” I thought that I would have to agree with that.

“Do you agree to continued to be spanked by me?” SWAT

“Yes, Mistress.” I had hoped that if we saw each other in more of a personal relationship that she won’t spank me.

“Will you move into Mrs. Anderson’s house?” SWAT

“Yes, Mistress.” Now I was looking forward to my move.

“Will you agree to date me and know me better?” SWAT

“Yes, Mistress.” I was happy to answer yes to that. I have grown to really like Liz so I am glad she asked me that question.

“Will you agree to be spanked by me at any time for any reason?” SWAT

“Yes, Mistress.” I didn’t want to answer with yes, but knew I would be spanked even more if I said no.

“Clyde has been very good, so why don’t you rub lotion on him at this time?” Mrs. Anderson said. “So Clyde, hold still and don’t move.”

Then I felt very cool lotion on my warm bottom. It felt so good. But then I felt Liz’s fingers on my penis and balls. “Hold still!” Liz said.

I felt myself grow bigger and bigger, and finally exploded my cum into her hands. She had a paper towel, and after I was emptied, she cleaned me off.

“Clyde, now come over to the couch with me.” Liz said. Mrs. Anderson had a towel on the couch for me to sit on. Once I was seated, Liz gave me a big kiss on the lips. Then Mrs. Anderson left us alone on the couch as we cuddled and talked to each other. Now my life was really going to change.

[ top ]

Well, it is actually happening to me. Now it is Sunday and I am moving in with Mrs. Anderson. I wonder if I will ever be able to call her Joyce, like Liz does. Anyway, Liz wanted me to first drive over to Mrs. Anderson’s house first, because we would meet there and Liz knew of some nearby stores that we could get free boxes to pack my stuff in.

When I arrived, Liz greeted me with another big hug, and soon our cars were full of boxes. Since I lived in a dorm room, I didn’t have that much stuff. Liz did insist on putting all of my clothes in her car, which meant she even went through and packed up my underwear. I did have some bedding, books, laptop computer, but my prize possession was my stereo system. We were able to get everything into our two cars and then we went back to Mrs. Anderson’s house.

The bedroom where I was paddled and caned would be my new room. This used to be her son’s room, who has since married and moved out. All of the dresser drawers were empty, as well as the closet, and Liz insisted on putting my clothes away. The other bedroom was now converted into an office. Mrs. A, as I will refer to her from now on, said I could also use it as a study room, and I could use her computer as well.

Her bathroom was a family size, with two sinks, and a nice bathtub, that was also a shower. Mrs. A had her own bathroom and shower off her master bedroom, which I was not allowed to go into.

I would be allowed all kitchen privileges and Mrs. A would also cook meals for me, which was fantastic. Since I had my own cell phone, she didn’t need to worry about me using her phone. It seemed like an ideal living arrangement for me. Since her house was very close to campus, it was just a short drive for me to go to classes.

I asked Mrs. A about my stereo system, and she said she didn’t want it in her living room and it didn’t fit into my new bedroom. But she has a solution that she didn’t even think Liz was aware of. She led Liz and I near her back door, and there was another wide door. It lead us down carpeted stairs to a finished basement. I guess this was originally built for their kids to play in, so it had good soundproofing. I was surprised because it had a nice couch and chairs, and even a television. This would be a great place for my stereo. Mrs. A also said that Liz and I could use this space for being together in private. I would be responsible for keeping it clean and nice.

In another adjoining room were the washer, dryer, and furnace. I was also allowed to use them; I just needed to use her special soap. There was also a bathroom and a special stand-alone shower. If I were to get dirty doing yard work or anything else, I am supposed to use this shower. The upstairs’ shower is to stay clean and nice, since Mrs. A sometimes has guests over.

In yet another room was a wood shop. Her husband had been very good working with wood and other things, so she had kept it as he had left it. I was given permission to use any of his tools or to make or repair things in the shop. I only needed to keep everything neat and clean, like the way it is right now.

Then there was one last room she wanted to show us. It had a special lock on it, and she also gave Liz a key. I, however, would never get the key to this room. When the door was opened, I was surprised at what I saw.

“This started as the punishment room for the kids, as they were growing up. Later, it was turned into our punishment/play room for my husband and me. Since he was very good with working with wood, he made the spanking bench, the wooden X, many of the paddles, and most of the other stuff in here. This is where I would spank him and also punish him. Liz, this is a great room for you to use with Clyde. I will also use this room when Clyde needs to be spanked and punished.”

There were many paddles, crops, ropes, cuffs, etc on the walls. There was a large wooden X on one wall, and many wooden things in the middle of the room that had straps on them.

“Your husband must have been very good to design this for you.” Liz said.

“Yes, I do miss him but now I am glad that Clyde is staying with me. I feel more secure, now that I am not living alone, and also this room will be used again. Just be sure that you keep it locked when not in use.”

“Before we go back upstairs, can you show me how to use one of these items?” Liz asked.

“Clyde, get undressed so I can show Elizabeth.”

“But I haven’t done anything wrong!” I pleaded.

“Remember, you promised to be spanked at any time by either of us, so get undressed.” Liz said.

So as I was taking off my clothes, Mrs. A said, “This is the one I liked to use on my husband the most. It is a form of a wooden horse that Clyde will have to straddle. It has a place for his arms and legs on each side, and there are straps, if needed.” After I had all of my clothes off, she said, “Clyde, go ahead and get on the horse.”

It was low enough and easy to get onto. One arm and leg was on one side, and my other arm and leg was on the other. It spread my legs apart, and Mrs. A positioned me so my bare bottom hung over the edge of it. “See, my husband made a notch at the end of it, so that a man’s penis and balls hang down, and are completely exposed. Also, noticed how his butt cheeks are separated. This way you can spank him in the more sensitive areas, that normally aren’t exposed during a spanking.”

“Let me get a paddle and see what happens when I spank Clyde on this.” Liz said.

I did feel quite exposed on this thing. And when Liz spanked me, it did sting me more than a normal paddling. I felt Liz’s fingers on my exposed naked bottom. “I see what you mean, Joyce. I think I will enjoy spanking Clyde on this thing,”

“Well, I have to run upstairs and get some things done.” Mrs. A said. “I will leave you two down here together. Just be sure to lock the door when you are finished. Then I heard her go up the stairs.

“I never knew this room existed.” Liz said. “We can help each other down here with our school work, and this way it makes it easy to spank and punish you, whenever I want.”

“I am surprised too. When I first accepted to be spanked by Mrs. A, I never thought that I would be living here or that she had a room like this! Can I get down now?”

“Not yet. I want to first spank you with a few new things that are down here.” Then she started spanking me again. Some of the things she used either made more noise or stung me more than what I was used to being spanked with.

“Clyde, in going through your clothes, I want to pick out for you some different clothes to wear. First of all, I want you to wear some different underwear. Also, I want you to wear lounge pants with no underwear when you are not attending class or going out. That way it will be easier for us to spank you. I now know your size, so I will pick some up for you.”

I just answered with “OK”, because Liz was still spanking me while she was telling me all of this.

“You can get down now and get dressed. You still need to hook up your stereo down here and finish unpacking upstairs.”

Finally I was unpacked and moved into this new place. That night as I lay on the same bed that I was paddled and caned on, I wondered what I had actually agreed to. I knew my life was in for a big change.

[ top ]

It was wonderful to wake up in the morning and smell bacon and eggs. It was also nice that the bathroom was close by and I didn’t have to wait in line. It is now Monday, and I didn’t have any classes until noon, so I thought I would spend time getting used to where I live now.

“Come on into the kitchen and eat your breakfast”. Mrs. A yelled out to me. “Don’t worry about being dressed yet, it is okay to be in your pajamas.”

My breakfast was already on a plate at the kitchen table. I sat down and Mrs. A sat across from me with a cup of coffee. “I would like to settle on some rules around the house right now.” She said. “This way you can’t say you didn’t know about them.”

“That sounds good to me.” I said.

“I expect you to make your bed every morning and have your room neat and clean everyday. The same with the living room, and the downstairs. If you use the kitchen when I am not here, I want you to wash your own dishes and pans, and put them away, if possible.”

“I should have no problem with that.” I said.

“You are also to help with the vacuuming and dusting every week, and mow the lawn, rake the leaves, and shovel snow. If you want to stay up late at night, please go downstairs, since I go to bed early. You are never to go into my bedroom or bathroom, and if you are unsure about something, be sure and ask me.”

“All of this sounds good.” I said.

“I also want to know your schedule every day, so this way I will know if I should fix you something to eat. If I have guests over, you are to either work in the office or go downstairs.”

“I should be able to follow these rules without any problems.” I said.

“If you break any of my rules, you will be punished. If it is a minor rule, I will want you to drop your pants and bend over for a quick spanking. But if you agree, once a week I will take you downstairs to the punishment room to settle things. So when would you like your weekly punishment?”

I didn’t think this topic would come up so soon. I have classes everyday of the week, so I said, “How about Saturday mornings?”

“That would work for me, too. Since you will probably want to sleep in on Saturdays, how about we schedule your punishment for ten o’clock.”

“That sounds good for me. That way I can sleep in. I will be real good and probably will not need to be punished.”

“Either way, I expect you to shower and be standing outside of the punishment room in either your pajama bottoms or lounge pants, with no underwear. You can also wear your slippers, if you want. Do this every Saturday at ten o’clock.”

“I don’t know if you know this, but I also work part-time for the university. I work in a job where I have access to the student records. Your college education is so important, that I propose that I help you with your grades. If I find out you are doing poorly in a class, I would like you to accept spankings from me until your grades improve. This could take place on Saturdays too, if you want.”

“I plan to do well in my classes, so I don’t think it will be needed. But I do feel it would give me incentive to do well in college, so I guess I would agree to that to.” I said.

“Also, before you woke up this morning, Elizabeth dropped off some lounge pants, t-shirts, and some underwear you should wear. We both agree that if you are not going to classes or anywhere else, and you are in my house, you should wear a t-shirt and lounge pants, with no underwear underneath. That way it will be easier to spank you at anytime.”

“That will be nice and casual for me. Okay with me.”

“Here are the things she brought over. I can take care of the breakfast dishes, so why don’t you shower and put on these things.”

“Sure, I don’t have classes until noon, so I can try them on.”

So I took my shower and changed into the lounge pants and t-shirt that Liz got me. The first thing I noticed was that she hemmed up the t-shirts. On the lounge pants, all of the snaps or buttons were missing from the flies. So I guess I would be little bit more exposed than what I was used to. But everything she got me was made of a nice soft material. The underwear was a special kind of briefs that had plenty of room in them.

“Come on out in the new stuff that Elizabeth got you.” Mrs. A said. “Stand next to me so I can see what modifications she made.” I felt her hands around the fly and also on my bottom. “I like the way she hemmed up the t-shirt, so it will always be out of the way.”

Then she surprised me. Mrs. A quickly put her fingers in the elastic waistband, and before I could even react, the lounge pants were around my ankles. “Yes, these will work very well, when we need to spank you. You can pull them back up, now.”

After that, I re-arranged my bedroom a little bit more, changed into clothes for my classes, and left the house. My classes went well, and I got home a little after five o’clock. It is so nice to walk into a house and smell good food being cooked.

When I saw Mrs. A, she said, “Before we eat, I want to point out and show you a few things. Come with me.”

First she took me into the bathroom and showed me the shower. “I guess your definition of clean is not the same as mine. There are towels on the floor, and there is used toothpaste in the sink. And your toothbrush, toothpaste, shaver, and other stuff are all over the bathroom. Now lets look at your room.”

She took me by the arm and dragged me into the bedroom. “Your bed is made but you have clothes on it. Your drawers are not shut and clothes are hanging out of them. This is not acceptable. You said you would keep things clean and neat.”

“I’m sorry. But…”

She sat down on the bed and pulled me toward her. “You said you would accept a spanking anytime if you broke a minor rule. This is actually more of a major rule, but this can’t wait till Friday.” Her hands were already unbuckling my belt, and unzipping my pants. “So you are going to be spanked before we eat.” Now, my pants and underwear were at my ankles.

“Bend over the bed with your elbows on the bed, I will be right back with my large wooden hairbrush.” So I bent down and waited. “If you are going to live here with me, I need to make sure you follow my rules.”

Then my spanking started. Usually, Mrs. A would start me off with a hand spanking, but not this time. The hairbrush was big and it really stung my naked bottom. Soon, I felt very warm inside.

“Your butt now has a nice color to it, and this should serve as a good reminder to you. So change your clothes and come out and eat. You can finish cleaning up after dinner.”

I changed back to my t-shirt and lounge pants, which were lying on the bed, and went to the kitchen to eat. Mrs. A didn’t say much while we ate, but afterwards, I cleaned up while she was on the phone.

After I had everything cleaned up, I heard the doorbell ring and Mrs. A answered the door. She let Liz into the house. “Joyce called me and said she had to spank you, already. Let’s go downstairs where we can talk.” Liz said to me.

“Okay, sound good.” Then Liz and I went downstairs.

