The Adventures of Amy

by Woozle

Part 1

Amy was lying in bed on a warm summer night. It had been the happiest day of her life she thought, and she was finding it hard to drop off to sleep after all the excitement of today. Although just 13 years old, she was sure she would remember this day for the rest of her life, and the passing years would prove her right.

She was on holiday with some family friends, at the seaside in England. Yet it wasn’t the day on the beach, or the excitement of the all rides at the seaside amusements park that had made her eyes sparkle and given her such a pleasant tingling feeling all over – a feeling she still got every time she closed her eyes and thought about what had happened.

Oh, it had been quite a day. Meg Goodwin was not really her auntie, but like many English children in that era, she was brought up not to address adults in first name terms – it was either ‘Mrs. Goodwin’, or less formally “Auntie Meg”. The Goodwin family were friends of her parents and had invited Amy to holiday with them while the school was in summer recess – and the three Goodwin boys generally got on with her on account of her being a bit of a tomboy. Except that Robert had been acting a bit strange lately, Amy thought.

After a morning on the carousel, the Ferris wheel and all the rides of the funfair, they had gone to the beach, with the adults relaxed in folding chairs while the children amused themselves on the shoreline, building sandcastles with buckets and spades. It had to be said that Rob and Amy had not got on well together lately. Rob, being a year younger than Amy was going through a phase where he had decided that all girls were soppy, and had seemed to take a sudden dislike to Amy for some reason.

In spite of repeated rebukes and warnings from his mother, Rob had spent the day having subtle and not so subtle digs at Amy, so when he sneaked up behind her and tipped a small bucket of seawater over her, right in front of Meg, that was the last straw. She grabbed her son by the arm and gave him a sharp slap on the legs. “We are going to have words we get home” she warned him “this isn’t over, young man, you mark my words”. And when they did get home, while the other boys were ushered sent off to get some shopping with father, Amy and Robert were ushered by Mrs. Goodwin into the kitchen.

“Right, young man”, she told her errant son “it is time you learned a lesson”. Rob stood silent at first, as his mother his mother lectured him on his bad behavior towards Amy, and he was expecting her to end with demanding an apology from him. But her concluding comments were totally unexpected and alarming.

“Amy has always been keen to learn how to do things” she told him “when she has been here before, she has always been helpful and very keen to learn how to do new things with me in the kitchen and the garden. So now I’m going to show her how to do something else - how to deal with a very naughty boy! Take your shoes off, young man, and get your shorts down ready for a good smacked bottom.”

“Oh mum!” Rob wailed petulantly “You aren’t going to spank me in front of Amy…” he tried to make it sound like a definite statement of fact, but there was a lingering tone of doubt and disbelief in his voice. In his heart, he knew that if Amy had been taken into the kitchen with him, it could only mean one thing…

“I’m not going to spank you at all, Robert. It’s Amy you have been so bad to today – So, I think I will let Amy spank you herself”. She replied as her son gasped in shock and horror. “Sit on this bench, Amy, dear.” she said, her voice softening noticeably in tone as she spoke to her and drew the bench from under the dining table out into position for her.

Amy really did need to sit down. Her heart was pounding and she felt hot and flushed the moment she realised that Rob was going to get his bottom smacked. Imagine, Robert was going to have to take his pants down and get his bare bottom smacked right in front of her! Oh, she would have thought all the trouble he had given her all day was almost worth it for that – but now, it was going to be even more delicious!

Prompted again by his mother, Rob removed his shoes, gingerly pulled off his shorts and underpants and stood in front of Amy and his mother with his hands covering his crotch in a vain attempt to salvage some of his male dignity. With his head down and his face burning bright red with shame, he would have given anything for the floor to open up and swallow him. Alas, it was not to be. Amy sat back and listened as if in a dream, to Meg’s voice, speaking in quiet and gentle tones. “Well, Robert, I see your cheeks have gone bright red, and I am sure that Amy will make sure that your bottom cheeks will match as well, when she has finished with you. Now you get over Amy’s lap, and I am going to show her exactly how to teach a naughty boy like you how to behave himself.” Amy trembled with excitement at these words.

