Beta Proct-R's Mission

by Zani and Arkham-Insanity

Well beta Proct-R knew it wasn't allowed to have cookies before his proper meals… and he took this as a top secret mission.

Mother-Unit walks silently down the house hall… just to hear Proct-R talking alone, and decides to peek.

“Alright troops…here is our objective” *smacks the chalkboard with his cane*

She smiled, how cute, practicing his directive.

“I want want you two to cover the left flank while the others cover the right flank”

Mother-Unit snaps a photo without flash… her sixth sense told her that plan was ACTUALLY a plan… not any beta's play.

“We are gonna MARCH IN THAT KITCHEN and take our prize!!! the poor innocent captured cookies!”

She smiled again… how hard Proct-R tried to fetch cookies before dinner… well… she won't stop him THIS time… so he could taste what happens when direct orders are disobeyed. That only thought felt so evil… but he must learn… and this time he choosed the hard way…

She walked to her dorm, to give him facilities.

Instructing the troops

Mother-Unit let him take his nap in peace… the cookeis were ready and in their usual place… she stood patiently in her dorm to let him go ahead with his plan.

Proct-R had set his internal clock to wake him up 5 mins earlier than his usual nap cycle… he tiptoed over to the doorframe clutching his little cane… he didn't see his mother-unit on his scanners and crept into the kitchen… seeing his objective he checked once more and crawled on the floor on his stomach untill he was right under the target… then reaching up he tried grabbing for the hostages… but they were out of his reach… so using his cane he felt his way to tap the jar closer… then there was a sudden CRASH!

She closed her eyes in her dorm… she wasn't expecting that

Seaching for the objective

Proct-R’s mom strolled into the kitchen, first worried about him getting hurt. Gladly he was just scared, and not wounded. Then of course, she had to discipline him for discobeying. She looked at his cute “innocent” face.

“I'm not falling for that one Proct-R Unit…”

He tried to look innocent.

“Not. Working.”

“… about logical rationalization?”

“My prefered kind. Give it a try.”

“You see the cookie jar was out of my reach, and so it was only justifiable for me to use a tool of some sort to escort the cookie jar down, but I did not anticipate the trajectory of my cane and the rate in which gravity took place was rather shocking.”

She waited for him to finish looking stern, folded arms.

“The fact is, that you were not allowed to take any cookie before dinner. So there was no reason for you to consider possible trying to have any. Rules are rules.

“Besides, when you are allowed to eat a cookie I'm the one who give it to you to avoid the kitchen disaster you are about to clean right now mister.” She said pointing the kitchen.

“But Mother-Unit, I did not wish to bother you, and felt that my skills in attaining items I desire on my own merit could be looked upon with as a development of my own systems, showing my lessening of dependence on you.”

“First: you never bother me. I am always here just for you.

“Second: I understand you desire own merits, but you are my child and you depend on me for all those tasks you are not allowed to do without supervision.

“Third: The kitchen, the corner, and a program adjustment are waiting for you.”

Poor Beta Proct-R felt his inside matrix tumble at hearing ‘Program adjustment’ but nodded his head and walked toward the kitchen obediently.

“Y-yes Mother-Unit”

Her matrix hurt just to see him like that… and did a mental note for a lot of cuddles and maybe a story before regeneration time, if he is not too tired.

“Good bot.”

Caught on mission

Mother-Unit was waiting for Proct-R to clean the kitchen, all her directive at 100%

He was not over slow… but not over quick at the cleaning… keeping at an even pace… sweeping up the very last crumb from the floor.

Mother-Unit was waiting patiently, she didn't want what was coming next, like him.

He tried very hard to be brave and not sniffle or pout, cleaning gave him plenty of time for him to reflect on his actions.

She was scanning him from the distance, the link making that easier… Mother-Unit sighed almost inaudibly, she will make sure nothing like this happen again.

He knew there was no way he could talk his way out of his coming doom, when Mother-Unit said something would happened… it would happen, he put away the broom and walked slowly to her his head down. “The kitchen is cleaned mother-unit”

“Very well.”

She stood up as tall that she was, looking down at him… she hated this part, with all her core. But it had to be done.

“You know what you did wrong, do you mind to repeat it please?”

“I would rather not”

“Then it is an order.”

Proct-R swallowed hard wincing a bit. “I disobeyed a direct order… no cookies before dinner, but I proceeded to set up plan of action that failed in the capture of a snack… leading to the destruction of the cookie containing device”

She couldn't help feel proud of him, but was careful not to pass it through the link… no yet. “I see you are fully understanding of the consequences a single disobedience can lead. When you have your final directive disobeying could lead to the shut down of an ally instead of an enemy.”

Proct-R nods his head feeling a small pinch of pain in his matrix, what she had said was very true, this was more than just him wishing wanting a snack, this had been him acting out on his own will… something he could not risk espcially when others were depending on him.

