Lee Academy

by Gary

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Part 41

Sniffling and trying to regain control, Beth headed for her room. Already, the day was a poor one for Beth and she knew that it wouldn't get any better with her appointment with Barbara for another spanking, one that she knew would be worse than what she had just received in the parking lot. At least, she thought, she would have some privacy, since it would happen in Barbara's classroom. As much as it would be embarrassing to be spanked as if she was a student rather than a housemother, it still would be preferable to being spanked in public.

After dropping her bag off in her room, she went to the cafeteria and got some snacks from the machines there. Later, she would go out shopping to stock up her fridge. After snacking, Beth took a shower and, feeling tired, laid down on her bed. She was tired enough to fall asleep.

Beth was startled to hear knocking on her door. She glanced at the clock and turned pale. It was 3:15 and she knew who would be knocking on the door. She couldn't believe she had overslept.

The knocking on the door got louder and Beth rushed to open it. She figured that Barbara was getting angrier by the moment. She opened the door and Barbara came right in.

“What time did I say for you to meet me, young lady?”

“3:00, but I overslept. I am sorry, Ms. Connolly.”

“Sorry is not good enough. Don't you have an alarm on your clock?”

Beth looked down, “Yes, m'am.”

Shaking her head, Barbara noticed that Beth was only partially dressed, just from the waist up.

“Get out your skirt, quickly now, I don't have all day to spank your naughty bottom.”

Beth quickly went to get her skirt and also her panties, but was stopped by Barbara.

“You don't need your panties and you are fortunate I am letting you put your skirt on. Here, give it to me, I'll put it on.”

Beth blushed as she handed her skirt to Barbara who proceeded to put it on Beth as if Beth was a little girl who couldn't dress herself. Once on, Beth found herself being bent over, with the back of her skirt flipped up. She felt Barbara's hands doing something behind her and then felt two resounding smacks to her stretched bottom.


Then Beth was stood up and she then realized that Barbara had pinned up her skirt in back. She had a feeling that her spanking might not be so private after all. She felt her arm being grabbed and she was marched out of her room. She realized how true her thought was when instead of going to the main wing where the classrooms were, they headed toward the entrance, stopping at the library where Barbara grabbed a stool.

It was Beth's worse fear that once again, she would be subjected to a spanking in public. No matter how many times she had endured it, it was always very embarrassing, increasingly so as she got older. It was difficult to think you might be grownup when you still are being put over a knee.

Once out of the building, Barbara set the stool down and sat upon it. Beth didn't have much time to notice if anyone was around before she was taken over Barbara's knees. She felt herself being positioned as Barbara wanted her and took a deep breath as she awaited the start of the spanking she was about to receive.

She didn't have to wait long.


One after another, Barbara's right hand impacted with Beth's upturned bottom with loud, hard spanks. Already, the tableau of a girl across a knee had gathered notice from those walking and driving by. Those driving by only slowed down to allow the driver and any passengers to get a better look, but those walking by were able to stop and stare, and wonder what the poor girl had done to merit such an embarrassing spanking at her age.

Fortunately for Beth, her attention was much more on her rapidly heating up behind. Barbara spanked hard and she didn't go easy on the housemother at all.

As the spanking continued, Beth's crying got louder and louder until she was sobbing loudly, no different from a younger girl being spanked, which she seemed more and more like with each smack of Barbara's hand on her reddening seat. When Barbara finally stopped spanking, the behind facing her was a solid red.

It was when the handspanking stopped that Beth realized that there were two additional witnesses to her shame. Barbara had already noticed during the spanking, but had continued to spank until she was ready to stop.

“Hello Ms. Morley. Hi Colleen. Beth has been very naughty so she is being punished. Speaking of being naughty, Colleen, does your aunt know you are wearing such a short skirt and a blouse that short?”

Still prone over Barbara's knees, Beth now noticed the outfit that Colleen was wearing and knew that Mrs. Donovan would not have allowed Colleen to wear such an outfit.

However, instead of being truthful, Colleen tried to lie her way out of it.

“Yes, Ms, Connolly, she does.”

However, for Colleen, it would not be that easy.

“Really, Colleen? Well, there's one way to find out. I'll get out my cell and call your aunt and see what she says.”

As Barbara went to reach for her phone, Colleen admitted her lie.

“Please don't, Ms. Connolly, don't call my aunt. She doesn't know I am wearing this.”

“So, not only are you wearing such an inappropriate outfit, you tried to lie your way out of it. Ms. Morley, could you remove that skirt of Colleen's and punish her?”