Very reluctantly, Rob Goodwin climbed into position across Amy’s lap. Amy was expecting him to go over both her knees, but Rob seemed to be trying to get between her thighs so that he was lying across her left leg only. “That’s right, Robert, you know the drill, don’t you?” Meg smiled, “let him go over your left knee, Amy, not both – you’ll soon see why”. Amy followed Meg’s promptings and allowed Rob to position himself properly. She was wearing shorts herself, and Rob was very conscious of her warm thigh being in intimate skin to skin contact with his genitals as he lay over her lap.

“Take your time, dear” Meg continued. “A naughty boy like Rob here will be quite nervous as well as deeply embarrassed by all this, and you don’t want to end it too soon. You want to make him wait, and make his ordeal as long as possible – make him suffer every minute”.

Oh, Meg knew a good deal about psychology, and Amy was a willing pupil, it seemed. “A naughty boy, who knows that a good spanking is about to arrive by special delivery on his bare bottom will be in a state of extreme anxiety. And in this heightened state of awareness, you can be sure that he will take in every word you say” she went on.

“Take his right wrist in your left hand, Amy, and pin it firmly in the small of his back. That’s right - now clamp him firmly between your legs. Good girl!” Amy beamed at Meg, delighted at her mentor’s approval.

“You will now see” Meg quietly observed, “that Rob’s left hand is behind you, so he can’t reach around and over his bottom any more. And you have his other hand firmly in your grip and well out of the way. Worse still, you are pinning his legs down as well – in fact, his bare bottom is now quite defenseless. You can do what you want to him now and he can’t do a thing to stop you - isn’t that right, Robert?”

“Yes mother” Robert replied promptly, knowing what would happen if he didn’t.

“You see - he is listening.” Meg continued. “If you ever want to have a serious conversation with a naughty boy; if you ever want to know what he has been up to and you are not sure, or you think he has been taking biscuits out of the jar without permission, always make sure you have got him in this position first, and then you can talk.” Amy nodded and grinned. Her mouth was dry, her heart was aflutter and she suddenly realised that she felt breathless A boy was half naked, trapped between her warm, bare thighs, and she was about to spank him, really hard, and with his mum’s permission. She could not remember when she felt so thrilled before.

“Now Amy, remember what I said” Meg reminded her, “Don’t rush things, make it last. You want him to remember what happens to naughty boys. Just rest your hand very gently on his bottom - that’s right. Now give him a gentle pat and a stroke. We just want to impress it upon him that his bare bottom is entirely at your mercy. If it was my knee he was over, I would be talking to him myself and not to you, but I know what he is thinking – how awful that very first smack is going to be when it lands – so don’t be too quick to put him out of his misery.”

Rob gritted his teeth. It was getting worse. First, the warmth of Amy’s thighs clamped around his body and now her hand lightly and gently stroking his bare bottom. He realised to his horror that his erection was starting to swell and stiffen – and Amy couldn’t fail to have noticed this. Amy tried to speak, but her tongue got stuck to her teeth.

“Would you like a glass of water, dear” asked Meg solicitously. Amy nodded and Meg handed her a glass. Amy gulped the cool water and continued. “When I was younger, I helped my mummy look after my baby brother. I’ve seen my baby brother in the bath, and I have seen his little wiener go all hard and stiff when I dried him off. Well, Robert has gone like that right now Auntie Meg!” she giggled. Rob’s shame and mortification was indescribable at this point.

“Well, I think it’s time we proceeded, then” Meg said. “Now, when I spank Rob or any of the other children, I always make sure that they feel the full effect of it. Just give him one good, hard smack on each cheek, and then pause”.
“Ok, Auntie” said Amy, and brought her hand down hard - WAP!WAP!

