Lee Academy

by Gary

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Part 1

The school sat on a large block of land, one large building in the middle, surrounded by two separate wings. It was a private school, not for high school students, but for younger students, grades 7 to 9. It was a popular school, at least with the parents of the pupils who attended the school. It was, at least some of the time, not so popular with the students themselves.

Unlike other private schools in the area, it was mandatory that all students live at the school. This was even true of students whose parents lived in the local area as no exceptions were allowed, and visits were limited to vacation weeks, at which time, students were allowed to go home. While co-educational, mingling between the girls and boys, outside of the classroom, and cafeteria, was only allowed under close supervision. One unusual aspect of the school was its matriarchal outlook. All the employees of the school, including both teachers and administrators, were female.

The two wings of the school housed the school's students, with the boys occupying one wing and the girls, the other one. The building between them consisted of classrooms, offices, the gym and the cafeteria. Each of the two wings were setup identically. Each floor was devoted to a separate grade in order, with the seventh grade occupying the first floor. The rooms were laid out on the border of the building with an open space in the middle from the second floor up. For the second and third floors, there was a wide balcony around the entire area. On the first floor, the middle area contained a mini-library, an audio-visual area, and a study area, as well as a desk for a supervisory person on duty at the time.

The students of each grade were divided into four sections for housing assignments, each section consisting of eight students. The rooms were large, with two students sharing each room. Besides the two beds, the two dressers and two closets that it contained, there was also enough room for two desks and a computer table. Another staple of each room was a stool, placed in an otherwise empty corner of the room. In addition to the students' rooms, there were room at each corner of the floor. The live-in housemothers, who each had 8 students assigned to them, occupied these corner rooms. They were, of course, like all the other employees of the school, female.

Elizabeth, or Beth, as she preferred to be called, was one such housemother, and she was assigned a section consisting of seventh graders. It was her second year as a housemother, and this year, she planned to have a much better beginning to the school year than she did a year ago. The previous year was almost her only year as early problems almost caused her dismissal. Each housemother was given plenty of discretion, as long as the end product was satisfactory. In Beth's case, it almost wasn't. What nearly caused Beth's dismissal was her leniency in discipline matters. At the start of the year, in her own orientation, it was suggested to her that it might be a good idea to let her students know right away who was boss. Beth, however, didn't want to be the "bad guy" from the start and attempted to be her sections 'friend' instead of being the substitute mother that perhaps her students required. The end result was to be predicted, with Beth being taken advantage of, until she had to take drastic and severe measures to straighten out the problem and save her job. This year, Beth promised herself, it would be different.

It was late Sunday afternoon. It was "Arrival Day" and students were arriving throughout the afternoon, accompanied by their parent or parents, together with suitcases, etc. For those students in grades 8 & 9, it wasn't such a big deal, having experienced it already. For the seventh graders, it was time of anxiety and nervousness, as they faced a new and different situation. There was also another aspect that was in the back of there minds, an aspect that they never had to deal with while attending a public school.

As Beth walked out of her own room, the activity was dying down. Supper was still a few hours away yet, and with what she had in mind, she wanted to accomplish it before accompanying her section to the cafeteria. She decided to start with the room next to her own. Knocking once, she went inside. The two 13 year old boys, lay on their beds, each playing with a videogame. Stopping their game playing, they both looked up at Beth, perhaps wondering who this young woman was.

"Hi, good afternoon, boys, I am Beth," she introduced herself, smiling pleasantly, "I'll be your housemother here at Lee Academy."

Both boys said hello to Beth, as they sat up on their beds.

"I see that both of you have unpacked and put away your belongings, that's good to see. Supper will be in about two hours or so, but first there are a few things that we will have to go over. I know I might look young to you boys, but I want you to regard me similarly as you would your mom, and be able to discuss any problems you have with me. How does that sound to you?"

Both boys nodded affirmatively. At that point, Beth walked over to the corner and took the stool and moved it toward the middle of the room, in front of a small table, and sat down.

"How about coming over here? I have a few more things to go over with you and I would like to have you two standing in front of me."

Both boys got off the bed and walked over to Beth, standing in front of her, as she wished.

"Now, as I said, I would like you to regard me as your mom. I certainly hope I can be a kind 'mom' to you and the rest of the boys of our section, but, having been a housemother last year, as well as having two younger brothers, I know that it is true that 'boys will be boys'. When that happens, I am afraid that I will have to assume the role of a 'strict' mom and act accordingly."

With those remarks, Beth reached over to Chris, who was standing to Beth's left, and began to unbuckle his belt.

"Wh...what are you doing?" Chris' eyes opened wide in surprise as he felt and saw his housemother undo his belt. As she completely unbuckled his belt, and then unbuttoned the top of his jeans, Beth responded to Chris' question.

"Oh, I think you know the answer to your own question, Chris. I don't want any misunderstanding about what is expected of you and what the consequences would be if you misbehave while at Lee Academy."

As she spoke, she continued with the boy's undressing, as she unzipped his jeans and pulled them down to his knees. Leaving him standing there, blushing, with his underpants on display, Beth turned to Jon, who was wide-eyed himself, as he watched Beth undress Chris. When Beth reached for Jon, he made the mistake of pulling back and away from Beth.

"Now, Jon, I don't think that is a good idea. Resisting is not something I look kindly on."

Taking a firm grip on the waistband of Jon's pants, she forced him to stand in front of her as she prepared him. Once his pants were down at his knees, she turned him to his right, leaving him sideways to her.




Beth had reached back and gave Jon two resounding spanks on the seat of his briefs, causing Jon to yell out and then reach back to rub the sore spot caused by the hard spanks. She then turned Jon back toward her, leaving both boys facing her.

"Now then, now that both of you are almost ready, it's time for the two of you to go across my knees, just like other boys do when they are naughty and their moms intend to spank them."

Patting her knees, Beth indicated to the boys where she wanted them. Beth was tall, and sitting on the stool, her long legs provided a wide 'platform', very suitable for taking two younger boys across her lap at the same time. Embarrassed, the two boys walked over to Beth's right hand side, as she indicated, and with Jon on the inside, they both went over their new housemother's knees, and Beth helped them get into position. As embarrassed as they were, it was about to get more embarrassing, as Beth grabbed the waistband of Jon's underpants and slowly tugged them down, gradually exposing his bare backside, which displayed a couple of red splotches from the two spanks he received earlier. This time, Jon knew better than resist, although he did come out with a moan, which alerted Chris, on what was happening.

"I know it is embarrassing to have your behinds bared, boys," Beth spoke, as she finished baring Jon's behind and began to do the same with Chris. "However, since I am to be regarded as your "mom" during your stay here, you will have to get used to this 'mom' seeing you undressed just like your own mom would. Perhaps this short lesson will be the only time you will have to be in this position, but that's entirely up to you."

Both boys' underpants had joined their pants at their knees, leaving the two boyish bottoms on display. Now that the two boys were in position, Beth felt she had the boys' undivided attention, and began to go over the various rules and what was expected of them, while attending Lee Academy. While it only took a few minutes, it seemed ages to the two boys, as they laid across the knees of a complete stranger. Both squirmed at times, as they found themselves uncomfortable and helpless. Then, with all the rules explained and with the boys telling Beth they understood, it was time. Having made a few minor adjustments to the their positioning, Beth raised her right arm high and brought it down, smacking hard across the middle of Jon's bottom.



This was followed by an exact duplicate administered to Chris's waiting backside.



Following the two opening spanks, Beth methodically handed out 25 hard spanks to each boy, causing tears to occur, from the pain of the spanks, and the shock of the spanking even happening at all. When the handspanking stopped, the boys thought they would be allowed up, but not yet.

"Now boys, I have a few questions for you two. I assume both of you get spanked at home. Is that a correct assumption?"

Both boys admitted they did, and, after being asked, reluctantly admitted that being across their own mom's knees with their bottoms bare was not something unusual. Then Beth asked the final questions.

"Tell me, boys, your mom doesn't just use her hand when she spanks you, does she? Does she use something other than her hand, such as a hairbrush?"

Both boys, though probably not too willingly, admitted that, yes, their moms sometimes would use a hairbrush to spank them with.

"That' good, " Beth responded, "that you are used to being spanked with a hairbrush, because as it so happens, there seems to be one right here in the table behind me."

As she spoke, Beth reached back, opened the small drawer in the table, and pulled out a formidable wooden hairbrush that just 'happened'to be there.

"Now, boys, just a few more spanks, and it will be all over."


Five quick hairbrush spanks in a row, spread out over Jon's upturned bottom, caused Jon even more tears as he jumped from the suddenness of the five spanks. Those five spanks were followed immediately by a duplicate series of spanks applied to Chris' behind.

"OK, boys, it's over. I am sorry I had to do this, but from what I learned last year, I think, in the long run, it will be beneficial and probably save you from some spankings in the future."

Then, changing from her friendly and kind voice to a stern intonation, she gave the boys a warning.

"Just remember, what you just received was a sample. A spanking for actual misbehavior won't be as light, let me assure you."

At that point, Beth pulled up, in turn, both boys' underpants, covering up their reddened bottoms, and then helped them off her knees. Just like a mom would do, she hugged each of the boys, and both boys seemed to appreciate the gesture, as it signified a caring and loving attitude by Beth. Then, with a 'loving' tap to each of their bottoms, she told them to rest until supper and Beth left the room. Since each room was soundproofed, what took place in that room was unknown to the rest of the section.

The next two rooms that Beth visited produced nothing unusual. Like with Jon and Chris, each pair of roommates were undressed and then turned over Beth's lap and their bottoms bared. Then, after being told of the rules and what was expected of them, 25 hand spanks were administered, followed by five additional spanks with a hairbrush, which, just like with the hairbrush in Chris and Jon's room, just happened to be in the small table's drawer.

Then it was time to visit the last room of Beth's section, in which resided the Anderson twins. As it turned out, Beth was not able to hand out the sample spankings that she did with the other six students of her section.

But that's a story for anther time............

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Part 2

Having made her visits to the other 3 rooms, and having explained, in her inimitable way, what was expected of them, Beth headed to the last room of her section, where the Anderson twins were to be residing. Unknown to Beth, the twins' parents was still at the school, and in fact, were in the boys' room.

So Beth was completely surprised when she opened the door to the boys' room. Before Beth could utter her greeting to the boys, she beheld the tableau set before her. Sitting on the stool was undoubtedly the twins' mother. Across her knees, was a boy, who, obviously, was one of the twins. His bottom was bare, his jeans and underpants down at his ankles. Standing up, not quite in front of his mother and brother, was another boy, the other twin. He was a sight himself, as he stood there, with his own jeans and underpants at his ankles. However, while the twin over the knee still had a white behind, the twin standing owned a blazing red bottom, and was sobbing loudly, making it clear that he had just been let off his mom's knees after being soundly spanked. As Beth quickly surveyed the scene, she noticed the twin's dad and a older girl, probably, she thought, an older sister.

"H....Hi," Beth stammered, not sure what to say or how to react. "Maybe I'll come back in a few minutes."

"Nonsense! There's no need for you to do that. I know very well you have seen a naughty boy's bottom before. And it won't be the first time they have been spanked in front of others. Both the boys and their sister have been bickering and been real brats lately, and they have been all very overdue for a blistering."

Beth could see, from how the spanked twin's behind looked, that one blistering had indeed been given. Meanwhile, the other twin, draped over his mom's knees, squirmed in anticipation, as he awaited his own painful spanking. In his mother's hand was a large wooden hairbrush, not much different from the ones that Beth had used in the other rooms of her section.

"Well, I think Bobby has waited enough for his spanking, I am sure he doesn't want to miss out on what his brother got."

Then, immediately, the spanking began, and Beth found out how skilled a spanker the boys' mom was. The first spank of the hairbrush echoed through the room as Bobby cried out in pain. A red blotch appeared on one bottom cheek, and then another appeared on the other bottom cheek after another sizzling spank. Then, spank after spank followed, each as hard as the previous one. This, unlike Beth's spankings before, was not a sample spanking. As was obvious from the other twin's bottom, this was a full-fledged spanking.

Even Beth winced from the impact of the hairbrush on the boy's bottom. "I'm glad I am not the one over her knees," Beth thought. "I am sure glad my mom didn't spank THAT hard."

As the spanking progressed, Bobby soon was crying and then sobbing. The pain from the spanks got harder and harder to tolerate, and he lost complete control and just wailed away in agony. He could no longer protest, plead or beg, but just lay there, as spank after spank turned his pale backside red. Then, suddenly, his mom must have thought Bobby had been spanked soundly enough, as she stopped the spanking. Bobby still carried on, as if he still was being spanked, his bottom surely on fire. Leaving his underpants and jeans where they were, she had Bobby get off her knees. Beth was surprised to see that Bobby made no attempt to reach back to rub his bottom. At the same time, she realized that the other twin also didn't rub his bottom. It must be she surmised, a forbidden act, that would only get them punished further. Beth could well imagine how much the boys wanted to rub and how difficult it was to keep their hands away from their bottoms.

Now both boys were standing next to each other, each with their bottoms bare and on display to Beth and also to their sister, who was sitting on the bed.

While the spankings was over, their mom wasn't done with them yet. Waiving the hairbrush at them, she lectured.

"You two just better behave yourselves while you are here, young men,or you won't be sitting down the entire duration of Thanksgiving vacation."

Then she turned to Beth. "Miss Ashley, I expect that you will keep a sharp eye on these two brats, and to spank them soundly if they act up. As you can see, they are used to being spanked hard and long, and you most likely will have crack down on them yourself."

Then, standing up, and still leaving the boys standing where they were, she put the hairbrush back in her pocketbook, and began to walk to the door, accompanied by the twins' dad and their sister.

"Well, I'll leave Bobby and Billy in your hands. This young lady (indicating the boys' sister) has a spanking waiting for her at home for her acting up. Melanie's lucky I don't spank her right here and now."

Reaching over to their daughter, she smacked the seat of the girl's pleaded skirt.

"OUCH! Stop! Don't you dare.......!"

"Don't I dare what? Young lady, I don't think I can wait until we get home after all."

Mrs. Anderson grabbed Melanie's wrist and pulled her over to the stool. As if it was something she did all the time (and she probably did), she quickly sat down on the stool and in an instant had her daughter face down across her lap. As she lifted Melanie's skirt, Melanie began resisting her mother's efforts to prepare her for her spanking. Failing to stop her skirt from being lifted up, and feeling her mother grabbing the waistband of her panties, Melanie tried to stop the baring of her behind by reaching back and grabbing her panties herself. That failed when her mom gave her five resounding hand spanks. It also evidently cost Melanie a further sanction. Because, after pulling the panties down below Melanie's bottom, she didn't stop there, but took them off completely.

"You know better than trying to resist me when I am going to spank you, young lady. So, since you are so anxious to keep me from pulling down your panties, you can go without them for the rest of the day. I don't care if you are sixteen years old." Her mother's announcement of the extra punishment caused a few tears to fall, even more so when she saw her mom reach into her pocketbook and pull out the hairbrush, probably still warm from the heat it created from the two spankings already handed out.


The spanking began, as the hairbrush found it's target time after time. Mrs. Anderson didn't waste any time in turning his daughter's bottom scarlet, as she spanked rapid-fire, while Melanie kicked, squirmed and twisted, trying vainly to escape the painful spanks. If anything, her spanking was worse than the spankings her younger brothers received, as the spanks continued to rain down on the poor, defenseless bottom. Streams and streams of tears fell, as the poor girl surrendered completely to the awful hairbrush. No longer was she the mature 16 yr. high school sophomore she thought she was. Rather, she was just like any other naughty girl being spanked by her mom for misbehaving. Finally, the spanking stopped, leaving Melanie in a mess of tears as she lay across her mom's knees. Then was helped up and off the knees and she stood there, trying to pull the back hem of her skirt down more than it was. She felt too conscious of the fact that her bottom was bare and that only the short skirt she was wearing hid her bottom from public view. Her mom reminded her of further consequences.

"We're still going to out to eat, young lady, so, if I were you, I would be VERY careful. It wouldn't be too difficult to flip the back of your skirt up and spank you again."

Melanie blushed at her mom's remarks, and looked down at the floor, embarrassed.

Both Billy and Bobby just remained as they were, standing bare bottomed, with their bottoms still red, as their parents hugged them and wished the boys well. Then they left, leaving the boys and Beth alone in the room. After telling the twins they could pull up their underpants and pants, she spoke to them.

"Well, I guess it's been quite an afternoon for both of you and your sister as well, hasn't it? Whew! Supper is in just a few minutes, and I don't think you are ready to face anyone right now. Why don't I bring supper back to you. I'll just say you two aren't feeling too well, which, I guess, is pretty much true."

Both boys nodded appreciatively, not wanting to face the prospect of trying to avoid squirming while sitting down.

Beth continued on, "I had intended to talk to you about what rules we have at Lee Academy, but I don't think the time is right. Let's see...I want everyone to be ready for breakfast at 7:00, so you two be ready at 6:40 and I will talk to you then."

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Part 3

"Boys! Didn't I say to be ready at 6:40? Now, I come in here and see you're only half-dressed!"

It was the next morning and Beth, as promised, had returned to the twins' room for their explanation of rules, along with the sample spanking she had given the other students in her section. She had expected them to both be ready for her, and was both surprised and upset that they weren't. Instead, they only had their shirts, underpants and socks on.

"Perhaps you didn't think I was serious and didn't mean what I said. Well, you will find out that I mean exactly what I say and that I won't put up with any disobedience. I can't wait for you to finish dressing, pick up your pants and shoes and come outside."

