Stuart's New Nanny

by Sewell

Well, I must say I was quite happy when your mother called me, Stuart. I've always said you were a very immature boy, and it's nice to see that fact finally recognized and steps taken to remedy it. As I told your mum, I've got loads of experience dealing with naughty children, and you can be very confident that I'll soon have you behaving like a proper little man.

I imagine it's quite embarrassing for you, having me come in like this to look after you and tell you what to do. Of course, you've always been the sort of boy who needed to be told what to do, then, haven't you, Stuart? I should think you'd be more embarrassed about that than anything. But that's of no consequence to me at the moment. You and I have had our run-ins at school, obviously. I seem to recall not so long ago you thinking it the height of hilarity to pull my knickers down in class. Well, that was just your way of being friendly, I'm sure. And now here we are, and I'm to be... well what shall we call me? Your nanny? Governess, perhaps? I suppose my official title doesn't matter. Not to worry, now that I am going to be looking after you, I know that we are going to get along famously.

I understand that you were very upset this morning when you were told of my new role in your life. You apparently threw quite the temper tantrum, didn't you, Stuart? And earned yourself a sound spanking in the bargain, your mum tells me. Look at your cheeks colour at that! Can't say I blame you there; I don't know too many in our year who are still at that stage in life! And this was on your bare bottom? Look sharp, Stuart, when I ask you a question, I expect you to respond right away. Do I need to call your mother in?

First off, we'll need to work on your diction; I could barely understand that little croak you just managed. Secondly, I expect all the children I look after to address me as “Miss Kimberly” or “Miss Kim.” Is that understood? Excuse me? That's “Yes, Miss Kimberly.” I can see with you, I'll be taking my belt off sooner rather than later. The next time you forget, Stuart, means a spanking. Am I understood? Oh, is that so?

All right, Stuart. Stand up, young man. On your feet! You just stand there, and no fidgeting. We are going to get this sorted right now; your mum has been quite clear on the subject. Hands at your sides and look me right in my eyes. You will get a smacked bottom whenever I deem it to be necessary. Is that clear? I'll soon have you trained to begin unfastening your pants at the snap of my fingers. Any cheek or insolence, Stuart, you will go straight over my knee, with your pants and underpants taken down for good measure. Feel my arm. Go on! I've got a nice firm bicep there, haven't I? I didn't hear you? “Yes, Miss Kim” is right. I'm quite a strong girl, Stuart, and more than capable of giving you a very good spanking. I've not spanked a boy yet, no matter what his age, who didn't end up sobbing whilst across my lap. That's especially true when the naughty boy's underpants have been taken down, Stuart, and his nice white bottom is perched over my knee for my hairbrush to attend to.

Oh, really? You are, are you? And I suppose... Ah. Yes, brilliant. Those are very strong words, Stuart, coming from a red-faced little boy with tears streaming down his cheeks!

Well, that's it, then! I suppose it needed to be sooner rather than later anyway. Down they come, Stuart, and please remember that your pants and underpants are a set. All right, then I shall now begin counting, and if I should reach three, then we will simply reconvene outside and carry on there. One... Two... that's it, quickly, no more fumbling about, take them right down. Underpants as well, Stuart; I want to see a nice bare bottom.

Well, look at you standing there in all your glory! A look that quite suits you, Stuart. Hands at your sides; you have nothing there I have even the slightest interest in. I will however... just twist... you around... to get a quick peek at your mother's handiwork. As I suspected--your bottom is just a bit pink, like you've a good case of nappy rash. You'll take a second spanking with no permanent damage, I suspect.

We'll just shuffle you over to the sofa then. And come forward, Stuart, and... bend over, please. Go on! All the way, thank you. Up you go! I'll just get you... situated on my lap. Hello, and now the floodgates have opened, haven't they? I haven't even put my hand on your bum yet, Stuart, and already you're hysterical! So much for being a stoic! All right, all right. Wannh Haanh haaanh! Listen to you! You sound like the two year old I look after! That's enough, Stuart. I'm just going to give you a good brisk hand spanking this time. You'll remember it tomorrow when you're sitting down, and then you'll think very hard about trying to be a more obedient boy, won't you? Mmmmm. We've gone over this before, I believe, Stuart. The correct response is “Yes, Miss Kimberly.” That's all right, we will take care of your spanking for that little slip tomorrow. Yes, thank you, I know you're sorry.

Oh cheer up, Stuart, it's not all that bad! Think of how much progress I've manged to make with you already. If I had just been put in charge of you earlier on, I guarantee you'd be a much happier and better-behaved boy today. For the moment, however, we do have some business to attend to. Let's see if we can't turn this bottom of yours a nice cheery shade of red!