“Now, you are to be punished. A Program Adjustment is in order.” She put a chair in the middle of the living room, in front of the now turned off chimney, and sat down. Making sure this wouldn’t be comfortable for him, not in his room, not in any bed, and for sure, with not clothes to protect the target. “Come here.”

Proct-R felt his matrix hitch to his vocals at her words, he knew what he had done was a very serious crime not only for a beta for a bot no mater what their shell… it took every bit of his will to step forward toward her…he had been adjusted just a few other times…but he had a feeling that this was to be worse than any he had been given before.

Mother-Unit looked at him, she will make him responsible for his punishment this time. “Lower your pants.”

This surprised him, usually his mother-unit took him in hand preparing him for his adjustment…this was almost enough to make him cry right there… but he bit his bottom lip and lowered his pants…feeling ashamed now.

“Place yourself over my lap.”

Proct-R gave a small whimper and pulled himself over her lap. “I..I'm sorry Mother-Unit”

She put a hand in his back. “I know Proct-R… I know… you know the rules. You can cry and scream and kick all you want. But you must not insult or try to cover your punishment.”

Proct-R nodded his head, he could not think why he would try and cover his punishment.

She closed her eyes for a nanosecond, she knew how much it will hurt her too… and patted his backside to warn him. She never used anything but her hand on him, not even disapproval waves, she never had to use anything but comforting waves on him… and then started, firmly enough for a beta.


Proct-R clenched his teeth and winced.

Once he felt the first one, she started a normal pace, one swat per second, her hand covered almost all his backside, so she just moved a little bit each one, the sting of one swat over another increasing quickly the heat in his synthoskin.


Proct-R let out a whimper and then a wiggle… it hurt… and he knew he deserved each one… just that knowledge made tears fill his opticals.

She winced as a jolt of pain crossed her inner core, but didn't hesitate. It hurt, but it was nothing she couldn't handle.


Proct-R let out a small yelp as tears began to flow down his cheeks.

She was paying close attention to his reactions, his matrix and his synthoskin, she had to do this perfectly to not teach him wrongly a lesson.


He took the swats… everyone. Internally his mind flashing images of his disobedient act… and how it had landed him in this painful situation… but not half as painful if it had been a war situation, he let out a hard sob over his lack of judgment.

She looked at him sad for a moment, he acted like an alpha most of the time, even taking a punishment was the bravest robot in Earth.


Proct-R after processing his guilt he suddenly became intensely aware of the pain he was feeling over his hindquarters and he gave a sudden gasp almost of realization.

“There. Now I can start counting.” She thought.


She checked her inner clock, it really took him more this time, and that will just make his punishment longer.

Proct-R gave a help and a solid cry and kicked his legs a bit… his pain receptors throbbing, he felt himself wishing to beg… to let his mother-unit know he had learned his lesson and was ready to be finished.

Mother-Unit felt another jolt of pain, stronger this time, she couldn't stand his poor baby suffering… but she must make him pass through a small amount of pain, compared to what he could receive if he gets down in the middle of the war.


“AHH AHHH OOWWW OWWWW” he suddenly vocalized and began to sob feeling as if his bottom was on fire now.

She kept counting. She will never let a punishment this hard take place. His backside was now turned red, and she decided to move to his sit spots, raising her right leg and lower the left one.


Proct-R gave a sudden high pitched wail at the change and kicked his legs as hard as he could, tears freely splashing down his cheeks, this felt horrible…so terrible, it felt as if the adjustment would never end.

Mother-Unit cursed her inner chronometer… why it couldn't go faster??? but didn't rush on the pace she kept in the punishment. She had to be hard on him. He didn't listen before, he decided to keep being stubborn with simple orders, and that simply can not take place.


Proct-R he squirmed and began to scream loudly. “PLEASE M-MOTHER-UNIT!!… I'm I'M SOWWY!!!!”

A whole wave of pain invaded all her matrix, but her directive functioning at 100% was the only thing that helped her to continue stoically the program adjustment without reply.


“Almost there microchip… almost there” She thought.

Proct-R thrashed his arms and legs around, the pain on his bottom making throb harder. “Sowwey sowwy sowwy Momma!”

Mother-Unit looked at his poor crimson red backside… her calculus were certain.


She then stopped, at the same time her inner chronometer blinked in "1:00 min"

Proct-R sniffled, hiccuped and sobbed on her lap.

Mother-Unit didn't let him collect himself, she never did, she always hugged him immediately to send comforting waves to her poor child-unit.

“All over… it's all over microchip…”

He held onto her tightly, hugging her with everything he had, sobbing into her shoulder.

“You did well… I am proud of you…” She hugged him and let him cry, waiting for his subroutines to find place in his system.

