My Wife’s Friend Mary

by Naughty Clyde

  1. My Wife’s Friend Mary
  2. Mary's Next Visit
  3. Mary Brings a Friend
  4. Spanked at Mary's Apartment
  5. Mary’s Present
Part 1: My Wife’s Friend Mary

My wife has always spanked me to keep me “in my place”, as she says. It has always been a private thing, and up until recently, no one else had really known about it. My wife always has me strip down to my birthday suit when I am spanked, and she usually starts with an over the knee spanking, and then continues from there. I am usually spanked for doing something that annoys her or that she feels is “naughty”. I have actually begun to enjoy the spanking now. I guess it shows me that she really cares about me.

Anyway, yesterday my wife invited Mary over to the house to catch up on their friendship. Mary has been coming over to our house about once a month, so I have gotten to know her, too. Mary is still single, and she is about my same age. They usually talk “girl talk”, so I usually get bored and do something else. This last time I went downstairs and started working on a project with my big, noisy electric saw. I guess it was making a lot of noise because soon my wife was yelling at the top of her lungs for me to shut off that noisy saw and to come upstairs.

I thought all she wanted was for me to turn off the noisy saw, but then she called me into the living room where Mary and her were sitting. I stood in front of her and she said, “What do you think you were doing? I only see Mary once a month and you disturbed her visit by making all of that noise downstairs. I think you have been a naughty boy, and you owe Mary an apology, and you also should be spanked.”

So I turned to Mary and apologized to her for making all that noise, and turned back to my wife and said, “There, I have apologized to Mary. I guess you can spank me later.” I didn’t like the fact that Mary now knew that my wife spanked me, but I was further surprised when my wife said, “I feel that you should be spanked right now, and since you have disrupted Mary’s visit, I feel that she should also help out in your spanking.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, so I said to my wife,“You’ve got to be kidding. You always spank me in private.”

“I know, but I don’t want you to disturb Mary’s visit ever again. So prepare yourself for a spanking,” my wife said.

I knew this meant that she wanted me to undress, so I started to take off my clothes. While I was taking off my clothes, my wife said to Mary, “I always spank him when he is nude. It has a better effect on his behavior that way.”

But when I was down to just my briefs, I pleaded to my wife,“Can’t I at least leave my briefs on. This is so embarrassing in front of Mary.”

“No,” my wife said,“Everything must come off for your spanking. You never have any clothes on when I spank you.” So I slowly took off my briefs and was now standing totally naked in front of my wife and Mary. “Go over my lap for the first part of your spanking”, my wife said. So I went over her lap and soon she was spanking me with her hand. Mary and my wife chatted while she was spanking me. My wife told her that she spanks me every time I am “naughty” and that it has really improved my relationship and respect with my wife. My wife never lets me talk while she is spanking me, so I didn’t say anything.

After she had spanked me for about five minutes, she said,“Now Mary wants to spank you. Stand up and go over to Mary and ask her to spank you.” I couldn’t believe that my wife really wanted me to do this so I just stayed over her lap.

Then I felt two hard spanks and my wife said, “You’re just going to make this spanking last longer by you staying here. So go over to Mary so that she can spank you.”

So I went over to Mary and said,“Mary, will you please spank me.”

But Mary surprised me and asked my wife,“Before I spank him, is it alright if I first examine him?”

My wife said,“Sure, it’s okay with me.” Then she commanded me,“Put your hands on your head while Mary examines you.”

Then I felt Mary’s hands on my semi-erect penis and balls. I couldn’t believe that my wife was actually allowing this to happen!

Mary next hiked up her skirt and spread her legs. “It’s now time for your spanking. Bend over my lap and put your penis between my legs,” Mary said.

So soon I was over her lap and I could feel her thighs close together to hold my penis and myself in place. Her spanks weren’t as hard as my wife’s spanks, so soon my wife noticed this and said, “He is used to being spanked harder than that, so don’t be afraid to spank him harder. He is a big boy, he can take it.” So now she was spanking harder, and I could really feel it.