When we got downstairs, we sat on the couch together and Liz said, “Joyce told me she had to spank you already because you didn’t clean up things. Is that true?”

“I thought I did, but I guess they didn’t meet her standards.”

“Well, if you are going to live in this house, you better do a better job of cleaning up. Why don’t you stand up and let me see how red your butt looks.” So I stood up, and quickly my lounge pants were at my ankles, and I felt her soft hands on me. “Why don’t you lay over my knees and I will rub some lotion on you.”

I like being close to Liz, so I lay over her lap. She had a short skirt on again, so my penis dangled between her thighs. I immediately felt her hand on the inside of my legs, so I spread my legs for her. Then I felt the cool lotion on my sore bottom, and her fingers spreading it everywhere.

“It feels so good to be over your lap like this.” I said to Liz.

“I hope to have you in this position every time I come over here, whether to spank you or to apply lotion to your sore butt. I am happy to hear you enjoy it. Now stand up.”

I stood up and I had a big erection. “Put your hands behind your back, and stay there.” She ran into the bathroom and came out with a wet washrag. Then she stroked my penis until I exploded into the washrag.

My t-shirt came off and then we spent hours very close together, in the basement. What a wonderful first day in my new surroundings.

[ top ]

I am adapting to be living in Mrs. A’s house very well. I have to clean up a lot better than I used to, but I do see where it makes the house look better. I really enjoy the home cooked meals and I also have my own space. I also like that Liz lives close by, so we are able to see each other on a daily basis.

On Tuesday, after I came home from class and had eaten supper, Mrs. A had a small project for me to do. She had me go down to the wood shop and get some hooks that could go into a wall. Then she had me secure the hooks on the wall above my headboard. Next, Mrs. A went downstairs and came up with a large wooden paddle with holes in it, a leather paddle that looked like a larger ping-pong paddle, and a black riding crop. These were hung above my bed where I sleep every night.

“This way I won’t have to run downstairs to get paddles, if I want to spank you. They will also be a reminder that Elizabeth and I can spank you at any time.” Mrs. A said.

“But do they have to hang in plain sight where everyone can see them?” I complained.

“Yes they do. And if any friends of mine ask about them, I will tell them they are used to spank you. I will also allow my friends to use them to spank you. So you better behave.”

“I plan not to get into trouble.” I said.

“Also, keep the door to your room open when you are not in it. If I find it shut, you will automatically be spanked.”

I was hoping that my spanking would be kept between Liz, Mrs. A, and myself. But now, it will be more obvious to anyone who enters this house. This living arrangement does save me a lot of money and it has so many benefits, so I think I can stand a little embarrassment, now and then.

Tuesday night, it took me a little more time to fall asleep, because the paddles were a constant reminder about my spankings.

Everything went well on Wednesday, until I went to class in Philosophy. There was a test today that counted for about one half of my final grade. With my recent move, my spankings, being together with Liz, I did not study very well for this test. The tests were scored by the end of class and I found out that I got a D. In fact, I did so bad that I was only one point away from getting an F.

When I finally got home, I quickly changed into my t-shirt and lounge pants and went to the kitchen to eat with Mrs. A.

“You look very sad. What is going on?” Mrs. A asked.

“I just took a test that I didn’t study enough for, and I didn’t do so well.”

“Tell me more.” Mrs. A said.

“With my recent move into here, and with me spending more time with Liz, I guess I didn’t study like I usually do.”

“So how bad was it?” She asked.

“I got a D and I was only one point away from an F. I can’t believe I am going to ask you this, but will you spank me?” I asked. I really felt unhappy about myself.

“I guess I would have heard about this later, so I do think a spanking would help you out.”

“I know I could of gotten a better grade if I would of just studied a little more.” I said.

“Let’s finish eating, then you clear off the dishes while I make a few phone calls, then I will spank you.” Mrs. A said.

I didn’t feel like eating very much because I was mad at myself plus I knew that I was going to be spanked. Mrs. A left the kitchen, and I cleaned up the dishes and pans.

I was walking out of the kitchen when Mrs. A said, “Bring me the big wooden paddle with the holes in it.”

That is the paddle that I don’t like to be spanked with. It has a real sting to it, unlike the other paddles. As far as I am concerned, only the cane hurts worse than this paddle. I also felt sort of embarrassed getting the paddle that I would be spanked with.

I handed the wooden paddle to Mrs. A and asked, “How do you want me?”

She quickly pulled down my lounge pants and said, “Step out of your pants and then lay over the end of the couch, so that your knees are on the couch and your hands are on the floor.”

That made it so my naked bottom stuck up high, and all I could see were her shoes and ankles.

“Spread your knees and brace yourself.”


“How many swats do you think you deserve?” She asked.


“About fifteen. That paddle really stings my bottom.” I said.


“If you think you deserve fifteen, then I will give you twenty.”


“I am happy that you asked me to spank you.”


“That shows me you are taking responsibility for your actions.”


Then the doorbell rang. “Stay in position and don’t move. I am not done with your spanking yet.”

I didn’t want anyone to see me like this, but I stayed in position. I was pleased when I heard Liz’s voice.

“Come on in. I am not quite finished with him yet!”


“Stay in position so we can examine how red your butt is.”

Then I felt four hands feeling my sore naked bottom.

“Clyde’s butt is very red and feels so warm.” Liz said.

“I called Elizabeth to come over, just before I started your spanking. Why don’t you two go downstairs and be with other. I think Clyde needs your support.” Mrs. A said.

So I stood up, and rubbed my bottom. I grabbed my lounge pants and then Liz and I went downstairs.

Liz immediately sat on the couch and said, “Don’t put your lounge pants on, and just lay over my knees.”

She pulled up her short summer dress and I lay over her lap. It was so nice to feel her warm body next to mine, to smell her perfume, and to hear her voice again. I thought for sure that she would feel sorry for me, and would rub lotion on my poor sore bottom.

But then, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. “Joyce told me that you thought you got a bad grade on the test because of moving and the time you spent with me!”

SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. “You know that is not true.”

SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. “You got the bad grade because you didn’t take the time to study”.


“I’m sorry!” I said. “I guess I wanted to blame someone else for my bad grade.”

SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. “You know I am always willing to help you study, if you need it.”

SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. “I’m sorry! I’ve learned my lesson.” I said.

SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. “Okay. I believe you. Stand up and then we can kiss and make up. Then I will help you study.” Liz said.

We kissed and held each other. It was nice that the couch was very soft because my poor bottom was very sore. When I asked to be spanked, I never expected a double spanking.

[ top ]

At last, it was finally Saturday morning. I had no classes, no commitments, and I could relax. But then I remembered that Mrs. A had set up with me that I would receive a regular punishment spanking, if needed, on Saturday morning at ten o’clock in the morning. I had slept in late, and it was just about ten o’clock. I now remembered that she wanted me to shower first, and stand outside of the punishment room in either my pajama bottoms or lounge pants, with no underwear underneath. So I hurried up and took my shower, dried off quickly, and put on my pajama bottoms as I quickly ran down the stairs.

I had been spanked earlier in the week for leaving the shower a mess and having a messy room, so I thought I wouldn’t be spanked today. Besides, I was now very conscious about keeping everything nice and clean, so I wouldn’t get spanked. Then I heard Mrs. A talking to Liz as they walked down the stairs.

“Elizabeth had nothing special going on this morning, so I invited her over to participate in your punishment spanking.” Mrs. A said. “Besides, she needs to learn how to use this room to its fullest extent if she is going to use it to spank you.”

“I am excited to be here!” Liz said.

“Before we came downstairs, I showed Elizabeth what the shower looks like when you use it.”

“I agree with Mrs. A, that you need to be punished so you will do a better job of cleaning up.” Liz said.

“I will unlock the door, so we can get started with Clyde’s punishment.” Mrs. A said. I entered the punishment room and she continued, “There are some rules that I will want you to follow, when I punish you on Saturdays.”

“Okay. I will follow them. What are they?” I asked.

“First, you will follow our commands, without questioning us.”

“Okay. I can do that.” I said.

“You are only to speak only when spoken to or when asked to talk.”

“I can do that.” I said.

“And you will get extra punishment for speaking out of turn, complaining, or moving out of position. Plus, like today, you will receive extra for showing up late.”

“I was hoping you didn’t notice that I was late today. I sort of overslept because I forgot about this.” I said.

“There you go again with your excuses. No excuses. You need to take responsibility for your actions.”

“Sorry about that.” I said. “I just have to get used to living here.”

Then Liz said, “We will start each punishment session with an inspection. So take off your pajama bottoms and stand in front of me, with your legs spread and your hands on your head.” Then Liz sat down on a chair.

“Do I have to do this every week?” I asked.

“Clyde, you are complaining again.” Liz said. “Hurry up and stand in front of me.”

I couldn’t help it, but I had an erection from standing naked like this, in front of these two women.

Liz handled my erect penis and balls, and felt my skin around them. “You said that you would keep this clean shaven for me. I feel little hairs all over.”

“I was late getting down here, so I didn’t have time to shave down there.” I complained.

“See, all we get are more excuses from you.” Liz said. “Besides, it looks like you haven’t been shaving down here for several days. You do need to be punished.”

“If you want to shave Clyde before we spank him, go ahead.” Mrs. A said. “I’m not in any hurry.”

“Clyde, stay still while I run and get a razor.” Liz said.

Then, I had to stand there while Liz shaved me. This made me feel like a naughty little boy in two ways. First, I felt like a little boy because I now had no pubic hair. Second, because the women in my life were about to spank me. Also, as Liz is becoming more my girlfriend, this is even more embarrassing for me.

After I was shaved, Mrs. A said, “Elizabeth, come over here.” She went to a dresser that had many drawers in it. “Here are all of the cuffs you can use on Clyde. To start out, lets put wrist and ankle cuffs on him. They will make sure he stays in place.”

So I had to hold out my arms and kept my legs spread while the cuffs were fastened on me. These cuffs were bright red and made out of Velcro, so they went on me very fast. Then Mrs. A led me over to a wooden X that was on one wall.

Mrs. A rolled over a stool and told Liz, “You can stand on this and fasten his wrists up high, while I fasten his legs.” So now I was standing there, with both my arms and legs apart. “This is a good way to start his punishment. Grab a paddle, and I will stand on one side and you can stand on the other.”

Then my paddling started. They started off not hitting me very hard, but their intensity strengthened as they paddled me. “You are lucky Clyde.” Mrs. A said. “You will be punished in many positions, so it will give you variety.”

After a brief paddling, they unfastened my cuffs from the wooden cross and then Mrs. A had me stand in the middle of the room, with my legs apart and my hands on my head. “Let me show you what I like to do when punishing men.” She went to a dresser drawer and pulled out what looked like a long and wide shoestring. “Let me show you how to use this.” Then she wrapped it around the base of my penis and balls, and between them. It was put on me so it was tight, but not too tight, and it also gave me a big erection.

“This will usually make a man have an erection, if they don’t have one already.” Mrs. A said. “It will also make them hold their erection until you are done with their punishment.”

Then I was lead over to a piece of furniture that looked like a barrel that was cut in half. It had two legs that were spread apart, and that was where they wanted me to kneel. This kept my knees spread far apart. Then I draped myself across the curved surface. It had a hole cut in it, so my penis and balls stuck through it. My arms were next secured to eyehooks in front of me.

The sides of the barrel that I was draped over were cut off, so that they had easy access to my penis and balls. “I like to spank men over this because your can spank and play with them at the same time.” Mrs. A said. “Lets use riding crops this time, that way we can spank him all over.”

Now my spanking started all over again. With the riding crops, they are able to easily spank me on my inner thighs, and also make sure that every inch of my naked naughty bottom is turned into a nice shade of red. What was different for me was that I was feeling both pain and pleasure, because my penis and balls were being played with at the same time. Also, being over the barrel like this, I was unable to tell who was doing what to me.

“Clyde, I was planning to show Elizabeth more of the room”, Mrs. A said. “But I already see we have turned your poor bottom a nice shade of red, so I want to show her one more piece of spanking furniture.”

So then they unsecured me from the barrel and led me over to another part of the room. In front of me was a strange piece of furniture. First of all, it was a form of stocks, which held your arms and wrist in place. But the front of it was lower and it came out on two sides.

“Knell on the wood, and put your head and wrists in the stock.” Mrs. A said.

To knell on the wood, that meant my legs were stretched wide apart and they immediately secured my ankles and thighs to the contraption. Then I put my head and wrists into the holes of the stock, and it was secured in place. I felt very exposed and vulnerable in this position. My penis and balls hung down out in the open, and my bottom cheeks were spread wide apart.

“I like to end a punishment session with a man on this. As you can see, you can spank his most tender spots of his bottom, which are usually missed with a traditional spanking.” Mrs. A said.

“Yes, I really like this one. I will use this a lot with Clyde if I need to spank him when we are downstairs.” Liz said.

“It works best if we use the very small paddles on him and the wooden spoons.” Mrs. A said.

Just when I thought every inch of my bottom had been spanked, now I was really feeling the sting in my most sensitive areas. I was even being spanked around my bottom hole and also on my hanging, exposed penis and balls.

