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A couple of Brats.

Counsellor Troi walked out of the turbolift, and made her way to the Captains ready room. She gave a cheery smile and good morning to everyone on the bridge, in particular Worf, who she had only left a few minutes earlier.

“I'll be with you in a minute Commander.” Troi smiled at Riker who was waiting to go over the days business with her.

She had just got to the ready room door when she heard the all too familiar words yet again.

“Get off my Ship!” That was Picard's furious bark.

“Really Mon Capitaine. All you do is bitch, bitch, bitch!” Q stuck to the laconic drawl that drove Jean-Luc Picard absolutely up the wall!

'Oh no! Not again, don't they ever stop?' She was really getting fed up with this and she wasn't alone. The whole crew was on tenterhooks every time those two had another spat. They were all waiting to be flung across the galaxy or turned into Klabnian eels or something equally distasteful.

The Captain had assured them that Q would never really hurt any of his crew, he had Q's word on that, but it didn't really make them feel any safer. Q was just too unpredictable to rely on.

Q was doing it deliberately again of course, winding the Captain up, he could never resist it - never even tried to resist it, and Picard fell for it every time. What was it with those two, they never seemed to stop arguing, always at loggerheads. They had been at each others throats on and off for the past five years now and in his own way Q was totally devoted to Picard, although he'd never admit it in a billion years.

Every time there was something that Q needed Picard to learn or discover (for his own good of course), Q took the most roundabout, frustrating and usually painful route he could find to convey it, insisting this was the only way that a simian brained creature such as Picard could really 'learn' about it. And Picard for his part fought Q every single step of the way, whether he needed to or not.

Troi turned around and looked at Riker with sheer exasperation, he just shrugged his shoulders. There was nothing he could do about it, he definitely couldn't handle Q, and wasn't even about to try to talk to the Captain about it.

Troi gave up and went to find Beverly.

The good doctor was in her office, perusing the results of some tests she had done the previous day. It wasn't really very exciting, but things were quiet at the moment, and she couldn't really wish for a medical emergency just to keep her entertained. So when Troi popped her head around the corner Beverly was more than happy to see her friend.

“Deanna, have you come to take me away from all of this tedium?” She leaned back in her chair, playing at catching a small ornament from her desk.

“Actually Beverly, I've come to get away from the Captain. He and Q are arguing again!” She sat on the chair the other side of her friends desk and heaved a sigh of relief to be away from them. The emotions they aroused really did wear her out at times.

“You should hear them up there. They're like a couple of kids having a slanging match. Q's obviously up to something again, and the Captain sounds like he's about to throw a tantrum.” Deanna's voice was full of resigned exasperation, and she looked for sympathy from her friend. Instead Beverly burst out laughing, a really infectious belly laugh, and before long Deanna couldn't help it, she was laughing too.

“You're right, they are like a couple of kids Deanna, and all of a sudden I had this image of the pair of them standing with their noses in a corner, sulking!” Beverly couldn't help but laugh at the image, and Deanna chipped in.

“I know just what you mean Beverly. It would probably do them both a lot of good. They seem to turn into a pair of unreasonable brats when they get together. In fact sometimes my palm just itches to slap their behinds and make them behave.”

“Deanna! I thought Betazoids didn't believe in that sort of thing!” Beverly's eyes were wide, but so was the grin on her face.

“Ah yes Beverly, but I'm only half Betazoid.”

The two women laughed, and then looking at each other the same thing crossed their minds and they laughed even more, both going red in the face with mirth and a little something else. As they calmed down Deanna got up to go back to her duties.

“Oh if I only had the power.” She winked at Beverly and left, still laughing to herself.

'That was very interesting.' Q2 lounged on the hull of the Enterprise, he had been eavesdropping on Q and Picard when he inadvertently picked up on the conversation that the Doctor and the Counsellor were having.

In some ways the two women were right of course. Q was not handling matters in the manner that the Continuum would like him to. As usual he was behaving like an arrogant, petulant child. Omnipotent being or not, he really needed an attitude adjustment, and the human Picard could do with taking down a peg or two as well.
Well the next time that those two started acting up they would get the surprise of their lives, he'd make sure of that. Q2 could hardly wait!

Picard, Troi and Crusher were in the observation lounge going over some records that needed validation from all three of them, when Q appeared in his customary flash of light at the end of the table. He was lounging with his feet on the table, striking a pose as he always did, deliberately giving the impression of a coiled panther trying to look relaxed. As usual when he appeared before Picard, he was dressed in a Starfleet Admirals uniform, the Admirals rank being a symbol of his superiority over Picard.

