The Cost of a Black Eye.

By Skinpang

Raymond Butcher was a fourteen year old boy who was split between two worlds. On the one hand he quite naturally wanted to be like any other youngsters of his age but on the other hand his wealthy parents were old fashioned - almost Victorian - in their ways and outlook. This inevitably led sometimes to confrontation. He would want to behave like this peers so as not to look a sissy in their eyes but his parents would often see his actions as being downright naughty, and that could only have one consequence, for his parents believed in traditional punishments. Thus the boy was no stranger to sore bottoms! Whenever his father would order him into the living room Raymond knew that he was going to emerge in tears! His father kept a variety of punishment implements in drawers and cupboards in the living room - slipper, cane, belt, and tawse amongst others, but if Raymond was very lucky he might get away with a good hand spanking!

One day at his school most of the pupils went on strike! They were so exasperated with he quality of the school diners that many of them refused to attend the afternoon lessons! Raymond dare not take part in any such militant action! If he had done so and the news had got back to his father, as it almost certainly would have, then he would be in trouble at home! On the following day He was taunted by some boys who were a class lower than himself. He was called all sorts of names including a spineless wonder, a cream puff, a doormat and a jellyfish! Although not normally inclined to any form of violence the taunting eventually pushed his temper over the top. He folded his fist and lashed out at the nearest of his tormentors! The boy reeled backwards and crashed to the ground, then quickly scrambled to his feet and ran off, one hand nursing his eye, with his uniform covered in dust! A chill ran up Raymond's spine!

“Oh my God!” he said to himself, “What the hell have I done!”

He could hardly have chosen a worse victim, for Tommy Winton's mother was a friend of Raymond's mother! Every Saturday Mrs Butcher ran a coffee morning at her home for her friends. About a dozen ladies would attend and would chat while drinking coffee and consuming cream cakes. Tommy had gone running home to his parents that Friday afternoon hardly able to wait to show them his black eye. Tommy's father telephoned Raymond's father! Mr Butcher promised that Raymond would be dealt with in no small measure! Mr Butcher then consulted his wife.

“I know that you believe in spanking as much as I do, dear,” he said, “But I do sometimes wonder if it always works for him! If it did I wouldn't need to do it to him as often as I do!”

“What do you suggest then dear?” asked Mrs Butcher.

“Well I think that perhaps some of the trouble is that I take him in the living room alone. I do that to spare him any humiliation! He gets pain, yes! But that's all! He gets little or no embarrassment, he knows that only I ever see him with his trousers down and the tears running down his face! I am beginning to think that he needs some humiliation as well!”

“Do you mean you want me to be present as well?”

“Not just that! This is what I've got in mind!“

Mr Butcher then carefully explained his plan. His wife liked what she heard and readily agreed to his idea. Raymond arrived home forty minutes later than usual, chiefly because he was frightened to come home, expecting that his father would take him straight into the living room for an angry lecture and then give him a hot seat! His father did indeed take him into the living room and he did read the riot act to him, but then came the surprise!

“I am not going to punish you tonight, Raymond! But rest assured that you will be dealt with tomorrow!”

Raymond wondered why the change from the normal routine. He assumed that it was to make him sweat it out all night! While it certainly had effect that was not the prime reason for the overnight delay! Saturday morning after breakfast - a cup of tea and half a slice of toast was all Raymond could manage - his father told him to go and put his school uniform on and remain in his room until he was sent for. It was ten thirty before Mr Butcher opened Raymond's door and told him to come downstairs to the kitchen.

“Your mother's guests are here for their coffee.” announced his father, “You are to go in the living room and apologise to Mrs Winton for hitting her son yesterday! Don't forget to knock on the door first! Now off you go!”

So that was it! he was going to be made to apologise to Tommy's mother in front of all those women! He knocked on the door and put his head round the door. The ladies were seated around the room drinking coffee and munching cakes.

“Come in and close the door Raymond.” said Mrs Butcher, “and go and apologise to Mrs Winton for what you did to Tommy, you naughty boy!”

Mrs Winton was, of course, righ across the other side if the room! Wishing the ground could open up and swallow him he had to pass by all the ladies, all grinning to show that they were enjoying his predicament, while he tried to avoid eye contact with anybody! He reached the lady in question.

“I-I-I'm very sorry for what I did to Tommy Mrs Winton!” he stammered out, looking down to the ground

“If you mean that, look me straight in the eyes when you speak to me boy!” answered Mrs Winton.