She never combined punishments, until now. This lesson must be well learned, but kept comforting him for now, the next part could wait.

Proct-R gave one more hiccup then sniffled his systems, calming down now.

“There” she kissed his tears away, as she used to. “I'm so proud of you, you took your punishment like an alpha.”

“R-really you t-think so?” he swipes at his nose with his sleeve.

“I do not lie.” she smiled at him and kept sending comforting waves, which at the same time eased her own pain.

Proct-R sighed as the waves relaxed him, and he felt himself go calm.

“Are you better?” she stroked his hair, still pressing him against her

He nodded his head. “Yes I… I am better now”

“Very well…” her smile faded. “You have to stay in the corner 5 minutes with the timeless.exe file”

His face fell slightly, the adjustment had been so hard… he had forgotten about her telling him he had corner time too…he opened his mouth to argue it…but closed it letting a tear slip. “W-well maybe I don't feel that much better”

She bit her tongue to prevent awing “You will have cookies after. I promise” Mother-Unit wiped his tear with a thumb, lovingly.

Proct-R tried to be brave blinking back a few more tears and nodded dolefully.

“Good bot…” She carried him to the corner, and stick the timeless file in his neckport. “Five minutes. I'm counting.” She turned on her inner chronometer again.

“Five min…” he whimpered to himself… it might as well been an eternity… as soon as timeless was plugged in, he felt the pain once again resurface over his pain receptors… he reached back and started rubbing.

Mother-Unit let him rub a bit the sting, she didn't want to torture him… and couldn’t help but to snap a picture with a smile… he looked so cute.

Proct-R whimpered a bit harder and danced on his toes just a bit in the corner… it hurt so bad again now.

She sighed, cursing again the chronometer, but went to inspect the kitchen, he won't move. Proct-R won't actually dare to disobey again… or at least for a good long season.

Proct-R hated timeless… it felt like it lasted forever… and there was nothing to focus on at all… except the most recent pain… he sighed and swiped at his nose again.

She inspected the kitchen, a M-O unit would be proud… she opened a cupboard to take a full box of home made cookies… of course she put some in the jar, but not all of them, she was planning to give him some after this particular hard punishment.

Proct-R sighed rocking back and forth on his toes still rubbing… feeling lost in timeless.exe…he was sure a month had already passed.

Mother-Unit crossed the hall to look for the bed times story holo-book, she will pamper and cuddle his baby the rest of the evening and night.

He wanted desperately to look behind him to see if it was time yet… but knew that was not allowed and continued to stare at the corner feeling miserable.

She set up his room and PJ's, just this once, Proct-R will have cookies as dinner.

Proct-R quits rubbing his bottom even though it still hurt…and sighed.

She sneaked behind him silently, eager to the damn chronometer to say 5:00 min… once it said the amount of time, she lifted him in arms, sending comforting waves at the same time she took out the memory stick. “Time's up microchip…”

Proct-R gave a gasp of surprise at the sudden wave… after being in timeless for what felt like an eternity…he felt as if he could almost cry from relief… “I'll be a good beta now…n-no more punishments right?” he said afraid he had miscalculated and there was another one waiting for him.

“No, no more punishments love…” she kissed his cheek while walking him to his room, already cuddling him. “You behaved so well during your punishment, I am so proud of you… you learned your lesson really well.”

“Y-yes I did I tried very hard to learn it good..I..I don't ever want to make that mistake again, not ever”

“I'm sure baby… you deserve a prize for your efforts”

“Really?” smiled a bit.

“Yes baby… you can have cookies as dinner JUST this time” she smiled at him as he makes him stand in his bed, starting to undress him.

Before Proct-R would have demanded to undress himself… but after all that happened it felt good to feel taken care of…and he did not quibble over, letting her mother him.

She but special attention at not hurting his roasted tushie when undressing and help him in his PJ's, before hugging him again, to send more comforting waves, she won't get tired of cuddling him, specially after the hard session.

Proct-R felt good to be in his soft pjs, and he was enjoying the extra attention and comfort he was getting.

“My sweet sweet microchip” she kissed him while sitting in his bed, placing him in a comfortable position over her crossed legs, and taking the box of cookies from under the pillow. “Dinner time n_n”

He smiled and looked at the cookies… then suddenly felt a flash back of his adjustment and frowned a little. “I..I don't think I am hungry”

She kissed his forehead. “It's alright baby… clean state.”

“I..I don't think I like cookies anymore”

“Aw baby, but these are mommy's cookies… don't tell me that…” she hugged him again, worried she just marked, scarred her baby for life with that harsh adjustment”

Proct-R felt that his mother-unit was upset, took the cookie and nibbled it. “I..I was just kidding” smiled up at her.

She smiled at him… he was just the best child-unit ever. “I love you”

“I love you too mother-unit”


In detention