“Out Q, NOW!” Picard didn't give Q the chance to say a word, he just automatically yelled at him, the flush rising to his face almost instantaneously.

“Mon Capitaine. How you wound me yet again, and I only came back so that you could apologise for your rudeness earlier.” Q disappeared in a flash and reappeared leaning over the still seated Picard. He spoke intimidatingly in Picard's ear.

“You know you really do have the most appalling manners Jean-Luc.” He looked up at the two women sitting a couple of feet away.

“Ah, Tyke and Cocker. Pray tell what do you think of your redoubtable Captains manners?” He moved around to stand between Deanna and Beverly, fully intending to have some fun at their expense.

Suddenly Q had the sensation that everything in the room had become a little bigger, he spun round to look at Picard, and he was also looking confused. Suddenly the expression on Picard's face changed and following Q could see that he was looking at something. Follow Picard's line of vision Q turned around and saw ....

He couldn't see anything that shouldn't be there! Instead what he did notice was that Troi and Crusher were most definitely a lot bigger than they used to be, and they were both looking very fed up.

“Q. What the hell are you playing at this time?” Picard demanded to know what was going on. “Stop your silly games immediately.” The two men had shrunk to about four and a half foot high each! Usually being taller than Picard and everyone else around him, Q found it even more disconcerting than Picard did.

“This is none of my doing Jean-Luc, but nevertheless it is very tedious so I'll bring it to a conclusion now.” Q looked maliciously at Picard. “However, that size seems appropriate to your intellect so *you* can stay as you are Picard.”

“Don't be ridiculous and get me back to normal this instant Q” Picard couldn't believe that Q wasn't behind what was happening and was rapidly loosing his temper again.

“Oh very well, Jean-Luc. If you insist.”

Q went to return them to their normal size but nothing happened. He looked at Picard, and tried again. Nothing ... He began to panic.

“Picard, I can't do anything at all. My powers have gone. It must be the Continuum again.” Q was dazed. Usually the Continuum gave warning of any impending punishment, but this time they had obviously seen fit not to.

Picard gave an ironic laugh. “I can see why they would want to punish you Q, but why have they done this to me?”

The two women had sat observing the two men in stunned silence up to now, but it was beginning to dawn on them what had happened. Deanna mentally spoke to the entity that she knew had to be there with them.

“Why are you doing this Q?” She was irritable, but not with the invisible entity.

“Didn't you both ask for the power?” the Q laughed, a malicious little laugh. “It's not just your nerves they've been getting on you know. It's about time somebody taught those two a lesson, and there's nothing like a little feminine discipline to sort naughty boys out. Don't you think?”

“I can't do that to the Captain!” Deanna was shocked, but also intrigued “Can I?”

Q2 spoke so that only the two women could hear his words.

“I promise you there will be no repercussions to yourself, except that these two might behave themselves a bit better afterwards.”

Beverly looked at Q and Picard who were still bickering at each other, then she looked at Deanna. She grinned, and Deanna nodded and grinned back.

“I'll take Jean-Luc, I've always wanted to get my hands on that part of his anatomy.”

“All right Beverly. I've always felt that Q could do with a good spanking as well!”

Beverly and Deanna got to their feet at the same time, heading for their respective men. It felt strange but extremely good for them to stand taller than the men for a change. Picard and Q forgot their fighting and paid attention to the women who were approaching them with murder in their eyes. The two men both swallowed at the same time and looked at each other for support. It was no good.

Deanna grabbed Q by the ear and pulled out a chair for her to sit on. Beverly had Picard's wrist and was dragging him to the chair that she had positioned.

Picard tried to take control of the situation.

“Deanna, Beverly what is the meaning of this?” He demanded an answer but really he already knew.

“We are sick and tired of you two bickering and fighting like a couple of kids, Jean-Luc. We are fed up with always being afraid that you two will go over the top and that Q will do something terrible to us in temper!” Beverly shook the wrist that she was holding to emphasise her displeasure with them both.

“And I am fed up with being bombarded with your bad temper and tantrums day in and day out, and I'm fed up with *you* ” she glared at Q, “ for causing them.” She looked between the pair of very shaken men. “You should both be ashamed of yourselves, and as you both seem set on behaving like a couple of spoiled brats, we've decided that you will be treated like a couple of spoiled brats.” Deanna looked at Beverly and took a deep breathe. “You are both going to get a dammed good spanking!”

