Philip’s Perils

Ron Wilson

He was a bright and talented teenager, just one prone to make poor choices in the friends he kept! He always seemed to follow others into trouble, and lacked guidance. As he faced the Juvenile Judge for the third time, the judge made an astute observation!

“You need a purpose and a firm hand young man! You also need a place where you do not fall under the influence of other boys your age. I have the perfect place for you! My sister runs a special institution that will provide both. I sentence you to two years of hard labor as a caretaker and groundskeeper at ____________.”

His bags were already packed and the corrections van waiting. It seemed like they drove forever into the countryside, before the van stopped at a stately old country mansion. His things were unloaded at the gardener’s cottage and he was given a tour of the facility.

To his surprise, there were no walls or gates, and it was an “all-girl” school/institution. He had landed in a place where there were definitely no boys to lead him astray and he was much older than most of the children there. They giggled as he passed. Little did he know that they had already been briefed on his role there. He would soon learn that this was no vacation in the countryside.

The next morning, after a good breakfast in the common dining hall; punctuated with more giggles a whispering, he was told to get into his coveralls and get to work. This was a large property and the groundskeeper had left a month ago, so there was a lot to do.

After lunch, an exhausted Philip decided to take off and escape this place. Big mistake, there was no need for gates or fences. This place was in the middle of nowhere. He soon returned, dejected….

His adventure was about to begin. He was taken to a room right by the front door, with just a desk and no door. He would soon become very familiar with this room. To be continued…..