Both boys protested, " Can't we put our pants on first? You don't want us to go outside with just our underpants on, do you?"

"Are you still having trouble listening to me? I just said that you are to finish dressing outside, now move it, both of you!"

Beth indicated to the twins to walk in front of her and to go out of the room. As they stood in front of her, she smacked them each on the seat of their briefs, propelling them both outside. As they left the room, she grabbed the stool and brought it outside. To the amused looks of the other 6 students of the section, they made their appearance outside their rooms. Both twins were about to put their pants on, but Beth had other ideas.

"Leave your pants off right now, boys, and stand in front of me. Don't give me that look, do what I say."

Both boys went slowly over to Beth, who was now sitting down on the stool. Both boys had a look that showed that they now had more than an inkling of what was about to happen. As for the other students watching, they had an excellent idea of what was about to take place.

"Please, Miss Ashley, it won't happen again. Give us another chance!" the boys pleaded.

"Be quiet, you two, and come over to my right, that's right, and over you go."

Beth indicated to the boys to go over her knees, which they reluctantly did. As soon as both of them were across her lap and in position, she pulled down the underpants of both boys, leaving their bottoms bare and sticking up. With the boys ready to be spanked, Beth began to explain the rules to the boys, emphasizing the need to be punctual and to do what they are told.

Beth told them, and looked at the rest of her section as well, that if they break the rules, they can expect to be punished and not always in private. It was only a short lecture, and then Beth raised her hand and began spanking. The sound of the spanks echoed through the open area of the wing and brought attention to what was happening. Students from the other sections on that level turned their eyes toward the sight of two boys, across the knees of a housemother, being spanked on their bare behinds. For the other levels, housing the other grades, some of the students were able to watch what was taking place, and others could only hear what was happening. Both twins realized that fact even before the spanking began and had blushed when they thought about others seeing them in their childish position. Right now, though, they could only deal with the pain of Beth's hand spanks. Despite being spanked often at home, even the pain of hand spanks never got dulled by frequent applications, and each spanking brought the same stinging and pain as previous ones.

Unlike the sample spankings of the day before, Beth didn't stop at 25, but continued on, methodically. While not wanting to severely spank the twins, she did want to give them a lesson to remember as well as remind the other students of what they could face if they misbehave. So, spank after spank was applied to the twins' upturned behinds, with their bottoms becoming redder and redder, and the twins' sobs becoming louder and louder. Meanwhile, their audience was growing as more and more students were now outside their rooms and able to see or hear what was going on. After applying approximately 50 spanks to each twin's bottom, Beth stopped the handspanking.

If the twins' expected their spanking to be over with, they were to find out differently. Because Beth reached into her large pocketbook and pulled out a wooden hairbrush, which was identical to the hairbrushes that were in the drawer of each room's small table. The twins were unaware of what Beth was doing and only found out when the first spank of the hairbrush was applied to Bobby's already red bottom. As Bobby cried out in pain, Billy got his first spank with the hairbrush and he reacted in a similar manner. Then Beth applied 25 hard hairbrush spanks to each twin, causing both of them to sob even louder. After the total of 50 spanks were given, Beth ceased the spanking, but kept the twins across her knees, and addressed the twins, while looking at the other students in her section.

"This is what happens when you don't obey me. Do you think you can behave yourselves in the future and do what you are told?"


Beth punctuated the question with a hard spank to each twin.

"Yes, Miss Ashley, we will behave, please don't spank us anymore."

"Well, I certainly hope you behave, and I hope the rest of you (again looking at the rest of the section) have learned something from what you have just seen. If not, you will find yourselves across my knees and your bare bottom will be soundly spanked. Now, Bobby and Billy, lift up so I can get your underpants back up. Then you will get off my knees and put your pants on. We will then go to the cafeteria for breakfast. OK, off you go."

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Part 4

The cafeteria was located on the first floor of the school building, situated between the two wings that housed the students of Lee Academy. For breakfast and supper, it was laid out with tables seating nine persons, enabling each section to have their own table, accompanied by their housemother. For the morning and evening meals, the room was "divided" in half, with all the girls occupying one half and the boys the other half. For lunch, the tables were rearranged so that each homeroom would sit at the same table. This meant that 16 students plus their homeroom teacher sat at each table. It also meant, because homerooms and classes were coed, that, this time, both girls and boys shared the same table.

As Beth and her teacher entered the cafeteria and walked to their table, the twins were still smarting from their spankings, as well as blushing from seeing the looks from other students, who had watched or heard them get spanked. As they sat down on the wooden chairs, they both winced and felt the aftereffects of the spanking they received. Prior to getting their meals, they heard from the Principal and her assistants, who were in charge of each grade. Once that was done, each student got up to get their meals. Both twins had to endure some teasing, including from some who only knew about the spankings by overhearing comments to them, but only from other seventh graders. Students from the other grades restrained themselves from commenting to the twins on what happened to them. Perhaps because of what was about to happen. As the twins sat down, they noticed a small commotion across the way in the girls' section. The twins, as well as many others, saw two girls get up and go to their housemother who seemed to be scolding them. The two seventh grade girls happened to be two of the students that had teased the twins about being spanked.

As the twins began to eat, they noticed that the housemother had gotten up and taken both girls by their ears and then began walking them toward their table. Both girls were wincing from the pain of having their ears being grabbed and were nearly in tears as they approached the twins' table and their housemother addressed Beth.

"Miss Ashley, these two naughty girls have something to say to these two boys, don't you girls?"

Both girls looked like they wanted to be somewhere else, but to their housemother's question, they had no choice in the matter. One of the girls, Lauren, was the first to speak.

"I...I'm sorry for teasing you. I hope you forgive me."

The other girl followed with her own apology.

"Me too, I am sorry, I didn't mean it."

Both boys kind of blushed from the attention, but in just a few minutes, the attention would be shifted to the two girls.

"Now that you have apologized, young ladies, there's still the matter of your punishment. I think it is only fitting that you experience the same thing you teased the boys about, don't you girls?"

Their housemother's question and pronouncement of their punishment, brought protest and pleading from the girls.

"Please, not here!! Everyone will see!! Oh no!!"

It was a lost cause though and their arguments were tossed aside, by their housemother.

"It didn't bother you enough to refrain from teasing them, did it? Well then, it shouldn't bother you when it's your turn to get spanked, so no more arguing, unless, of course, you want a repeat at supper time?"

Both twins stood there, now silenced by the threat of another spanking. Then, their housemother asked Beth for assistance.

"Beth, so we can get this over with, could you take one?"

"Sure, Marie,....young lady, over to me, please."

Indicating to one girl to come over to her, Beth stood up and turned her chair around. Meanwhile, Marie went over to Billy and asked for his chair, which Billy very quickly gave up. Marie grabbed the ear of the other girl and took her over to Billy's chair and sat down. She quickly turned her girl across her knees, as Beth did the same with the girl she was about to punish. Then practically at the same time, both girls had their gray skirts flipped up, leaving their white panties on display. If the girls thought they had any chance of not suffering the further embarrassment of having their behinds bared, that was quickly dashed when waistbands were grabbed and both pairs of panties were tugged down to the girls' knees.

Then Marie pulled out a hairbrush that she had in her pocketbook and Beth did the same. Quickly, the spankings began, and the sound of hairbrushes smacking bare bottoms resounded through the cafeteria as the rest of the students were quiet watching the scene being played out in front of them. Unfortunately, for some of the students perhaps, not everyone could see what was happening, but everyone could hear the dual spankings. As the spanks began to accumulate, the sounds of the spanks was quickly accompanied by the sound of both girls crying, the intensity of which increased as the pain of the spanking grew. 50 spanks later, both girls were sobbing as the spankings ended. As the girls lay there, across the knees of the housemothers, the twins felt satisfaction and perhaps relief that they weren't the only ones that were or would be publicly spanked.

For the girls, it was a shock, perhaps because, unlike Beth's section, they did not get warning spankings. But if they thought their housemother would be a pushover, those thoughts had to be discarded because of the quick and sharp response to their teasing.

When the girls' spanking ended, the girls had to endure further embarrassment because Marie reached down and removed the girls' panties. As Marie did that, she looked over to Beth, and indicated that she should do the same. Because the panties had ended up at the girls' ankles, neither girl had realized what their punisher had done. At least not yet. The next thing that Marie did was also not immediately noticed.

Marie had reached back into her pocketbook and pulled out two safety pins, handing one to Beth. She then, followed also by Beth, pinned up the back of the skirt of the girl that was across her knees. Then, she addressed both girls.

"OK, girls, off our knees. Don't you even think of teasing anyone for being spanked."

As the girls got off their punisher's knees, they went to pull their panties up and were shocked to find them missing. Then they realized their skirts had not fallen down in back, leaving their bottoms still bare and on display. They both began to reach back, as if to pull the back of their skirts down.

"No, girls, they won't come down. And don't even think of covering up or rubbing your bottoms. When lunch is over, I'll unpin your skirts, but I'll return your panties at bedtime. Now, back to the table, quickly, we've taken up enough of Beth's section's time already. Move!"

At Marie's command, the two girls, blushing deeply, quickly went back to their table, aware of most everyone looking at their red bottoms, and sat down, wincing as they did. Only then did the silence from all the other students turn to the usual murmuring that accompanied a mealtime.

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Part 5

Homerooms and seventh grade classes at Lee Academy were made up of two sections, one of boys and the other of girls. As it turned out, Beth's section was matched up with Marie's section, which meant that the twins, plus Lauren, and Janice, who was the other girl just spanked at the cafeteria, were now going to be classmates as well. Both the twins and the two girls blushed when they realized they were in the same homeroom. Unknown to all of them, their homeroom teacher, Mrs. Donovan, was at the cafeteria and saw the girls being spanked. She was also aware of the twins' public spanking in the dormitory area.

Another thing unknown to the students of her new homeroom was Mrs. Donovan's reputation of being very a strict teacher and disciplinarian. She believed strongly in the effectiveness of spanking, both in the school setting of Lee Academy and as a parent, which she was. In fact, Mrs. Donovan was a mother of two teenagers, who were not strangers to being face down across their mother's lap. Since a homeroom teacher at Lee Academy stays with her class for the duration, it had been three years since she had to deal with a new class that was not familiar with her beliefs or strictness. She was sure that she would have to establish herself once again, just like she did with the homeroom clas she had just spent three years with.

"Good morning, students," She greeted the arrivals once everyone had entered and sat down. "Please settle down. My name is Mrs. Donovan and I will be your homeroom teacher for your stay at Lee Academy. I will also be teaching history, which all of you will be taking this year. So you will have the privilege of my presence doubled. As all of you know, and in some cases, on a first hand basis, corporal punishment is allowed at Lee Academy. I want all of you to be very aware that I support that policy and I am a fervent believer in employing spankings when called for. Misbehavior in any of my classes will result in only one form of punishment, that being a sound spanking. That also goes for poor grades overall as well as not doing your work in my class. I hope all of you understand that, so I won't have to employ spankings too often. Unfortunately, that is something that isn't always possible, is it, Christopher?"

It so happened that as Mrs. Donovan was talking to the class, Christopher wasn't paying much attention. In a very short time, he would be the center of attention.

"Wh...what?" stammered Christopher, as he realized that he could be in trouble.

"Weren't you paying attention? Please repeat what I just told the class."

Not looking at his teacher, Christopher responded, "I guess I was distracted, Mrs. Donovan, I'm sorry."

Shaking her head, Mrs. Donovan expressed her displeasure. "I can't believe that you would not be paying attention when I was talking about how when I punish naughty students, For your information, I spank them. But maybe you need more than a verbal explanation. Please come up to the front of the room, Christopher."

"Please, Mrs. Donovan, I won't do it again, please don't spank me!" pleaded Christopher.

"Christopher!! Please do what I say. Do you want another spanking for disobedience? Come up her this instant!"

Christopher slowly got up from his chair and walked hesitantly toward his teacher's desk. Meanwhile, his teacher had gotten up and placed a stool in front of her desk. She stood in front of the stool as Christopher approached her.

"You're a naughty little boy, who needs his bottom soundly spanked."

As she childishly scolded the boy, she reached for his pants and undid the top button and then unzipped his pants. "Maybe a red and sore behind will help you pay attention when your teacher is talking. Aren't you embarrassed to have your pants taken down in front of the class?"

A blushing Christopher just stood there as his teacher prepared him for the impending spanking. He hoped it wouldn't be too bad and that he wouldn't lose too much control in front of everyone. Soon, Christopher found his pants down at his knees and he stood there with his underpants on display. But not for long, as Mrs. Donovan sat down on the stool, while pulling Christopher over to her right side. With a little assistance, Christopher went across his teacher's lap. He felt it embarrassing to be placed in such a position with the rest of the class watching. And it would get worse. He felt his teacher grab the waistband of his underpants and then they were tugged down, leaving his bottom bare. He couldn't help it, but a few tears appeared on his cheeks.


Suddenly the sound of two hard spanks rang out in the room. Mrs. Donovan had administered a hard spank to each of Christopher's bottomcheeks, leaving a red blotch on each buttock.

"OUCH!! OW!!!!!!" Christopher cried out in pain.

"Are you paying attention, now, Chris? See what happens to naughty children? They get their little bare bottoms spanked."

As Mrs. Donovan scolded, she continued to smack Christopher's bottom, causing more discomfort and also more crying out from the boy. After about 25 spanks, she stopped.

"No, Christopher, your spanking isn't over yet, that was just a little warm-up for your behind. Your real spanking is about to begin."

As she spoke, she reached behind her and grabbed a thick 18" inch ruler that was on her desk. She rubbed and tapped the ruler on Chris' sore bottom, as he squirmed across her knees.


She began to spank in earnest, and the ruler really stung Christopher's backside. Despite himself, Christopher soon began to cry harder and harder as the spanking went on and on. The ruler struck sharply again and again across the waiting bottom, leaving no part of it untouched. Chris' legs kicked and scissored in protest as he found it harder and harder to control himself. By the time the ruler had smacked his behind 50 times, he was sobbing loudly.

"Do you think you can pay attention, Chris, or should I continue on?" asked his teacher, as she rested the ruler on the summit of his inflamed bottom.

"Yes I will pay attention, please don't spank me anymore!"

"That will depend on your behavior young man, but for this time, it's over with. But I won't hesitate to turn you right over my knee if you don't behave, and that goes for the rest of you as well."

Looking at the rest of the class, she made sure her homeroom had heard. After what had just happened to Christopher, they were all careful to pay attention. She then pulled up Chris' underpants and helped him off her knees.

"No rubbing your bottom, Chris. I want you to feel the pain of the spanking. And, I want you to march over to that corner and stand right in it, until class is over. Keep your hands at your sides or in front of you, but don't even think of rubbing your bottom, unless, of course, you want to go back over my knees for another spanking. Now, MARCH!!"

Hobbling, Christopher went to the empty corner to the left of Mrs. Donovan's desk.

"Oh yes, one more thing, Chris, pull those underpants back down to your knees."

Blushing, Chris did as he was told, and lowered his underpants, leaving his bottom bare once again, and stood facing the corner. He felt like a 5 year old kid, which was about the last time he had to assume this humiliating position. He also could sense the 15 other students in the homeroom looking at his bare and sore behind and he shivered, as he remained in the corner.

With about 5 minutes or so left before the homeroom period was over, Chris was allowed to get dressed and return to his desk. He was relieved to finally be able to leave the corner, but tried to not look at anyone as he walked to his desk.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Donovan stood in front of her desk, the stool now placed out of the way. In her hand remained the ruler, which she had continued to hold since using it to spank Christopher.

"One more thing, before it's time for all of you to go to your classes, will Lauren and Janice please come up."

Both girls looked stricken at the request. But they did as they were told. Their homeroom teacher spoke to them as they stood nervously side by side in front of her, with their backs to the class.

"I was very surprised to see the two of you being spanked during breakfast. It's not something I expect nor is it something I ever want to see again from any member of my class. Now, I want both of you to bend forward a little, I want to make sure you have kept your bottoms bare under your skirts as you were told to."

As she spoke, Mrs. Donovan walked around to behind the girls. The girls obeyed their teacher's request. Though embarrassed at the thought of having their bare bottoms displayed, they didn't want to make it worse by disobeying. Each girl felt their skirt being pulled up and each felt a cool breeze across their bare cheeks.

"I am glad that both of you have kept your bottoms bare as you were told. It would not be a good idea to do otherwise. I am concerned, however, that you might get a chill from having no panties on, so I think I should do something about that."

Then Mrs. Donovan placed her left arm across the backs of both girls, and without further delay, began to smack each of the girl's bottom with the ruler. Alternating between each girl, she smacked each girl 10 times, causing tears to fall. Then she flipped the back of their skirts down, covering their reddened seats, and, as the bell rang, dismissed the class.

"Ok, students, time to go to your next class. Remember to behave yourselves."

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Part 6

For Lauren and Janice, it had been a very long day. They had started the day on the wrong foot by teasing two twin boys from another section who had been spanked publicly before breakfast. Although the girls hadn't seen the spankings themselves, they had seen them rub their bottoms and heard some comments from other students who had see the spankings. The girls had made a few comments to the two boys as they stood behind them waiting for their food and back at their table. To their regret, their housemother overheard and did not take kindly to their remarks. This led to them being taken by their ears over to the boys table and then apologizing. What was worse was that they were then soundly spanked in front of whole school, with their behinds bared. That was followed by more embarrassment when their housemother removed their panties completely, telling them they would get them back at bedtime.