When I thought I couldn’t take anymore, Mrs. A said, “I have something special to show you, Elizabeth.” I heard one of the drawers open again. “This is what is called a prostate massager with a built in vibrator. If you use it at the end of a punishment session, the man almost always forgets how hard he was spanked. First you put this special lube on it, and then you insert it into him.”

“Can I insert it into Clyde, if you tell me how?” Liz asked.

“It would be good for you to know how this works. I have a feeling that you may be using it a lot on Clyde.” Mrs. A said.

With my bottom cheeks already spread wide apart, I slowly felt it enter me. I filled me up, but didn’t seem too big.

“Before I turn it on, get some paper towels ready. I works remarkably fast.” Mrs. A said.

Once Liz returned with the paper towels, I felt it start to vibrate inside of me. I couldn’t believe the sensation that came over me. It felt like my penis swelled way up, and ripples of pleasure surrounded my whole body. It was like I had lost all control of my body, and I felt my cum flowing from my penis. All of this was happening to me, and they weren’t even trying to milk me.

“This is amazing!” Liz exclaimed. “Let all of your cum keep flowing out of you, Clyde,”

Now I could feel Liz wiping the cum from my penis, as I was totally wrapped up in all of this pleasure.

Then I was unsecured from this thing and allowed to shower and lie on my stomach on my bed. I felt very strange because I could feel that I was thoroughly spanked and it still hurt, but I also felt very good and mellow, at the same time.

[ top ]

After my weekly punishment spanking on Saturday morning, I went up to my room and laid down on my stomach. I was so drained of energy from the spanking and the prostate milking that I slept hard and woke up at two o’clock. Then I went to the kitchen, made myself a sandwich, and made sure I cleaned up real well. I had to carry a pillow around with me because it still hurt to sit down. I was now happy that all I wore around the house was lounge pants and a t-shirt, because I didn’t want anything tight against my sore bottom.

I had made a date with Liz to see a movie tonight, or do something special, so I gave her a phone call.

“I understand.” Liz said. “We can just stay downstairs and be close to each other. I will come over around 6:30, after you have eaten.”

So I was happy that Liz still wanted to be with me. We share so many of the same likes and dislikes, and it is so easy to talk to her. Besides, I like the fact that Mrs. A and Liz were friends even before I met Liz.

Now I was very careful around the house, because I didn’t want to suffer through another punishment spanking next week, like the one I just had.

I ate another great meal prepared by Mrs. A for supper. She said, “I have a monthly meeting tonight of women who have unexpectedly lost their husbands at an early age. Will you be here tonight?”

“I was going to take Liz out for a date.” I said. “But I am still sore from my spanking this morning, so Liz will be here shortly, and we will stay downstairs.”

“That is good, because we have very private discussions, and they won’t want a stranger in the house overhearing their conversation.”

Then I helped Mrs. A with the dishes and cleaning up the dishes.

Liz arrived and said, “Thanks for having me over to help punish Clyde this morning. I learned a lot about how to use the room.”

“I gave you a key to it, so if you ever feel you need to use the room with Clyde, you are welcome to it.” Mrs. A said.

“I was especially impressed with that prostate massage vibrator.” Liz said.

“Yes, if Clyde ever gets to horny and you need to calm him down, feel free to secure him down and use it on him. It quickly gets rid of any built up sexual tension he may have.”

I couldn’t believe that were talking like that, when I was standing in the kitchen with them.

“So Clyde, how did you feel about the prostate massager?” Liz asked.

“Yes, I was amazed how fast it worked and the pleasure it gave me. I have never experienced anything like that. It made me cum so fast.”

“It sounds like it may be used on you some more, because Elizabeth likes it too.” Mrs. A said. “Why don’t you two head down to the basement, because my women friends should be arriving at anytime.”

When we got downstairs Liz asked, “Is your poor bottom still sore from this morning? Do you want me to rub lotion on it?”

“Yes, I would really appreciate that.” I said.

“Good, grab a towel and the lotion, take off your pants, and I will cool your bottom down.”

Liz was wearing a thin summer dress and she took the towel from me and put it on her lap. I gladly took off my pants and settled down over her lap. I actually have grown to like being over her lap like this. I get to smell her unique perfume, feel her warm body next to my naked body, hear her soft sweet voice, and feel her smooth soft hands on my body.

“I am growing to like being over your lap like this with you.” I told Liz.

“I am glad you like it too.” Liz said.

“It makes me feel so close to you and that we have established a real bond together.” I said.

“Yes, I thought we would get along together very well when I first met you and spanked you.”

“It is amazing, but now even when I am spanked by you, I enjoy it because I believe it has brought us closer together.” I said.

“I am glad to hear that.” Liz said. “Because I want to keep on spanking you as long as we are together.”

Then I heard Mrs. A yell down the stairs, “Clyde and Liz, come up stairs. My friends would like to meet you.”

So I quickly got off of Liz’s lap, pulled on my lounge pants, and went upstairs with Liz. When we got upstairs, the furniture in the living room was arranged in a circle, and there were about five other women besides Mrs. A, all about her same age.

“This is Clyde and his girlfriend Elizabeth, who lives down the block.” Mrs. A told them. “Clyde is now living here in exchange for helping me around the house. They both also attend classes at the nearby college.”

“Glad to meet you!” All of her friends said.

“Clyde, go around the room and meet them.” Mrs. A said.

So I walked around the room and talked to each of the women. They all seemed very nice and interested with me. Liz also walked around with me, and met them too. After I was done meeting them, Mrs. A had me go back to the middle of the room.

“They noticed your bedroom and the paddles that were handing on the wall, and had some questions for me.” Mrs. A said. “So I thought I would have you come upstairs and tell them yourself. So why don’t you start with how we first met?”

I was little embarrassed to tell them but I said, “I met Mrs. Anderson at the grocery store. She was having a cup of coffee, and I accidentally bumped into her, and the coffee spilled all over her dress. After that, I agreed to be spanked by her.”

“The dress was ruined, and since he had no money, Clyde has continued to be spanked by her.” Liz continued. “I also got to spank Clyde, and to save him money, he has agreed to live here and to still be spanked by both of us.”

“In fact, he received his first weekly punishment spanking this morning.” Mrs. A said.

“Could we see?” They all asked.

“Elizabeth, grab a chair and put it in the middle of the room.” Mrs. A told Liz. “Clyde, you knell on the chair and bend over it.”

“But………..?” I protested.

“Bend over it unless you want to be punished further downstairs.” Mrs. A said.

I really didn’t want to, but I went over to the chair, knelt down on it, and bend down. At least this way, I wouldn’t to see who was behind me. Next, I expected that my lounge pants would be pulled down, but to my surprise, they were completely taken off of me. Now I was totally naked from the waist down in front of these women who I had just met. All I had on was my t-shirt that was hemmed up high, so I was totally exposed to them.

To further my embarrassment, Mrs. A said, “Now spread your knees apart for us.”

“Please, do I have to?” I complained.

“You know better than complain. Do it now!” Mrs. A said.

Now I was aware that the women would not only see my recently spanked bottom, but also my penis and balls, which were dangling down between my legs. Also, I was also excited, so I had an erection going on.

“Go ahead, you can touch and feel his recently spanked bottom.” Mrs. A said.

Then I felt many hands on my poor bottom. They were also making comments on how red it looked and it was still warm from my spanking.

After a while, Mrs. A said, “Clyde needs an over the knee hand spanking for his complaining tonight. He has already agreed to be spanked by my friends, so if you would like to spank him, sit down and he will come over to you to be spanked. Since he had a severe spanking this morning, just give him a light hand spanking.”

I thought I wouldn’t be spanked anymore today, so I wasn’t expecting this.

“Clyde, stand up and put your hands on your head, and ask each of my guests to spank you.” Mrs. A said.

When I stood up, I was very aware of my erect penis, but I still put my hands on my head. Then I went to each of these women that I had just met, and asked them to spank me. Luckily, they only hand spanked me, but it still stung my very tender bottom.

After I was spanked by all of her friends, Mrs. A said, “Clyde, now stand in the middle of the room with your hands on your head. Elizabeth, go and get the wooden paddle with the holes in it.” Liz handed the paddle to Mrs. A. “Now milk Clyde while I paddle him.”

Liz had milked me enough times that she knew how to get me to cum quickly. But now I was feeling both pain and pleasure, as I had to stand there with my hands on my head. Soon, I felt my cum explode out of me, and I felt Liz make sure that I was completely drained.

After all of that, I felt so tired that I just went to my room and went to bed. Since I am not allowed to close my door, as I was falling to sleep, I could hear the women talk about spanking me. All of them thought they had a good time, and hoped that they would be able to spank me in the future. Finally, I fell asleep, and my Saturday ended.

[ top ]

Now it was Tuesday, and after classes, I decided to go out on a date with Liz. I have never met her parents, so I decided to pick her up at her house. She only lived a few blocks away, so it was very easy to pick her up. I made reservations at a very nice place to eat, and then I thought we would go out dancing. This would be my first chance to have a real date with Liz, since I moved into Mrs. A’s house.

When I arrived at her house, I found out Liz’s dad was away on a business trip and I met her mom. I was surprised how much Liz looks like her mom.

“Liz has told me a lot about you.” Her mom said. “It seems like you two are very compatible, and I know she likes being with you,”

“Yes, I also adore your daughter.” I said.

“Well, have fun and remember that this is a weekday night.” Her mom said.

Then we left the house and got into my car. “What was your mom referring to when we left, that this is a school night?” I asked Liz.

“Although I am a grown woman, I still live at home, so I still have to follow her rules. So on weekday nights, I have to be home by 11:30 pm. On weekends, I can stay out until 1 am. Otherwise, I get punished by being grounded or in other ways.” Liz said.

“Well I will watch the time and make sure you get home in time.” I said.

Then we went out to eat at a very nice restaurant. It wasn’t very busy, so we were able to talk, and enjoy good food at the same time. I really wanted to let Liz know I care about her.

After a very good meal, I took her to a club where we could dance. This was a place that played music from the 70’s and 80’s, so it was fun music to dance to. I may not be the best dancer in the world, but I have taken dance lessons and am not afraid to be on the dance floor.

I really like to dance with Liz with the slower music. That way I can hold her close to my body and we can continue to talk to each other. I like to feel Liz’s nice firm breasts next to my chest when we slow dance. Many times this gives me an erection, and I am pretty sure Liz can feel it when we slow dance so close together.

Anyway, we really were enjoying ourselves when I finally looked at my watch. To my surprise, it was almost midnight. So I told Liz, and we quickly left the club.

“I feel so bad.” I told Liz. “I told you I would watch the time, and I let you down. I hope you aren’t punished for it.”

“Well, if you tell my mom that it was your fault, which is the truth, maybe I wouldn’t get punished.” Liz said.

I went up to her house with Liz and sure enough, her mom was still up waiting for her. “I was getting worried about you.” Her mom said. “You always get home early on weekday nights. It is late and I guess I can settle this with you in the morning.”

“Don’t punish Liz for my getting her home late.” I said. “I was the one who was suppose to be watching the time. We were having so much fun dancing together, that I lost track of time. It wasn’t her fault.”

“If you want to keep dating Liz, you must get her home on time. So do I hear you saying that it was your fault?” Her mom asked me.

“Yes, don’t punish Liz. It was my fault.” I said.

“I feel someone should be punished, so do you agree to take Liz’s punishment, so you can keep dating her.”

“Yes, I guess so.” I said.

“Liz has told me that she spanks you. Is that true?” Her mom asked.

“I am surprised she told you. But yes she does spank me.”

“So would you agree to be spanked by Liz and myself for getting her home late? That way I would allow you to keep dating Liz.” Her mom said.

“I guess I want to be spanked, if this would allow me to keep dating Liz.” I said.

“I feel a spanking is most effective if it is administered in a timely matter. So lets get your spanking over with right now.” Her mother said. “So for the rest of the evening, please refer to me as Mrs. Taylor.”

“Yes, Mrs. Taylor.” I said.

“When I spank Clyde, I usually have him take off all of his clothes except for his under shorts, and I sit on a couch and have him stand in front of me.” Liz said.

“That’s a good idea.” Mrs. Taylor said. “Neatly fold your clothes and place them on a chair, and we will be sitting on the couch,”

I never expected to be spanked tonight, but I folded my clothes and stood before them.

“Stand in front of me.” Mrs. Taylor said. “Now place your hands on your head and stand still. I taught Liz to spank her brothers on the bare, and you will be spanked that way too.”

Then, to my embarrassment, Mrs. Taylor slid down my under shorts and had me step out of them. I couldn’t help it, but I was displaying a full erection. Then Mrs. Taylor started to touch me around my penis and balls, which embarrassed me more.

“I see Clyde is clean shaven.” Mrs. Taylor said.

“Yes, since he is now living at Mrs. Anderson’s house and she also spanks him, we require that he keeps himself clean shaven. It also makes him look like a naughty little boy.” Liz said. “Sometimes I shave him, just to make sure he stays nice and smooth.”

“Clyde, turn around so I can see what your naughty bottom looks like.” Mrs. Taylor said.

