Brother, My Brother

by CousinD

Part 1

Part 1

Kaito Does not belongs to me, it belongs to Kaito900, However Tenji does

This Story takes place in two perspectives as events occur, would love some feedback as I have never tried it like this before.

It was a rainy Friday afternoon. School was let out a while ago and a young lad was making his way home. Kaito Ibini was riding on his skateboard on the side of the road. Wearing no helmet and had his headphones on his ear. Blocking out the noises around him. Ever since he had entered middle school, he had became a rebel and acts like he was in charge. When he was younger, he was a quiet child, isolate himself from the world when his folks got a divorce when he was six. Now fourteen, he leaves without telling anyone where he is going or where he has gone off to.

Kaito was a little bit on the short side when it came to boys his age. Some mistake him for being younger and that ticks him off. Standing only at 62 ins. With his hair black with blue and red dyed strips. Wearing mostly black and baggy clothes. Since they lived with their single father. He works hard for his sons to live and is never at home most of the time. When he was kid, you couldn’t remove him from his father's legs, but now they hardly look at each other.

Once he arrived at the front door, soaking wet, he placed his board next to the door and kicks off his shoes. Not caring for where they handed. Then he threw his wet backpack onto the armchair and went into the kitchen. Still playing his hard rock music full blast. Grabbing a coke. Gulping it down fast. After he was finished he placed the can next to the sink and went back to the living room. Getting ready to play one of the rated M games his friend lent him for awhile.

17 year old Tenji walks in after a long day at school and shakes his violet hair off after getting in from the rain "I'm hom...whoa!" says tripping over his younger brothers shoes, catching himself on the stairs railing "That kid" he mutters to himself heading to the living room to find his brother playing games "What has Dad told you about leaving your stuff lying around?" He asks removing his brothers music from his ears.

Feeling his headphones being removed made him blink his eyes a few times, before looking up at his brother. Sighing and looked away from him. "Why does it matter? He's hardly here. Just watch where you are walking." he said in a 'whatever' tone. Then he took his headphones back from his brother. Placing them back on his head and went back to the game. Slicing a character in half with his. Watching the blood spill out and he chuckled. "Dude the graphics in this game rock!" he said to himself. Trying his best to ignore his older brother.

Tenji picked up the game case "Rated M? You know you’re not supposed to play these" Tenji said removing the headphones yet again “Plus you left trash lying around" he said glancing into the kitchen.

Kaito rolled his eyes. "Oh come on! I've seen seven year old play these games in the stores. Even while their old man and hags stand there and watch. It's nothing to freak out." he said. Pausing the games and looked into the kitchen. Then glared at his brother. "It's just a fucking can! Man, why don't you just leave me alone like normal brothers?" he asked. Raising his voice at him and sounding very annoyed. "And stop grabbing my headphones!" he growled in anger. Placing them back on. Then went back to the game.

Tenji was used to this behavior but was getting sick of it,so he decides to take matters into his own hands "Alright that does it I've had enough of your attitude." Tenji states reaching over and shutting off the game “Go clean up your mess or else your gonna regret it" Tenji said sternly.

When the game was shut down. His eyes widen and gasped. "Hey! I was in the middle of that!" he yelled. Standing up and removed his headphones from his head placing them on his neck. "I don't have to listen to you. You may be older than me, but you are not the old bastard! Fuck you!" he said. His face was red and he stomped away from him. Slipping on his shoes and reaching for his board. For he was planning on leaving the house.

"Oh no you don’t" Tenji says catching the back of his brothers collar, dragging him into the living room and tossing the flailing teen, pinning him down, across his knee followed by the yanking of his loose jeans down and 2 sharp swats to the center of his bottom.

He make a choking noise when his brother grabbed him by the collar. As he was being dragged. He dragged his feet against the floor and swing his arms around. "Ah! Dude let go! I don't have to stay here if I don't wanna!" he whined. Laying over his knees, Kaito looked over his shoulder and watched his brother raise his hand. "No! Come- ah!" he hissed in pain. After the two swats. "Ow! What the fuck, man?! Tenji knock it off!" he yelled. Trying to kick him.

"I don't Think so, this is what you need and if you don't stop squirming and swearing I'm going to spank you bare" Tenji said laying on the Swats alternating from left to right every two hits.

His eyes widen in shock with the threat of being spanked on the bare bottom. "You can't do that! You're not our old man! Now unhand me, you dumb ass!" he yelled. You could hear the hurt in his voice as the spanking went on. Now they know that their father has never spanked them once in their life. It was mostly their mother who did. After the split up, the father kind of went easy on them for he felt like it was his fault that the mother was not here with them. Kaito tried to push himself off of Tenji's knee and groaned in pain. "This is uncool!" he yelped.

"What Did I say about Swearing?" Tenji Said Laying on a Few more Swats before pausing for a moments to grab his brothers boxers and yank them down to join his pants and to pin his legs down with his free leg. "You've been acting like a Brat since Mom Left and Dad Won't Do anything because hes Afraid you'll want to go live with Mom instead, But now I don't have to Worry about that now do I?" Tenji Said Laying on 4 more smacks to his now bare brother.

He gasped when he pulled his briefs down. Now knowing that he was serious. He thought it was tough brother talk. "Ah! Brother! Stop! I'm sorry! Okay?! Just cut it already! It's humiliating!" he cried out. With now him smacking his bare skin, it stung more than ever and he was feeling the burn.