Things didn't get much better during school hours. At the end of each class, they found themselves being "inspected" by each of their teachers to make sure they hadn't found a way to replace the panties they were missing. This was highly unlikely, but it didn't stop any of the girls' teachers from checking anyway. Mrs. Donovan, their homeroom teacher, was the first to check. She had the girls bend over in front of the class and then flipped up the back of their skirts. After confirming to herself that their bottoms had indeed remained bare under their skirts, she spanked them each 10 times with her 18" ruler and then sent them and the rest of the class on their way to their next class. Having that done to them was bad enough, but each succeeding class found the girls being checked once again. The only thing that was different was in then way they got checked. In their first class following the homeroom period, their math teacher had sat on the stool in front of her desk as she had the two girls come up to her. Then, in turn, she had each girl go over her lap. After lifting the girl's skirt, and seeing that the bottom was indeed still bare, she then applied ten hard spanks with a hairbrush, causing each of the girls to cry out in pain. Following classes had the girls either bent over or across their teacher's knees, getting 10 hard spanks each time, with hand, ping pong paddle, ruler or hairbrush.

Finally classes had ended and the girls were able to return to their rooms. Marie, their housemother, checked them once during the afternoon and right before going for supper, but to the girls' relief, did not add any further spanks, at last not yet. Bedtime was at 10:00, but at 9:40, Marie entered the girls' room, carrying the girls panties. She dropped them on each of the girls' beds and then sat down on the stool. She motioned for Lauren to come over and Lauren walked slowly over to Marie, realizing she was about to get spanked, but hoping that it would be only a few spanks, like with the girls' teachers during the day. It wasn't to be. Turning Lauren across her knees and pulling up the back of Lauren's nightgown, Marie began spanking, using her hand. She didn't stop with 10 spanks but continued on, spanking the upturned bottom cheeks soundly. She administered 50 spanks before ending Lauren's spanking, and letting the sobbing girl get off her knees. Then she took Janice across her lap and she gave Janice an identical spanking, with the same result of a sobbing girl. Then both girls were sent to bed, well chastened.

Meanwhile, in the boys' area, Christopher and Jon were in their pajamas and ready for bed. They were spending the remaining time on their beds, with their video games. At about the same time that Marie was in Lauren and Janice's room, Beth entered Chris and Jon's room. Beth checked that both boys had indeed done everything they needed to do before going to bed, just like a mother would do. To them, nothing seemed out of the ordinary, even to Chris, who had been spanked that morning for not paying attention by their homeroom teacher, Mrs. Donovan. Even Beth sitting down on the stool didn't set off any internal alarms.

"Jon and Chris, as your housemother, I hope that we can have a good relationship that perhaps will approach that you would have at home. I want you to know that if you have any problems, you can feel free to discuss them with me. I hope you won't think of me as just someone who spanks you when you do wrong, that we can have good times as well and that when I do spank you, it's because I care and because it's important to have discipline in your life. As I said, I want to approach our relationship like a family would."

Beth hesitated for an instant and then went on.

"I guess because of that, I tend to look my own family as an example. My parents were or are great parents and I love them dearly. They showered us with love, but at the same time, they were strict with us. They were fair, though, and neither I, nor my brothers ever felt that we were ever treated too harshly. It might interest you to know that my brothers and I found ourselves across our parents' knees quite often, including well into our teenage years. I tell this to you to show you that I know what you are feeling when you are getting spanked. I know it's not pleasant, but, I guess, it isn't meant to be. One thing that was sure to get us spanked at home was misbehaving at someone's home or at school. Just like this school, the private school that we went to allowed spanking, though, I admit, to a lesser degree. My parents' rule, and my mom was the enforcer of this rule, was that if we got spanked or paddled at school, we would get spanked at home. Unfortunately, getting spanked at school wasn't unknown to us, and it meant going over my mom's knees for a spanking at bedtime."

It was at this point that Chris got a bad feeling and felt himself squirming a little as he sat on his bed listening to his housemother continue on.

"Although I hated it at the time, I also knew that the knowledge that misbehavior at school would lead to a spanking or a second spanking at home prevented me and my brothers from getting into more trouble than we did. And, speaking of getting spanked at school, Chris, you did get spanked in class, didn't you?"

Chris gulped, and nodded affirmatively.

"It's not a good way to start the school year off, is it? I imagine it was pretty embarrassing to be bare bottomed in front of your classmates getting spanked. Is that right Chris?"

Again, Chris nodded his head and he felt himself blushing.

Then Beth passed sentence. "I think my parents were right to spank us again when we got spanked in school. And since I feel that way, I feel I should adopt the same method. So,.... Chris, why don't you come forward and get your medicine."

Knowing the inevitability of his impending spanking, Chris got off his bed and walked to Beth's right side. Beth patted her lap, indicating where she wanted him, and Chris went across his housemother's lap, feeling like a little kid. Once he was in position, with his bottom centered across her lap, Beth grabbed the waistband of his pajama bottoms and pulled them down.

"This spanking will only be with my hand, Chris, but that doesn't mean that any future "second" spankings will be given that way."

Then Beth began. The palm of her hand struck sharply across the center of Chris' pale bottom, followed rapidly by additional spanks spread across the upturned bottom.


The quickness of each spank brought cries of pain from Chris. Despite only using her hand, Chris was getting uncomfortable very quickly and his bottom was turning from white to red just as quickly. Her arm was like a blur as it ascended and descended rapidly to administer one spank after another. Beth didn't count the spanks, but just spanked until Chris was sobbing loudly and begging for the spanking to end. His pleas were finally answered and it was almost quiet in the room, the only noise coming from Chris' sobbing as he hung limply across Beth's knees.

"It's over, Chris. In case you are wondering, the spanking you received was not any worse than what we got at home and in most cases, less than what we got. Now, let me pull your pajama bottoms back up and then both of you can go to bed."

Beth reached for Chris' pjs and pulled them up over his smarting backside. Then she helped him up. Meanwhile, Jon sat quietly on his bed, feeling bad for his roommate, but glad he hadn't been spanked during class. With a smack to his bottom, Beth propelled Chris to his bed and then wished both of them good dreams and left their room, shutting the lights off as she exited. Both boys went to sleep, with Chris on his stomach, crying. The first full day at Lee Academy was almost over.

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Part 7

Having "put" Christopher to bed with a spanking, Beth went to her room, leaving the door slightly ajar, but hoping there would be no interruptions from the students of her section. As was her custom, she took her diary off her dresser and, laying on her bed, began entering in her thoughts about the day. She thought about the twins getting spanked that morning, about what happened in the cafeteria during breakfast, about all the day's events, up to and including the bedtime spanking of Christopher. Often, as she wrote in her diary, her thoughts went back to earlier times in her life. This evening was no exception. For whatever reason, she thought of the day when she first spanked a boy that wasn't one of her brothers. It was, she remembered, a bittersweet event.........

"Beth, Jimmy's bedtime is 9:00, sharp. He likes to procrastinate and he will try to extend the time, but please don't allow him to."

It was Beth's first babysitting job, and she was listening to Mrs. Robertson, her neighbor, giving instructions. Jimmy was 12 years old, 5 years younger than her, but Beth didn't think it was strange for Jimmy to be babysat for, as it was the same in her own family in regard to her brothers.

"If he disobeys you, or refuses to go to bed when you tell him to, you have our complete permission to turn him over your knees and give him a good spanking. I know you are familiar with how a spanking is given."

Mrs. Robertson chuckled, knowing very well the truthfulness of that statement. Beth blushed, thinking how true it was, and thinking that her previous experiences with spanking wasn't only on the giving end. Meanwhile, Jimmy blushed at his mom's remarks. He was no stranger to being spanked, but how embarrassing would it be, he thought, to be spanked by a girl only 5 years older than he was. But, she would never spank him, would she?

Mrs. Robertson continued on, telling Beth where they would be, and where the emergency numbers were and also, where the snacks were.

"The other thing we ask, Beth, is to clean up after yourself. Other than that, feel free to read, to watch tv, or even take a nap."

Finishing, the Robertson's said their goodbyes, and left. Not much happened until bedtime, with Jimmy watching TV and Beth, reading. However, as she was warned, Jimmy wasn't anxious to go to bed and when Beth asked him to change into pajamas, he resisted and only grudgingly acceded to her wishes. After changing, Jimmy returned to the living room, still hoping that Beth would allow him some extra time. It wasn't to be, as when 8:55 arrived, Beth told him it was time for bed. Jimmy protested, but Beth refused to bend. Then Jimmy made the mistake of being stubborn about it, perhaps thinking that Beth wouldn't actually spank him. However, when 9:00 came and Jimmy still wouldn't go to bed, Beth got up from the sofa, grabbed Jimmy's right wrist and pulled him toward the armless chair. Jimmy realized that Beth was intending to carry out his parents' directions, and tried to prevent Beth from pulling him over to the chair. However, Beth was too strong for Jimmy, and with one smack across the seat of Jimmy's pajama bottoms, she pulled him over to the chair. She sat down and yanked the protesting boy across her knees. She kept Jimmy across her knees with her left arm, and reached for the waistband of his pajama bottoms.

"NNNNOOOOOOOO!!!! Don't take them down.......PLEASE!!!!! You can't do that!!! You're not my mom!!!"

"I may not be your mom, young man, but I can bare your bottom. If you want to, you can complain to your mom about it tomorrow. But this spanking will be on your bare behind. It's not as if I haven't seen your bottom bare before, anyway," thinking of times when Jimmy had been spanked in front of her.

Beth yanked Jimmy's pj's down to his knees, leaving the boy's round backside uncovered. It was true that Beth had seen Jimmy's bare bottom before. Like her own parents, Jimmy's parents didn't hesitate to spank right on the spot and Beth had been a witness to numerous spankings that Jimmy had been on the receiving end.

With Jimmy in position and all set for his punishment, Beth raised her arm and then brought it down sharply on the boy's upturned behind. She had thought about using the hairbrush that was often employed when Jimmy was spanked, but then decided to only use her hand, as it was Beth's first time spanking him and the offense wasn't a terribly bad one. Still, she decided, she would spank him soundly, so Jimmy would know who was boss.

It only took about 6 spanks for Jimmy to start crying. He felt embarrassed to be over his neighbor's knees. Why only a few days ago, they were playing basketball together, and now she was tanning his bare bottom. Despite it only being a hand spanking, the spanks were hard and he couldn't stop himself from crying. Beth spanked away, leaving no part of Jimmy's bottom unscathed. His pale backside was changing color, from pale, to pink, and finally to red. Jimmy was crying harder and harder as the pain from the spanking increased with each blow. Beth didn't want to overdo the first spanking of her babysitting career, so ended the spanking after giving out 40 spanks. Still, Jimmy was sobbing at the finish, indicating to Beth that he had been spanked soundly enough.

"Now, Jimmy, are you going to go to bed now, or do I need to get the hairbrush?"


'I'll go...I'll go!! Don't spank any more!!"

Beth then raised up his pajama bottoms, and let Jimmy off her lap. With one final spank, she sent him on his way to bed.

The rest of the evening was uneventful, and Beth relaxed for the remainder of the evening until the Robertson's returned home around midnight. Beth was asked about the evening's events, and Beth told about Jimmy refusing to go to bed and how she had spanked him. Both of Jimmy's parents indicated their approval of her actions and Mrs. Robertson said she would speak with Jimmy herself the next morning.

Then Mrs. Robertson looked around the living room and frowned. Beth watched her and realized what she saw. It was a glass that Beth had used for a coke, and it had left a water stain on the new oak table. Next to it was another stain that Beth had left, from ice cream she had eaten.

"You know, Beth, I don't think I had asked too much for things to be put away and not left like this. I am very disappointed in you."

Beth's ears burned from Mrs. Robertson's scolding.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Robertson, I meant to put it away and clean up the stain, but I forgot."

"That's not really good enough, is it, young lady. Just saying you are sorry doesn't convince me you mean it or that it won't be repeated. I don't accept that as an excuse from Jimmy and I don't think I should accept it from you."

Beth, thinking her babysitting career would be over before it barely began, pleaded to be given a second chance to babysit. She soon found out she had misinterpreted Mrs. Robertson's words.

"No, Beth, you misunderstand, I wasn't talking about not having you babysit for Jimmy again, I am sure you did a good job of that. I was, however, thinking of punishing you for your disobedience."

"Punish me? You mean........" asked Beth, knowing full well what her neighbor meant.

"Yes, Beth, a spanking. Don't you think you deserve to be spanked?"

Beth hardly wanted to admit it, but she knew what her own mom's response would be.

"Well, I....I guess so, but for you to spank me........"

"What's the problem with that? It isn't like I haven't spanked you before......although it has been a few years."

Beth recalled only too well that she had indeed been spanked before by her neighbor, when she was the one being babysat for or when she was visiting next door and had misbehaved. Both her parents and the Robertsons had permission to spank each other's kids if called for. Still, she was now 17, and not a 11 year old kid.


" No "buts", Beth, You know, and I know, that you still get spanked at home, so my spanking you is no big deal, except, I guess to your behind."

Beth blushed and saw she would have no choice in the matter.

"Beth, follow me over to this chair, please."

Mrs. Robertson indicated the same chair that Beth had sat in when she had spanked Jimmy. Now she would be the one upended. As instructed, she followed her neighbor to the chair and stood on her neighbor's right side. Mr. Robertson remained in the room as well, so Beth wouldn't get to suffer her spanking without a witness present. Beth felt herself being taken across her neighbor's knees and then having her skirt lifted up in back. She held her breath as she felt the waistband of her panties being grabbed and then lowered. The cool breeze she felt across her bottom told Beth her bottom was now bared.


Her spanking began and the spanks were painful from the start. Remembering previous spankings from Mrs. Robertson, both as a witness and as a recipient, Beth was painfully reminded of the strong right arm of her neighbor as well as her neighbor's propensity to spank very hard. The sound of each spank resounded across the room, as spank after spank impacted across the reddening cheeks. Unlike Jimmy's spanking, it continued on past 40 spanks and didn't end until 75 spanks were administered. By that time, Beth was sobbing and pleading for the spanking to end. Finally over, her neighbor pulled up her panties, and told Beth to get up. Beth went to rub her bottom, which was a no-no.

"You know better than that, Beth. I ought to get my hairbrush and start over or just repeat the spanking you just had with my hand. You're lucky I don't. But I am not going to allow it to go completely unpunished. Come over here."

Beth walked back over to the chair and was placed between Mrs. Robertson's knees, facing to the left of Mrs. Robertson. Beth felt her panties being lowered once again, and to her dismay, taken all the way down to her ankles and off completely. She then was bent over her neighbor's right knee and her skirt pulled up. Beth felt like her bottom was really sticking out and then she felt the sharp sting of a hard hand spank, followed rapidly by 19 more hand spanks, causing renewed sobbing by the girl. The spanks ended, but Beth was kept across her neighbor's knee. Beth noticed that Mrs. Robertson had picked up her pocketbook and reached inside. Beth shivered, thinking Mrs. Robertson was going to use a hairbrush after all. Beth was spared that, however. Instead, Mrs. Robertson had pulled out a safety pin and then pinned the back of Beth's skirt up. Beth was then allowed to stand back up, and Beth could feel that her bottom was uncovered in back.

"Don't even think of rubbing now, Beth, or I will get the hairbrush. I also will be watching you as you walk to your house, so don't think of unpinning your skirt until you get inside your house. Perhaps you will think twice next time before you try rubbing your behind after being spanked. I know your parents don't allow it either."

"Her parents!!!" Beth suddenly realized that she was still in jeopardy. Her parents wouldn't look too kindly at all at her being spanked. If only she could make it to her room without being seen.

"Now, young lady, it's time for you to go home. You can put your panties in your pocketbook. Remember, I will be watching you!!"

Apologizing once more, and saying her goodbyes, Beth left her neighbors' house and began walking to her house. She wasn't in any hurry but knew she couldn't go too slowly, with her neighbor watching. She approached her front door and as she turned the doorknob, she held her breath, hoping against hope that her mom had gone to bed.

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Part 8

Beth's attention was suddenly diverted back to the present as she heard a noise outside her room. Getting up, she put on her robe and went out to investigate. What she saw surprised her. It was Bobby Anderson, one of the twins walking toward his room, carrying a can of coke.


Bobby froze, suddenly startled.

"And just what do you think you're doing, young man?"

Bobby turned around slowly, and hung his head, looking very guilty. But he remained silent at Beth's question.

"It seems to me, Bobby Anderson, that I explained the rules just this morning, while you and your brother were over my knees. Am I mistaken about that?"

This time, Bobby did respond. "No, Miss Ashley."

"So, when I said this morning that the only reason to leave your room after lights out was for an emergency, you just ignored what I said and directly disobeyed me, is that correct?"

Bobby shrugged his shoulders. "I...I guess so."

"You guess so? What kind of answer is that? I tell you one thing and you do the opposite? I don't think it leaves anything to guess about, young man. I am very upset with you. Now the question is, is that coke just for you or for your brother also?"

"Just for me, Billy's asleep."

"Are you sure about that, or are you just protecting him? Tell you what, if I check and find out he's awake, you'll be spanked every day for a week. Are you sure you want to stay with your answer?"

"He is asleep, he really is."

Beth looked at the boy's eyes, and believed him.

"I don't want to wake up the entire wing with your spanking, Bobby, so come with me."

Beth guided Bobby toward her room. They went inside, over to the stool in the room. It wasn't the first time Beth had spanked a student in her room. She sat down on the stool, and then turned Bobby across her lap. She grasped the waistband of Bobby's pajama bottoms and slowly pulled them down to his knees, baring his bottom.