Once I turned around, I felt Mrs. Taylor’s hands on my bottom cheeks. “He does have a nice firm bottom to spank.” She said. “Now spread your legs wide and grab your ankles.”

I knew I would get a more severe spanking if I didn’t do this, so I bent over for her. To my surprise, she felt me in the area between my balls and my bottom cheeks.

“Just as I suspected.” Mrs. Taylor said. “He still has some hairs in this area. Do you see them Liz?”

“Yes, I do see them. Now that you point them out.” Liz said.

“I want to shave you before you are spanked.” Mrs. Taylor said. “We will get off the couch, and I want you to lay on the couch on your back, with your head at one end.”

I laid down that way and Mrs. Taylor went to the bathroom to get some stuff.

When Mrs. Taylor returned, she had a large towel and some shaving supplies. “Now I want you to raise your legs straight up, and Liz, I want you to pull his legs back towards his head and spread his legs apart.”

Mrs. Taylor put a towel under me and then I felt the cool shaving cream on me. “This is the best way to shave you down here.” Then I felt the razor wipe away the shaving crème and the coolness of the air. “I suggest you hold still, Clyde. I don’t want to nick you with this sharp razor.”

I didn’t like what was going on, but I stayed very still while she shaved me. “While you are like this, I might as well make sure your whole bottom is hairless.” Mrs. Taylor said. Next, I felt the shaving cream on my entire bottom, as she shaved me all over. “Bring his legs back even more Liz, so I can make sure he is perfectly smooth all over.”

After being totally exposed like this to Mrs. Taylor, who I had just met, she said, “Now you really look like a naughty little boy! Stand up so we can get your spanking started.”

I didn’t notice it before until I stood up and noticed what Mrs. Taylor was wearing. She must have been getting ready for bed, because she had a robe on. Before she sat down, she took off the robe and she was wearing a thin pink nightie.

Mrs. Taylor sat down in the middle of the couch again, next to Liz, and patted her lap. “Lets start you out with a nice over the knee hand spanking. So lay across my lap.”

Once I lay over her lap, my penis dangled between her bare thighs, and she put her thighs together to hold me tight. “Now be a good boy, and spread your legs apart. And Liz, hold his arms behind his back so he can’t move.”

Now I was feeling many mixed emotions. I was very embarrassed to be totally exposed in this position, knowing that I was about to be spanked by Liz’s mom. Liz had also worn a shorter skirt on our date, and she parted her thighs and her skirt rode up, so my head was facing down between her legs. My bottom felt very tender, from being completely shaved, and I could smell their sweet perfume and their warm bodies. Then my hand spanking started.

Mrs. Taylor started lightly on one cheek, then the other. She cupped her hand so that her fingers would land in my most sensitive spots. Also, every spank was just a little harder than the previous one. It was actually good that Liz held my arms behind my back, because I did try to squirm about a little.


“See, your bottom is turning a nice shade of pink.” Mrs. Taylor said. “Liz, take one of your hands and feel his bottom.”

“Yes, it does feel very warm, smooth and nice.” Liz said.

“Liz, why don’t you get up and prepare your bed for Clyde’s further spanking. Take off your spread and put three pillows in the middle of the bed while I spank him a little longer.” So Liz carefully got up and left the living room.


“Liz has told me a lot about you. You really like her, right?”

“Yes, Mrs. Taylor. We have a lot in common and she is easy to talk to.” I said.


“Now, if you keep dating her, you have to expect to be spanked by both her and myself.”

“I realize that now, Mrs. Taylor.” I said.


“And I expect you to treat her with the most admiration and respect.”

“I am already doing that, Mrs. Taylor.”


“Good, then you can stand up and we can join Liz in her bedroom for more of your spanking.”

Liz’s room looked so orderly and feminine. Her whole room smelled like her wonderful unique scent. In the middle of the bed were three pillows stacked on top of each other, with a towel on top.

“Lay on top of the pillows so that you bottom is up high and your penis is dangling down, and not on the pillows.” Mrs. Taylor said. As I lay down, she continued, “Be sure your legs are spread wide and grip the headboard with your hands.”

I felt completely exposed to the two women in this position. Then I felt a tapping on my inner thighs, “Spread your legs a little bit further than that.” Mrs. Taylor said.

“This is the position I would spank my younger brothers when they were really naughty.” Liz said. “Mom, I brought in all of our paddles and spanking implements, so we have plenty to choose from.”

“Good girl! I know I can always count on you.” Mrs. Taylor said.

Then with Liz on one side and her mom on the other, my spanking resumed again. I couldn’t help it, being in Liz’s room and so exposed, that I still had an erection going. Although I was being spanked, this was making me feel an even closer bond with Liz.

Also, the more that I was spanked, the more I felt that nice glowing warm feeling in the lower part of my body. Between the two of them, I was feeling the familiar sting on my whole bottom. They were leaving no part untouched. It also stung a little more than usual because my whole bottom was shaved prior to being spanked.

“His naughty bottom looks really red, I think we should stop now.” Mrs. Taylor said. “Liz, why don’t you relieve Clyde of his sexual tension and milk him.”

“That’s a good idea!” Liz said. “Clyde, stay in position and don’t move. Then I will also rub some soothing lotion on you.”

Then I felt my exposed penis being stroked, and soon my body relaxed and my cum flowed out of me. It also felt good to feel the cool lotion on my warm bottom.

“You should expect a spanking like this if you are late again, or if I hear you disrespect my daughter in any way.” Mrs. Taylor said.

Then I was allowed to finally get dressed. Liz gave me a big kiss and I left for my new home in Mrs. A house.

[ top ]

When I got home, Mrs. A’s house, I was greeted at the door by Mrs. A.

“Do you realize what time it is?” She asked. “It is 1:00 AM in the morning. You are lucky I didn’t lock you outside. You know you are never to stay out this late on a school night.”

“I’m sorry!” I replied. “I was also late getting Liz home, and I was spanked by Liz and her mom.”

“Please, no more of your excuses. You know you deserve to be spanked right here and now.” Mrs. A said.

“As I said, I was just spanked and am very sore. Please don’t spank me!” I pleaded.

“Then let me see your spanking results. Drop your pants right now and bend over.” All I wanted was to go to bed, but instead I dropped my pants and underwear and bent over.

Next, I felt her hands on my very sore bottom. “Yes, they did do a good job of spanking you. But you still deserve a spanking. I will be home all day Wednesday. Why don’t you decide when you want to be spanked and bring me the large wooden paddle with holes in it. Drop your pants and bend over, and I will give you at least nine swats with it.”

“Thank you for not spanking me now.” I told Mrs. A. Then I went on to tell her, “Yes, I will get the paddle for you so you can spank me sometime during the day.” I couldn’t believe I said that to her. I wasn’t looking for another spanking so soon. “I just need to sleep now.” And off to bed I went.

Wednesday is my busy school day. I have classes from the morning until five o’clock. I do have an hour break in the afternoon, but that is before my Philosophy class that I did so bad on the test, so I decided to stay at school and study instead of being spanked.

I was expecting to get home, eat with Mrs. A, and then have her spank me. But when I got home, the house was full of women and there was a smell of food everywhere. Mrs. A came up to me and said, “Once a month this group of my friends have a potluck supper, and it is my turn to have it here. There is plenty of food, and you are welcome to join in. Also, before you arrived from your classes, I told them about you. So first, change into your lounge pants and t-shirt, then just enjoy the food and eat with us.”

“Okay.” I said. “I have had a long day of classes and I am very hungry.”

So first, I went into my room, closed the door, and changed clothes. I also made sure my room was neat and clean, with everything put away in its proper place. After I changed clothes I headed for the kitchen.

The kitchen table was full of freshly homemade food. I got a plate and heaped the food on it and went out into the living room. There were women seated on every chair and they even had all of the kitchen chairs in the living room.

But the women who were seated on the couch scooted over and one of patted the couch in the empty spot and said, “Here is a spot for you, please join us.”

As I was eating this fantastic food, they asked me many questions.

“How long have you been living here? Do you like it here? How did you meet Mrs. A? Why are you wearing those clothes? Why are the paddles hanging in your room?”

Now their questions were getting more personal and embarrassing for me, but I decided to answer truthfully. As I answered their questions, they kept asking more and more personal questions. I was also busy eating, but soon I noticed that as I answered their question, the whole room was quiet and all of the women were listening to my answers.

As I said, I answered their questions honestly, and soon I was telling them how I am spanked by Mrs. A, Liz, and their friends. I also ended up telling them about the spanking I just received from Liz and her mother.

Then Mrs. A asked me, “Aren’t you suppose to bring out the wooden paddle from your room and ask me to spank you?”

“Please, not now!” I pleaded. “Not in front of all of these women.”

“If you wait any longer, your spanking will be doubled or even tripled. So go to your room and bring out the large wooden paddle with the holes in it.”

“Okay. But this is unfair and embarrassing.” So I went to my room and got the paddle. I always hate to get spanked with this paddle because the holes make the paddle really sting me.

As I returned with the paddle, the women were rearranging the chairs so they were in a large U shape. In the middle of the U were two wooden straight back chairs facing the women and they were about a foot apart. Mrs. A was standing next to them.

I handed Mrs. A the paddle and she said, “Clyde, take off your pants and kneel on the chairs with one knee on each chair, then bend over and put your hands on the floor.”

“But this will completely expose me to all of your women friends!” I complained. “Can’t we do this later on, after they are gone.”?

“You just added an extra five swats to your spanking for your complaining and trying to delay your spanking.” Mrs. A said. “If you wait any longer or complain some more, then I will another five more for a total of ten added swats.”

“Okay, I’m taking off my pants.” I said. “Don’t add anymore swats.”

“When Clyde finally got home really late last night, he agreed to at least nine swats of the paddle. Plus he added five more for his complaining, so he will get at least fourteen swats of the paddle.”

As I knelt on the chairs I asked again, “Is this really necessary! I don’t want to completely expose myself to all of your women friends. This isn’t fair.”

“You just added another five swats for a total of nineteen swats, and I am going to round up that number to twenty swats. So you better hurry up, bend over, and put your hands on the floor.”

Even ten swats from this wooden paddle really stung and left my poor bottom really red, and now I am going to get twenty swats on top of the spanking I received from Liz and her mom last night. Plus, with my knees spread wide apart and being bent over like this, my penis and balls were completely exposed and dangled down between my legs.

“Clyde brought home Elizabeth, his girlfriend, too late last night, so he was spanked by Elizabeth and her mom. This made him really late getting home, and since he was recently spanked, I delayed his spanking until now. Before I give him at least twenty new swats from this paddle, you are welcome to come up to see and feel his bottom from his recent spanking.”

“Please, this is so embarrassing!” I complained.

“Be better be quiet, or even more swats will be added.” Mrs. A said.

So now I was aware of all of these women around me, and some were even touching my totally exposed bottom. I even felt fingers on my skin around my dangling penis and balls.

“I notice all of his hair has been shaved down here, and he feels so nice and smooth.” One woman said.

“Yes, Elizabeth and I like to keep him this way, shaved and smooth.” Mrs. A said. “Since he is a naughty little boy, he might as well look like a little boy. Besides, it serves as a constant reminder to Clyde that he will be spanked if he is naughty. In fact, Elizabeth’s mom shaved Clyde last night. She even shaved his whole bottom. That is why he feels so smooth and nice.”

“Clyde, your spanking is going to work this way. After you ask me to start your spanking, I will give you one swat from the paddle. Then you are to say the number for that swat, then ‘Thank you. Please give me another.’ Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mrs. A.” I replied. I hate it when I have to count my swats, and then ask for another one. “Will you please start my spanking now?”

I heard the women comment, “You have trained Clyde well.”

I braced myself and then, SWAT.

It seems like when I am spanked with this paddle, the first and last swat stings the most. But I replied, “One. Thank you. Please give me another.”


“Two. Thank you. Please give me another.” I have never been spanked in this position before, with this paddle, with my legs spread so wide apart. This made even my most sensitive skin sting and hurt.


“Three. Thank you. Please give me another.” Now I was beginning to forget that all of these women were watching me being spanked, because it stung so much.


“Four. Thank you. Please give me another.”


“Five. Thank you. Please give me another.” I was only a quarter of the way through with my spanking, and it was really hurting already.

“Don’t squirm around, or I will add more swats to your spanking.” Mrs. A said.


“Six. Thank you. Please give me another.” Now I had to concentrate on holding still.

This continued on until I received the full twenty swats of the paddle. Now my poor bottom was really sore and heated up. I still stayed in position because I knew that I would receive more swats if I stood up before given permission to.

“Remember the tickets I handed out when everyone came in for door prizes? Well now they will be used for something else.” Mrs. A told the group of women. “Although Clyde has just been spanked with the paddle, I still believe he deserves an over the knee hand spanking from one of you. The person whose number is draw will sit in the center of the couch, and Clyde will lie over your lap for this spanking. So ladies, clear the couch and someone get a hand towel from the bathroom, so you can put that on your lap and Clyde will not accidentally mess up your clothes.”