"Oh I will When I make sure understand a Few things" Tenji Said Between Swats

"From now on when I tell you to do something you do it" He Said Emphasizing each word with a swat

"Secondly you’re Going to start following the Rules Dad set in place, That means no Game before you Finish your homework, and no M Rated Games, Also you’re going to start picking up after yourself and stop leaving trash lying around." Tenji Said picking up the pace of the spanking to get a point across as his brother bare bottom started to turn from a dark pink to a light red "Is that Understood?" he said adding a little more force to the swat following understood.

Kaito was biting down hard on the inside of his cheeks. Squeezing his eyes shut and tightening up his muscles. His breathing was a little uneasy, for he was on the edge to let out tears. He couldn't cry in front of his brother, he could use that for blackmail. He didn't want that. After Tenji asked if he understood and given a harder swat. He opened his mouth and gasped. "Yes! I got it! Please, just stop!" he pleaded for mercy. Groaning in pain.

"Good, Now I'm Almost Done" Tenji Said Finishing with ten hard swats to each of Kaitos sensitive sit spots "Alright now I don't want to have to do that again today" Tenji said Lifting his brother off his lap and putting him in a Loving Embrace trying not to look at his privates since he had kicked off his pants and underwear during the spanking

After the spanking came to a end. Kaito's body was trembling and he was squeezing his eyes tighter. While being lifted up, he thought that would be the end of it. So he was caught off guard when he was embraced by him. Soon the tears were rolling down his face and he wrapped his arms around his brother. "I-*hic* I'm sorry, Ten-*hic*ji." he whimpered.

"Shhh shh Hush now it’s okay, it’s okay" Tenji said rubbing Kaitos back holding him tightly "Now I want you to go put your underwear back on, but you don't have to put your pants on, Then go put the can in the right place and take your stuff to your room and hop in the shower" Tenji said rocking his brother back and forth "Call me when you get out And I'll put some cream on your bottom to take out the sting okay?" Tenji said wiping tears from his brothers face, comforting him best he could.

He was ashamed that he was crying in front of his older brother. Since the split up with their folks. Kaito had always tried to be strong and act like nothing was bothering him. When their father asked him if he was okay, he kept telling him over and over again that he was. It got to a point that he had enough and starting to rebel. So hearing Tenji hushing him in a gentle tone and trying his best to comfort him. He didn't know what to think. He'll never admit it, but it was nice to feel a warm touch again. After the tears were wiped off his face. He did what he was told to do. Slipping on both his underwear and pants, hissing in pain. Then threw away the can, grabbed his stuff and put it in his room. Grabbing some clean clothes and a towel. Heading into the bathroom and starts the shower.

Tenji gave his brother some time to shower off and calm down before heading upstairs into the other bathroom to grab the cream and heading to the bathroom him and Kaito shared that was attached to their room laying a Towel on the bed and sitting down waiting for Kaito to finish showering.

As the water rain down on his body. The young lad had his hand pressed again the wall, letting the water flow down his back, the water helped a little with his sore bottom. "I couldn't believe that I let him do that to me! Even the old man has not done that to me. Sure it happened a couple of times with the old hag, but it was just only a few. I swear, I'll get my revenge." he said to himself in his mind. After washing his body and hair. he stepped out of the shower, dried himself off and got dressed. Wearing an oversize black T shirt and bleached, ripped out jeans that looked like they were ready to head to the trash bin. He went into his room with the towel around his neck and saw his brother sitting on his bed. A little blush came across his face. "You know, I can rub the lotion in myself. You don't need to do It." he said.

"Yes Well if you’re going to act like a Little Kid I am going to treat you like one, Now come lie down so we can get this over with and I can go fix Lunch" Tenji said pulling the hair out his eyes and patting the towel

Kaito pouting when he called him a little kid, but since he didn't want his rear to get anymore red. He walked over to the bed and pulled down his briefs and jeans. Then lay down on the bed. Placing both arms under his chin, using them as a pillow. His bottom was still red from the spanking, but was a little redder from the hot shower. "I'm not all that hungry, ate a lot at school." he told him. "Say what do you think would be cooler on me. A tattoo or a piercing?" he asked.

"Yes well you still need to eat a little something How does some instant-ramen sound?" Tenji said applying the cool cream to his brothers red bottom "A Piercing depending on where you want it “Tenji answered as he started to rub the lotion around the still warm skin "Like a earring would look good, but nothing like a tongue or lip those look awful, If your wanting one I can talk to Dad about it and see what he says" Tenji said moving from the top to the sensitive sit spots "There, I'm Gonna Fix lunch now, Lay here and let your bottom dry and come down when you’re ready" Tenji said giving his brother a playful slap on his legs, as he left the room to fix lunch

As he felt the coolness of the lotion. the young lad's face was a little red, finding it to be a little embarrassing. "I was thinking three rings each on the eye brow. Earrings are more for girls anyway. Besides, the old ba- dad doesn't need to know." he told him. He yelps when he slapped his leg slightly. Once his brother left to make lunch. He pulled up only his briefs and just lay there for a moment to think of a plan to get back at his brother. Tenji needed to know that you can't with Kaito and get away from it. It took a few minutes, but he came up with an idea. Once it was set, he pulled up his jeans and went into the kitchen, rubbing his sore bum a bit.

To be continued……