Picard immediately tried to pull away from Beverly even harder, but she was having none of it, and for the first time in her life she was stronger than him. Q's mouth just dropped, he couldn't believe that this fragile little mortal was going to put him, the Omnipresent Q, across her knees, he just couldn't!

The two women yanked the men across their laps. Deanna looked at Beverly and then spoke to Q2.

“If you would oblige please?” She held out her hand and both her and Beverly were in possession of good strong hairbrushes, and the men's trousers and underwear was halfway down their thighs.

'Go to it ladies.' Q2 was already laughing at the sight of his 'little brother' and Picard kicking and trying to get away from their impending punishment.

The two women set to it with a vengeance, which in a way was exactly what it was.

Deanna slapped Q.

“Q, You've been needing this <smack> for a long <smack> long <smack> long <smack> time, probably <smack,smack> millions <smack> of years. <smack, smack, smack> I just don't understand <smack, smack> why nobody <smack> had done it before.” <smack, smack smack>

Q, who had no experience of physical punishment was wriggling and kicking and crying out under Deanna's blows immediately.

“Ow, Deanna stop! You're hurting me you stupid woman. Ow, Stobbit!”

Deanna reinforced her grip around his waist and slapped him all the harder.

“You don't <smack> call someone <SLAP, smack> a stupid woman <WHACK, SLAP, smack> when you are over <smack, SLAP> their knee Q ” <smack, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, smack>.

Q's cheeks were beginning to turn (in Deanna's opinion as a novice spanker) a very pleasing shade of red, but Deanna was going to make sure that they were even redder before she finished with Q, she had waited far too long for this.

Beverly in the meantime was laying into Jean-Luc's backside with equal gusto. Even as she was smacking him, she was admiring how firm and muscular his buttocks were. She shook herself out of her lustful thoughts and applied the hairbrush with even more vigour.

“Beverly, Stop this now. Ow!. Beverly, You will, Ouch! stop this instant. That's an order. OW!”

“Jean-Luc. <smack> My dear Captain. <smack, smack> You and Q have needed <smack, smack> this bottom warming <smack> for the last couple of years, <smack, smack, smack> and I'm going <smack> to make sure that your naughty bottom <smack, smack> really gets it. If big boys <smack, smack smack> want to behave like naughty <smack> little <smack> boys, <smack> that's the way <smack> they will be treated, <smack> and *you* Jean-Luc <smack>, and your partner <smack> in crime, <smack, smack> have been behaving <smack> *just like* naughty <smack> little <smack> boys <smack>. So it's only right and fair <smack, smack> that the ones <smack> who have <smack, smack> to put up with the most from you <smack, smack, smack> get to sort <smack> you both out. <smack> And that <smack> my dear, <smack> naughty, <smack> Jean-Luc is myself <smack> and Deanna.”

Beverly landed another half dozen resounding smacks to Picard's backside and then she stopped, still holding the hairbrush, but letting it hang by her side. She looked at Deanna, who was also coming to the end of spanking Q.

Deanna considered that as Q had been around longer than Picard, he should know better, so she smacked him longer and harder than Beverly had smacked Picard.

Both women were flushed and exultant from their exertions. They looked at each others overflowing laps and laughed.

Beverly spoke first.

“Right you two, you can get up now.” She lightly slapped Jean-Luc's terribly sore buttocks with her hand. Deanna followed suite with Q, who jumped quite a bit more than Picard did.

Looking at the two men Deanna and Beverly wanted desperately to laugh, but they daren't. The expressions on Picard's and Q's faces were priceless. Picard was flushed, he was incredibly embarrassed, but he still managed to glare defiantly at Beverly before he quickly dropped his eyes to the ground. She saw the look but let it go. Q on the other hand stood there with tears streaming down his face and his lower lip trembling pitiably. Both of them were tenderly rubbing their sore behinds. They were the absolutely quintessential pictures of two well spanked, naughty little boys!

“Right ” Deanna's voice brooked no nonsense. “You will both go and stand in the corner until we tell you that you can come out. You ” She nodded her head to Picard, “Over there, and you Q can go and stand over there.” She waited for them to move, Picard stood there defiantly, while Q looked to him not sure what to do but wanting to protest this indignity to his person.

“Do I have to tell you again Captain, Q ?” Deanna's voice held the promise of another spanking if they didn't move so the two men shuffled over to their respective corners, Picard attempting to restore his trousers to their rightful place.