Then my wife said,“While you are spanking him, let me get the instruments to be used on the second part of his spanking.”

My wife usually spanked me in two parts. At first, an over the knee spanking by hand, followed by me bending over a chair, sofa, or whatever; and then getting the paddle, hairbrush, slipper, wooden spoon, or whatever else she wanted to use on me. So I wasn’t surprised when my wife came back carrying some paddles, a hairbrush, slipper and wooden spoon. She laid them down on a coffee table and told Mary,“This is for the next part of his spanking, as soon as you are done spanking him with your hand.”

Mary stopped spanking me and said,“You can stand up, now.”

Then my wife commanded,“Bend over the end of the sofa.” Once I was bent over the sofa my wife said,“Mary, grab a paddle or whatever you want and stand on one side and I’ll use a paddle and stand on his other side. That way both of us can spank him at the same time. I like to spank him like this until his bottom is bright red.” Then I next felt the paddles hitting my poor bottom.

My wife has been the only one to spank me, so it felt different having two women spank me at the same time.

“Mary, you can switch to another spanking instrument, if you would like to.

That way he gets more variety in his spanking,” my wife said. I could really feel the difference when Mary and my wife switched to different instruments.

Soon my poor bottom was really hurting and felt quite hot. So I was glad to hear my wife say,“That should be enough of a spanking for him for now. Stand up, now, and go stand in the corner.”

My wife usually had me stand in the corner after a spanking, but this time I had to stand in the corner of the living room while they continued on with their girl talk. “Keep your hands at you sides and don’t rub your bottom,” my wife said. My wife talked to Mary about how she usually spanks me, how often, and so on. She also told Mary that whenever she was over to our house and she felt that I needed a spanking, that Mary could spank me. They finally talked about other things and soon Mary needed to leave.

But before Mary left, my wife said to me, “Go over to Mary and apologize for ruining her visit, and ask her to spank you again before she leaves.”

I couldn’t believe what my wife wanted me to do! But I reluctantly went over to Mary and said,“I’m sorry I disturbed your visit here. I won’t do it, again.

“Please spank me once more before you leave.”

Her eyes lit up and she said,“I’d be happy to. Bend over my lap again.” She hiked up her skirt and over I went again. This time I could really feel her spanks on my already sore bottom.

She spanked me for about three minutes when my wife said,“That’s enough of a spanking for him for now. You can spank him some more when you come over, again.” Then she said to me,“You can stand up, now” But now I had an erection, again. My wife saw it and said, “Mary, if he still has an erection after a spanking, I usually milk him. But since you are here, do you want to do the honors?”

“I would be delighted to,” Mary responded.

“I’ll get a hand towel for you, and I’ll be right back,” my wife said. Once she returned she commanded me,“Stand with your hands on your head and let Mary help you get rid of that nasty erection.” Then I felt Mary’s hands on my penis and balls, again. It didn’t take much time and soon I was squirting my cum into the handtowel my wife had given Mary. Then my wife said to me, “Thank Mary for spanking and milking you, and ask her to please spank you again the next time she visits us.”

So I said to Mary,“Thank you for spanking and milking me. Please spank me again when you visit us.”

Mary said, “I look forward to the next time I visit here so that I can spank you, again. I hope to see you in just two weeks from now. Be a good boy until then.”

Then my wife said,“You can get dressed now and go back to making your loud noise now that Mary is leaving.” I was so glad to get dressed again, but I was not looking forward to seeing Mary and getting spanked by her. Now I wondered how many other of my wife’s friends knew that she spanked me, and if she was going to allow her other friends to spank me. Mary left with a big smile on her face, and I now had a very red and sore bottom. I wondered what it was going to be like when Mary visited us, again.