"I can't believe that it didn't even take one day for you to ignore what I told you this morning. Obviously, I didn't spank you hard enough to make a sufficient impression on you. Perhaps this spanking will help you obey my directions."

Unlike his previous spanking that morning, this spanking was not to be a handspanking. Beth picked up the hairbrush sitting on top of her dresser and quickly began spanking. She spanked rapidly and hard, causing Bobby to quickly cry out in pain.

"OW!! OUCH! Stop!! It hurts!!"

"Good, I hope it hurts. Maybe you'll obey me next time. I am not going to stop until I am satisfied you have learned something from this spanking, and not one spank before that."

Beth's words didn't cause her to slow down the spanking as she peppered the boy's reddening bottom with the wooden hairbrush. Nor did Bobby's kicking legs or the twisting of his body. Spank after spank smacked down on the sore behind, causing more and more pain to the now sobbing boy. Beth was determined to make sure Bobby felt this spanking. The rapid-fire spanks continued until she had applied about 50 spanks total. She then stopped, but Bobby continued sobbing. Beth wasn't done with Bobby, however.

"Are you going to listen to what I say and obey me?"


She punctuated her question with a hard spank to each bottomcheek.

"Yes, I will!! Please, no more!!!"

"You better, young man, because you will be right back over my knees, to be spanked like a naughty little boy if you don't. Just remember that!"


With two more spanks, she had Bobby get off her knees and then propelled the sobbing boy to the empty corner to her left with further spanks.

"You just stay there until I tell you can leave. No, leave your pjs where they are and keep your hands away from your behind. No rubbing, unless you want to go back across my knees for another spanking." With that, Beth placed the hairbrush back on her dresser and went back to laying on her bed, adding a new entry to her diary. It was about 15 minutes later that Beth allowed Bobby to pull up his pajama bottoms and turn around.

"OK, Bobby, it's over with."

She hugged the boy, showing she held no resentment, and Bobby, a little uncomfortable at first, reciprocated.

"Now, off to bed, you go. And, this time, stay in your room. Scoot!"

Bobby left, and Beth returned to her interrupted reminisces of when she was a teenager.

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Part 9

The creaking of the front door seemed so loud to Beth as she slowed entered the house. To her dismay, her mom was sitting on the couch, reading. How was she going to get to her room without her mom seeing her with her skirt pinned up in back?

"Hi Beth, how was your even......what? What's with your skirt? You better come over here right now, young lady!"

Her hopes of being undiscovered now dashed, Beth walked slowly over to her mom. She stood facing her mom, but not for long.

"Turn around, I want to get a good look at your bottom. C'mon, turn around!"

Reluctantly, Beth did as she was told, and turned so her bottom was facing her mom.

"Well, well, it's looks like somebody was naughty this evening. You just stay right here, I will be right back."

As her mother got up and left the room, a couple of tears trickled down Beth's cheeks. It was all too clear what her mother had gone for and Beth dreaded what she knew was about to happen. She heard her mom approaching the living room, and on her return, she saw that she was indeed correct. In her mother's right hand, was the family hairbrush, named as such, not for any role in taming unruly hair, but as a tool to tame unruly children. The back of the brush almost shined by it's constant application to the naughty backsides of the Ashley children, as well as other unwilling recipients. Sitting down on the armless chair in the room, Mrs. Ashley called her daughter over to her.

"Please come over here, Beth. I will want you to tell me ALL that happened this evening that caused you to be dressed as you are. And there is no better way for you to tell me about it than over my knees. C'mon, I don't have all evening."

Facing the inevitable, Beth walked over to her mother's right side, and upon a motion by her mom, she bent across her mother's lap, who positioned her such as to leave her bare behind ready to be spanked. But it wasn't going to happen immediately as Beth was instructed to recount the events of the evening, from the instructions of Mrs. Robertson before she left, to Jimmy's spanking, to her own spanking for leaving a mess, and lastly her rubbing her bottom, which led to both extra spanks and the pinning up of her skirt in back. All Beth told, while remaining in the ignoble position of being face down over her mom's knees, the back of the wooden hairbrush resting across Beth's bare cheeks.

"Well, you had quite the evening, young lady. From spanking Jimmy to being spanked yourself. You know better than leaving a mess anywhere, never mind at someone else's home. And rubbing? How many times have you gotten a second spanking for doing that? I thought you knew better than that! Well, I guess I have to give you another lesson, don't I?"


Immediately, the spanking commenced with hard smacks from the hairbrush. Beth twisted and turned, but couldn't avoid the sting of the brush striking her already well-spanked bottom.

As 5, 10, 15 spanks were applied, the sound of Beth pleading for the spanking to end joined the sound of the hairbrush spanks themselves, but still the spanking continued. Soon, Beth's pleading ended, to be replaced by her sobs and wails as the hairbrush found each inch of Beth's bottom. Beth sobbed, howled and kicked, but nothing stopped the methodical smacking of the hairbrush on the upturned behind. Nothing but the decision of her mother that her daughter had received sufficient punishment.

"Perhaps next time, you remember what happens to children that don't know enough to clean after themselves. Now, you can get up and march yourself over to the corner and think about your behavior. And you know what will happen if you even think about reaching back to rub your bottom."

Sobbing, Beth got up from her mom's lap and with the encouraging smack of the hairbrush, practically ran to the corner, where she stood with hands clasped in front of her, as she thought about the events of the evening."

Beth's eyes opened up and she was startled at the time. She glanced at her diary, saw that she had finished entering the events of the day, before daydreaming about previous spankings and got up to change into her bedclothes. Tomorrow, or rather this morning, would come too soon and another school day would begin.

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Part 10

The second day at Lee Academy was a quiet one for Beth and her section. Unlike the previous day and a half, not one of the boys in her section had to go across her lap to be spanked, which was welcome news for Beth.

It was the evening and Beth was in her room, lounging on her bed, watching television when she heard a knock on the door. Thinking it was one of her boys, she had a feeling of annoyance come over her as she got up and went to the door to open it. To her surprise and, for a moment, a little concern, it was not one of the boys in her section, but Mrs. Donovan, the school's Headmaster.

"Hello Miss Ashley, may I come in?"

"Oh...of course, please, come in."

"Thank you, Miss Ashley. Since this is your second year as housemother, I would like to call you "Beth" rather than "Miss Ashley". I hope that is all right with you. I feel that I have gotten to know more of you since you started here a year ago."

"I would be proud for you to call me "Beth."

"Well, Beth, I won't take up too much of your personal time, but the reason for my visit is to congratulate you on the firm hand you have displayed so far this school year. I know the school year has only just started, but I am sure that the steps you have taken will make the year a successful one, both for you and your section."

"Thank you, Mrs. Donovan. I am glad you feel that way. I... hope that this year will go much smoother than last year."

Mrs. Donovan chuckled, "Yes, I am sure you do. As do I. It's very impressive the way you have made clear to your section that you will not tolerate bad behavior. This year, you have used your home experience in a very positive manner."

Beth blushed, but was appreciative of her boss's remarks. "Thanks, Mrs. Donovan, I am really trying."

"I know you are, Beth. Well, I won't take up more of your time. Have a good evening, Beth."

They exchanged goodbyes and Beth went back and laid back down on her bed, thinking to herself how much more pleasant this talk with Mrs. Donovan was...

A few weeks of the school year had passed, and Beth was tired and worried. She thought she would enjoy her job, but somehow, it has not worked out that way. As much as she had tried to help her students and be their friend, for whatever reason, her boys were being anything but friendly. In fact, if she was honest with herself, they were brats.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of knocking. Wondering what kind of mischief was being perpetrated by one of her students or by a group of them, she sighed and got up to open the door. To her surprise, it was not one of the boys in her section, but Mrs. Donovan, the school's Headmaster. Mrs. Donovan was an imposing woman, tall and looking like she would brook no nonsense.

"Hello Miss Ashley, may I come in?"

"Oh...of course, please, come in."

"Thank you, Miss Ashley." Mrs. Donovan looked around, and then walked over to the stool and sat down, making her even more imposing.

"Tell me, Miss Ashley, do you like your job?"

Beth was somewhat flustered. "Yes....yes, I do."

"Good, I am glad you feel that way. However, I am very concerned about what is happening in your section. I have been getting complaints from teachers, and even other housemothers, who feel your boys are out of control."

"Well, I guess the boys are just having a little trouble adapting to the school, Mrs. Donovan. I am sure they will be ok."

"Unfortunately, Miss Ashley, I am not that sure. As a mother of two teenagers myself, I know that if you give boys an excuse to misbehave, they will continue to do so. Tell me, Miss Ashley, in your home, your parents didn't allow you or your brothers to run wild, did they?"

Mrs. Donovan knew very well the answer to her question, but wanted Beth to answer the question herself.

"No, they didn't." Beth answered.

"And when you, or your brothers misbehaved, what happened?"

Beth mumbled, "We got spanked."

"Come on, Miss Ashley, you can speak louder than that. Yes, you got spanked. And, if I am not mistaken, you also babysat for your brothers and also your neighbor, is that right?"

"Yes," Beth responded, not mumbling this time.

"And when you babysat, and your brothers and/or neighbor misbehaved, you spanked them, is that right?"

These were all questions that Mrs. Donovan knew the answers to; from the resume that Beth had to provide as part of her application for the housemother position.


"Then, why, Miss Ashley, are you allowing your boys to run wild, to act like brats, when you didn't allow your brothers or neighbor to do so?"

"I...I don't know...... I guess because I knew my brothers and neighbor better."

"Miss Ashley, I have a decision to make. I have to decide whether you can do the job or not."

Beth was stricken. "Please, Mrs. Donovan, I can do better, really, give me another chance."

Mrs. Donovan shook her head, "Miss Ashley, please, no pleading, you are sounding like one of my boys right before he has to go over my knees, not a young lady, who needs to do her job better."

Beth blushed, recalling that many times, right before being spanked herself, she had pleaded with her mom to spare her. And, she recalled, that in none of those times had her mom relented. And, as she recalled that, she unconsciously reached back and rubbed the seat of her slacks.

Seeing Beth blush as she did and her hand rubbing her behind, Mrs. Donovan came up with a solution to the problem she had.

"Miss Ashley, I originally didn't have this in mind, but I am going to give you a choice, to, as you said, give you another chance."

"Thanks, Mrs. D......."

Mrs. Donovan interrupted Beth. "Don't thank me yet, Miss Ashley, you haven't heard the terms of your choice. You may not want to thank me just quite yet."

Beth nodded her head and waited for Mrs. Donovan to explain.

"When I arrived here, Miss Ashley, I was leaning toward giving you two weeks notice. However, I do like your earnestness for this job. But I haven't liked the way you have been doing the job, I won't pull any punches there. I am also aware of your upbringing, and I can't help but notice that those memories are still with you. Is that correct, young lady?"

Looking down, Beth again nodded her head.

"I thought so. So, what you will have to decide is, first, how much you want this job and if so, will you allow me to impress on you the correct way to fulfill your duties."

It dawned on Beth what the headmaster was leading up to. "You mean, you would sp....spa.."

"Yes, I would spank you. Just like I would spank one of my boys, though, since you are older, it would be harder and longer than I would spank them."

Beth looked down. She had always hated being spanked, even though she had always deserved it when her mom decided that she needed to be punished. She really did want to keep her job, not because her mom might spank her for losing her job, but because she really felt she could do a good job at it. So, taking a deep breath, she gave Mrs. Donovan hr decision.

"I'll take the spanking, Mrs. Donovan, I really want to continue working here."

"Just so you don't misunderstand, Miss Ashley, this won't be a few swats to your seat, but a good old-fashioned sound spanking and I think you know what that means. Do you still want to keep your job?" Beth gulped and nodded.

"Ok, then, come over here."

Beth got up and walked slowly over to Mrs. Donovan. Mrs. Donovan looked even more imposing sitting on that stool. Once standing in front of the headmaster, she blushed as Mrs. Donovan began preparing her by undoing her slacks.

"Can't I do that?' Beth pleaded.

"No, young lady. When I spank a naughty boy or girl, I get them ready myself. And I expect not one more word of complaint or pleading, unless you want to make even worse for yourself."

Beth stayed quiet, as her slacks were lowered and then taken off completely. To her further embarrassment, her panties were next to be lowered and even those were removed completely. Fortunately, or perhaps, unfortunately, she didn't spend much time standing there, half-naked.

"Ok, young lady, time to go over my knees and have your behind blistered."

Beth shivered but allowed herself to be guided to Mrs. Donovan's right side, where she was helped to go over the knees of the headmaster. She felt herself being shifted and put in the position that Mrs. Donovan wanted her to be in. Beth felt both juvenile and helpless as she dangled over Mrs. Donovan's lap. She then felt an arm across her back, holding her in place and held her breath as she awaited the start of her first spanking in a few years.


The spanking began with Mrs. Donovan using her hand to spank the young housemother. As she smacked Beth's upturned, bare behind, it became clear to Beth that as hard as any previous handspanking that she had received from her mom or anyone else, the handspanking she was receiving now was worse. Each spank resounded through the room as Beth yelled out in pain after each spank that came down rapidly over her entire behind. Tears were already streaming down her cheeks when the spanking stopped. Thinking the spanking was over, Beth started to get up.

"And where do you think you are going, young lady?"

"Isn't it over?"

Mrs. Donovan chuckled, "Don't be silly, that was just a warm-up for the real spanking."

Unknown to Beth, Mrs. Donovan had reached over to her pocketbook and took out a wooden hairbrush. Then, in a move that scared Beth, she felt herself being pushed forward until she was lying over Mrs. Donovan's left knee. Then she felt her legs being pinned by her boss' right leg. This caused Beth's behind to stick way up, and leaving Beth feeling very vulnerable. Then the spanking resumed, but instead of a handspanking, Beth felt the first spanks from Mrs. Donovan's wooden hairbrush.

Beth yelled out in pain as the hairbrush smacked her seat for the first time. Then she methodically walloped Beth's behind repeatedly with hard spank after hard spank. Determined to teach her young housemother a good lesson, Mrs. Donovan continued to apply the hairbrush to Beth's scarlet seat as Beth wailed in pain. Beth could hardly stand the pain when Mrs. Donovan finally stopped spanking.

"Do you understand, Miss Ashley, what you need to do now? Do you realize that your parents had the right idea when they took you over their knees when you misbehaved?"

Sobbing and barely able to speak, Beth managed to give her boss an answer.


"I hope so. Because, if you don't take control of your boys, I will have to terminate you. Now, as a final reminder, I am going to finish off this spanking. Then tomorrow morning, you and I are going to go and get your boys together and start the process of straightening them out. Now, you might want to grab a rung of this stool, because these last spanks will really burn your behind."

Beth did as she was told, dreading what was about to come. She gripped the stool and held tight and closed her eyes to await the first spank. And yelled when the first spank smacked her low where she sits. She continued yelling and wailing as spank after spank struck her spank spot. Soon her wailing became one long and loud wail as she surrendered completely to the pain of the hairbrush spanks. She lay limply across Mrs. Donovan's left knee as Mrs. Donovan finished off the spanking with ten resounding spanks that left Beth sobbing piteously even a few minutes after the spanking had ended.

Mrs. Donovan didn't let Beth lie over her knee too long as she helped Beth up and then, taking Beth by her ear as if she was a child, she marched the well-spanked girl to an empty corner.

"Now, you stand there with your nose in the corner until you are told you can leave the corner. I would suggest that you keep your hands in front of you, because if you rub, you will have trouble sitting down tomorrow morning when we deal with your section."

When she was spanked at home, there were many times when, like now, she had to stand in the corner. It was embarrassing when she was a soundly spanked as a teen and had to stand shamefully in a corner, usually in the living room, in full view of any family member present. Now that she was on her own and presumably an adult, it was even more embarrassing. It was also a rule at home that rubbing a behind right after being spanked would earn another spanking, either immediately, or, if the spanking was a severe one, at a later time. Beth learned, sometimes painfully, that it was much better to keep her hands clasped in front of her while in the corner and now, she tightly held her hands together, willing herself to resist the temptation to try and rub the scorching pain that the spanking had visited upon her inflamed behind.

Mrs. Donovan kept her in the corner for 15 minutes, though it seemed far longer to Beth.

"Ok, Miss Ashley, you may turn around."

Blushing once again, Beth turned around and faced her punisher.

"I'll be back tomorrow morning at seven and we will get the boys together. I will let their homeroom teacher know they won't be in homeroom tomorrow morning and also let the kitchen know their breakfast will be delayed. I would suggest that you be ready when I knock on your door. Now, off to bed with you, young lady."

With those words, Mrs. Donovan gave Beth one final, resounding smack of the hairbrush to her behind and then walked briskly to the door and let herself out, allowing Beth finally able to rub her behind and then to get herself ready for bed. She knew that this would be one evening that she would sleep on her stomach.

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Part 11

It was a restless night for Beth, having had trouble sleeping because of her stinging behind. Even now, as she got up to get ready, she could still feel the leftover residue of the painful spanking she had received the night before from Mrs. Donovan. It was, however, a spanking that caused Beth to do some thinking as she lay on her stomach, trying to fall asleep. As she did, she came to the realization that she had been very misguided in her approach. It also led to a conclusion, one that might seem strange to others. She came to the conclusion that the spanking she received the night before, despite how severe and painful it was, was something she needed and she vowed to herself that from this point forward, her section would find her a much different person.

As she promised, Mrs. Donovan knocked on her door exactly at seven. Beth opened the door and let her boss in.

"I am glad that you are ready, Miss Ashley. Uh, how are you feeling?"