“No Jean-Luc.” The Doctors voice pulled him up. “Not until I tell you, is that understood?” Picard nodded his head just the once, feeling totally humiliated. “And that goes for you as well Q.” Q nodded rapidly, he wasn't risking anything. It hurt far too much for his liking. He never could take physical pain. The two men just stood there resigned to their punishment.

“Well done ladies. A most efficiently performed manoeuvre, and with such panache. Counsellor Troi, you appear to be a natural at this. I would never have guessed it possible.” Q2 spoke openly now, not bothering to hide his presence.

On hearing his voice Picard and Q turned to look at him.

“Q !!! You are responsible for this!” Q was outraged. “Just you wait till I get my powers back, you'll pay for this outrage!”

“Carry on like this Q and you'll never get your powers back. Now get your nose back in that corner or you know what you'll get don't you?” Q2's voice held a promise that Q definitely didn't want fulfilled. Q turned back into the corner and kicked the wall viciously, hurting his toes.

“And you too, Picard. Nobody gave you permission to turn around.”

“But..” Picard never got the chance to protest further, an invisible hand slapped his already blazing buttocks hard. Seething with indignation and frustration he turned back to the corner quickly, rubbing his behind without even knowing that he was doing it.

Q2 spoke threateningly quietly. “The two of you bicker and quarrel every single time you meet, in a totally unacceptable manner. Your arrogance and selfish disregard for others will no longer be tolerated. Do you understand?” Picard and Q nodded their heads. “From now on, every time you two get out of hand to the point that the crew of the Enterprise start to fear for their safety again, these two ladies will receive the power to put you over their knees again.” This time it was Picard's turn for his mouth to drop. How could he work with Deanna or Beverly knowing what could happen, and what had happened just now. Not only would he be unable to cope with the embarrassment, but it just wouldn't work. He was supposed to be their superior officer, not a whipping boy!

Q2 read his thoughts before Picard had uttered a word.

“Don't worry Picard. Your pride is safe. When I have gone Troi and Crusher will have no memory of what happened here. However you and Q will, so I warn you be on your best behaviour or you know what will happen don't you?” Q2 then turned to Q.

“You will take no revenge on these women do you understand? If anything at all happens to them, the Continuum will automatically assume that it was you Q, and we will not look lightly on it.”

Q nodded his head dumbly, for once speechless, so great was his humiliation.

“Right in that case ...” Q2 snapped his fingers and the two other men were properly attired again, and sitting (albeit uncomfortably) on the chairs they had occupied before things had got out of hand. He turned to Beverly and Deanna.

“Ladies, I am afraid that I will have to erase your memory of this event. However, I am sure that should these two brats” he pointed at disdainful finger at Picard and Q “start to 'act up' again, you will know exactly what to do.” Q2 took a hand from each woman, and gently pressing each one to his lips he disappeared.

Beverly and Deanna looked at Q.

“When did you get here?” Deanna had been under the impression that Q never travelled anywhere without the flamboyant flash of light to announce his arrival.

Q fidgeted in his seat looking most uncomfortable. Beverly was sure that he had been crying. His face and eyes were so red, and he was definitely sulking.

Both women looked to Picard expecting him to shout at Q the way that he normally did. But instead he just blushed furiously, and shifted in his seat as if he was sitting on something painful.

“Well, isn't either of you going to speak?” Troi and Crusher couldn't believe it. Picard and Q just sat there, neither seemed to dare utter a word. In the end Q broke the silence.

“Excuse me Ladies, Jean-Luc. I've, I've just remembered an important appointment elsewhere.” With that he was gone. No flash, no flamboyant exit, just gone.

The women looked to Picard, totally flabbergasted. That wasn't the Q they knew!

Picard stood. “Err, I think we'll finish these reports tomorrow, I seem to remember that I need to do something rather urgently as well. Um, excuse me please ladies.6rdquo; With that he was up and out of the room quicker than if Deanna's mother had decided to take a lunge at him. They couldn't believe it.

“What did we do?” Deanna was totally confused. She had felt total embarrassment coming from the Captain, and although she knew that she usually couldn't read Q's emotions she was almost sure that she had felt the same from him. That, and a vague little boy lost feeling, but surely the great omnipotent Q could never feel like that. She looked at Beverly, who didn't seem any the wiser. No, it couldn't be, so she shrugged it off.

“Fancy a chocolate sundae Beverly? I'm buying.” Arm in arm the women made their way to Ten Forward, happy to have got out of doing the boring reports for another day.