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Part 2: Mary's Next Visit

The last time Mary had visited my wife, I made loud noises in the basement and both my wife and Mary spanked me for being “naughty” by making all of that noise. My wife also told Mary that she could spank me again, the next time she visited us. So I was NOT looking forward to another visit from Mary.

Although Mary was expected to be arrive at any minute, my wife had an errand she had to take care of. So she wrote a note for Mary, and she gave it to me to give to Mary as soon as she arrived. The note read like this:

Mary- I am sorry I am not here to greet you. I have a short errand to take care of. I should be back, shortly. Clyde has been a naughty boy this week and deserves a spanking. Go ahead and start his spanking. I will join the two of you later. Joyce

Before my wife left, she wanted to be sure that I gave the note to Mary and that I follow every thing Mary says to do. Then she went out the kitchen door.

After reading the note for myself, I knew that I was going to receive another spanking from Mary and my wife. About five minutes after my wife had left, the doorbell rang and there was Mary. I invited her in and gave her my wife's note.

She sat down in the living room and read the note and then said to me, “Well, Clyde. I see that you have been a naughty boy and deserve another spanking. Take off all of your clothes and then stand next to me for the first part of your spanking!” I couldn't believe that this was happening all over again for me. Also, Mary was about to spank me and my wife wasn't even present. I didn't want to get into more trouble with Mary, so I took off my clothes and was soon standing naked next to Mary. I had an erection already, and Mary noticed it and said,“Stand with your hands above your head while I examine you before your spanking.” So I put my hands above my head and soon felt Mary's smooth hands on my penis and balls. But after a while, she hiked up her skirt and said,“Bend over my lap for a good spanking that you deserve.” I soon felt her strong thighs hold my penis and me in place, and then she started to spank me.

She was spanking me a lot harder than the first spanking I had received from her. I could really feel my poor bottom heating up. She also was rubbing my bottom between spanks, so I didn't know if I would receive a moment of pleasure or pain during the spanking. After about five to ten minutes of an over the knee spanking from Mary she said,“I thought Joyce would be back by now. Clyde, do you know where she stores the other spanking instruments she uses on you?”

I sometimes need to bring the spanking instruments out to my wife when she spanks me, so I said, “Yes, they are stored in a drawer in the bedroom. Do you want me to get them for you?”

“Yes. Let me give you a few more spanks, then you can stand up and get them.”

So I felt a few more hard spanks, then she said, “Okay, stand up and get the spanking instruments for me.” So I stood up and went to the bedroom to retrieve the instruments. When I got back to the living room, Mary had taken a wooden chair from the kitchen and placed it in the middle of the living room floor. Mary then said,“For the next part of your spanking I want you to bend over this wooden chair.” Once I was bent over it, she said,“Bend over even more, and thrust out your bottom more than what you are doing now.” So I bent over even more. I had a feeling that I was about to receive a really hard spanking from her. She grabbed a paddle, and really laid it into me. She was also making sure that every inch of my poor bottom was being paddled.

After about five minutes of this, my wife finally walked in. She said, “I see you have Clyde's spanking under control. Keep spanking him while I put away a few things. I'll join you in a few minutes.”

“No problem,” Mary said. “I know that Clyde will be staying in one place!”

So after a few minutes, my wife grabbed a paddle and both women were spanking me. “I see you have Clyde's bottom almost a bright red already,” my wife said. “You do good work! I think Clyde should get a spanking from you every time you visit us. Don't you agree, Clyde.”

I had no choice but to say,“Yes, Mary.” Now I knew for sure that whenever Mary would come over, that I would receive a spanking.

Then after about five minutes of both of them spanking me with the various instruments, my wife said,“I think he's had enough of a spanking for now. Clyde, go stand in the corner while I visit with Mary.” So I stood in the corner while they talked and talked.

Before Mary was about to leave, she said,“You let me milk Clyde the last time. Can I do it to him again?”

“Sure, I guess so,” my wife replied. “Let me get a hand towel from the bathroom for you. Clyde, stand over here in front of Mary so that she can milk you before she leaves.”