I heard some shuffling about and then Mrs. A said, “And the number is 216.”

“Yea, that’s me!” I heard a woman exclaim.

“So sit in the center of the couch and Clyde will ask you to spank him. Clyde, stand up now, put your hands on your head, stand in front of Alice and ask her to spank you.” Mrs. A said.

My poor bottom was burning hot from the paddling, but yet when I stood up I still had a raging erection. It must have been an automatic reaction to seeing all the women in the room again. I put my hands over my head and walked over to the couch. Seated on the couch was a woman about ten years older than me with a nice summer dress on. A towel was placed on top of her dress. I didn’t want to say it, but I said, “Will you please spank me.”

“I’d be happy to.” Alice said. “Please bend over my lap.”

The couch helped me lay horizontally, so my full body weight wasn’t on her. Although the towel was on her, I felt her thighs widened and my penis and balls dangled between them.

“Spread your legs so she can properly spank you.” Mrs. A said.

Now I was completely exposed again, but this time in a different position. I actually do like being in this position, over a woman’s lap. I can smell her perfume, feel her warm body, and feel her body as she breaths. So when my spanking started, although it stung my tender bottom, I didn’t mind it.

After a few minutes, Mrs. A said. “Can someone get my scarves by the door. I will need them for the next stage of Clyde’s spanking.” Then I felt a scarf go over my eyes so I couldn’t see. Next, my arms were moved behind my back and secured with another scarf.

“The next number to be drawn will rub lotion on Clyde’s bottom, while he is still laying on Alice’s lap. Number 240!”

“That’s me!” I heard a woman’s voice say.

“Here is the lotion. Apply it all over his poor bottom.” Mrs. A said.

The lotion felt very good. “My, his poor bottom is really hot.” The woman said. I could feel her fingers go everywhere. They made sure my legs stayed apart, and it was very arousing to have this done to me.

“Now help Clyde stand up, since he can’t see. And Clyde, stand there with your legs spread apart.”

I couldn’t see anything, but I was still aware I had a full erection.

“The next number drawn will milk Clyde. Number 201.”

“That’s me!” I heard.

“Put some lotion on your hands and use the towel that was Alice’s lap.”

Then I felt her hands stroking my penis. Not being able to see only enhanced my feelings and my sensations.

“Go ahead, and let it go.” A woman whispered into my ear.

Soon, I literally exploded into the towel. She kept stroking me until every last drop was out of me.

After a minute or two, the scarves came off my eyes and hands. Looking around, I could not tell who rubbed the lotion on my bottom or who had milked me.

“Clyde, you can go to your room now.” Mrs. A said.

Now I was wondering what I got myself into, living in Mrs. A’s house.

[ top ]

Now it is Friday, after school and Liz has invited me over to her house to meet her friends. Liz knows I love food, so she decided this should be a potluck. Since I can’t cook, I went to the store and got a big tub of potato salad.

Liz doesn’t live that far away, so I decided to walk there. It was a nice warm day with not a cloud in the sky. It was nice to be outside, to hear the birds chirp, smell the freshly mowed grass, and to feel the warm breeze on my face. I was used to being in stuffy classrooms or studying at home, Mrs. A’s house, so it was nice to be outside.

When I got to Liz’s house, I rang the doorbell and Liz let me in. Although I arrived at the time Liz wanted me to, I was surprised to see the house full of her friends. Liz, being a wonderful host, introduced me to all of her friends. All of her friends seemed to be around my age, and seemed to have welcoming personalities. I am not very good with names, so I soon forgot their names and I was more concerned about the food. When I got to the kitchen, I noticed that my plastic bucket of potato salad was the only food that was store bought. There were lettuce salads, meat casseroles, many vegetable dishes, a homemade apple pie and even an angle food cake.

“We waited until you arrived before we started to eat.” Liz said. “So why don’t you be the first in line to eat, and we will join you in the living room.”

Once I had a heaping plate full of food, Liz had me sit in a large recliner chair in the living room. The other couches and chairs were already arranged in a circle. As her friends came in with their food, they began to ask me questions about myself. They seemed to be genuinely interested in my life, my goals, and my ideas. Her friends were very pleasant with me and listened to everything I said. They were also interested in how I met Liz. I, of course, didn’t mention anything about Mrs. A or my spankings. I was just glad that I was wearing regular clothes because with all of this feminine energy around me, I hard an erection going on.

When I was done eating, Liz came up to me and said, “Clyde, don’t worry about the dishes, my friends will take care of that. I want you to go into my room, shut the door, and change into more comfortable clothes. I have a t-shirt and lounge pants on my bed for you to wear, and leave only your socks on. Don’t come out of my room until I tell you we are ready for you.”

I really didn’t want to change into lounge pants with no underwear, because I knew it would make my erection visible to all of her friends. “What is going to happen to me?” I asked. “Is this really necessary?”

“Unless you want to be spanked right here and now, you better go into my room and change clothes.” Liz said in a very stern voice.

So I went into her room, closed the door, and changed into the lounge pants and t-shirt. It was a real turn-on for me to smell Liz’s strong scent in her room, to see her pictures, to feel all of her feminine belongings. So now I had a really big erection going on, and I was unable to hide it wearing just these thin lounge pants.

Although I shut the door to the bedroom, I could hear Liz say to her friends, “Clyde is in my bedroom changing clothes, and now is the time that we should change our clothes. I told everyone to bring either a short summer dress or a short skirt, so now is the time to change. If you brought your nightie, or something similar, that would be even better. After we have all changed clothes and are seated again, I will bring Clyde out. If you have some spare time, you can help with the dishes.”

I heard a lot of shuffling around and then Liz finally knocked on the door and told me to come out now. She took my arm and led me to the center of the room. “Clyde, stand with your hands on your head right next to me.”

“But then they will all be aware of my erection.” I pleaded.

“Unless you want to be totally naked, do it now!”

So I put my hands on my head and I was very aware that my thin lounge pants were tented out. Then Liz told her friends, “Since you are my friends and Clyde is now my boyfriend, I want you to know him better. I also want Clyde to know you better, too. Although Clyde has many attributes I like about him, he tends to have a hard time remembering names. That is why I want him to meet you this way, so he will remember your names.”

“What will take place is Clyde will walk up to you and say your name. If he does not know your name or says the wrong name, Clyde is to lie over your lap for a quick hand spanking. During his spanking, you can remind him of your name. After his spanking, he is to thank you using your name. He will do that the rest of the evening until he can stand in front of each of you and tell you your names. Any questions?”

I wasn’t expecting this, and it was very embarrassing for me to stand next to Liz while she was talking. “I noticed he is wearing lounge pants, I thought you told us we would be spanking him on his bare bottom?” Someone asked.

“You will be able to spank him on his bare bottom.” Liz said. “Before his first spanking, his pants will be taken off.”

“He looks excited already. What if he has an accident?” Someone else asked.

“If Clyde has an accident, he will be more severely spanked by me. Also, if I think an accident may happen, I will bring him up here and you can take turns milking him. If Clyde feels he needs to be relieved, he can ask to be milked too.” Liz said.

This was embassassing me even more. Not only will I be spanked but also milked by Liz’s friends.

“By the way,” Liz continued, “Clyde recently told me that he enjoyed being over my knee, even if he is being spanked. So I think he will enjoy being spanked over my friend’s knees, and don’t be afraid to spank him. I also have a one-minute timer, to be used for every one of his spankings.”

As I looked at her friends, I just noticed that most of them had changed their clothes. One thing that helps me remember names are the clothes people wear. Since I am very poor at remembering names, I knew I was going to get spanked a lot. I also noticed that her friends were wearing short dresses or skirts, and this made me even more embarrassed.

“Liz!” I said. “I don’t want an accident during my first spanking. Please help me.”

“Did you hear that!” Liz said to here friends. “Clyde wants to be milked already, so he doesn’t have an accident. Who wants to start?”

“Lets blindfold him so he can’t tell who is doing what to him.” Someone said.

“I have a large headband in my purse. That should work.” Another woman said.

Soon, my eyes were covered so I couldn’t see and Liz said, “Clyde, stand there with your legs apart and your hands behind your back while you are milked. And someone get some paper towels to clean him up.”

When I came over to Liz’s house to meet her friends, I didn’t think it was going to be this way. My pants came down and my t-shirt was pulled off, and I stood there naked, with my legs apart. Since I couldn’t see, I didn’t know what to expect. I smelled the women’s wonderful perfume and felt their hands all over my body. I was almost ready to explode anyway, so it didn’t take long for my cum to explode out of my erect penis. I was cleaned off, and by the time my eyes were uncovered, everyone was seated again. So I couldn’t tell who milked me.

“Clyde, now it is time to walk up to one of my friends and say her name.” Liz said.

I knew there was a Cindy among her friends, so I walked up to a woman and said, “Glad to meet you Cindy.”

“Sorry, my name is Jane. So go over my lap so I can spank you.” Jane was wearing a very short summer dress. She raised it up even higher as I rested my weight on her soft thighs. Since I was just milked, I could tell that my sensitive penis was between her thighs. I knew Liz always want me to spread my legs apart a little, so I did that.

“I will start the timer right now.” Liz said.

Then my spanking started. Liz had about ten of her friends at her house, so I figured I would receive at least twenty one-minute spanking, since I was so poor with names.

“Clyde, you have to remember that my name is Jane and I am very happy to meet you.” Jane said while I was being spanked. “Since Jane is one of my best friends and we do many things together, I hope you can join us more often.”

“Your minute is up.” Liz said. “Thank Jane for spanking you and then go to my next friend.”

“Thank you for spanking me, Jane.” I said.

“I hope you forget my name, so I can spank you again.” Jane said.

Then I went up to another one of Jane’s friends. “Hello Cindy, glad to meet you.”

“Clyde, my name is Mary, so over my lap you go.”

One thing about being spanked this way, I am very aware of the perfume or scent of the woman. I thought maybe I could associate their scent with their names. Some women’s perfume really does turn me on just smelling it, and Mary had on such perfume. I couldn’t help it, but I could feel my penis grow long and hard while I was being spanked.

I thanked Mary, and then went up to another one of Liz’s friends. I was wrong, of course, with her name, and went over her lap for a spanking. Now my bottom was starting to warm up, and also this woman was feeling me between my legs between spanks. I thanked her, and walked up to the next woman.

Before I could say anything, the woman said, “Liz, look at Clyde. I think he needs to be milked again.”

Liz came over, led me to the middle of the room and blindfolded me. I stood with my legs apart and hands behind my back. Hands were on me again and soon my cum exploded out of me again. I don’t know what was more embarrassing for me, being milked multiple times like this, or going over their laps to be spanked.

Eventually, I started to put the scent of the woman, their clothes, and the faces together with their names. One of her friends got to spank me five times, and now, for sure, I will remember her name.

By the time I remembered everyone’s name, it was late and her friends had to leave. Liz had me stay naked and they hugged me “Goodbye” before each of them left. I had made it through the evening with no accidents because I was milked many times, as needed.

“You better get dressed and go home.” Liz said. “Saturday is your punishment morning, and I will be there again to help out. I thought this evening worked out well with my friends getting to know you and this way you will remember their names.”

“I certainly didn’t expect this!” I said.

“I have told my friends that if we are doing something with them and you deserve a spanking, that they can help out. My parents should be home soon, so you better leave.”

Liz gave me a big long kiss and we held each other very tight. Then I changed into my regular clothes and walked home. This time I was not aware of the birds or the weather, I was just aware of my warm recently spanked bottom and the different scents of the women that was on my body.

[ top ]

After being spanked by Liz’s friends on Friday night, I wasn’t looking forward to my regularly scheduled punishment spanking on Saturday. I woke up at 9:15, took a quick shower, made sure I was clean-shaven, and cleaned up the bathroom very well. I only had on my socks and lounge pants, as required by Mrs. A, and I ate a quick bowl of cereal. I didn’t want to be spanked anymore than necessary, so I arrived in front of the punishment room several minutes before ten o’clock.

I knew Liz was going to participate in my spanking, and I heard Mrs. A talking to her up stairs. Soon, both women came downstairs and Mrs. A said, “Clyde, Elizabeth has been talking to me about you and I think this proposal would work well for all of us.”

With my hands on my head and my legs spread apart I asked, “What is the proposal?”

Liz said, “My friend Mary and I are going to leave shortly to go up to a cabin, up north, for the weekend. Mary’s family owns the cabin, and it would be only the two of us there plus you, so it would be very private. The cabin needs the lawn mowed and other maintenance things, and I think you could help us with that and it would be a good get-a-way for you. Also, Mrs. A has agreed not to give you your punishment spanking, if you go with us.”

“What about food, and how would we get there?” I asked.

“Mary has use of their family car and the food has already been bought. In fact the car is all packed up and ready to go. We just were waiting to see if you would come with us.” Liz said.

“And this is okay with you, Mrs. A.” I asked.

“Yes. This way you can spend more quality time with Elizabeth. Besides, I can spank you once you get home or sometime during the week.” Mrs. A said. “Go ahead, and have fun at the cabin.”