"Well, I have to say that I have felt better," Beth gave out a soft chuckle, as she reached back to rub the seat of her slacks.

Mrs. Donovan laughed. "Yes, well, I suppose that's the idea, isn't it?

"Yeah," Beth ruefully agreed.

"Well, Miss Ashley, are you ready?"

Beth nodded affirmatively, and then Mrs. Donovan gave Beth her instructions as she picked up Beth's stool.

"Assemble your students on the balcony, Miss Ashley, and also bring out one of their stools."

"Yes, Mrs. Donovan."

Beth left to follow her instructions, leaving Mrs. Donovan in her room. She went to each of her student's rooms and instructed them to follow her out to the balcony. She was met with some grumbling, especially when they were told to go out with their pajamas still on. As Beth left the fourth room, ushering out her final two students, she grabbed that room's stool and followed the last two boys out to the balcony. Once out into the balcony, Beth sat down gingerly, and the headmaster, carrying the stool from Beth's room, joined her.

She put the stool down and sat down, facing the boys who were lined up at the wall. Mrs. Donovan looked at Beth, indicating for her to speak. Beth cleared her throat, as she thought quickly about what she would say.

"Well, boys, now that I have your undivided attention, there are something I have to say to all of you. These first few weeks of school, I have mistakenly tried to be your friend rather than being a responsible adult. That has led to ALL OF YOU taking advantage and acting like real brats. As of now, that is going to stop."

Beth emphasized the last few words. Then, looking at Mrs. Donovan, who nodded, she called the first of her students forward. Looking down, the boy, Neil, walked slowly over to Beth. She stood him in front of her and undid his pajama bottoms and let them drop. Then, realizing, from her previous experiences in spanking her younger brother and her neighbor, as well as being spanked herself, that Neil's pj bottoms would most likely be kicked off, she decided to have Neil step out of them completely. Blushing, Neil was guided to Beth's right side, and then Beth helped him go over her knees, adjusting him so his behind was just where she wanted it. Beth then realized that she had forgotten to bring her hairbrush, and looked at Mrs. Donovan, who smiled and handed Beth her hairbrush.

"I thought you might need this so I brought it from your room."

Beth smiled, "Yeah, I sure do."

Beth took the hairbrush and as she pressed her left arm across Neil's back, she raised her right arm and began Neil's spanking. From the very first spank, Neil yelled out in pain, and as he felt more and more spanks, he began crying louder and louder as Beth made sure to apply the hairbrush all over his reddening behind. If she had to endure a painful spanking, she thought, then her boys would have to as well. With Neil sobbing, Beth stopped. Normally, she thought, she wouldn't ave stopped right at the point, but glancing at Mrs. Donovan, she knew that the school's headmaster wanted a turn as well.

"Ok Neil, off my lap."

As Neil slowly climbed off her lap, he was shocked when he found out his spanking wasn't over yet.

"You march yourself right over to Mrs. Donovan, young man,"

Neil began to protest, but stopped when Mrs. Donovan asked Neil if he wanted to have another repeat the following morning. Reluctantly, he walked slowly over to Mrs. Donovan, tears streaming down his cheeks and was once again guided over a waiting lap. At the same time, Beth called over to her another of her boys. As with Neil, she took down and removed the boy's pajama bottoms and then turned the blushing and trembling boy over her knees. As she did, she noticed that Mrs. Donovan was patiently waiting for her, with Neil 'bottoms up' across her knees.

At the same moment, both Beth and Mrs. Donovan raised their arms and began the spankings. The sound of two hairbrushes smacking the bare seats of the two boys combined with the loud wailing of the boys created such a cacophony of noise that it attracted the notice of other students on the three floors of the wing. Before long, the balconies were occupied by students wanting to see or hear the spanking being administered. For those who could see, they were surprised to see two spankings being given out and for those who could just hear it, they soon realized it was the sound of two, not one, spankings that they were hearing.

They soon also realized that an entire section was being punished as the spankings stopped and then shortly resumed. Where they were being given, Neil was allowed up and to stand and watch. Meanwhile the boy that Beth had just spanked had been directed to go over to Mrs. Donovan, who turned the boy over her knees. As before, Beth called over another one of her boys and she prepared him for the first half of his spanking.

Then, once again, the sound of two spankings being simultaneously administered filled the air and once again, other students had the opportunity to witness it. The dual spankings continued until Beth had spanked the eighth boy of her section. As she sent him over to Mrs. Donovan, she just sat there and watched Mrs. Donovan hand out her part of the boy's punishment.

Meanwhile, a short time before, the witnessing of the spankings had been ended with the students having gone to eat breakfast. So, when the final spanking had been given out, Mrs. Donovan had the boys line up facing her and Beth, the boys still bare from the waist down.

"I expect all of you to behave much better now. I am sure that when, or if you don't, that Miss Ashley will make sure you see the error of your ways. I no longer want to ever hear that you have been causing trouble with other sections. Do you understand me?"

All the boys nodded affirmatively thru their tears. Mrs. Donovan looked at their watch and made a decision that would make sure that other housemothers would know that these boys have been well punished.

"You boys can put your pj bottoms back on and put on your slippers. We are all going to breakfast, and you will be going dressed as you are. Then, after breakfast, you will return and you can get dressed and ready for your first class."

The boys were shocked and knew that they would be quite the sight, walking in to the cafeteria wearing pajamas. But the sore bottomed group also knew they had no choice, so they quietly did as they were told and shortly the eight students accompanied by Mrs. Donovan and their housemother made the walk to the cafeteria.

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Part 12

None of the eight boys were anxious to make their appearance dressed as they were in pajamas, so the walk to the cafeteria came too fast for them. As they walked in, they tried to avoid looking at anyone, but couldn't help hearing the murmuring that was building as more and more of the students saw them.

They arrived at their table, seemingly happy to be able to sit down, notwithstanding their burning behinds, but soon got another shock when Mrs. Donovan addressed them.

"Boys, before you take your seats, I want you to bend over and hold hands of the boy opposite you. And you better not let go."

The boys moaned in dismay. But the four boys on each side of the table bent over and reached over to grab the hands of the boy facing them. They felt so self-conscious, embarrassed to be put in such a position. And they were about to find out, it was about to get worse. Mrs. Donovan went over to Beth and whispered in her ear. Then she began walking over toward the teachers' area. As she did, Beth walked over to Neil who was the boy closest to her. She went behind him and grabbed the waistband of his pj bottoms and pulled them down, exposing his bare, red behind to many of the other students eating. The murmuring became louder still as Neil's unveiling was seen. They also witnessed Neil getting his right hand loose in a vain attempt to try and prevent his pj bottoms from being taken down. This caused Beth to scold both Neil and the boy opposite him.

"Get those hands together!! Didn't you hear Mrs. Donovan? You boys need to do what you are told!"

Both boys re-grabbed the other's hands and Beth continued on, baring seven more behinds. The boys were even more embarrassed now. In the meantime, Mrs. Donovan had returned but not empty-handed. In her hand was a paddle, a novelty paddle that usually can be purchased at some roadside or tourist areas, to be put to use by frazzled parents who have had enough of misbehaving children while on the road or at a resort. On one side was a picture of a boy bent over, bare bottomed, with lettering "Apply When Needed".

"Miss Ashley, did any of these boys disobey my directions?"

"Unfortunately, Mrs. Donovan, Neil and Richard didn't follow your instructions. Neil got his hand loose and tried to prevent me from baring his behind."

"That WAS NOT a good idea. Neil and Rich. You will be punished for that shortly."

Mrs. Donovan then walked behind and to Neil's left. The boys on the opposite side of Neil could see what she was holding and what she was about to do and their eyes opened wide in surprise and with a feeling of dread.



Mrs. Donovan applied the first whack of the paddle to Neil's backside, causing Neil to yell out in pain. Then, methodically, she gave Neil four more paddle spanks, bringing fresh sobs from Neil. Mrs. Donovan then continued on, applying five spanks of the paddle to each boy, with Richard being the eighth boy to feel the hard wood of the paddle smacking his behind. Then Mrs. Donovan handed the paddle to Beth, who went to the opposite side from where Richard and Neil were bent over and she took her turn handing out five spanks to each boy. This meant that Richard and Neil received their spanks back to back, the fourth and fifth boys that Beth paddled.

Once Beth finished her part of the paddling punishment, Mrs. Donovan made a motion to Beth and then she walked behind Neil. Beth mirrored Mrs. Donovan's action and walked behind Richard, as Mrs. Donovan addressed the section.

"Everyone, but Richard and Neil, you may pull up your pjs, stand up and go get your breakfast."

The six boys scrambled to cover up their behinds and stand up. Meanwhile, Richard and Neil unhappily remained bent over the table, nervously fearing that they would be getting more spanks from the paddle. Instead, Neil felt his left ear being grabbed by Mrs. Donovan, who pulled him up and then pulled him to his left to the other end of the table to an empty chair. Then, as Mrs. Donovan sat down, he felt himself being propelled over her lap. Meanwhile, Beth had grabbed Richard's ear, pulled him up and led him to his left to the nearby empty chair at the end of the table next to where he was bent over. As with Neil, he found himself bottoms up, over the knees of his housemother.

Both boys hung their heads in shame, embarrassingly put into the traditional spanking position in full view of their fellow students, both boys and girls. They didn't have much time to ponder their predicament as they both felt the first smack of their punisher's hand being applied to their behinds. This was followed by another and another spank as they once again cried and sobbed in earnest. After a few minutes of spanking, it ended with five final resounding spanks that really caused them to sob loudly.

The two boys were stood up on their feet and their pj bottoms were raised. Then with a hard spank to the seats of their pajamas, they were sent, sobbing, on their way to get their breakfasts. As their fellow section mates had felt before them, both Neil and Richard walked to the food line blushing as they felt the eyes of their fellow students upon them. And, when they returned to their seats, they had the further unpleasantness of sitting down on their very sore behinds.

There was no doubt left in the minds of the eight boys in Beth's section that they had a much different and stricter housemother than they had just the previous day.

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Part 13

Another teacher at Lee Academy was Ms. Barbara Connolly, who taught English. She was one the youngest teachers on the staff, being 26. She was also the tallest, making her an imposing figure to her students. While almost as fervent supporter of spanking at Lee Academy as Mrs. Donovan, Barbara's use of spanking differed from the more experienced history teacher. Unlike Mrs. Donovan, Barbara never resorted to the use of the wooden hairbrush in spanking any of the students at the school.

"Peter and Cindy, where is your homework?"

Peter and Cindy were part of Beth's and Marie's sections, respectively and right now were on edge, wondering what the punishment would be for not doing their homework.

"Why don't you both come on up front? I think we need to have a little talk about this."

Both students may have been more relieved at the use of the word "talk" if they hadn't seen their teacher take the stool and place it in front of her desk. Nevertheless, they both got up and walked slowly to the front of the class and stood in front of their teacher, who was now sitting down on the stool.

"Now, my two naughty little students, why is it that when I just checked the homework that was just passed in, I don't see anything passed in by you?"

Neither student had an answer for their teacher. Instead they shifted from one foot to another, hoping to make themselves invisible to their scolding teacher.

"I see you don't have anything to say. I am very disappointed in the two of you. Just one week into the school year and already you have failed to perform a basic requirement of being in school. Do you two always disobey like this?"

"No, Mrs. Connolly," Peter replied.

"No, I don't," stated Cindy.

"You know, I thought just little boys and girls disobey their elders, whether it be their parents or their teachers. You two have been really naughty in not doing your homework, do you know that?"

The two students standing in front of Ms. Connolly did not respond, but looked down, inspecting their shoes.

"When I ask you a question, I expect an answer."

"Yes," both Peter and Cindy replied.

"Do you know what happens to naughty boys and girls? Tell me."

Both Peter and Cindy, unfortunately, knew the answer for that question.

"They get spanked."

"And how do they get spanked?"

"On their bottoms."

Ms. Connolly laughed, "Of course, on your bottoms. Where else would they be spanked? The correct answer is 'on our bare bottoms'. Now, I think the two of you should ask me to punish you as the naughty children you are."

Neither Peter or Cindy were anxious to be spanked or to ask to be spanked, but they knew they had no choice.

"Ms. Connolly, please spank us."

"You weren't listening, were you? Please be more specific."

"Mrs. Connolly, please spank us on our bare bottoms."

"That wasn't so hard, was it? Yes, I will be only too happy to do what you ask."

Then Ms. Connolly reached over and undid Peter's belt and also the top button of his pants. Then she unzippered them and tugged them down to his ankles. Blushing at being undressed in front of the class, Peter could only stand there helplessly. Then he was instructed to lift his feet and his shoes were removed. Peter soon realized why when his teacher had him lift his legs to allow her to remove his pants completely, leaving him with just his underpants and socks below his waist.

Cindy's turn to be prepared was next and she felt her teacher undo her gray pleated skirt and let it drop. Then like Peter, she had her shoes removed and then her skirt was completely taken off. Now both of them stood in front of her almost bare from the waist down. It was Peter who first went across the lap of his teacher. Right after Peter got upended, Cindy was startled to be taken across her teacher's knees right next to Peter.

"My, you two look real cute across my knees, and in just a moment, you'll look even cuter."

Then to their further embarrassment, they each in turn felt their bottoms being bared. First, Peter's underpants were pulled down to his knees, and then Cindy's panties were taken down, leaving to sets of bottoms bared and upended over their teacher's knees. Then Peter and Cindy directly and the rest of the class indirectly discovered the advantage of playing tennis, and why, despite relying on her bare hand to spank any student that she felt needed to be disciplined, her method was not as lenient as one might expect.


She applied ten hard spanks to Peter's waiting bottom and followed suit to Cindy's. Then, steadily she applied resoundingly hard hand spanks to both backsides, sometimes alternating and sometimes in a series of spanks to each seat. The sound of the hand smacking the reddening seats resounded thru the classroom, surprising the watching students with the force of each spank.

Soon, both students were crying, the intensity growing with each spank, until the cries turned to sobs, as the spanks were relentlessly applied. With her hard hand seemingly immune to its impact on the red bottoms it was smacking, the spankings continued until bottoms were fire red and both students were sobbing uncontrollably.

Once the spankings ended, they had no chance to recover before leaving their teacher's lap. Instead Peter's underpants were raised up and Cindy's panties followed suit and they were put on their feet. However, they weren't allowed to go back to their seats. Instead, they were marched to a corner, where they had to face the wall as if they were naughty children, and once again their bottoms were bared, leaving them on display to their classmates as they continued to sob.

"Since you chose not to do your homework, you can just stand in the corner while the rest of us, who want to learn, will go on with the class. Hopefully, you will do today's homework, so you can spend tomorrow's class sitting down."

And then turning to the class, "Ok, let's turn to chapter 2 in your textbook.

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Part 14

Peter had just returned back from the cafeteria along with the rest of his section and had returned to his room. It was not the best of days for Peter, as he had neglected to do his English homework and had been spanked by Ms. Connolly in front of the class because of it. As he walked into his room, he went to get his books in order to start working on his schoolwork, but was interrupted by a knock on the door. Since his roommate, Paul, was in the bathroom, he went to the door and opened it. Standing there was Beth, his housemother.

"Good evening, Peter, may I come in?"

"Sure." Peter replied, knowing he really didn't have much choice. He wondered what the purpose of his housemother's visit. Beth looked at the books that Peter had put on his desk.

"I see you are getting ready to do your homework. That would have been a good idea yesterday, wouldn't it?"

Peter looked down and nodded and then noticed what Miss Ashley was carrying. In her right hand was an 18" inch ruler and his eyes opened as he guessed the significance of her carrying it. As he looked at the ruler, Paul came out of the bathroom and noticed the ruler right away and opened his mouth wide. Beth noticed his reaction and quickly put his mind at ease.

"I am glad YOU did your homework, Paul."

Then, looking right at Peter, "I am disappointed at you, young man. I think you could use some help in reminding you to do your homework. Come over to me, Peter."

As Peter walked slowly over to her, Beth sat down on the end of his bed. When he was in front of her, she put down the ruler and began undressing him. A she was doing that, she asked Paul to bring their stool out to the corridor and to also bring out the chair and the small table that was in the room.

She continued to undress Peter until he down to his underpants. Then, getting up, she went to his dresser and pulled out a pair of his pajamas. Leaving the bottoms on his bed, she put the top on him and then removed his underpants. She then grabbed the ruler with her left hand and Peter's left ear with her right and brought him out to the hallway and over to the stool. She sat down on the stool and then helped Peter across her lap, pushing his pajama top completely away from his behind. Taking a firm grip of the ruler, she began smacking his behind hard and quick.

"OW.....OWWW.......OOUUCCHHH..........OOWOOWOW W"

Peter yelped in pain as he felt the stinging from the wooden ruler. Methodically, Beth applied the ruler to the boy's seat repeatedly and soon Peter was wailing, especially when Beth concentrated the spanks on the lower part of his behind where he sits. Meanwhile, Paul, with his ringside `seat' witnessing his roommates spanking, was very glad he did his homework. He felt that way earlier when Miss Connolly had spanked Peter in the class and seeing his housemother painfully spank Peter made him feel that way even more. Soon more and more students came out to view and hear the spanking from the seventh grade student area. Some realized the cause of the spanking when Beth stopped the spanking and began scolding.

"I expect you to do your homework, young man." As Beth said these words, she had a fleeting thought of something, but put it aside, kind of shaking her head. "If you don't, or [looking at other members of her section] anyone else don't, this is what will happen."

She emphasized her words with painful smacks of the ruler across Peter's red bottom.