When I walked over to Mary, I still had a semi-erection from the spanking and she said,“Put your hands on your head and act like a good boy!” Soon I felt her hands on my penis and balls, and after a few minutes of her caressing and pulling on my penis, I came in the hand towel. “You have been a good boy and I look forward to spanking you again,” Mary said.

I was then allowed to get dressed and leave the room. I wondered what would be in store for me the next time I saw Mary?

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Part 3: Mary Brings a Friend

My wife spanks me when I have been “naughty”. She also has a friend called Mary, and my wife lets Mary spank me whenever she comes to visit us. Anyway, last Sunday I went with some of my male friends to a baseball game. When I got home, Mary's car was parked in the driveway, so I had a hunch that I would probably receive a spanking, but I wasn't expecting what really happened to me.

My wife, Joyce, heard me come in the door, so she called out to me, “Clyde, come into the livingroom. Mary is here to visit with us, again.” But when I entered the livingroom, not only did I see my wife and Mary, but also another woman. She looked about ten years younger than myself, and she was wearing a nice black skirt and white blouse. “Clyde, this is Ann,” my wife said. “She wants to talk to you and know you better. Go over and talk to her.”

“Hi, Ann. Glad to meet you!” I said.

“I'm happy to have a chance to meet you, too.” Ann said. “I have so much about you from my friend, Mary. Is it true that you let Mary spank you?”

“Yes,” I said.

“And is it true that she spanks you when you are completely naked?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Will you let me spank you?” she asked.

I looked back towards my wife because I wasn't sure how to answer her. My wife was nodding her head, and said, “Clyde, tell her that you would love to be spanked by her.”

So I said, “Yes, you can spank me.”

“Good, I was hoping you would say that. Stand in front of me and take off all of your clothes for your spanking,” Ann said.

So there I was stripping before a younger woman who I had never met before. By the time I had taken off all of my clothes, I had an erection just thinking that she was about to spank me. When I had all my clothes in a neat pile, I faced her again.

“I see that you are excited about being spanked by me,” Ann said. “Come closer so that I can examine you.” Soon her fingers were around my balls and stroking my penis. This made me move from side to side and she said, “Hold still and keep your hands on your head while I examine you. Otherwise, I will give you an even longer spanking.” So I put my hands on my head and stood as still as possible.

After a few minutes of this examination, she said, “Mary tells me that if I hike up my skirt, you will put your penis between my legs and I can control you better that way. Is that true?” she asked.

“I guess so. If that is what you want.” I said.

“Good, let me hike up my skirt and you can come over my knees for a much deserved spanking,” she said. So over I went and I soon felt her thighs holding me and my penis in place. “Joyce tells me that you have been ignoring her lately, and you went off to a baseball game with the boys. Is that true?”

I felt a SPANK, and I said, “Yes, I was at a baseball game, today.”

“You also haven't been helping her with the housework. Is that true?”

Another hard SPANK, and I said, “I guess so.”

“Then you deserve this spanking. I'll spank you first, then Mary and your wife also want to spank you,” Ann said. So then Ann really started to spank me, and hard. I was soon squirming in her lap, but her thighs tightly gripped my penis and held me in place. “You are moving around too much again, Clyde. Try to stay still or I will keep spanking you for a long time.” So I stayed as still as I could, and soon the spanking stopped. My poor bottom was already hot, and Mary and my wife hadn't spanked me yet!“Stand up and go over to Mary,” she said, “It's her turn to spank you.”

Soon I was standing next to Mary, and she said, “Put you hands on your head and turn around. I want to first see how red Mary made your bottom.” Then I felt her hands on my hot bottom. “You did a good job of spanking him!But I guess his bottom will be a lot redder after Joyce and I have spanked him.” Then she said to me, “Turn around and keep your hands on your head.” Then I felt her hands on my penis and balls. “I always like to examine you before your spanking. Lay over my lap so that I can spank you.” Mary had hiked up her skirt and over I went. Soon the spanks started raining down on my bottom again. After about five minutes of this, she said, “I'm not done with your spanking for today, but go over to your wife for a further spanking.”