“Then I better pack up some clothes, so I can go with you.” I told Liz.

“I already did that for you.” Liz said. “Here is a pair of shoes to wear and a t-shirt. I even have your wallet and other personal stuff of yours packed up. Mary is waiting in the car, so lets go.”

So I quickly put on the t-shirt and my shoes and went upstairs with Liz. This would be a great departure from college for me, and I would not get my punishment spanking. Also, I always am happy to spend some quality time with Liz, and I would also get to know her friend better.

Although it was a full-size car, it was really full of stuff. So I sat in the backseat along with the groceries, what Liz had packed for me, and other stuff. Since it was a three-hour drive to the cabin and Mary already had filled the car with gas, the three of us decided that Mary would drive straight to the cabin without stopping.

It was nice to hear the great conversation between Liz and Mary. I could really tell that they had been friends along time and enjoyed being with each other. Halfway to the cabin, we stopped at a rest stop, so we could visit the bathroom. Until that time, I had forgot that I was wearing what I wear at home, a t-shirt and lounge pants with no underwear.

When we got back in the car, this time Liz had me sit up front with Mary, and Liz sat in the back. It was a warm day outside, and Mary had the air conditioner going. It wasn’t very cool in the back seat, but now I was sitting up front and it was very cool. Also, Mary was wearing this nice perfume that made me somewhat excited. Then, to make matters worse, Mary started asking me some very personal questions about how I felt about Liz and also about my spankings. With all of this going on I couldn’t help but to grow a big erection. Since I was wearing no underwear, I couldn’t hide it.

Soon we were traveling on country roads, in what seemed to be out in the middle of nowhere.

“Liz, it looks like Clyde is building up a nice erection. Is it okay if we have him take off his pants for the rest of the trip to the cabin?” Mary asked.

“That sounds like a great idea. Clyde, take off your pants right now.” Liz said.

“I wasn’t expecting this!” I exclaimed. “Do I have to?”

“Mary could stop the car right now and I could give you a bare bottom spanking right here on the road.” Liz said. “So would you rather have that?”

“Okay.” I said. “I will take my pants off.” I slowly slid them off and felt my bare skin on the leather seat. I quickly put my hands in front of me to cover up.

“I saw what you looked like last evening, plus I enjoyed milking you.” Mary said. “So don’t be so embarrassed. Please remove your hands.”

Knowing that Mary had milked me last night made my erection even stronger. Also, I didn’t want to be spanked, so I put my hands at my sides. I felt strange being in the car with two women, and nothing on from the waist down.

“My family owns most of the land up here.” Mary said. “It is away from everything and makes a great get-away. The cabin is on a lake, and our family owns all of the land around the lake. We also have boats we can use, trails to hike, so we can either relax all weekend in the cabin or be more adventurous.”

Eventually, we pulled up to the “cabin”. I was expecting a very small cabin in the woods. Instead it was a large two story log and glass cabin that had a three-door garage nearby with a wide paved driveway. Although the main structure was made of logs, it had large glass windows around both levels of the cabin. On the second level, a wide balcony wrapped around the whole structure. The lower level had many large sliding glass doors, so you had a nice view of the lake.

The cabin was fairly close to the lake, and there was a small swimming area plus a large dock with a fishing boat, a pontoon boat, and a large cruiser boat. There even was a gas pump to fill up the boats. It did feel good being out in the middle of nature like this. I grabbed a bag to carry in and once inside, Mary and Liz had me stand near one of the large sliding doors that faced the lake.

To my surprise, wrist cuffs were put on me and they attached them to a rope that went over a ceiling beam. My arms were next drawn tight over my head.

“Stay put. We will bring in everything from the car and get the cabin set up.” Liz said.

I felt embarrassed because I still had an erection, I was naked from the waist down, and my arms were tied over my head.

They carried in the stuff from the car and put two long duffle bags close to where I was tied up. “Before you got up this morning,” Liz said, “I talked to Mrs. A and she let me borrow most of the stuff from the punishment room. So Mary and I should have a good time with you this weekend.” Liz stroked my already large erection and continued to say; “We will fix lunch and take you down from there so you can eat with us.”

Although I knew no one would see me, it still felt embarrassing being suspended from the ceiling while being almost naked. But the food smelled very good and it was interesting to hear how Liz and Mary interacted with each other.

Soon Liz released the rope from the ceiling and said, “The cuffs will stay on you for now. Have a seat at the kitchen table where there is a towel on the chair.” I had a nice meal that included a hamburger, fresh fruit, and steamed vegetables.

After I finished eating Liz said, “Next, we are going on a pontoon boat ride. Please put the two duffle bags on the boat and we will join you right after the dishes are washed.”

“But don’t I need my lounge pants?” I asked.

“Don’t worry. No one else will see you.” Mary said.

I didn’t like the fact that I was carrying the bags that contained the spanking implements in them, knowing that they would be used on me. Also, I was still naked from the waist down.

But I did like being out in the country, by the lake. Everything was quiet, and I could hear the birds, the insects, the water lapping against the boats, and smell the fresh outdoors.

The pontoon boat had many chairs on it, so I sat down and relaxed and waited for Liz and Mary. To my surprise, both of them walked down to the boat wearing just bikini bottoms. I had seen Liz’s breasts before, but not in the bright sunlight. And Mary’s breasts were very full and pert, like Liz’s. Just seeing the women like this gave me an instant erection.

“Liz, you have piloted the boat before. Why don’t you take us to the little cottage across the lake.” Mary said.

“I’d be happy to.” Liz said.

As we left shore and we slowly guiding over the lake, Mary said, “Clyde, please lie over my knees so I can warm you up with a hand spanking before we get to the cottage.”

I felt like I had no choice but to lie over Mary’s knees. This spanking was different from all my other over the knee spankings. First of all, I felt like I was completely exposed on this pontoon boat in the middle of the lake. I wasn’t sure that other people could listen or see me being spanked. Second, I could feel Mary’s bare breasts rub against me as she spanked me.

“This land and property has been in my family for many generations.” Mary said while spanking me. “We used to have many servants plus my family had many kids. So if the servants or us kids needed to be punished, this cottage was built across the lake for that purpose. My family has a lot of money, so the cottage even has electricity and running water. It is fully equipped with a kitchen and bedrooms, in case the punished needed time to recuperate or reflect on their punishment. There is also a trail that goes from the cabin to the cottage, but it is easier by boat.”

Then Liz said, “Before we left Mrs. A’s house, she told me what punishment you would of received if you stayed home. I promised her that you would still be punished while you were with us. I think this is the ideal place for your punishment.”

Mary’s slow and rhythmical hand spanking continued until we docked in front of the cottage. “Clyde, you can stand up now. Bring the duffle bags with you.” Liz told me.

Once we entered the cottage, Mary showed me the two large bedrooms and the full functioning kitchen. Then she used a special key to open up the punishment room. A talented wood carpenter must have been hired to build all of the special furniture in the room. Plus the walls had many old whips, paddles, and restraints’ hanging on wooden hooks.

“My father took me in here many times when I was growing up.” Mary said. “You could cry or scream all you needed to in here, and no one would hear you. So this is our family’s punishment ‘woodshed’, just that it is located across the lake.”

“Our family’s have always been very close together.” Liz said. “So when I was growing up and spent my summers up here with Mary’s family, I was treated like their own daughter. So I also was punished in this room. Now you get to experience it.”

“But I was hoping to spend a relaxing time with you this weekend.” I told Liz. “Do I really need to be punished?”

“I promised Mrs. A that you would be punished before we left. Besides you said you would accept a punishment every Saturday, so lets get on with it.” Liz said. “So Mary, where do you want to start with Clyde?”

“First take off your t-shirt, shoes and socks so you are totally naked, and then stand over here.” Mary said as she was standing by a large wooden “T” in the floor that was a bit lower than waist high. I was now totally naked and walked over to Mary. I already was wearing wrist cuffs and then they put ankle cuffs on me.

“Now spread your legs far apart.” Mary said as they secured my ankles to wooden stakes in the floor. “Now bend over and put your arms out in front of you.” There was a wooden post in front of me and they secured my wrists to it. Now I was bent over and completely exposed and helpless.

“Liz told me about you right after you moved into Mrs. A’s house.” Mary said. “So I was hoping we could bring you here, someday. I also had a special paddle made for you that we can keep up here. It has your name on it and it is made out of wood with many holes in it.” Then she leaned over and showed it to me. “I was told that this type of paddle you didn’t like because it stung a lot.”

“Yes, I don’t like to be spanked with a paddle like that.” I said.

“Well, your going to take it on its first test run right now.” Liz said.


This paddle stung more than the similar paddle that Mrs. A used on me.


I wanted to squirm about but I was secured in place very well.


“That’s a good paddle.” Liz said. “Look how red his bottom is getting already.”


Then I felt their hands on my warm tingling bottom. “Not only is his bottom red, but it’s also hot!” Mary said.

“Lets move on with his next spanking position.” Liz said.

[ top ]

Next, Mary led me over to another strange thing on the floor. “First, kneel down so your knees are spread apart and are on the pad.” I do so and immediately Mary pulled up some hinged wood, and now my knees and ankles were secured in a box like structure. “Now lean forward with your hands on the floor, so you are on all fours.” My wrist cuffs were now secured to silver rings in the floor, and I was unable to move.

Then I heard the zipper of one of the bags and Liz say, “I want to lay out all of the spanking implements so we can try them on Clyde today.”

“Great idea.” Mary said. “I want to try this one first.” Mary picked it up and bent down so I could see which one she picked. It was like a short cane but it had a curve to it, so it would be like getting two cane strokes at once. I also don’t like being shown what I am going to be spanked with. It tends to make me more anxious as to what it is going to feel like.


It really had a sting to it and I wanted to move about, but I was tightly secured to the floor.

“That one must be more severe. Looks at the marks it left.” Liz said. “Let’s stay with the paddles and other stuff for now.”

“Okay. You take one cheek and I will take the other.” Mary said.

Then my spanking started in earnest. Soon I heard and felt the paddles on both cheeks. Now I could tell that Mary was also an experienced spanker, as the two women spanked me. They also kept showing me the paddles they were using on me, and I could really feel the difference between them.

“Clyde’s bottom is turning red, already.” Liz said. “Let’s put in into another position before we stop.”

I felt Mary undo the box and I stood up. Then I was lead by Mary by my penis to an empty spot on the floor. I thick rope was lowered and my arms were suspended overhead. While that was going on, Liz was connecting a spreader bar to my ankles, so my legs were apart. Then my spanking started again.

This time, they also used riding crops on me, so they could even spank the very tender area of my upper inner thighs. After a little bit, I felt hands on my very warm bottom. “Why don’t I paddle Clyde some more while you milk him?” Liz said.

“I do like milking Clyde, especially when he is so excited. Good idea.” Mary said.

So as I was feeling the pain of being paddled, I was also feeling the pleasure of Mary stroking my penis. In no time, my cum was flowing out of me.

“Lets release Clyde and have him lie face down on one of the beds.” Mary said.

Then they released me and helped me to the bedroom. A small plastic sheet was put on the bed before I lay down. They separated my legs so they were wide apart and then I felt a cool lotion being applied to my very warm bottom. Their hands even went between my legs, so I felt even more pleasure, although I had been recently spanked.

As I lay there totally naked and exhausted, I could hear Mary and Liz talking to each other. I couldn’t quite hear what they were saying, but I knew that had many more plans for me during the weekend.

I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I was aware of was the smell of bacon and eggs coming from the kitchen. “Mary thought it would be good if you ate something before we went back to the main cabin.” Liz said.

They had a towel on a chair waiting for me, and the bacon and eggs tasted really good. There was also toast and some home made strawberry jelly. They also had something to eat with me.

“After you get done eating, we are going back to the main cabin again.” Mary said. “Once we get there, I want you to put on some work clothes that I have for you, and then you can use the riding mower to cut the grass. But for now, all you will need is your shoes and socks.”

After I finished eating, they packed up the spanking stuff, including the new paddle, into the bags and I carried them to the pontoon boat. This time Mary piloted the boat back to the main cabin.

As soon as we were moving in the water, Liz said, “Lay over my lap, Clyde. My new rule for this weekend is that whenever you are on this boat, you will lie over someone’s lap.”

I didn’t mind being over Liz’s lap, so I walked over and draped myself over her lap. As the boat slowly guided thru the water, Liz gave me light hand spanks and caressed my sore bottom.

[ top ]

After we left the punishment cottage, Liz made a rule that as long as I was on the pontoon boat, I needed to be over someone’s lap. Since Mary was piloting the boat, I was over Liz’s lap. I could hear the spanking sounds glide across the water and bounce back to the boat.

As Liz spanked me she said, “Clyde, I am so glad you were willing to come up with us to Mary’s cabin. Mary will now know why I like you so much. Mary has also told me that I can invite my other friends up here, so that you will know my friends better. Isn’t that wonderful!”

I liked being away from the stress of college, and the big city. I also did want to know Liz’s friends better, but not necessarily while being spanked and milked. But I said, “Yes, I do want to know your other friends better.”