"I am always available to help, so don't be afraid to ask. But to not do it at all is not excusable. Now, Peter, I am going to let you up and you will sit down at your desk and do your homework right out here. I will be back to check it out, so I want you to do a good job. Now, off my knees."

Beth helped the sobbing boy onto his feet and marched him to his chair. As he approached his chair, unfortunately for him, it wasn't cushioned, but made of hard wood, he protested.

"NO! I won't be able to sit down!!!"

"Are you going to disobey me now?" She bent Peter over and applied 10 hard smacks of the ruler to his behind. "Your sore behind will remind you to do your homework in the future."

She stood him up and sat him down hard on his chair, causing Peter to jump up in pain, causing a few chuckles from some of his fellow students, which Beth quickly put a stop to.

"Unless any of you wish to join Peter, I suggest you be quiet. This is not a laughing matter. Now Peter, get to work. Remember, do a good job."

Leaving Peter to his work, Beth returned to her room, knowing she would occasionally check up on him. The other members of the section also left Peter alone, as well as other students in the wing. Peter began working on his schoolwork, very uncomfortably sitting down on the hard chair. The spanks that his housemother had applied to where he sits caused him to squirm in his seat as he tried to ease the pain, but not wanting to waste time by trying to rub. His occasional looks toward Beth's room one time caught her looking at him, and he saw Beth smile sympathetically toward him. Still, he knew, she could be strict, as his behind was reminding him. Finally, he finished, and he looked over his work. As if somehow knowing he was done, Beth shortly came out of her room and over to his chair.

"Well, young man, have you finished?"

Peter nodded that he had and handed her his notebooks. To his dismay, he saw Beth pick up her ruler that she had left on his table.

"While I am checking your work, Peter, I want you to bend over your desk with your behind nice and high. I will be giving you a little reminder before you go to bed, plus any smacks for errors that you should not have made."

Peter began to protest but stopped when he saw Beth's face. He knew it would only make it worse for himself, so he gave out a little sigh and got up and over to the side of the table and bent over it. As he did so, he couldn't help but feel that his seat was sticking up in the air.

Beth began looking over his papers. Knowing what he was learning in his classes, she was able to check his work, and found that he had made some mistakes. As she found a mistake, unless it was minor in nature, she placed her hand on Peter's back and smacked Peter twice with the ruler, causing Peter to yell out in pain. She had cause to smack Peter on 10 occasions for a total of 20 spanks.

"You could have done a better job, Peter. I guess I will need to help you more with your homework."

Noticing some distress on Peter's part, she added, "Oh, no, it won't be out here and spanking won't be part of it, unless you purposely do it wrong or you skip doing it."

Peter breathed a sigh of relief, but only for a moment, as he felt Beth's hand on his back. He knew that his bedtime spanking was about to begin.

Bent over the table caused the ruler spanks to really sting and he quickly began to sob as Beth began spanking him. She gave him 40 spanks with the ruler and then dropped the ruler on the table. She allowed him to remain bent over until he regained control of himself, and then helped him up.

"We'll leave the table and chair here until tomorrow morning. You can get Paul to help you bring it back in after you get dressed."

Then, with her hand gentling guiding him, she took him back to his room, where Paul was resting on his bed. With his back to her, she helped him into his pajama bottoms and then brought him to his bed, where she gave him a hug. Peter then put himself to bed, on his stomach, as Beth said goodnight to both boys and left their room, closing their door behind her. She sighed as she walked back to her room with a slight tickle in her mind.

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Part 15

The day after Beth had spanked Peter for not doing his homework Beth was in her room reading. There was still some time before she would accompany her section to the cafeteria for supper. Earlier, she had been in Peter's room, helping him with his homework. Unlike the day before, he was able to do it fully clothed and his housemother's mood was much different from the day before. Even his mistakes didn't lead to any spanks as Beth brought them to his attention and corrected them.

As with the evening before, Beth still had a nagging thought that she couldn't quite put a finger on. Somehow, it had to do with Peter not doing his homework, but, exactly what it was about, she couldn't figure it out. Putting her thoughts aside, she resumed reading her book, but about ten minutes later, she heard a knock on her door. Wondering what might be happening, she went to the door, and opened it. It was Barbara Connolly, Peter's, and her section's English teacher.

"Come in, Barbara, it's nice to see you." Beth had always been friendly with Barbara Connolly, since their ages weren't too far apart. Beth noticed that, despite Barbara smiling in return to Beth's greeting, it wasn't as "friendly" as other times in the past.

"It's nice seeing you as well, Beth. I wasn't able to stop by yesterday, but this afternoon, I have the time." Seeing Beth's quizzical look, Barbara Connolly continued, "I guess you know I spanked Peter yesterday in class for not doing his homework?"

Beth nodded.

"I heard about his punishment last evening. Of which, I agree completely with. I would hope that would remove any temptation to not do his homework in the future."

"Yes, I certainly hope so." As she agreed with Barbara, she tried to remember something but couldn't.

"Beth, don't you think that part of your job is to help your section with their homework?"

"Yes...yes, I do. I have always told my boys that I am always available to help them and will work with them. Just this afternoon, Peter and I spent time with his homework."

"That's good to hear, Beth. But isn't making sure it is done also part of helping them with their homework?"

Beth, being honest, had to agree, and nodded her head.

"I am glad you agree, Beth. One question, though. Don't you remember last year when we had this same conversation?"

At first, Beth began to say that she hadn't, and then stopped herself.

"Nooo, I don't......., OH..."

Suddenly it dawned on Beth, and she remembered. Finally she realized what was bugging her since finding out Peter hadn't done his homework and had been spanked by Barbara.

Barbara smiled. "I guess you do remember now."

Beth blushed. "I...I do." Beth recalled the previous year there were a few occurrences of her boys being spanked by Barbara for not doing their english homework. It led to a visit by Barbara to her room and a discussion that part of Beth's job was to ensure her boys did their homework.

At that time, Beth assured Barbara that she would do a better job. It reminded Barbara of herself when she was younger and made assurances to her mom about doing something she was supposed to. She remembered her mom telling her what would entail if she failed to live up to her promises. Beth as well remembered...

"I hope you do so, Miss Ashley, I really do. However, if it does happen again, maybe I ought to do what my mom would do when I didn't live up to my promises."

With her own upbringing, Beth knew exactly what Barbara Connolly was saying and blushed.

"You mean you would...?"

Barbara Connolly shook her head affirmatively, but kindly. "Oh, I am sure THAT won't be necessary." With the implied threat being given, Barbara Connolly continued on, "well, I am glad we had this little talk, but I have to go. We really need to get together more often and get to know each other better. Take care, Miss Ashley, or, Beth, that's what you are called, right?"

Beth nodded and said she also would like to get together with Barbara as well. Barbara left, leaving a stunned housemother who wondered, did she just do what I think she did?"

Beth shook herself out of her reverie "You mean, you would.......?"

Barbara chuckled, "Yes, I would....after all, I did promise it and I don't believe in going back on MY promises."

Beth protested, "But, I am too old!"

This only brought a laugh out of Barbara.

"That sounds just like me when I was at home at 18 and said that to my mom. She laughed and then proceeded to tan my behind even harder than usual. And I would bet your mom either would or did the same with you."

Beth looked down and nodded.

Barbara continued again, "I also bet, knowing our headmaster as I do, and also how you changed suddenly last year, that you really aren't too old to be spanked."

Beth turned even redder. "How did you know?"

Barbara chuckled. "I didn't. I just put two and two together and made an assumption that evidently is correct. Don't worry, you're secret is safe with me and don't feel too bad about it. I know how it feels to be over Mrs. Donovan's knees myself."

Beth couldn't help but laugh as she pictured the tall teacher sprawled over the headmaster's knees. But stopped smiling as she realized what the teacher was planning to do.

"Couldn't you give me one more chance?" Beth tried one time to avoid, what she knew in her heart would be in vain, that being spanked by Barbara Connolly.

"Oh, Beth, you know the answer to that, don't you?"

As Beth reluctantly nodded, Barbara Connolly walked over to the stool and brought it out, placing in front of Beth's dresser.

"I am sure I will prove to you that you're aren't too old to be spanked, just like my mother did. But I won't be using a hairbrush or even your ruler to spank you, just the palm of my hand."

Beth knew Barbara's reputation so wasn't too relieved by that, but wondered how bad a hand spanking would be at Beth's age. As Barbara sat down, she motioned to Beth to stand in front of her, which Beth did, slowly. As she faced her, she saw Barbara reach over to her and felt her shorts being unfastened and then lowered to her knees. Then, to her further embarrassment, her panties were pulled down as well. Just like when she was younger and had to stand in front of her mom as she was undressed in preparation of being turned over the knees, she was about to experience it once again.

"Over to my right side, Beth, let's get this over with."

Beth did as she was told and once on her teacher's right hand side, she was helped up and over the teacher's lap, leaving her behind sticking up and her hands and feet dangling in front and behind her. No longer did she feel like an adult, but like a naughty child about to be spanked. As she dangled helplessly, she glanced over to her right and saw her reflection in the mirror. The mirror image of her in the traditional spanking position that she used herself when spanking naughty students made her hang her head in shame.

"This is going to hurt, Beth and it will be a long spanking," Barbara warned Beth, "don't be afraid to cry, let it out. I hope I won't have to do this again."

Beth tensed as she awaited the first spank. Barbara didn't keep her waiting as Beth felt the first spank.


Just the first spank told Beth that Barbara's reputation was well justified. Her hand seemed anything but soft!! Then, at a fast pace, Barbara continued spanking Beth. Her hand repeatedly smacked Beth's backside, not sparing one inch of it. As the heat that Barbara's hard hand produced on Beth's behind grew more intense, Beth kicked and tried to escape, but Barbara held her tight and continued right on spanking the rapidly reddening bottom in front of her. Her sobbing turned to wailing as Beth lost control and dignity. Still Barbara continued applying her hand, as she knew from personal experience that Beth was not yet at the point where the spanking could be stopped.

Finally, Beth's carrying on was one continuous wail as she gave in completely to the furious spanking. And then, it stopped. The spanking, not the wailing, as Beth continued to wail as if still being spanked. Ever so slowly, it subsided, as Beth coughed and sobbed, tears streaming down her cheeks. Barbara continued to keep Beth over her lap, consoling her as if Beth was a naughty little girl that had just been spanked.

It seemed forever, but finally Beth stopped her sobbing and just laid there, limply, over the knees of her punisher. She turned and looked at the mirror and was distressed to see how dark red her behind was. And more distressed at the prospect of having to join her students at supper. She would have to be real careful when sitting down.

"It's over, Beth. I know it hurts. But this was necessary, just as it was necessary for you to spank Peter soundly yesterday. But, if you are honest with yourself, you have to share the blame with him, don't you?"

Beth made the mistake of not responding right away and paid for it when Barbara resumed the spanking. After 25 fast and hard spanks, Barbara asked her question again, and this time, Beth answered.

"Yes, I guess so, yeah, I did screw up, didn't I?"

"Yes, you did, Elizabeth Ann Ashley, but now you have been punished for it and it's over. Ok, enough time over my knees, up you go."

Barbara helped Beth up off her lap and allowed Beth some relief.

"I usually don't allow it when I spank, but you may rub, Beth."

Quickly, Beth reached back in an attempt to rub the awful pain that her behind was feeling, not caring about the spectacle she was making of herself. As she rubbed and glanced at her image in the mirror, she looked more like one well-spanked teenager than a grown woman that she had assumed she was.

Having to stand there while Barbara pulled her underpants and shorts up didn't help Beth feel any more grown up either. She stood there, rubbing her seat, as Barbara gave her a hug just like a mom would do and left, leaving Beth time to recover, or, at least, to recover enough to not have anyone else know that she had just been spanked like a naughty girl.

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Part 16

While it is true that more spankings at Lee Academy are given to the 7th graders, it certainly doesn't mean that 8th and 9th graders don't also get spanked.........

One ancillary duty that teachers had was that of being hallway monitors. And one rule of the school was no running in the hallways. It was this rule that Marty ran afoul of in the third week of school. On this particular occasion, Ms. Connolly was standing outside her classroom, greeting her own students as they entered her classroom and at the same time, watching the coming and goings of students going to their next classes. There was about a minute remaining before the bell rang when Marty decided that the only way to be on time to his history class was to run. On rare occasions, a student could get away with running if a particular teacher had her attention diverted or something had come up that merited her attention. However, on this occasion, Marty was not able to make it to his next class without being noticed.

"Young man! Yes, you, come over here!"

Marty groaned in despair, as he knew he would be late for his class now. And worse, he was caught breaking a school rule. He walked over to the tall teacher, his head bent in surrender.

"Since when is running permitted in the hallways?

"It's not."

"Then why were you running, if it's not permitted?"

"I was going to be late for class."

It was at that moment that the bell rang.

"Well, I guess you are late now. That's not good. Students are given ample time to get to their next class. Why couldn't you make it on time?"

Marty was getting anxious. With each passing moment, he was getting later and later and Mrs. Donovan, his history teacher, would be more annoyed with him. And here the young teacher was quizzing him.

"Don't look at where you were heading, look at me, young man. You have plenty of time to worry about your next class; right now you have me to worry about. Now, what held you up so you couldn't be on time?"

"I was talking and lost track of the time."

"Really. That's something I would expect from a 13-year-old 7th grader, not someone who is in the 9th grade. Come over here."

With no choice, Marty walked over to the teacher, knowing his fate.

"Let's get these pants down. You need to be taught a lesson and let's see if my hand can impress you thru your behind to obey school rules."

Marty stood there as Ms. Connolly undid his pants and tugged them down. Then she placed her left leg on the bench attached to the wall. Before Marty knew it, he was upended over Ms. Connolly's left leg, leaving him dangling helplessly in the air. Then he felt the waistband of his underpants being pulled down.

Quickly, Ms. Connolly began smacking Marty's bare bottom hard and fast, applying 50 resounding spanks to his bare bottom, as he lay jackknifed across her left knee. Then, after pulling his underpants up, the sobbing 15 year old stood there while his pants were pulled up and refastened.

"Ok, young man, you may WALK to your next class. Now, scoot, I have a class to teach."

Knowing better than to run, Marty walked briskly to his history class, dreading having to face the strict Mrs. Donovan. When he got to the room, he opened the door and faced the music.

"Well, well, Marty has decided to grace us with his presence!"

To his dismay, he saw his teacher pick up her hairbrush, which rested on her desk for all to see, and then the stool, placing it front of her desk.

"I think you better come over here and explain yourself."

Marty walked over to his teacher as she spoke to him once again.

"Now, is there any reason why I shouldn't turn you over my knee and spank you good and hard?"

"Please, Mrs. Donovan, I was just spanked."

"Oh really? I think you ought to go over my knees and then you explain exactly what happened."

Marty began to bend over but was stopped.

"Oh, no, you know better than that. Take those pants down before you go over my knees. And don't dawdle, I don't have all day."

Not wanting to annoy his teacher any further, Marty quickly undid his pants and lowered them, blushing. It had been some time since his last spanking, either in school or at home and now he was about to receive his second spanking just a few minutes apart.

"Ok, young man, over my lap you go," instructed Mrs. Donovan as she motioned with the hairbrush.

Marty gulped and went across his teacher's knees, allowing himself to be adjusted and then to having his underpants once again being taken down, uncovering his red bottom.

"Who spanked you?"

"Ms. Connolly."

"Well, she did a fine job. And with just her hand. She sure does have a "hand of steel". That was a reference to a term of respect that other students had for the young teacher's spanking prowess.

'Now, tell me why she had the occasion to spank you."

Marty, uncomfortable over his teacher's knees, told how he was late and was caught running in the hallway.

"So, to avoid one spanking, you risked a second spanking, is that right?"

Marty mumbled affirmatively.

"Well, I guess it's time to show you why that's a bad idea."

Marty's second spanking began, this time with the hairbrush. Being spanked again on his already tender bottom quickly brought sobs and by the time she decided to stop, the 9th grader was wailing in pain.

"Maybe now you will be on time and not need to run in the hallway. 'Crime' does not pay, young man. Let me pull up your underpants and you can go sit down and we can continue the class."

Once his underpants were pulled up, Marty was stood up and he began to pull his pants back up.

"Oh, no, you don't. Keep those pants down at your knees and sit down on your underpants. Go ahead now."

So, a tearful and repentant Marty hobbled over to his seat, his red bottom glowing thru his underpants and winced as he sat down on the hard wooden seated chair.

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Part 17

It was mid afternoon and Beth was in her room, doing some paperwork. She was interrupted by the sound of insistent knocking on the door. Getting up, Beth went to door and opened it, and at the door was two of her boys, Peter and Chris.

"Miss Ashley, Miss Ashley, we can't find Billy and Bobby!!! No one has seen them!"

"Calm down, boys, are you sure they aren't somewhere that you haven't checked? The field outside, the activity rooms?"

"We checked them all, Miss Ashley!! They aren't there!!" insisted the two boys.

"Ok, let's go downstairs"

Beth left her room and realized the rest of her section, minus the twins, of course, were waiting outside. She assumed that Peter and Chris were elected to get her. Beth and the six boys went down to the reception area, adjacent to the mini-library. Sitting at the desk there was Colleen Donovan, the niece of the headmaster. A junior in high school, she worked afternoons at the school at the reception desk.

"Hi Colleen, have you seen the twins? Nobody can find them."

"No, Miss Ashley, I haven't. Everything has been peaceful here."

"Hmmm, well, that's strange....where could they be?"

Almost in response, a bell rang, indicating that someone was at the door. Colleen got up to see who was there, and Beth heard Colleen exclaim out.

"OH MY!!!"