Thank goodness, my wife didn't need to examine me. But over her lap I went, and now I was being spanked, again. This continued for another five minutes and while I was still over her lap, my wife said, “He usually gets the paddle and other instruments used on him next, but since all three of us have given him a good hand spanking, let me get just the paddle or Ann to spank him with.”

So she let me up, and Mary said, “He usually bends over the end of the sofa for the paddle. Is that okay with you, Ann.”

“Sure,” Ann said. “Clyde, bend over the end of the sofa so that I can paddle you.” I couldn't believe that I was letting three women spank me, but I went over the sofa and bent over it. Soon, my wife came back with a paddle and gave it to Ann.

I usually don't have to count out loud my spanks, but my wife said to Ann, “Since he has had a good spanking already, why don't you give him twenty spanks with the paddle and have him count them out loud for you!”

“Did you hear that, Clyde?” Ann asked. “Count these out”

Then WACK, “One,” I said. WACK, “Two.” I did pretty well until I got to twenty. At twenty, I raised up and rubbed my poor bottom.

“Bend back down, again. You forgot to count and don't move until we say you can. Ann, give him that last one again.” Then WACK.

“Twenty,” I said. Then I felt three pairs of female hands on my poor bottom.

“MY, you do have a red and hot bottom,” Ann said.

“Go stand in the corner while we talk, some more.” My wife said.

So while I stood in the corner, they carried on their girl talk. Ann talked about never had spanked a grown man before, and that she really enjoyed spanking me. My wife told her that she allows Mary to spank me whenever she comes over, and that Ann could also spank me when she wanted to. This I was NOT looking forward too.

Then right before they left, my wife said, “Clyde, Ann and Mary are about to leave, so bend over Ann's lap for a quick spanking before she leaves.”

So I bent over Ann's lap for another spanking. After about a minute or two, she let me up again. I now had an erection again, and Mary said, “I usually milk him if he has an erection at this point, but since this is his first spanking by you, I think you should do it.”

“Good idea,” my wife said. “Let me first get you a hand towel.” So soon Ann was pulling on my penis and balls, and I came in the hand towel.

Then Ann said, “I had a good time getting to know you, Clyde. I look forward to when I can see you and spank you, again.”

“You can get dressed now,” my wife said.

So away Mary and Ann went. I wondered when I would see them and be spanked by them, again.

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Part 4: Spanked at Mary's Apartment

My wife went out of town on a business trip for a week. I thought since she was gone, that I wouldn’t be spanked and that I would be free to do whatever I wanted to. But I was wrong. On Saturday, about ten o’clock, she called me and said, “I have been talking to Mary about me being gone. I told her that you would be at her apartment at one-thirty today. Be sure to bring the spanking Implements with you, because you are going to be spanked by Mary. This way, I make sure you will stay out of trouble while I am out of town. Besides, I think Mary likes to spank you.” Then she proceeded to give me the address and directions to Mary’s apartment. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My plans of shooting pool and drinking beer were NOT going to happen. And now, I was going to be spanked, again.

So around one o’clock I gathered up the spanking implements and put them into a paper grocery bag, and left for Mary’s apartment. I arrived there just before one-thirty, and Mary greeted me at the door with a big smile. “Good, you’re right on time for your spanking. Did you bring the spanking implements?”

“Yes I did. They are in this paper bag.”

“Just set the bag down in the living room. If you need to go to the bathroom before your spanking, it’s down the hall. Come back to the living room when you are through.”