“Now I don’t want you to get even redder by getting a sunburn, so I am going to rub some sun tan lotion on you.” Liz said. Then I felt the cool lotion on my tender upturned bottom, and I felt her fingers glide the lotion so it covered every inch of my well-spanked sore bottom. It actually felt good, along with the breeze from the boat.

Once we arrived at the dock, Liz said, “You can stand up now, but stay standing beside me.” After I stood up, Liz applied some suntan lotion to my somewhat erect penis. “I don’t want this to get sunburned too. Now carry the bags into the main cabin for us.”

Once all three of us were back in the main cabin, Mary said. “Clyde, I want to show you something.” She took me to a bedroom that was on the main floor and opened a closet. “These are the work clothes you should wear if you need to have clothes on. Liz told me your sizes, so they should fit you perfectly.” In the closet were thin light brown pants and short sleeve shirts. On the floor of the closet were both work boots and work shoes.

“Let me show you something else.” Mary pulled open a drawer of the dresser. “Her are some lounge pants and hemmed up t-shirts for you, when you are allowed to wear them.” Mary opened another drawer. “These are the socks and underwear you should wear.”

In the drawer were new white crew socks but there were no men’s briefs or shorts, just women’s pink underwear. I picked one pair up and asked, “Am I really suppose to wear these?”

“If we allow you to wear underwear, then that’s what you will wear. And we will inspect you to make sure you are wearing them.” Mary said very sternly.

“But this isn’t right. I will be so embarrassed” I protested.

Mary forcefully grabbed my arm and soon I was over her lap being spanked. “Liz warned me that you might complain about them.” Spank, spank, spank. “I guess you complain a lot.” Spank, spank, spank.

My spanking continued until I said, “Okay! I will wear them.”

“So stand up and put on your work clothes, I need you to mow the lawn.” Mary said. I was surprised and a little embarrassed as Mary stayed in the room and watched me get dressed. I guess she wanted to make sure I wore the pink panties.

Then Mary led me to the garage where there was a large riding mower. “This is what you can use to mow the grass. I gassed it up for you and I want you to mow all of the grass around the cabin, right down to the docks. Here is also a cushion you can sit on, to make it easier on your spanked butt.”

As I mowed the lawn, I was very glad I had a pillow to sit on, since my poor bottom was tender from the spanking. Also, the women’s panties were looser than my normal underwear, and when my penis vibrated inside of them, which kept me very excited.

Once I was finished mowing the lawn, the women had dinner all made and ready. “Just change into your lounge pants and t-shirt.” Liz said.

Soon I was sitting down to a wonderful meal of steak and potatoes, carrots and a chocolate cake. I was very hungry after the long hard day I had, and even had seconds. By the time we were finished eating, the sun was setting and it was very peaceful and quiet.

“It is always nice to have quiet time before you go to bed.” Mary said. “Let’s go down and sit on the benches on the dock.”

“That’s a great idea.” Liz said. “Clyde, come on down with us.”

The docks were built so there was a large “T” at the end of it. There were two long wooden benches, so many people could be out there at once. Also, the dock went far out into the lake, so it felt like you were on a boat in the water, but actually you were still on the dock. You could hear the water lapping the dock, the fish and wildlife, and the crickets. It was very dark and peaceful, and Mary had us bring out flashlights, so we could see.

It was still very warm and nice, and both Liz and Mary were still wearing their small bikinis.

“Clyde, first take off your pants and lay over my lap.” Liz said. So soon I was lying across Liz’s lap and the bench. Then she started to give me a light spanking.

As my spanking continued, Mary said, “I hope this will be the first of many times that you and Clyde can enjoy this place. It is always so nice and peaceful.”

“Our classes will be over with soon. So could we spend several weeks up here?” Liz asked.

“Yes, I am now the main person of my family who still uses this place.” Mary said. “In fact, if Mrs. A wouldn’t mind, you could stay here for a whole month or two.”

“Clyde would probably need to drive back for a day or two every two weeks to do yard work for Mrs. A, but that would be wonderful.” Liz said. “In fact, Clyde and I could stay in the punishment cottage if someone needed to use the main cabin. Then we could stay up here most of the summer, if that would be alright with you.”

“I think I could arrange that.” Mary said. “Then you could give Clyde a really good spanking everyday. Is it my turn to spank him now?”

“Clyde, stand up and go over to Mary so she can spank you.” Liz said.

I was a little embarrassed when I stood up because I had a very big erection, but soon I was over Mary’s lap being spanked. She spanked me a lot harder, which made me squirm around a little, and my penis was held in place by her powerful thighs. I did like the smell of Mary’s perfume, the heat of her warm body, and how her hands explored my bottom between spanks.

I had weird feelings go through my body as Mary spanked me. I enjoyed the peacefulness and quiet being away from the studying and the busy city rush. I also enjoyed spending more time with Liz and her friend Mary. Maybe it was worth being spanked to enjoy living up here all summer.

Then Liz had me sit between both of them, with my hands on my head, as both of them milked me at the same time. Now I felt so relaxed, all I wanted to do was to go to bed and sleep. And that is what they allowed me to do, with a nice ceiling fan in the bedroom to keep me nice and cool. Of course, they had me sleep totally naked, and they slept in the bedrooms upstairs. As I fell asleep, I could hear their animated conversation.

[ top ]

I slept really well on Saturday night, and I slept mainly on my stomach. I liked the sheets on the bed, because they were very soft, which helped since of my many spankings on Saturday. I am also used to sleeping with pajamas on, but with the soft sheets, it didn’t bother me that I was naked.

I woke up to Liz kissing me on my cheek. “Before we go home, Mary wants to take care of you most of the day. I want you to do anything she says. I will still be here and be observing what happens with Mary and you.”

“Okay.” I said. “I like Mary and I do enjoy being up here in this nice, quiet place.”

Then Mary walked into the bedroom. She was dressed again in a very small swimsuit, but it was different from the one she wore on Saturday.

“Clyde is okay with being with you most of the day, so he is all yours.” Liz said.

“Clyde, you might not be used to this, but I am going start by first cleaning you up for the rest of the day.” Mary said. “So follow me to the bathroom.”

This really was a lot different for me. I was used to showering and getting ready myself.

I followed her into the bathroom and Mary said, “I want you to keep your hands on your head unless I tell you otherwise. Now step into the shower.”

Once I stepped in, the water started flowing on me, and it felt good. Then Mary stepped into the shower. To my surprise, she had taken off the top of her swimsuit. Since she wasn’t as tall as the showerhead, she was able to stand facing me with the water still falling on me. She had in her hand a large fluffy washcloth and a bottle of liquid soap. Then she proceeded to lather the whole front of my body with soap. I even had to spread my legs apart, so she could lather me everywhere. She had me turn around and even bend over, so every part of me was clean.

When I was allowed out of the shower, I still had to stand with my legs apart and hands on my head while she dried me off. Then she got out some shaving cream and lathered me up around my penis. So by the time Mary finished, I was smooth all over and smelled nice and clean.

“Wait here while I get you something to wear.” Mary said. She came back with a small pair of women’s pink panties. She held them down at my feet and said, “Step into them so that I can slide them into place.”

It felt even more embarrassing as she held my erect penis and tucked it inside the panties. Then she had me turn around and she pulled up the waist so that they clung very tightly over my bottom. “I want you only to wear those panties this morning.” Mary said. “Lets go into the kitchen, Liz should have breakfast ready.”

When we walked into the kitchen, the bacon and eggs were already on the plates, ready to eat. But Liz exclaimed, “Clyde, you really look cute in those pink panties.”

“He was wearing them under his work clothes when he mowed the grass, yesterday, but you didn’t see them.” Mary said. “I have a bunch of panties that should fit him real well. Come and look and feel. Clyde, turn around so Liz can see how well they fit you.”

So Liz came over and was feeling me through the panties. “I also shaved Clyde after I cleaned him up.” Mary said. “Pull down his panties and see.”

Liz pulled down the panties and felt my smooth skin. “Mary did a good job of cleaning you up and shaving you, and you also smell really nice.”

“I’d be willing to do keep Clyde clean and nice, if I am around when you are here.” Mary said. “I used to clean and shave my younger brothers while they were growing up, and I enjoy cleaning a man, or should I say a naughty little boy like Clyde.”

“Clyde would really like that, but let’s eat before the breakfast gets cold.” Liz said.

As we ate, Mary said, “I actually had three identical wooden paddles made just for Clyde. So one can always hang in the punishment cottage, one for whichever bedroom he sleeps in when he is here, and one you can take home with you.”

“That sounds wonderful.” Liz said. “Clyde, thank Mary for having the paddles made for you.”

These were the large wooden paddles that had holes in them and they really stung when they were used on me, but I said, “Thank you Mary for the paddles.”

“Clyde, after we eat, I want to give you a good spanking before we leave.” Mary said. “So where would you prefer to be spanked? Here or the punishment cottage?”

“I don’t really want to be spanked!” I protested.

Then Liz said, “The punishment cottage gives us more flexibility, but you will get a good spanking here, too.”

I liked being on the lake, so I said; “Take me across the lake to the punishment cottage.”

“So after we eat, grab your shoes and meet us on the pontoon boat.” Mary said. “You won’t need anything else. There are plenty of spanking implements at the cottage, so you can leave the bags here.”

After I finished eating, Liz said, “Go ahead to the boat. We will be there shortly.”

I walked to the boat and was able to sit down and enjoy nature all around me. Soon, I saw Mary and Liz leave the cabin. They were both dressed in their bikini swimsuits, and this time they were wearing their tops. They also brought with them some large beach towels.

“I’ll pilot the boat. That time you will have more time with Clyde.” Liz said.

As soon as Mary sat down, I walked over to her, since I was supposed to be over someone’s lap while on the pontoon boat. “I wish I had a boyfriend like you.” Mary said. “You remember and follow rules very well. But before you go over my lap, let’s get those panties off of you.” She quickly grabbed the waistband, pulled them down my legs, and had me step out of them. Then she pulled my arms and soon I was over her lap.

As the boat left the dock, Mary said, “Clyde, I know you have been spanked a lot this weekend, so this will be more of a playful spanking.”

Then she gave me a soft, very rhythmical hand spanking as the boat slowly crossed across the lake. Before Mary left the cabin she must of put on more perfume, because she smelled very good. Also, I was beginning to feel good lying over Mary’s lap as I did over Liz’s lap. Both women would give me some hand spanks followed by caressing and feeling my naked bottom.

As soon as we got to shore, Liz said, “I want to improve my suntan and swim a little, so go ahead and spank Clyde all by yourself.”

Soon I was all alone in the punishment room with Mary, with nothing on but my shoes. Mary had spanked me before, but always when Liz was around, so I was a little apprehensive. But Mary said, “I know you are sore from your recent spankings, so I won’t spank you real hard. However, Liz has told me how good you are at following her demands, and I expect this same respect. Otherwise, you will get a severe spanking from me. I also want you to allow me to spank you without any restraints. Can you do that for me?”

I was hoping I wouldn’t be spanked hard. “Yes, I will follow your commands. Where do you want me?”

“I think I will let you decide.” Mary said.

So I went over to a padded sawhorse, where I straddled it, and there were boards on each side for your arms and legs. “Move down so your butt hangs out and you penis and balls hang down.” So I moved down for Mary and felt very exposed.

Then she started to spank me with some small paddles and a riding crop. Although she wasn’t spanking me very hard, it still stung because my poor bottom was so sensitive. After a while, Mary said, “Now pick something else you want to be spanked over.”

This time I picked a padded bench. The front part was flat and slopped down near the floor. The front part was a padded bench to kneel on. Once I knelt on it and bent over, my bottom was sticking up in the air. “Now Clyde, if you want to be spanked on this, you need to spread your knees and legs wide apart.” I next felt Mary spreading my knees apart.

“I know it really stings you, but I am going to give you six swats from that special wooden paddle with the holes in it. Be sure and count them out loud for me, and thank me.”


“One. Thank you, Mary.”

“Clyde, I am so happy that you were able to come up here with Liz.”


“Two. Thank you, Mary.”

“I hope I am able to spank you many more times like this.”


“Three. Thank you, Mary.”

“Liz is so lucky to have found a boyfriend like you.”


“Four. Thank you, Mary.”

“I know Mary and I share a lot of the same friends, but I hope my friends and family can meet you, too”


“Five. Thank you, Mary.”

“Now hold still. This last one will be harder.”


“Six. Thank you, Mary.”

“Now stay right where you are. I need to talk to Liz real fast.” Mary said. I really wanted to rub my sore bottom, but I was afraid I would be spanked some more if I rubbed it without permission. But soon Mary came back and said, “Stand up and follow me.”

We went to the beach in front of the cottage where Liz was sunbathing. “I am going to hike back to the cabin using the trail.” Mary said. “When you are through with Clyde, you can ride back on the boat.” Then Mary brisk fully walked away from us.

“Mary told me how good you were with her spanking you.” Liz said. “I am so proud of you. Now I want you to take spanking like that from all of my friends, even if I am not with you. But for now, let’s cuddle up and enjoy each other.”