Rob yelled and squirmed as the sharp sting of the impact gave way to a burning rush of heat on his bottom. Amy saw two clear and crimson handprints, one on each cheek of his pale white flesh. Rob moaned and groaned as his cheeks clenched and unclenched repeatedly in an attempt to lessen the burning pain that coursed through him.

“Well done Amy”, Meg exclaimed enthusiastically. “I think he felt that. Ask him if it hurt, Amy – you are disciplining him now – you talk to him and I shall talk to you.”

“Well, Robert, did that hurt you?” Amy angrily demanded.
“Yes - It - Did!” replied a hurt and angry Robert, slowly and indignantly.
“No need to take that tone, young man” his mother sharply rebuked him.
“Amy, I have had enough of this boy’s petulance. I want you to spank him till the tears are flowing and he is begging you to stop. And then, when he is pleading for mercy and promising you to be good as gold and never to do anything nasty to you ever again, I leave it up to you whether you want to believe him – ok?” Amy nodded. “Now, every time you stop talking and start smacking him, you want to make every dose of smacks he gets is even worse than the one you gave him before . Now carry on, give him two more this time.”

Amy tightened her grip on Rob’s wrist and brought her hand down again – two stinging swats on each of Robert’s cheeks, making him wince and moan as before, but longer this time.
“Did you feel those, Robert?” Amy asked. “Are you going to be a good boy in future?”
Rob was silent, sullenly struggling with the pain and desperately trying not to give in.

“Let’s see if three more smacks make any difference” Amy said, almost to herself.
Meg watched as Amy set about her task with gusto. Rob flinched at first under the slow and steady barrage as the smacks rained down on his defenseless rear end. The clear handprints on his rump had turned into two big crimson blotches. Yet Rob seemed to be less perturbed this time. The heat from his bottom had taken on a warm, steady glow. He no longer felt the sharp sting of each impact on his rear. Instead, he began to relax. It was rather like getting into a bath – at first, the water was uncomfortably hot, but you soon got used to it. And the fact was that his bottom was getting acclimatized to the feel of Amy’s hand.

“Well, I hope you are ready to apologise now, young man. You are hurting my hand you know” said Amy angrily.
“Oh good” came Rob’s smirking reply.
“We shall see about that, you impudent young pup!” his mother snapped indignantly.
“Amy , wait here while I get the hairbrush”
Amy sat on the seat, blowing on her stinging hand - “Ooh, just you wait till I’ve got my hands on that hairbrush. I’ll make you sorry yet, you little brat!”
“Amy, please -” his voice took on an unfamiliar, pleading tone “I am really, really sorry I have been such a beast. Please Amy, not the hairbrush – pleeease…” his voice trailed off into a high pitched, fear induced squeak.

“Well” said Meg cheerfully as she returned to the kitchen. “How have you two been getting along? I expect that Robert might have changed his tune a bit in my absence.” Her voice changed to a slightly sinister, mocking tone as she spoke again “We don’t like the hairbrush, do we Robert? We have felt it over our bare bottom before - haven’t we, young man?”

“Mum - please! I am really, really sorry – I promise to be good – I don’t want another spanking from that hairbrush – please!!!” His voice was desperate, his defiant spirit utterly broken by the threat of that most dreaded of spanking implements.

“It’s too late to say sorry, young man” Amy flatly declared. “You have teased and tormented me all day, and now I have hurt my hand on your naughty bottom – so now you are going to get what you richly deserve”. As Meg handed her the brush, Amy tightened her grip on Robert as he squirmed on her lap. She tapped his bottom lightly with her new toy, and coolly smiled as his bottom tensed in anticipation of the dreaded impact. “This is going to really, really hurt” Amy coldly hissed. “Brace yourself, boy!” Robert let out an involuntary squeal of panic.