“I-I-I'm very sorry for what I did to Tommy Mrs Winton!” repeated Raymond, this time looking her in the eyes!

`Mrs Winton looked at Mrs Butcher.

“I hope he's not getting away with just an apology, Janet! I will accept it if he gets adequately punished as well for hitting my boy!”

“Of course he will be!” replied Mrs Butcher, “He'll get his bottom smacked!”

Poor Raymond went as red as a beetroot! Did she have to put it like that in front of all these females! There was worse to come!

“There's no time like the present!” said his mother, “Come here Raymond!”

Raymond could hardly believe his ears! Surely he was not going to be spanked in front of all these giggling women, for giggling most of them were by this time! They did not try to pretend that they were not enjoying every minute his plight! He dare not disobey his mother. Meekly he went over to her. Then came the next shock!

“Take you jacket off and put it on the table then drop your trousers and underpants down Raymond! And be quick about it!”

Raymond removed the jacket but his trembling fingers would not allow him to hurry with he trousers. He fiddled about with the buckle on the belt.

“Right! If you can't take them down any faster than that I'll take them down for you! Put your hands behind your head!” snapped his mother.

That made him try to put a move on but Mrs Butcher stopped him!

“Stop! I told you to put your hands behind your head! Now do so!”

She got hold of him by the waist and turned him so that he was standing in front of her chair but with his back to her! She reached round to his front and going by feel unbuckled his belt and then undid the zip. Next the top clip was undone and she pulled the trousers down to his ankles. The underpants soon joined the trousers. She pulled up his shirt tail and tucked it under his sweater, revealing his young firm well formed buttocks. Finally she stood up, adjusted the angle of her chair so that all the audience would get a good view of Raymond's bottom while it was being smacked, sat down again and pulled the boy across her knees!


Then the ladies all started to clap their hands in time with the spanking!


Raymond's mother could not hit as hard as his father could! It was not that it was hurting physically all that much, it was the compromising situation he was finding himself in which was causing him plenty of mental agony! After twelve spanks Mrs Butcher was finding that her hand was stinging but she had so far failed to produce any tears from her son. He was desperately holding back the tears trying to retain the last crumb of dignity!

“With all due respect Janet, you're hardly tickling him!” said Mrs Winton indignantly, “This is nothing compared with the black eye he gave my Tommy!”

“I quite agree!” replied Mrs Butcher, “We'll try something a little firmer! Get up Raymond!”

She brought the boy to his feet as she said it.

“Go over to the sideboard Raymond and fetch the tawse!”

The tawse! He was well aware of the sting that vicious instrument could inflict! Once again he would have to go across the room to get to the sideboard. He bent his knees slightly so that he could pull his trousers up.

“Don't bother to pull those up!” said his mother, “We shall want them down for the tawse! You can shuffle over there for that little distance!”

It seemed no small distance to Raymond sliding his feet about six inches forward at a time. He had to go past all his eager onlookers again, this time with his shirt tail still tucked into his sweater and his rosy red bum on full view! He continued to avoid eye contact but out of the corner of his eye he could see the excited faces of the women. Never had they had a coffee morning like this before! Raymond returned to his mother's side and reluctantly handed over the weapon which he new was going to give him hell! He was returned to the over the knee position and the tawse went to work!


There was no holding back the tears this time! His arms and legs were thrashing about in all directions! He yelled, he yelped and finally he screamed as that wicked tawse laid into his buttocks eight times! Once again he was brought to his feet. He was vigorously rubbing his burning bottom cheeks while the tears poured down his upper cheeks! The ladies applauded! He did not know whether they were applauding him or his mother. Either way he did not feel much like taking a bow!

“Go over there and stand facing the wall with you hands behind your head.” ordered his Mother, “Your trousers can remain down until you have finished crying and then you may pull them up and go!”

He had to make another slow shuffle across the room and stand with his back to everyone. All eyes seemed to be glued to the wall and it was not the painting that they were looking at!

“I afraid I've been neglecting my guests!” announced Mrs Butcher, “Anyone for another coffee? And do help yourselves to the cakes!”

On the Monday morning Raymond was once again in the school playground with his mates. A group of younger boys came close. One of them had a black eye!

“Ha-ha-ha! I got my own back!” shouted out Tommy Winton, then turning to his friends he added: “he got his bare bum whipped in front of my mum and a lot of other women, ha-ha-ha!”

Raymond felt the hairs rising on the back of his neck! His fists clasped and unclasped! He wanted to blacken that kid's other eye! But he restrained himself! He had learnt his lesson!