Tables Turned

by Subboy_paul

My troubles began when I suggested to my shapely wife, Sheila, that she let me smack her bottom as part of our love play. She turned me down, but I didn’t want to let it drop. For several months I tired all the lines to persuade her. I said things like “I wont hit too hard”, “You might enjoy it”, “It’ll spice up our sex life”. Still she wouldn’t budge, then one day she reversed the roles and suggested that she spanked me. I was in no position to refuse as she threw back all the arguments I had used to try to persuade her to let me spank her.

Let me tell you something about Sheila and myself before I continue with my tale of wow. We are in our late thirties, have been married for fifteen year, have no children and both have well paid professional jobs. I am five foot five, weigh one hundred and forty pounds and keep myself fit. Sheila is just five foot, has long dark hair and weighs a little less than one hundred pounds. Like me Sheila looks after her body and is in very good shape.

After Sheila had ‘suggested’ that she should spank me she told me to undress and get over her knee. Sheila was wearing a short black skirt and a light blouse she had no tights on. I took off my cloths and as I slipped my underpants off my prick, which much to my surprise was erect, sprang out. Sheila patted he knee and told me to get over, she made no comment about my erection. I lay over her thighs with my prick in contact with them. Sheila began to gently pat my bottom. At first I felt very little, as she was being very gentle. Slowly Sheila began to hit harder, I didn’t know if she was trying to see how hard I would let her spank me or was trying to get ‘this spanking thing’ out of my system. Sheila carried on for about ten minutes and my bottom was beginning to get warm and more than a little sore, however my erection didn’t subside. Eventually Sheila stopped spanking my and told me to stand up. She stripped off her cloths and we made love like we hadn’t done for years. In all our years together had never known Sheila so ready for sex, she came almost immediately I entered her. Unlike Sheila she continued to push herself at me after she had come and came again just as I was about to reach my climax.

When we had recovered from our bout of love making Sheila asked me if I had enjoyed being spanked. I had to admit I didn’t enjoy the spanking but did enjoy the sex afterwards. Sheila told me that at first she only wanted to stop me pestering her about me spanking her, but as my bottom began to turn red she began to enjoy the feeling of power she had over me. She said she quite fancied trying it again sometime. This left me wondering what I had started, however if sex after was going to be like we had just had I was prepared to have a warm bottom.

For the next four weeks or so Sheila didn’t mention spanking me, but our sex life changed subtlety. For one think the frequency increased and for another Sheila became more positive. She would push my head down between her legs and get me to kiss her fanny, something she had rarely let me do in the previous fifteen years. Sheila also took to making love on top, something else she didn’t often do.

It was some four weeks after Sheila had turned the tables on me and given me a spanking that she next mentioned it. It was a Sunday morning, we were in bed reading the papers. “I’ve been thinking about our sex lives.” She said out of the blue. “I quite enjoyed spanking you, maybe you’ve been right in the past wanting to ‘spice things up a bit’.” By now I’d lost interest in the football report I had been reading. Sheila continued. “I’ve been thinking about other things you’ve suggested and made a list. You want me to wear lingerie, shave off my pubic hair, take photos and have anal sex. Have I missed any of the suggestions you’ve made over the past few years?”

The paper was forgotten. “Um, no I can’t think of any.” I said still in shock. The only part of me that was reacting normally was my prick which had stiffened considerably.

“Well then,” said Sheila, “why don’t we start now? The better the day the better the deed. We’ll start with shaving of pubic hair. I’ll go and fetch some hot water, you get a towel and the shaving things, oh you’d better get the scissors too.” With that she got out of bed wiggled her shapely arse and left the bedroom. I quickly got the things Sheila had told me to get and waited for her return.

When Sheila came back into the bedroom she was wearing a lacy black basque with matching knickers and black hold up stocking, she had also put on her high heeled shoes. My prick gave another twitch. Sheila put the bowl of water on and waved our digital camera about. “I thought we could also take some photos.” Sheila pointed the camera at me, a flash made me realise she had just taken a photo of me stood naked supporting the biggest hard on I’d had for ages. “You didn’t think I was going to let you photograph me did you?” She said, “Well I’m not, nor are you going to shave my pubes off, it’s yours that are going and I’m going to record the episode for posterity. Of course I could just get dressed and forget the last fifteen minutes or so ever happened.” She had got me again.

Sheila directed me into several poses and snapped away with the camera. “Ok put the towel on the bed and pick up the scissors.” Flash, “Now start snipping away those pubes.” Flash, “Trim the closer.” Flash. “Wait a bit.” Sheila went out of the room and came back with a tripod. She put the camera on the tripod and set the self-timer. “Give me the scissors, I can trim it closer.” She said. Sheila moved towards me and posed with the scissors against what was left of my pubic hair. Flash the camera went off. Sheila reset the camera and came back to me, Flash. She set the camera again. “Lay back.” She instructed me. This time she straddled my chest facing my feet with the scissors set to trim more of my pubic hair. Flash. “Ok turn over and stick you bum up. If we’re removing hair we might as well make a proper job of it. I turned over and lifted my backside off the bed. “Spread your legs, I can’t get at the hair otherwise.” Sheila moved the camera so it was pointing straight at my spread arse. Flash, then she moved in with the scissors and began trimming. The cold of the scissors felt strange against such a personnel part of me. Flash, Sheila set the camera again and straddled my back, flash.