WAP! The brush came with down full speed on Rob’s left cheek. Rob howled as a searing blast of excruciating pain went straight through him. It didn’t matter that his bottom was glowing really warmly – that brush just burned through that lovely warm glowing feeling like a blowtorch through butter.
“Oh, that’s much better” said Amy with a sardonic smile as Rob continues to moan and groan and clench his throbbing buttock cheeks “Not such a cocky big boy now, are we?”

WAP! Another howl of pain erupted as Rob’s right cheek took the full force of Amy’s wrath.
Once again, Rob’s bottom writhed and clenched uncontrollably as the pain level peaked and then gradually faded, leaving him weak and dazed.

“Goodness me” Amy taunted him, “we are making such a lot of fuss over one little slap, aren’t we? Are you ready for another two yet?

Rob’s only response was a shill squeal of panic, just before the brush came down again.
WAP! WAP! Two swats in quick succession. Unlike the smacks from her hand, the brush was falling with unbearable force every time, and Amy’s blood was up at seeing her erstwhile tormentor really suffering under her hand.

Robert started to sob and scream uncontrollably, begging her to stop.

“That was just four smacks” said Amy, matter of factly. And for all the trouble you gave me today, I think you deserve a full six, don’t you?” said Amy, tapping his other cheek lightly with the brush. Robert’s only response was a soft whimper as he tensed his bottom in anticipation. WAP! WAP! Again, two swats in quick succession took Rob to the very limit of what he could possibly bear.

“Well”, said Amy in a voice that seemed almost breathless with excitement “I think six hard smacks on your bare bottom is enough to teach you not to misbehave in future – don’t you?”
“But”, she continued, “There is still the small matter of you hurting my hand on your bare bottom – stand by for a real bottom basting this time, boy…”

Amy smacked hard and fast, landing her swats on both cheeks in quick succession. Smack after searing smack rained down on Rob’s bare and tender bottom as Amy vented her wrath.

Meg took a backseat. Amy was warming to the task in hand and doing very well, she though. Although she liked to lay on every single smack one at a time herself, she could see that Amy’s technique of laying on a short barrage of smacks, and then pausing for it to take effect before giving Rob another one, was definitely having the desired effect. She had hoped to teach her how to deal with naughty children, but was surprised to see that she was picking up tips from Amy already.

It was only a matter of six smacks given hard and quickly, but Rob was now sobbing uncontrollably, in floods of tears and begging for clemency. Amy seemed exhausted, and slumped over Rob who lay still across her lap as if unable to move. The brush fell from her hand and clattered on the floor. She seemed not to care, choosing instead to run her hand slowly over Rob’s burning hot bottom cheeks in a slow and deliberate movement. Her breathing was deep and slow, as if she had been running. Her face was noticeably flushed, Meg thought. “Get up” she said when she seemed to have recovered and got her breath back.

Robert clambered slowly to his feet and staggered towards his mother who held out his shorts for him. “And what do we say, Robert” she asked, “when we have just been given a good smacked bottom?” Robert turned to Amy, who was still seated, bent down and kissed her lightly on the cheek as he whispered “thank you”, before his mother dismissed him to his room.

Amy wasn’t sure why she had felt so strange and breathless one minute, but remarkably much better quite soon afterwards. But on reflection, she was sure that smacking Rob’s bottom had something to do with it. Her hand slipped under her nightie and she began to rub and stroke herself as she went over the incident again in her head. Her thighs grew wet and slippery as she remembered how she turned Rob’s Soft white bottom cheeks crimson. She rubbed her hand back and forth until once again she felt that wonderful, breathless feeling and her body felt the sudden surge of release. She sighed softly and drifted off to sleep. It had been a really wonderful day. In his room nearby, Rob was careful to lie down on his side. He was too young to understand why, but in spite of the terrible pain and the bitter humiliation she put him through, Rob was still thinking about Amy. About the warm touch of her hand stroking his bare bottom, and the even warmer glow she induced by smacking it.

He wondered how on earth Amy could be persuaded to give him another delicious hand spanking without following it up with the dreaded hairbrush.