Beth went out to the door to see what Colleen was excited by and she was shocked by what she saw. It was the twins, with a policewoman in tow. The two boys looked scared, a condition which was appropriate.

"Are these boys yours?"

"Oh, yes, they are, they are two of the boys in my section. I was told a short time ago that they were not to be found."

"I found them all right, near the river. It is not a good place to be, it's off-limits and not safe at all."

"They are not supposed to be off school grounds, officer. I don't know how they managed it, but I will find out."

"Good. I also hope you impress on them how much they endangered themselves."

Beth looked at the two boys, who shrunk down as Beth "stared daggers" at them.

"I can assure you, officer, that I will IMPRESS on them the danger they put themselves into and that I won't stand for it. Although, I can tell you that they will have to stand after they are dealt with."

The two boys blushed and looked down as they heard their housemother tell the policewoman that they would be spanked.

The policewoman smiled, "Good, that's exactly what they deserve! There are nothing like a good old-fashioned spanking to remind a naughty boy or, in this case, naughty boys, to behave. I'll leave them to you."

Leaving the boys with Beth, the policewoman left. Beth, still wondering how the boys left the school, turned to Colleen, "I don't understand, Colleen, how this happened. Were you away from your desk?"



"I...I guess......I had to go to the restroom."

"You had to go to the bathroom? You had to go the bathroom and you left the desk untended?"

"Well, it was only a for a moment."

"It was long enough for these two to leave! You know better than that, Colleen. You know that you are never to leave the desk untended. You get someone to cover for you WHENEVER you need to use the bathroom or whenever you need to leave the desk. Your aunt will not be very happy about this, you know that?"

Colleen looked down and nodded.

Shaking her head, Beth told Colleen to go back to her desk. As Colleen turned to return to her desk, Beth reached over and smacked the seat of Colleen's cheerleader skirt. Prior to arriving at Lee Academy that afternoon, Colleen had cheerleader practice at her high school and didn't have time to change back to her school clothes. Colleen squealed in embarrassment and hurried over to her desk. Then Beth turned her attention to the twins.

They were just standing there, looking down. By that time, they had an audience, not only their section, but others, some upstairs and some even nearer, in or near the library. Beth walked over to them, and then circled them, looking them over. They looked anything but like a student. In fact, they looked more like farm boys, as both were wearing bib overalls, with no shirt underneath. And both boys and their clothes were filthy, caked with dirt and mud. The two boys cringed as they sensed Beth's presence as she circled them, trying to control her anger.

"Look at you two!! What got into you? We were worried about you, not just me but your fellow section mates. Not only did you leave the grounds, which is against the rules, but you endangered yourselves as well. What do you have to say for yourselves?"

Both boys remained mute.

"Yes, it's obvious that there is nothing to say. You are both going to be punished severely for this, you know that?"

The two boys nodded, grudgingly.

"However, the first thing that needs to be done is to get those filthy clothes off you."

Beth paused and two boys began to walk toward the stairway.

"Where do you think you are going?"

"You said to get our clothes off," Billy responded to Beth's question.

"No, that's not what I said. I said those clothes need to be taken off. I never said for you to leave. Now, stand right here, and I will remove your clothes myself."

The boys protested.


"Oh, would you prefer I do it outside? Maybe at the river where you got so filthy? I bet I could cut a good switch to use on your bare behinds and march you back here, switching you all the way back."

The two boys shivered at the thought of that happening to them and kept quiet.

"Yeah, I thought so. Now, stay right where you are."

She went over to the boys and began undressing them, removing their sneakers and socks and then their bib overalls, leaving them wearing only their underpants. Beth then walked over to near Colleen's desk and retrieved a stool and brought it out to the front, facing the library and the desk.

Sitting down, she called the twins over to her. Reluctantly, they walked over to Beth and first Billy found himself being taken over Beth's knees. Then, Bobby was next and the two boys were side by side across the knees of their housemother. Already a few tears fell, as they found themselves upended in view of their section and others, who were witnessing their punishment. Their embarrassment was made worse when they felt their underpants being taken down. Then it got worse when their underpants wasn't just pulled down but removed completely, leaving the two boys completely naked across Beth's lap.

The idea that Colleen was there to witness it embarrassed them even more and led to both boys starting to sniffle.

"There will be plenty of time for tears, boys."

With that statement, Beth began the spanking. Using just her hand, she began smacking the two upturned bottoms hard and fast, causing the two boys to quickly cry out in pain. Alternating from one boy to the other, she applied the palm of her hand to their behinds with full force. As she spanked, she impressed the onlookers, whether it was the other students observing or other housemothers, who had assumed that the hairbrush would have been used. But they could see as well as hear that the hand spanking was a sound one. One that seemed to go on for a while and both boys were sobbing loudly when Beth finally stopped.

If the boys had thought the spanking over, they would be disappointed, as Beth took out her hairbrush, which she had on her, and resumed the spanking, bringing even louder wailing from the two boys. After she applied 10 hard spanks to each boy, she dropped the hairbrush.

"Peter and Chris, could you each gather up each of these two naughty boys' clothers?"

The two boys scurried to obey Beth's instructions. Once they had done so, Beth told them to bring them over.

"Bobby and Billy, when you are off my lap, you will take your clothes and you'll be going upstairs for a bath."

Beth did not waste time getting the twins off her knees. And the boys didn't waste time taking their clothes back from Peter and Chris and held them in front of them.

"Ok, everybody, time to break up this gathering. Back to your sections or wherever you are supposed to be. Billy and Bobby, you are coming with me."

Standing between them, Beth grabbed an ear of both boys and together, she began marching the two squealing and sobbing boys upstairs and to their room.

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Part 18 - Toggle Original/Alternative

Note: Sometimes, when I am writing a story, I have a couple of different plot ideas. This was the case when I wrote this chapter. I decided to wrote the chapter both ways and I am posting both of them now.

Standing between them, Beth grabbed an ear of both boys and together, she began marching the two squealing and sobbing boys upstairs and to the twins' room. As they did so, the rest of Beth's section as well as other students residing in the boys wing followed them. For those who did so in the hope of or curiosity of seeing the twins punished more were disappointed, at least at that point, as when Beth reached the twins' room, she went inside and closed the door behind them.

Still with their ears firmly held, she marched the boys straight into their bathroom and then let go of the sobbing boys. She had them place their dirty clothes in the hamper and then went to the bathtub and began to run water to fill the tub.

"I'm going to make sure you both get "squeaky clean."

The twins blushed and began to protest at the idea of their housemother remaining in the bathroom while they took their baths. This only annoyed Beth even more.

"Quiet, both of you!! You better learn to start obeying rules of this school, as well as myself, if you know what is good for you. And you can start by both bending over and grabbing your knees. Right now!!"

Both boys groaned, but did as they were told and bent over. With their red bottoms sticking up in the air, they waited for the inevitable spanks they knew was coming. Unknown to them, Beth had taken the wooden bath brush off its hook and holding it like a hairbrush, went behind and to the boys' left and put her left arm over their backs, to keep the boys in place. Then raising her arm, she proceeded to smack, alternating between the two boys, each waiting bottom five times each, causing the boys to wail out in pain. Then putting down the brush, she pulled up Billy and marched him to the corner, and stood him there, with his face right in the corner.

"You stay right there and keep your hands away from your behind. I'll be taking care of you after I take care of Bobby."

Leaving Billy as he was, she went over to Bobby and grabbed his ear and marched him over to the tub and had him go in. With no choice in the matter, the red-faced and red-bottomed boy had to obey. Once in the water, he sat down as directed as Beth poured out shampoo and roughly washed his hair.

"My goodness, Bobby, your hair is filthy, muddy, just terrible. God knows what might be living in there."

Beth continued to wash his hair until the hair was completely clean. Then taking the bath brush, she had Bobby stand up, and she smacked his wet behind five times hard. Then, taking a bar of soap, she began to bathe the young teenager, causing Bobby to moan loudly in embarrassment. From his head to his toes, she scrubbed the boy. She, as well, used both side of the bath brush, the wooden side to smack Bobby's wet behind and the bristle side to bathe him. Only when she was completely satisfied did she put the bath brush aside.

"Bobby, I want you to sit down and I will be right back."

Wondering, Bobby did as he was told. It didn't take long to find out what his housemother went for, as she returned shortly, carrying a number of towels and to his great dismay, the stool. Beth put down the stool and placed the towels on top of the hamper. Then she sat down and put two of the bath towels over her lap. It was pretty obvious to Bobby what was about to happen.

"Ok, Bobby, out of the bath and over to me, don't dawdle. I am going to try and convince you never to pull a stunt like this every again." Unhappily, Bobby got up and stepped out of the bath. Without any opportunity to dry himself off, Bobby went over to Beth and she helped him across her knees.

Meanwhile in the corner, Billy was no longer sobbing, but was still in tears, partly from what he was hearing behind him. He could hear his brother moan, he could hear the smacks that he received and knew he would be next. He also heard Miss Ashley tell Bobby to come over to her and he knew what that meant.

Confirmation came very shortly afterwards when Beth took out her hairbrush and began Bobby's second spanking of the afternoon. The hard smacks resounded in the bathroom and in their room, and were almost immediately intermixed with loud wailing from Bobby and louder tears from Billy, created by his nervous and fearful anticipation of his turn. Beth smacked the upturned behind hard and steady, the wet behind causing even more pain for the howling boy as he vainly attempted to somehow avoid the painful spanks that Miss Ashley was applying. He twisted, he turned, but Beth kept a firm hold on him and he had no choice but to endure the painful punishment he was receiving.

Finally, his resistance faded and he surrended to the spanking, just hanging over Miss Ashley's lap as she applied the hairbrush over Bobby's seat until it was blazing red. Then she put down the hairbrush.

She kept him across her knees and she took out her cell phone and called Miss Morley, the housemother of the adjacent section.

"Hello Margaret? This is Beth next door. Yes, I'm ok now, but the same can't be said about the twins right now. In fact, Bobby is over my knees right now. I just gave him a spanking he will remember. I am going to put him in the corner, and would like you to keep an eye on him, while I deal with his brother."

"Ok, thanks, I really appreciate it. I'll do the same for you if the need ever arises."

As he dangled over Beth's knees, Bobby heard his housemother's half of the conversation and wondered why Miss Morley was needed to watch him. He also hated the idea of being put in the corner like a little boy. Having Miss Morley watching would be even more embarrassing. Bobby didn't have any more time to think about it as he was put back on his feet. His behind burning, he felt his ear being grabbed once again.

"Come with me, my naughty boy."

With no choice in the matter, Bobby found himself being pulled out of the bathroom, out of his room and into the floor outside his room. He noticed that Miss Morley was standing there with her section close by as was his own section.

The outside wall was not straight, which left a depression that was essentially a corner that Bobby now found himself in. He sensed someone right behind him and soon found out it was Miss Morley.

"Beth, it looks like you did a good job in spanking this naughty little boy."

<SMACK!> "You are a naughty boy, Bobby." <SMACK!> "You know better than to do what you did." <SMACK!> <SMACK!> <SMACK!> <SMACK!>

"Bobby, while I deal with your brother, you can remain in the corner. Don't move out of it or rub your behind, or you'll be going over Miss Morley's knees."

Leaving Bobby under Miss Morley's supervision, Beth returned to the twins' bathroom where Billy was in his own corner, waiting nervously for Beth to return.

"Ok, Billy, time for your bath."

She went to the bathtub and began running more water for Billy's bath. When it was both full and hot enough, she went over to Billy and grabbed his ear. Turning him around, she led him to the bathtub and Billy stepped into the tub, anything to have Beth loosen her grip on his ear. As with Bobby, Beth had Billy sit down in the bathtub and then began by roughly shampooing his hair. In tears from his ear being pulled and the embarrassment of being bathed by his housemother, Beth then had Billy stand up as Beth picked up the bath brush. Five times she smacked Billy's wet bottom, as he yelled out. Then turning the brush around she began to scrub the sobbing boy. As she scrubbed, she also used the other side of the bath brush to occasionally smack Billy's wet bottom. When finished, she put the brush down and helped Billy out of the tub and over to the stool. Sitting down, she put a couple of towels over her lap and Billy had to go across her knees.

Billy didn't have to wait long for his spanking to begin as Beth picked up her hairbrush and immediately began to spank the sobbing boy. Billy's howls resounded throughout the bathroom from the hard hairbrush spanks he was receiving. Billy continued to wail as Beth continued to spank and, and like Bobby, tried to escape the painful spanks of the hairbrush. And, like Bobby, it was in vain and he eventually stopped resisting and just laid there wailing as the hairbrush continued to smack his behind. Billy was one sobbing mess when the spanking finally ended.

Beth immediately helped Billy off her knees and, taking his ear, marched Billy outside the boy's room where Bobby was still in the corner with an audience.

Billy was put in the corner on the other side of his doorway, and now both naked boys were on display, their red behinds glowing. Miss Morley added to his shame as she scolded Billy and added smacks of her own. She then left the two boys and returned to her section, taking her boys with her.

The two boys remained in the corner for the next 20 minutes, under Beth's watchful eye. To them it seemed longer, and they could feel or sense others witnessing their childish position. When the twenty minutes were up, Beth went into the boys' room and returned with two pair of pajamas, which she put on them herself, further embarrassing the boys. Determined to teach the boys a good lesson that they wouldn't forget, she took each of their hands and they, along with the rest of their section proceeded to make their way to the cafeteria, turning red as they sensed the stares of other students, especially when they had to go up to get their meals.

Nervously wondering if they would be going over the knees of their housemother while at the cafeteria, both boys squirmed in their seats and ate quietly. They had made it thru the meal and thought they might be safe when they noticed Beth push her chair back. Both boys looked down and blushed, as they just knew what was going to happen. Unfortunately for the boys, they weren't mistaken.

"Ok, boys, <looking at the twins> come over here."

Stifling any resistance or protest, Beth added, "Now, no complaining, unless you want me to take my hairbrush out."

The twins, tears in their eyes, got up and slowly walked over to Beth, who stood them to her right side.

"I really hope this never happens again, boys. You really worried me. Think what could have happened. Embarrassment and a hot behind is nothing compared to being hurt or worse. Can you imagine the school having to call your parents to tell them that?"

The twins started sobbing as the ramifications of their actions really sunk in. So much so, they hardly noticed Beth pulling down their pajama bottoms and putting them both across her knees, side by side. They did notice, however, when Beth began spanking. Already sore and sensitive from their earlier spankings, the two boys wailed as Beth's hand repeatedly smacked the twins' upturned seats. Beth continued the spanking until both behinds were once again scarlet. She kept them across her knees until they had composed themselves, and helped them up, pulling up their pj bottoms once they were on their feet. Then she pulled boh boys over to her and she hugged them both, consoling them as she did so.

"It's over, boys. I am sorry to be so harsh with you, but it's only because I care for you and don't want anything to happen to you. Please, don't ever do anything like this again."

Then Beth and her boys got up, and with Bobby and Billy walking in front of her, they returned to their section. Beth walked the twins into their room and suggested they make an early night of it. The boys, tired, and sore, didn't put up any fuss and Beth tucked them in and shut the light behind her as she left the room and closed the door.

Returning to her room, she flopped on her bed and sighed. She was glad to be back in her room after the afternoon and early evening she had just had. Now, having punished the twins, her mind shifted to annoyance at Colleen Donovan, who, she was sure, would be one sorry girl when she returned home. Her thoughts about Colleen were interrupted by the sound of her phone ringing. Wondering who was calling, Beth got up and went to the phone to answer it.

Here's version 2.

Standing between them, Beth grabbed an ear of both boys and together, she began marching the two squealing and sobbing boys upstairs and to the twins' room. As they did so, the rest of Beth's section as well as other students residing in the Boys' Wing followed them. For those who did so in the hope of or curiosity of seeing the twins punished more were disappointed, at least at that point, as when Beth reached the twins' room, she went inside and closed the door behind them.

Still with their ears firmly held, she marched the boys straight into their bathroom and then let go of the sobbing boys. She had them place their dirty clothes in the hamper and then went to the bathtub and began to run water to fill the tub.

"I'm going to make sure you both get "squeaky clean."

The twins blushed and began to protest at the idea of their housemother remaining in the bathroom while they took their baths. This only annoyed Beth even more.

"Quiet, both of you!! You better learn to start obeying rules of this school, as well as myself, if you know what is good for you. And you can start by both bending over and grabbing your knees. Right now!!"

Both boys groaned, but did as they were told and bent over. With their red bottoms sticking up in the air, they waited for the inevitable spanks they knew was coming. Unknown to them, Beth had taken the wooden bath brush off its hook and holding it like a hairbrush, went behind and to the boys' left and put her left arm over their backs, to keep the boys in place. Then raising her arm, she proceeded to smack, alternating between the two boys, each waiting bottom five times each, causing the boys to wail out in pain. Putting down the brush, she had the two boys stand up straight and she took them by their ears to the tub and had them both climb into the tub.

"I bet it's been a while since the two of you have bathed together, you naughty boys." Beth's scolding word stung the boys as they sobbed in shame.

Once in the tub, Beth had the two red-faced and red-bottomed boys sit down in the hot water as she grabbed some shampoo and began roughly washing their hair.

"My goodness, your hair is filthy, muddy, just terrible. God knows what might be living in there."

Beth continued to wash their hair until it was completely clean. Then taking the bath brush, she had them stand up, and she smacked their wet behinds five times each hard. Then, taking a bar of soap, she began to bathe the young teenagers, causing them both to moan loudly in embarrassment. From their heads to their toes, she scrubbed the boys. She, as well, used both sides of the bath brush, the wooden side to smack their wet behinds and the bristle side to bathe them. Only when she was completely satisfied did she put the bath brush aside.