It was great being in the warm sunlight, having the water next to us, and hearing only the sounds of nature around us. Liz was on this very large beach blanket, so I took off my shoes and socks and cuddled up with her. Soon we were lost in our own passion, and made love in this wonderful surrounding.

[ top ]

After we made love on the beach, Liz and I became aware of the time, and hurried over to the pontoon boat so we could make it back to the cabin. We still needed to drive home, and we wanted to get home in time to wind down. I put on my shoes and socks, but Mary must of kept the panties, so I was still basically naked. Liz, on the other hand, was able to put her bikini swimsuit back on. I helped Liz put all of the beach blankets on the boat, and then we shoved off of the dock.

Although Liz was piloting the boat, once we started to glide over the water, she said, “Clyde, you aren’t over my lap. Come over here right now!”

I thought since Liz was piloting the boat, she wouldn’t want me over her lap, but went over and bent over her lap.

“I think Mary is very kind to allow us up here most of the summer. It should be a good experience for both of us.” Then Liz started to give me light spanks and she fondled my sore bottom.

Once we got back to the cabin, Liz said, “Let me make lunch before we leave. This way you can relax before you drive us home. Liz then went into the kitchen and started cooking.

Meanwhile, Mary sat down in a large recliner and started to read a book. “Clyde, I want you to come over here and stand by me.” Mary said.

I still had nothing else on but my shoes and socks so I asked, “Don’t you want me to put on my t-shirt and lounge pants?”

“No, don’t worry about that. Just come over here and put your hands behind your back.” Then as Mary read her book, she stroked me until I was about to cum, then she would stop and start again after a few minutes. “As I have told Liz, she is very lucky to have a boyfriend like you.”

After a while, Liz said, “Lunch is ready. Please come over here.”

But Mary said, “Stay still Clyde. I want to put your panties on you before we eat.” She went into the bedroom I was staying in, and came out with another pair of pink panties. Then she had me step into them and she pulled them into place.

“I am beginning to like seeing Clyde in those panties.” Liz said.

“I have a whole drawer full of panties that fit Clyde. Why don’t you pack them up and have Clyde wear them instead of his underwear. I can always replace them before you come up here again.” Mary said.

“That is a great idea!” Liz said. “Then I can replace all of his underwear once we get home.”

Liz had fixed us a great lunch of bacon and eggs, toast, and even fresh blueberries that Mary had picked. Again, it was great to hear the wonderful conversation between Liz and Mary. You could tell that they had been friends for a long time. Then it was time to pack up the car to go home.

“Clyde, before we leave, please put on your lounge pants and t-shirt.” Liz said. “Also, you can wear your new pink panties under your pants. I think they look so cute on you.”

After I put on some more clothes, I carried out several bags and we also packed up the food that we didn’t eat. “Do we need to clean up the cabin before we leave?” Liz asked.

“No. I have a service that comes every Monday and puts new sheets on the beds and cleans the place up. That way I never have to worry about the cabin or the punishment cottage.” Mary said.

After we had loaded the car and were all set to leave, Mary said, “Clyde, I want you to go to the front of the car and lean over the hood.”

I was about to complain when Liz said, “You better do what Mary tells you to do. After all, she did let us use her cabin this weekend.”

So I leaned over the hood and next felt my lounge pants and panties being pulled down to my ankles. “Get the nice wooden paddle out of the trunk that I had made up for Clyde.” Mary said. “I am going to give him three nice big swats before we leave.”

Mary didn’t waste any time. SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! One right after the other, with no pause. “Clyde, this will be my new rule.” Mary said. “Each time you come up here and right before you leave, I will expect you to lean over the hood of the car for a quick going away spanking.”

“That sounds like a wonderful rule.” Liz said.

“I already put an extra pillow in the backseat, so you can sit on it.” Mary said.

On the way home in Mary’s car, I laid down on my stomach on the back seat. While Mary was driving, she told me how she new Liz so well. When Mary was growing up, they lived in a house across the street from Liz. Both families knew each other well and spent much time together. When Mary was seven years old, their family received a very large money inheritance as well as a lot of land. One of the pieces of land included the cabin and cottage that we were at. The money grew in a trust fund and it was used for the upkeep of the cabin. Her other brothers also received land and money. Once Mary turned eighteen, she owned the cabin and land.

Growing up, her family spent many weekends and vacations at the cabin. Liz spent much time with Mary at the cabin for many years. Mary and Liz also went to school and church together. Once Mary turned eighteen, she also owned the house across the street from Liz. Her family then moved away to other properties that they had inherited. So the cabin and cottage had many great memories for both Mary and Liz.

Once we got near home Liz said, “Why don’t you drop us off at Mrs. A’s house. We have bags of spanking gear that goes into her punishment room, and Clyde’ stuff.”

“Okay.” Mary said. “I will catch up to you two later.”

When we entered Mrs. A’s house, she quickly greeted us and had many questions. Liz had me get out the special paddle that Mary had made for me. “Not only did she make the paddle, she gave Clyde many pink panties. He is wearing a pair now.” Liz said.

Liz pulled down my lounge pants so Mrs. A could see the panties. “Turn around so she can see how well they fit your butt.” Liz said.

Mrs. A felt my bottom through the panties. “Was Clyde spanked while you were up there?” Mrs. A asked.

“Clyde, bend over so she can see.” Liz said. “He was spanked many times.”

“I like the way the panties cling to his butt when he bends over.” Mrs. A said. Then she pulled down my panties. “Yes, I can tell you did a good job of spanking Clyde. Give me his new paddle. I want to try it out on him.”


“This is a nice paddle.” Mrs. A said. “I will enjoy spanking Clyde with this.”

“I thought Clyde and I would go downstairs and put the spanking stuff back into the punishment room.” Liz said.

“Thanks. That would be most helpful.” Mrs. A said.

I pulled up my pants and panties and went downstairs with Liz. It felt sort of strange putting away the spanking stuff that is used on me. Once that was completed, Liz and I went into my bedroom. Liz found all of my underwear and replaced them with the panties Mary had given me.

Then we went back out into the living room. “Those pink panties look so cute on Clyde, I think he should wear them while he is inside my house.” Mrs. A said.

“I think that is a wonderful idea.” Liz said. “Clyde, take off your lounge pants right now, so that you are only in your t-shirt and panties.”

Now I really would feel embarrassed, if any of Mrs. A’s or Liz’ friends came over and saw me like this.

“Clyde, I need to leave now.” Liz said. “We both have classes tomorrow. So come over her for a big kiss before I leave.”

As Liz kissed me, she grabbed me through my thin pink panties. It was a nice long kiss that I really enjoyed. Then Liz grabbed her own bag and left the house. What an unexpected weekend that turned out to be.

[ top ]

It was nice to be back at Mrs. A’s house again. Before I went to bed, Mrs. A had me put another hook on the wall above my headboard. That way the new wooden paddle that Mary had made for me would be on constant display. Also, since Mrs. A was aware of my well-spanked bottom, she volunteered to rub some soothing cool lotion on me. She had me spread my legs so that she could rub it into all of my most sensitive areas.

While she was rubbing the lotion on my bottom she said, “I missed you, this weekend. There is a lot of yard work that needs to be completed, plus I need help around the house. Also, I know you were spanked up at the cabin, but you still need another spanking from me. Since you need time to recover from this weekend, would Wednesday evening, after supper work for you?”

“I guess so. I don’t have any classes then and I have no other plans, but do you really need to spank me?” I asked.

“You know never to question me, or you will get a worst spanking.”

“You are right. Sorry about that.” I said.

“Also, I have checked on your grades, and since you have only two weeks left in classes, I want to motivate you to study harder. Plus, you are still not cleaning properly around the house. So go to sleep, we can talk more about your spanking tomorrow.”

Before Mrs. A left the room, I heard her going through my drawers. “What are you doing?” I asked.

“Since you are going to be wearing the panties around my house, I am talking away your lounge pants. I will store them in my bedroom, until there comes a time when I think you should wear them. So go to sleep.”

Now I would have no alternative but to wear those thin pink panties both around Mrs. A’s house and under my clothes when I would leave the house. As I fell asleep, I thought about how embarrassing this would be for me.

On Monday morning, I woke up, took a quick shower and cleaned up the bathroom the best I could. Then I got dressed in my hemmed up t-shirt and pink panties. I went into the kitchen and Mrs. A was already seated eating breakfast and she had a plate of bacon, eggs and toast waiting for me. I was about to sit down when she said, “Come over here and stand next to me. Now that it is morning and there is a lot more light, I want to see how those panties fit you. Now put your hands on your head.”

Then she proceeded to pull the panties up in the back so that they really clung to my bottom. She also was feeling me through the panties, which made me squirm around. Then she immediately pulled her chair away from the table, sat back down and said, “Go over my lap right now.” Then she started to spank me. “You need to stand still when a woman is feeling how your panties fit you.”

I was spanked hard over the panties for about two minutes and then she asked, “Can you stand up and hold still for me?”

“Yes I will.” I quickly answered.

“Then stand up again.” I quickly stood up and put my hands on my head. Although it was hard to stand still, I was able to do it because I didn’t want to be spanked again. “Now I want you to stand still like that whenever any woman wants to feel how those panties fit you. So go ahead and eat your breakfast before it turns cold.”

After I ate, I brushed my teeth and went into the office to study. After about thirty minutes, the doorbell rang and Mrs. A answered it. I heard her talking to a woman for a while and then she said, “Clyde, come out here. I want you to meet my friend Jane. She works in the same office as I do and I have told her about you.”

When I came out of the office in my panties and t-shirt, she sort of giggled. “He is now wearing panties around the house and under his clothes.” Mrs. A told her. “Go ahead and look and feel how well they fit him.”

Then I stood there, with my hands on my head, while she bend down on her knees in front of me. I felt her hands on both my front and back of the panties.

“Spread your legs so she can feel you all over.” Mrs. A said.

So I spread my legs and stood there very still as she felt me all over. “I see Clyde follows your commands very well, and I like the feel of these panties on him.”

“I just gave him a quick spanking to teach him how to stand still.” Mrs. A said. “Clyde, turn around so Jane can see your spanked bottom. And Jane, you can pull his panties down to see the results of his spanking.”

I turned around and then my panties were pulled down to my knees. Next, I felt Jane feel my naked bottom. “He looks like he was recently spanked a lot.” Jane said.

“Yes, Clyde went up to a cabin this weekend with his girlfriend Liz, and Liz’s girlfriend Mary. He was spanked a lot up there.” Mrs. A said.

“Well he is a fine looking young man. Liz is lucky to have him as a boyfriend.” Jane said. “Is Clyde the student that you are always checking how well he is doing in his classes?”

“Yes, and I spank him when he isn’t doing so well. Clyde, turn around so Jane can pull your panties back up.”

It was even more embarrassing now, because I had a big erection. But Jane pulled up my panties and said, “Yes, they fit him very well.”

“I am going to the office with Jane. So be sure and lock up when your leave the house. I will discuss your Wednesday spanking with you this evening.” Mrs. A said as she left the house with Jane.

In a way it felt good to finally go back to classes. I was now able to put my regular clothes over the panties and I knew I wouldn’t be spanked. I also brought along a pillow to sit on during my classes.

After my classes, I went back to Mrs. A’s house for supper and to study. Next week was the last week of classes and also final’s week. When I arrived home, I took off my regular clothes and was only dressed in my t-shirt and panties. I helped Mrs. A with the final preparations for supper and ate with her. We just made small talk during supper and then I helped her with the dishes.

When we finished we went into the living room and Mrs. A sat down in the middle of the couch. “Lay over my lap so that we can discuss your spanking on Wednesday.”

She pulled up her skirt before I lay over her lap, and I felt like a naughty little boy in this position. She pulled down my panties and my penis dangled down between her thighs. “I am going to lightly spank you as I discuss things with you.” Then I felt her hand spanking me. I was still sore and sensitive from the weekend, so I was glad she was only lightly spanking me.

“I talked to Liz about your weekend experience and I think it was very good you went up there with her friend Mary.”

“Yes, it was so nice being away from everything, and being so close to nature.” I said.

“If you do stay up there this summer, I still expect you to help me with mowing the lawn and outside work.”

“Yes, I do plan on coming back at least every two weeks to help you out.” I said.

“Also, you have matured in the way you treat women, but I want you to follow another rule for me.”

“Okay. What is that?” I asked.

“Since all women like to be treated with respect, I want you to say ‘Yes, Mistress’ whenever a woman wants you to do anything. This includes saying this to Elizabeth, Mary, any woman, including your teachers or even a woman you have just met or me. If you don’t respond with ‘Yes, Mistress’, be prepared to receive a quick spanking.”

“Yes, Mistress. I can follow that rule.” I said.

“So after we have supper on Wednesday, I expect you to be standing in front of the Punishment Room in only your panties and slippers.”

“Yes, Mistress. Please let me study now.” I said.

“Okay. Stand up and go to the office to study. As I said, I like the way you are maturing into a nice young man.”

I will now have to get used to wearing these thin, small, pink panties all of the time, and replying with “Yes, Mistress” to all women.