Spanking privileges for Nicola.

by Sewell

Come on in, Nicola. I wanted you and Stuart both to be here for this discussion, because the changes I’ve decided to make around here are going to affect both of you.

Nicola, as you know, I had to give Stuart a spanking last night. Obviously, that is a pretty drastic step for me to have to take. A spanking is usually a punishment that is reserved for small children. Even though you are a couple of years younger than your step-brother, I think it’s obvious that your own spanking days are now many years behind you. At 13 years old, you’ve grown up to become just the sort of mature and responsible young woman that I had hoped you would be. Your grades are excellent, you keep your room neat and tidy, and you are always respectful and helpful to me around the house.

Unfortunately, that is not the case with your step-brother. Stuart is fifteen years old, going on ten. Actually, his constant whining, lying, and disobedience would be unacceptable to me even in a small child. It is only right, then, that he receive the sort of discipline that is suited for a child. That is why I have decided for Stuart, we are going back to spanking as his primary means of punishment.

Be quiet, Stuart! I am still speaking.

We spank children, Nicola, when they refuse to control themselves. A spanking simply shows a child the consequences of his misbehavior: all of his power to choose and control events will now be taken away. His pants will be pulled down and his bottom bared, and he will be draped unceremoniously across his mother’s knee like a wrung-out dishrag. Let me tell you, there is no way that a boy in that position can still look tough and rebellious—don’t you agree, Stuart? His mother smacking his defenseless bare bottom bright red as he cries and kicks over her lap, forbidden even to reach his hands back to protect himself. A spanking is carefully designed, Nicola, to remind a young, willful child of exactly who is boss.

I realize now that it is unfair of me to continue to spare Stuart the rightful consequences of his behavior, out of some misguided respect for his age or dignity. That is obviously doing him no favors. From now on, whenever Stuart disobeys, or talks back, or when he throws one of his famous temper tantrums, his pants and underpants will be taken down on the spot, and he will be given a sound spanking on his bare bottom. And Stuart, I will not care at all who might be around to see it. Is that clear?

Unfortunately, as you both know, due to my work schedule, I am often not around. Therefore, effective immediately, when I am not here, Nicola will be in charge. Stuart, SIT DOWN, and close your mouth. Do you want a spanking right now? You are to show Nicola exactly the same courtesy and respect that you are required to show me. You will obey her the FIRST time she tells you to do something, and you will answer her “yes, ma’am” or “no, ma’am.” Yes, Stuart, I am quite aware that you are older than her. But since Nicola behaves like an adult, she has earned for herself the authority and respect that is due an adult. Since you, on the other hand, act like a child, from now on you will be treated like one. Every day after school, you will have one hour to make sure your room is spic and span. Before that hour is up, you will find Nicola and let her know that your room is ready for her to inspect. If she determines that your room has failed her inspection, you will get a spanking.

Your bedtime is now 8 o’clock. Shush! And that means that at 8:00, you will already be in your jammies, young man, with your teeth brushed and face washed, lying under the covers, with your bedroom light turned off. Every night that you are not in bed at 8:01, you will be pulling your pajama bottoms down for a goodnight spanking.

Which brings me to another change: Nicola will now be able to punish you herself, in any manner that she sees fit. She can send you to bed early, she can take away your access to the TV or stereo, and she can ground you. Nicola now also has the authority to spank you, Stuart. Be quiet, young man!! I am giving her unrestricted “spanking privileges.” That means she can spank your little bare bottom, Stuart. And if she tells you to take your pants down, you will do so immediately--you do not even want to know the sort of trouble you would be in for disobeying her. She can either have you bend over for your spanking, or she can take you across her lap. Nicola, I’m going to give you that flat wooden hairbrush to keep in your bedroom; there is also that big brown belt hanging up in my closet if you need it. You may find, though, that simply taking Stuart over your lap and smacking his naked behind with your hand is the best way to take him down a peg or two. Keep in mind that it is not so much the pain, but rather the boy’s embarrassment at being spanked, that makes the punishment so effective. And that is particularly true for an older child like Stuart.

Since I am essentially asking you to be Stuart’s full-time babysitter, Nicola, you are going to be compensated for your time. Stuart will hand over his allowance to you every week.

All of Nicola’s household chores, Stuart, will now also be your responsibility. In addition, every week, you will wash and fold her laundry for her. I am going to put up signs around the neighborhood that you are available for lawn mowing and yard work, and we will use that money to pay your stepsister $9 an hour for the time she has to spend babysitting you. If you don’t make enough money to pay her, I’m sure we can find some things of yours around the house that can be sold. No Stuart, I really don’t care to hear what you have to say. Your immaturity has made your stepsister and me have to jump through these hoops, and I am quite frankly sick of you right now. You may go get ready for bed, and Nicola will be up in a few minutes to check on you.