So I took the pressure off by going to the bathroom. When I returned, Mary was on the phone and motioned for me to have a seat on the sofa. Mary was saying on the phone, “Clyde is here now for his spanking. Do you still want to help in his spanking? Good, I’ll see you in a few minutes.” When Mary hung up the phone, she said, “I was talking to Pat. I have told her how much I enjoy spanking you, and she wants to spank you, too. We also have something different in mind for part of your spanking.” Then there was a knock at the door, and Mary let in a young woman who looked about Mary’s age. I stood up and Mary introduced us to each other.

“I have heard so much about you from Mary,” Pat said. “I can’t wait to spank you.”

“Pat, why don’t you sit on that chair over there, and Clyde, take off all of your clothes for your spanking.” Now I was stripping before a complete stranger, and I was about to be spanked by her. “I told Pat how I examine you before your spanking, so after you have all of your clothes off, go over to Pat to be examined.”

Once I had walked over to Pat, she said, “First, turn around so that I may examine your bottom.” So I turned and felt her hands on my bottom cheeks. She even spread them apart. Now I knew for sure that I was going to be spanked differently, today. “Now turn around so that I can examine your cock and balls.” I turned again, and now her hands were examining my penis and balls.

As she was handling them, I began to have an erection. Pat said, “Go ahead and get an erection. Then I can keep you in place better when I spank you.” She finally let go of me, and hiked up her skirt. “You can lie over my lap now, for your spanking.” So over I went. She clamped my penis in place between her thighs and started to spank me. She also alternated between spanking me and rubbing my bottom. I didn’t know what to expect next, pain or pleasure. In the meantime, Mary had walked over and was observing my spanking by Pat.

“Pat is an experienced spanker,” Mary said. “Why don’t you tell Clyde about yourself.”

So while Pat was spanking me, she said, “I come from a family with three younger brothers. My father was a traveling salesman, and who never home. My mother died of cancer when I was 16 years old. So I was like a mother to my younger brothers. I disciplined my brothers by spanking them. I spanked them through high school and even in college. Now most of them have moved away, so when Mary mentioned that you were coming over for Mary to spank you, I told her I wanted to spank you, too.”

“We have a surprise for you for the second half of your spanking. But first, I want to give you an over the knee spanking,” Mary said.

“Clyde, stand up. Mary will sit in my same chair and spank you,” Pat said.

Mary sat down, examined my erect penis and balls then said, “Over you go. I’m really glad your wife is out of town so that Pat and I can spank you.” Then the hand spanking started again and lasted about five minutes. Then Mary said, “You can stand up now, and we will continue with the next phase of your spanking.”

Pat grabbed my penis and said, “Follow me into Mary’s bedroom.” When we entered the bedroom, I noticed the bed has no spread and the blankets were off of it.

In the middle was a large pillow with a towel on it. “Lay face down on the bed. The pillows will elevate your bottom for a better target.” I had never been spanked this way before, so I just laid face down on the bed. Mary and Pat were near the top bedposts and Pat said, “Give each of us one of your wrists.” Then they proceeded to tie rope around my wrists and tied them to the bedposts. “Now spread your legs,” Pat said. Then they secured my ankles to the bottom bedposts. “Mary said you have a tendency to squirm around a lot.

This should keep you in place. By the way, this is the way I spanked my brothers when they got older.” Then Mary brought into the room a boombox, and she put on some music that really had a beat to it.

“This is so that the people in the other apartments don’t hear the spanking,” Mary said. Then my spanking started, again, with Mary on one side of the bed and Pat on the other side. They were using paddles and the various spanking implements that I had brought over. Being tied down and spanked rapidly by Mary and Pat made my spanking hurt more than usual. Soon I was making grunting noises as each spank hit my poor bottom.

Pat noticed this and said to me, “Clyde, turn your head towards me.” Then she said to Mary, “Hand me those panties that are on the top of your dresser.” I wasn’t sure what was going to happen until Pat said, “Clyde, open your mouth.” Then she took the panties and stuffed them into my mouth. “That should keep you quiet for the rest of your spanking.” Then they continued to spank me some more. The panties must have not been washed yet, because I could now smell and taste Mary in my mouth.