"Boys, I want both of you to sit down and I will be right back."

Wondering, Bobby and Billy did as they were told. It didn't take long to find out what their housemother went for, as she returned shortly, carrying a number of towels and to their great dismay, the stool.

Beth put down the stool and placed the towels on top of the hamper. Then she sat down and put two of the bath towels over her lap. It was pretty obvious what was about to happen.

"Ok, my naughty boys, out of the bath and over to me, don't dawdle. I am going to try and convince you never to pull a stunt like this every again."

Unhappily, they got up and stepped out of the bath. Without any opportunity to dry themselves off, they went over to Beth and she helped them across her knees so they were side by side over Beth's knees. Beth took out her hairbrush and began their second spanking of the afternoon. The hard smacks resounded in the bathroom and in their room, and were almost immediately intermixed with loud wailing from Bobby and Billy. Beth smacked the upturned behinds hard and steady, the wet behinds causing even more pain for the howling boys as they vainly attempted to somehow avoid the painful spanks that their housemother was applying. They twisted, they turned, but Beth kept a firm hold on them and they had no choice but to endure the painful punishment they was receiving.

It was a long spanking, and, finally, their resistance faded and the boys just gave in to the spanking, just hanging over Miss Ashley's lap as she applied the hairbrush to their seats until they was blazing red. Then she put down the hairbrush.

Not giving them any time to recover, she stood the boys back on their feet. Their behinds burning, they felt their ears being grabbed once again.

"Come with me, my naughty boys."

With no choice in the matter, the twins found themselves being pulled out of the bathroom, out of the room and into the floor outside their room. They noticed that there were a number boys in the area, not just their own section. In addition, Miss Morley, the housemother of an adjacent section was standing there. The outside wall was not straight, which left a depression on each side of the doorway that made essentially two corners that the boys now found themselves being put in, facing the wall. As he stood in the corner, Bobby sensed someone right behind him and soon found out it was Miss Morley.

"Beth, it looks like you did a good job in spanking these naughty little boys."

<SMACK!> "You are two naughty boys, Bobby and Billy." <SMACK!> "You know better than that." <SMACK!> <SMACK!> <SMACK!> <SMACK!>

Billy heard Miss Morley scold Bobby and the spanks that followed andwaited for his turn. He didn't have long to wait, as he heard Miss Morley behind him.


"I'll talk to you later, Beth, come on boys back to our area."

In the corner, the boys felt very self-conscious, aware that their shameful state was visible to other boys in the wing as well as other housemothers.

"Boys, I want the two of you to think about your behavior. And you are to keep your hands away from your bottoms, unless you want another trip over my knees."

The two boys, with their glowing behinds, remained in the corner for the next 20 minutes, under Beth's watchful eye. To them it seemed even longer, and they couldn't wait until they were allowed to leave their childish position. When the twenty minutes were up, Beth went into the boys' room and returned with two pair of pajamas, which she put on them herself, further embarrassing the boys.

Determined to teach the boys a good lesson that they wouldn't forget, she took each of their hands and they, along with the rest of their section proceeded to make their way to the cafeteria, turning red as they sensed the stares of other students, especially when they had to go up to get their meals.

Nervously wondering if they would be going over the knees of their housemother while at the cafeteria, both boys squirmed in their seats and ate quietly. They had made it thru the meal and thought they might be safe when they noticed Beth push her chair back. Both boys looked down and blushed, as they just knew what was going to happen. Unfortunately for the boys, they weren't mistaken.

"Ok, boys, <looking at the twins> come over here."

Stifling any resistance or protest, Beth added, "Now, no complaining, unless you want me to take my hairbrush out."

The twins, tears in their eyes, got up and slowly walked over to Beth, who stood them to her right side.

"I really hope this never happens again, boys. You really worried me. Think what could have happened. Embarrassment and a hot behind is nothing compared to being hurt or worse. Can you imagine the school having to call your parents to tell them?"

The twins started sobbing as the ramifications of their actions really sunk in. So much so, they hardly noticed Beth pulling down their pajama bottoms and putting them both across her knees, side by side. They did notice, however, when Beth began spanking. Already sore and sensitive from their earlier spankings, the two boys wailed as Beth's hand repeatedly smacked the twins' upturned seats. Beth continued the spanking until both behinds were once again scarlet. She kept them across her knees until they had composed themselves, and helped them up, pulling up their pj bottoms once they were on their feet. Then she pulled both boys over to her and she hugged them both, consoling them as she did so.

"It's over, boys. I am sorry to be so harsh with you, but it's only because I care for you and don't want anything to happen to you. Please, don't ever do anything like this again."

Then Beth and her boys got up, and with Bobby and Billy walking in front of her, they returned to their section. Beth walked the twins into their room and suggested they make an early night of it. The boys, tired, and sore, didn't put up any fuss and Beth tucked them in and shut the light behind her as she left the room and closed the door.

Returning to her room, she flopped on her bed and sighed. She was glad to be back in her room after the afternoon and early evening she had just had. Now, having punished the twins, her mind shifted to annoyance at Colleen Donovan, who, she was sure, would be one sorry girl when she returned home. Her thoughts about Colleen were interrupted by the sound of her phone ringing. Wondering who was calling, Beth got up and went to the phone to answer it.

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Part 19

Returning to her room, she flopped on her bed and sighed. She was glad to be back in her room after the afternoon and early evening she had just had. Now, having punished the twins, her mind shifted to annoyance at Colleen Donovan, who, she was sure, would be one sorry girl when she returned home. Those thoughts about Colleen were interrupted by the sound of her phone ringing. Wondering who was calling, Beth got up and went to the phone to answer it.

It wasn't a long conversation and Beth mainly listened and then hung up. She thought for a moment and then quickly dialed another number. It was another short conversation, but this time, Beth did most of the talking. Hanging up again, Beth went to her bathroom to take a quick shower.

Refreshed, Beth changed into her pajamas and her robe, and, after glancing at her clock, rested on her bed and began to read. After about 30 minutes, she put the book down, and looked at the door, as if expecting someone. Sure enough, a minute or two later, there was a hesitant knock on her door. Getting up, she went to the door and opened it. At the door was Colleen Donovan. The usually perky teenager looked anything but perky, as she nervously stood at the doorway.

"Come on in, Colleen." Beth, in a stern voice, invited the girl in.

Looking down, the girl walked in the room, trying not to look at the housemother.

"I'm really disappointed in you, Colleen Donovan. You saw what happened to the twins, didn't you? While their behavior was inexcusable, it could have been avoided if you weren't so irresponsible. You do know that, don't you, Colleen? And look up at me while I am talking to you, young lady."

Looking up, Colleen nodded her head.

"Your aunt knows about this afternoon, Colleen. As you must know, she is very upset at you. She also won't be home until later tonight. She doesn't want you to have to wait until then to get punished, so she called and asked me to lend a hand."

Colleen knew her aunt would be unhappy and also knew that at some point, she would be going across her aunt's knees. But the call from Miss Ashley was a surprise, though now what the housemother was going to do was not exactly a surprise. Especially after Colleen getting smacked downstairs in front of everyone.

She watched and her behind tingled as Beth pulled out her stool and then retrieved her hairbrush. She knew, before very long, that she would be over Miss Ashley's knees, getting spanked with that hairbrush.

Beth walked over to Colleen and took her hand and walked her over to the stool. Beth sat down and had Colleen stand in front of her. Reaching underneath Colleen's short cheerleader skirt, Beth grabbed the waistband of her red panties, and pulled them down.

"Step out of those, Colleen, you won't be needing them the rest of the night," instructed Beth, after pulling down the panties to Colleen's ankles, "the color of your panties is very appropriate as your behind will soon match it."

Colleen did as she was told and then allowed herself to be taken over Beth's left knee. Colleen felt Beth's right leg over hers so she was now pinned, leaving her behind sticking up awaiting the hairbrush. With her cheerleader skirt so short, her behind was practically uncovered already, but Beth pulled it up completely.


Beth wasted no time picking up the hairbrush and start the spanking. Colleen yelled out from the very first spank, and fortunately, Beth's room was soundproofed, as her yells got louder with each hard smack of the hairbrush on her bare bottom. The yells changed to sobbing and wailing as Beth continued to methodically apply the brush all over the reddening behind. From the highest summit of Colleen's bottom cheeks to just above the thighs where Colleen sits, not a inch of the behind was spared from the hard wooden hairbrush.


Over and over, Beth spanked, and, when Colleen tried to reach back to cover up her scarlet behind, Beth grabbed the girl's right wrist and held it over back. Without hardly missing a beat, she continued the spanking. But now, she spanked faster, causing Colleen even more distress. She howled in pain, she wailed but Beth continued until Colleen could hardly do anything but wail endlessly. Finally, Beth halted the spanking. She released the sobbing girl's legs and stood her up and marched the rubber-legged teenager to an empty corner.

"Stand in the corner and think about acting more responsibly, rather than acting like a naughty little girl. And don't even think about rubbing!"

As Colleen stood in the corner, her crimson behind glowing, Beth took her book, laid down on her bed and began reading, keeping an eye on Colleen as she did so. About five minutes had passed when Beth caught Colleen reaching back to rub her behind.

"COLLEEN DONOVAN!!! Did you forget what I told you? You know better than that!!! I am going to punish you for that, you are just lucky I don't just repeat the spanking I just gave you!!!"

At the sound of Beth's voice, Colleen rushed her hand away from her behind, but it was too late and she moaned in dismay at being told she would be punished further. The further punishment was not done immediately, though, as Beth resumed reading, continuing to watch Colleen. After letting Colleen remain in the corner for another 25 minutes,

Beth got up and grabbed two pillows and placed them at the end of the bed. Then she went to get Colleen. Taking Colleen by the ear, she turned her around and Colleen's eyes opened wide when she saw the two pillows, over which, she knew, she would be bent over. As Colleen anticipated, Beth led Colleen over to her bed, smacking her seat as she did so, and then bent Colleen over the pillows so that her behind was sticking up in the air. Beth than went over to her night table, opened the drawer and took out a sturdy 18-inch ruler she had there.

She returned to the end of the bed and, putting her left hand on Colleen's back, she began smacking Colleen's already burning seat.


Thirty times she smacked Colleen, who once again was sobbing and wailing. Leaving Colleen bent over, she went to her phone to call Miss Morley, the housemother of the adjacent section, letting her know that she would be back in a moment, asking loud enough to Colleen to hear. Then she went to Colleen and stood her up.

"Ok, Colleen, time for you to go home."

Taking Colleen's hand, Beth began walking toward her door when Colleen complained.

"Can't I have my panties back?"


"No, you may not," Beth replied, smacking Colleen's seat ten more times with the ruler. "You can get them back tomorrow when you return to work."

Beth then dialed Miss Morley's room and asked her to watch her section for a few minutes. Then, with no further complaints, Beth took Colleen's hand once again, and they left the room. Beth escorted Colleen to the employee parking lot where Colleen's car was parked. Once there, Beth released Colleen's hand and had Colleen bend over.


Beth smacked Colleen ten times, and passed on instructions given to her by Mrs. Donovan earlier.

"Your aunt won't be home until 11:00. She wants you in the corner at 10:30. I think it would be a good idea to obey her."

Colleen moaned silently, knowing what would happen when her aunt came home. Getting into her car, she winced and moaned when she sat down on the leather seat. She knew it would be an uncomfortable ride home, and later that evening, an uncomfortable ride over her aunt's knees.

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Part 20

Tears in her eyes, Colleen drove home, constantly shifting her position, trying to erase or lessen the discomfort she was feeling as she sat down on her well spanked behind. She also couldn't help but think about was she was facing later that evening when her aunt returned home.

Colleen had been living with her aunt ever since she was ten when her parents were both killed in a car accident. When it happened, her aunt stepped up and assumed the role of her mother in regard to Colleen. At a time when Colleen needed it badly, her aunt provided love and understanding during Colleen's difficult times. Her aunt promised Colleen that she would be as much a part of the family as her cousins were, and her aunt kept that promise. And so, her aunt provided her with not just material things, but love, understanding and guidance.

Another thing he aunt provided her with, along with her cousins, was discipline. As loving as her aunt was, she was also strict with all of them and they were all treated equally. Such strictness meant that when her cousins or her misbehaved or acted in a way that displeased her aunt, it was dealt with while across their aunt's knees.

Since spanking was the only method of punishment in the Donovan household, Colleen and her cousins often found themselves on the receiving end of spankings, sometimes together when more than one of them had misbehaved. As at the school, spankings were not necessarily given in private, as her aunt believed in spanking immediately or as soon as possible after the misbehavior was committed. Such a policy often caused great embarrassment with the only saving grace being that most of their friends and acquaintances were raised in a similar manner.

So it was that Colleen arrived home. Getting out of the car, she pulled down her cheerleader skirt as much as possible and went inside. As she walked into the living room, she noticed that her cousins, Tim and Sean were sitting down, watching television. She gave the boys a quick hello and hurried upstairs to her room. The two boys looked at each other in bewilderment, as their cousin usually greeted them in a friendlier manner than she had just done.

Upstairs, a nervous Colleen finished her homework and then listened to music. Too soon, the time came for Colleen to return downstairs. She knew better than to disobey her aunt's instructions and knew that her cousins would have no choice but to inform their mom if she didn't, when asked. She left her room, went downstairs to the living room and walked directly to an empty corner and put herself into it, reaching back to hold her short skirt up. She could sense her cousins staring at her and, more specifically, her now bare bottom. She blushed at her embarrassingly childish display, despite knowing that there were many times when it was one or both of her cousins in the position she was in. As she stood in the corner, Colleen greatly regretted her negligence at the school. She knew better as she had been told more than one time to never leave her desk unintended.

"What happened, Colleen?" She heard her older cousin, Tim ask her.

"I messed up at my job, Tim." Colleen hoped that neither Tim not Sean would ask any further questions of her. It was not to be as Sean asked the next question.

"Did mom spank you there?"

"No, Sean, she didn't." Colleen felt grateful that Sean's question left her an out without having to lie to her cousin.

"Oh." Sean's voice hinted at disbelief at Colleen's statement, but he didn't press the issue and went back to watching the football game, though he continued, along with his brother, of continually glancing at their cousin in the corner.

Colleen continued to remain in the corner. It was about 10:55 when she heard the front door open. She knew that soon she would be leaving the corner, but, to a more unpleasant place.

"Glad to see that you are where you are SUPPOSED to be, Colleen. Boys, she has been in the corner since 10:30, correct?"

Both boys assured their mom that their cousin had indeed been in the corner since that time and with her skirt up in back. Colleen didn't resent her cousins for telling their mom that. Nor would Colleen try to persuade Tim or Sean to just tell Aunt Mary she was in the corner when she wasn't as her aunt had a way of telling when someone was lying to her. One time Colleen had protected Tim, who had gotten into trouble at school, by telling her aunt that Tim had stood in the corner since he arrived home, even though he hadn't. Unfortunately, that led to Tim getting an extra spanking for disobeying his mother's instructions and Colleen getting his mouth washed out with soap and then a sound spanking for lying.

Putting down her pocketbook, Mrs. Donovan walked over to where her niece was and took her hand and pulled her out of the corner and over to the unoccupied couch.

"I am very disappointed, Colleen. I have told you over and over about not leaving the desk untended, haven't I?"

Colleen looked at the floor and remained quiet.





"When I ask you a question, young lady, I expect an answer. Now, have you been told to never leave your desk untended?"

"Yes, Aunt Mary." Colleen admitted.

"Yet, that is exactly what you did, isn't it?"

Her aunt reached over and smacked Colleen twice more.


"OWWW!! OUCH!!!"

"Yes, I'm sorry, Auntie."

"Oh, you will be, my naughty girl, you will be."

Her aunt sat down on the couch, and Colleen found herself being pulled over and then bent over her aunt's knees. She felt her short skirt flipped up and then saw her aunt grab her pocketbook and take out her dreaded hairbrush. Colleen gritted her teeth as she waited for the spanking to begin.


The spanks came fast and furious as Colleen howled in pain as the hairbrush smacked her behind hard.


Despite Colleen being spanked earlier, her aunt didn't spare Colleen one bit. Not saying a word, she slowed the pace down a bit, and now methodically, continued spanking the distressed teen. Tears streaming down her cheeks, she couldn't help but twist and turn but her aunt held her down firmly, making sure Colleen didn't escape a solitary spank from the hairbrush. The spanking continued on until her aunt had applied the hairbrush repeatedly to her entire bottom and upper thighs, the later spanks really causing Colleen to howl. Meanwhile, her two cousins watched Colleen's spanking and winced at the painful spanks that Colleen was receiving. They both had sympathy for Colleen, knowing how it felt to be spanked while their cousin watched. As the spanking went on and on, Colleen's sobs turned into one continuous wail, she no longer fighting the spanking, and just hung over her aunt's knees like a rag doll, painfully accepting her aunt's severe punishment until finally it ended.

Colleen was helped up and then marched to the corner, each step of the way punctuated with another smack of the hairbrush, until her nose was firmly ensconced in the corner. As she stood there, wailing, she felt her aunt's hands on her skirt and understood that her aunt was pinning her skirt up in back.

"If I were you, young lady, I'd keep my hands in front of you. Any rubbing and you'll be going right back over my knees and I'll repeat the spanking you just had. I don't think you want that. You can think about your irresponsibility and also how Billy and Bobby got spanked because you weren't doing your job. Maybe they need to see how you got punished for your misbehavior."

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