Once Sheila was satisfied with the trimming, and had taken several photos of the event, she told me to turn back over and to lather myself up and begin to shave. All the time Sheila kept taking photos, several times she set the self-timer and moved in so that she was doing the shaving. Of course when it came to the hairs around my anus I couldn’t reach so Sheila did there between taking photographs. During all this my erection never subsided.

Eventually Sheila was happy with our joint efforts and told me to tidy up the towel and shaving kit. I took the things back to our bathroom and took the opportunity of making sure I was clean and dry. When I returned to the bedroom Sheila had got some baby oil out. “I think you had best put some oil on that newly shaven area.” She said as she handed the bottle to me. Sheila returned to the camera and took several photos of me putting oil around my prick and arse, getting me to pose in a variety of positions as I did so. She then took some more photos of me naked, several with my arse spread and pointing at the camera. “You said you wanted some ‘open leg’ pictures.” She said to me when I tried to object.

Sheila spent some time taking pictures of me, sometimes on my own and sometimes with her sitting on me. Then, when I was posing on my back, she pulled down her knickers and lowered her fanny over my face. “Lick me, I want to cum.” She ordered me. I did as she bid and very soon she came to a mighty orgasm.

When Sheila had recovered she replaced her knickers and went to her draw and took out some more lingerie. She handed me an ivory coloured satin and lace camisole top with matching French knickers and suspender belt along with some white stockings. “Lets see how you look in this.” She said. “After all you’ve often said you would like some lingerie shots, so now’s your chance.”

I’d never put female cloths on before and found it wasn’t as easy as it looks to roll stocking up your legs and clip them onto suspenders, however with a little help from Sheila I was soon dressed in my new underwear. “You look lovely,” she said “ready for the photographer. Lets get you posing.” Sheila directed. The feel of the feminine underwear against my body was very erotic. The knickers brushing against my prick made me even more turned on. Sheila made me pose in a variety of positions moving my hands over my satin covered body and rubbing my prick through the knickers. She posed me kneeling up facing the camera, sideways on to the camera then with my back to the camera. “Ok now bend forward and put your head on the bed.” Sheila told me. My backside was pointing upwards, flash. “Pull your knickers right up into your bum crease.” Flash. “Not far enough.” She complained and came and pulled them further up, nearly cutting me in two. Flash the camera recorded another pose. “Now pull them down a bit.” Flash. “A bit more.” Flash, “Spread your legs.” Flash, then I felt Sheila’s hand on my bum holding my cheeks apart. Flash. Sheila moved away to reset the camera then came back to the bed and sat straddling my back with both of her hands on my backside. The camera flashed again.

Sheila took several pictures of me removing the knickers from all angles then some of me playing with my prick. She then removed her own knickers and lay down on the bed with her legs spread. I went to fuck her. “No lick me again.” She insisted. I put my head between her legs and quickly brought her to a second orgasm. I tried to mount her again. “No! I don’t want that.” She said firmly. “If you want to cum you can play with your self while I take some more photos, or you could just have a cold shower and we could go for a nice long walk.”

I desperately wanted to cum so agreed to the photos.

“Just a minute, don’t start yet. I want you to take your time.” Sheila told me. She put her knickers back on and went to her draw. I watched wondering what she had install for me next. Sheila took out a small bag, inside it was a vibrator. It wasn’t vary big and she handed it to me along with a tub of KY jelly. “It’s time for you to try anal sex.” She said. “I’d put some KY on it if I were you. Lay on your back, lift up your legs and play with your arse.” She instructed while she started taking pictures again. “Put some KY on your finger” Flash! “Now put it up your arse” Flash. “Slide it in and out” Flash “Now the vibrator, turn it on, run it around the outside.” Flash, Flash. “Ok now put it in,” Flash “Further” Flash “Oh boy I’m getting some great photos, that’s it in and out. Now turn over and stick your arse in the air.” All the time Sheila kept taking pictures of me dressed in a camisole top with stockings and a suspender belt.

“Take off the top.” Sheila instructed I want to see you cum. I removed the top. “Ok now lay on your back at the top of the bed. Lift your legs right up and bring them over your head, get nearer the top of the bed.” I moved as she instructed and finished up upside down with my back supported by the bed head. My prick was only inches away from my face. Sheila took another picture, then move in close and stood on the bed with her hands on my legs looking down at me. Flash, the camera went off, she reset it and move in with the vibrator in her hand. Sheila ran it around my anus, Flash went the camera again. Sheila moved back and reset the self-timer. This time she pushed the vibrator into my arse. The camera recorded the action. “Ok keep the vibrator in and start playing with your dick.” She instructed. “I want to take several pictures before you cum, don’t disappoint me.” I stroked my prick slowly. Sheila took several pictures from different angles. “Ok you can cum, but I want to see it land on your face and in your mouth.” It didn’t take many seconds before Sheila got her wish and my prick spurted cum all over my face. I managed to get one lot straight in my mouth. It was the first time I had ever tasted my own cum.

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