Soon Pat said, “I think he has had enough of a spanking for today. Let’s turn him over to finish him off.” Then I felt the ropes being taken off the bedposts but they were still secured to my ankles and wrists. “Roll over so that you are face-up,” Pat said. They immediately resecured me spread eagle to the bed. I still had an erection from the spanking and the panties in my mouth.

Mary said, “Let me take care of this part. I always like milking Clyde at the end of his spanking.” Then Mary proceeded to stroke my penis and balls until I came into her hands. I was unable to make anymore noises because her panties were still in my mouth. Next they untied me, took out the panties from my mouth, and then we went back to the living room.

Mary said, “Now stand in the corner while I talk to Pat. Keep your hands at your sides and don’t rub your bottom.” So I stood in the corner while they talked about my spanking and how both of them loved to spank men.

Before Pat left, she said, “Clyde, come over here so that I can see what the spanking did to your bottom.” So I walked over to Pat, and soon felt her hands all over my sore bottom. “It looks pretty red, so you should feel this spanking for a few days. I hope that I can spank you again, someday.”

“That can be arranged,” Mary said. “I’m a good friend of his wife. You could come with me when I visit his wife. She always lets me spank Clyde when I am at their house.” So Pat and Mary talked a little bit longer, then Pat left.

Then Mary said to me, “Before I let you get dressed and leave, go over my lap again for a few more spanks. That way I can see your poor bottom again.” I really didn’t want to be spanked anymore, but over her lap I went. After examining my bottom she said, “I agree with Pat, it looks like you will feel this spanking for a few days. But here are a few more spanks to remember this spanking that you received, today.” With that, she gave me about ten more spanks on top of my very red and well-spanked bottom. Then she let me stand up again and get dressed.

Just before I left her apartment she handed me the paper bag of spanking implements and said, “I hope your wife goes on some more business trips. I like to spank you in my own apartment and Pat is just down the hallway, so she can always join in.”

This was a spanking I felt for several days, and I knew that I would always have different spanking experiences when Pat and Mary spanked me.

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Part 5: Mary’s Present

As you probably know from my other stories, my wife spanks me. Also, she has a good friend named Mary who comes to visit us about every two weeks, and my wife allows her to spank me. Mary has spanked me on many occasions, and one time while my wife was out of town on a business trip, she had me go over to Mary’s apartment for a spanking.

Anyway, my wife and I had just celebrated our second wedding anniversary several days ago and Mary came over to visit. She brought into the house a long thin box as an anniversary present for us. Although the present was for both of us, she had my wife open it. To my surprise and dismay, it was a long thin cane with a curved handle.

“I thought you would like the cane. It can be used to spank Clyde when he really has been bad or naughty,” Mary said.

“I have read that you need to be careful when you use a cane. Can you show me how to use it?” My wife asked.

“Sure, we could spank Clyde right now,” Mary said. “But first, we should warm Clyde up with an over the knee hand spanking,” Mary said.

“That’s a good idea,” my wife replied. “Clyde, take off all of your clothes so that we can spank you and use the new cane on you. After you have undressed, go over to Mary for a hand spanking.”

So I stripped down to nothing, and went over and stood by Mary. “I always like to examine you before I spank you, so stand still for a little bit,” Mary said.

Then she proceeded to examine my penis and balls. Soon, I had an erection, and Mary said; “Now you are ready for me to spank you.” She hiked up her skirt, spread her legs a little, and over I went with my penis between her legs. She closed her legs together, and now my penis was held in place with her thighs.

Then her hand spanking started. Mary has become very good spanker. She varies from cheek to cheek, and she also goes between rubbing my bottom and spanking me. This way I don’t know what to expect, pain or pleasure.

Mary spanked me for about five minutes and then said, “I think I have warmed you up enough, now lets move on to the cane. Clyde, stand up now, and then go over and bend over the end of the sofa.” So I stood up, and walked over to the sofa and bent over it. I had never been caned before, so I didn’t know what to expect. Mary said to my wife, “Usually, a person can only stand six to eight strokes of the cane. Let me give Clyde the first stroke so that you can see how the cane should be used. The cane should NOT be used too high on his bottom, because it could cause too much damage. Also, you first tap his bottom with the cane so that you can measure your swing.” I could now feel her tapping my bottom with the cane. “You should make sure the tip of the cane doesn’t extend out too far. Otherwise, it will wrap around and cause a lot of pain on one of his cheeks. You draw the cane back, then try to make it land where you measured from. Like this.”

I heard a whistle sound the SPLAT. Boy did that hurt. It felt like a hundred bees had just stung me in a straight line. Then Mary said, “See the welt it just left?” I could feel both of their hands feeling the new ridge on my bottom. “If you can, you should place the strokes in parallel to each other. You try it.”

I felt the tapping, heard the whistle sound, the SPLAT. This time my hands went back real fast to rub my bottom. I didn’t know that a cane could hurt so bad. “You can really feel the cane, can’t you Clyde,” my wife said.

“I sure can,” I answered. “I won’t want the cane used on me very often.”

“Then you better be a good boy and always do what I tell you to do,” my wife said.

“Usually, when someone is caned, it is customary for the person getting caned to count out loud the strokes, and to thank the person for the stroke. Do you think you can do that, Clyde?” Mary asked.

“I guess so,” was my reply.

“You’ve had two strokes already, so your next count will be three. Also, if you forget to count out loud, or you stand up, the stroke is repeated,” Mary said. “So give him his next stroke.”

“Okay,” my wife answered. “Here comes number three!” I felt the tapping of the cane, heard the whistle, then SPLAT.

I took in a deep breath and said, “Three, thank you, ma’am.”

“Give him one more, then I want to give him the last two strokes,” Mary said.

Tap, whistle, SPLAT. “Four, thank you, ma’am,” I said. Now my bottom was really hurting. It took all that was in me to stay in place.

“You’re doing a good job for never been caned before,” Mary said. “Here comes number five.”

SPLAT. “Five, thank you, Mary,” I said. My whole bottom felt like it was on fire.

“Your last stroke I want to place in the crease between your bottom and the top of your legs,” Mary said. “That way you will for sure feel this caning for a few days.”

I felt the cane tapping me there, the SPLAT. That hurt so much that I stood up and rubbed my poor bottom. “You should NOT of stood up,” Mary said. “Now I will need to repeat that stroke.”

So I reluctantly bent over the sofa again, then SPLAT. “Six, thank you, Mary,” I said.

“Stay in position while we examine your bottom,” Mary said. Then I felt two pairs of hands feeling the new welts on my bottom. After about several minutes of this, my wife said, “Stand in the corner while we talk.” So I stood in the corner while Mary gave my wife more pointers on how to use the cane. Then they went on to other subjects and soon Mary had to leave.

Before Mary left, she said, “Clyde, come over here so that I can give you another over the knee spanking before I leave.” So I went over to Mary, went over her lap, and was spanked on my recently caned bottom. This hurt a lot more than when Mary usually spanks me. “Is it okay if I milk him, before I leave?” Mary asked while I was still over her lap.

“Sure,” my wife answered. “Let me get a hand towel for you.”

“Clyde, stand up and put your hands on top of your head so that I can milk you,” Mary said. So my hands went on top of my head, my wife gave Mary a hand towel, and Mary began pulling and stroking on my penis and balls. Soon, I was coming in the hand towel. Mary wiped me off and said, “I hope you enjoy your new anniversary present. It should ensure that Clyde is always in his best behavior.”

“I know that I will make good use of the cane, now that you have shown me how to use it,” my wife replied. “Clyde, you can get dressed now and leave the room.”

So I got dressed and left the room. I now had to really act good towards my wife. I didn’t want to feel the cane, again.