“You mean right here? I'll just take her inside to spank her. There's no need to spank her out in public.”

“Margaret, please don't argue with me and do what I ASK.” Barbara's tone indicated that her request was more than a suggestion.

Margaret Morley barely acquiesed, her attitude annoying Barbara, who, unseen, had shaken her head in dismay.

Ms. Morley took Colleen's hand and brought her over to her. She reached for Colleen's skirt and removed it, leaving Colleen's panties on. Then, leaving Colleen standing there, her pantie-clad bottom facing the street, Margaret went inside and returned a few moments later with a stool.

Meanwhile, Beth was still across Barbara's knees, her sobbing now reduced to sniffling and now more aware of her embarrassing position and those watching the scene from the street below. Her cheeks were burning from embarrassment as her bottomcheeks were burning from the hard handspanking she had received.

A few moments later, Colleen joined Beth in being turned over a knee, and soon her behind was bared. Ms. Morley raised her hand and smacked Colleen hard, and then Barbara interrrupted.

“Margaret, don't you have your hairbrush with you?”

Clearly annoyed, Margaret sighed and nodded. Reaching into her bag, she pulled out a hairbrush, and then began spanking Colleen in earnest.

Then Beth got a shock. She felt herself being pushed forward which signaled to Beth that her spanking wasn't over. Then she felt her legs being pinned by Barbara's right leg. There would be no escape for Beth.

“Please, Ms. Connolly, no more!!”

“Nonsense, young lady! You deserve more, especially for not showing up on time.”

Beth then received a second shock. For when the spanking resumed, it wasn't Barbara's hand that was smacking her behind, but something like a hairbrush. In fact, it was a hairbrush that Barbara was now using to spank Beth's bottom. When Barbara had left her classroom to go to Beth's room, she had taken the brush out of her desk drawer where it had remained ever since Barbara had first put it there on her first day of teaching at Lee Academy.

As much as Barbara was able to spank extremely hard with only her hand, the hairbrush was still worse and soon there were two sobbing girls for the spectators to watch. Her behind already very sore, Beth howled in pain with each painful smack of the hairbrush. It was especially painful when Barbara used the hairbrush to spank Beth on the lower part of Beth's behind, where she sits.

Meanwhile, Colleen wasn't faring much better. Spared the earlier handspanking that Beth had received, she was still getting soundly spanked by the annoyed housemother.

Both spankings continued until Barbara finally stopped. That signaled to Margaret to stop as well. Though the spankings stopped, Both Beth and Colleen continue to bawl and were kept over their punisher's knees until their sobbing had subsided to a quieter crying. Then Beth found herself being stood up and then to her further embarrassment was led over to the fence/railing that bordered the front of the wing and bent over it To her slight relief, she felt her skirt being unpinned and lowered, leaving her behind covered.

“Margaret, stand Colleen up, pull her panties back up and bend her over next to Beth.”

Shaking her head, Margaret did what she was told. Standing Colleen up, with Colleen's behind facing the street, she raised Colleen's panties back up and walked Colleen over to the railing and bent her over next to Beth.

Once she did that, Margaret was startled to have her ear grabbed.

“I don't appreciate your attitude or your talking back to me. You seem to have forgotten that in the chain of authority, teachers are higher up with authority to discipline housemothers.”

“Please, Ms. Connolly, I am too old to spank!!”

“Too old? Beth isn't too old and neither are you. I am going to teach you of that fact right here and right now.”

Margaret found herself being pulled over to the stool. She stood there as Barbara unbuckled Margaret's belt, unbuttoned her jeans and tugged the tight jeans down. She was then put over Barbara's knees once Barbara sat down and Margaret's panties were pulled down to her knees. It was an unbelievable sight for those who had seen the earlier two spankings and now were about to see a third. Plus the sight of two girls being bent over the railing.

The spanking began, and it started with Barbara using her hand. As with Beth, she spanked hard and steady, causing Margaret to cry out in pain from the start and eventually to steady crying and then sobbing.

Also, like with Beth, she paused, pushed Margaret forward and pinned Margaret's legs with her right leg. Then, picking the hairbrush up, she resumed the spanking with steady, hard spanks of the brush all over Margaret's behind, including Margaret's ‘sit spot’. As with Beth, Margaret howled in pain as the brush smacked her red behind.

“Maybe now you'll be more respectful of my wishes, young lady, and not be so rude. Now lift up.”

Margaret lifted up and her panties were raised up. Then she was stood up and she was marched over to the railing and joined Beth and Colleen in being bent over the railing.

Barbara then went to the front of the three and lectured and scolded all three. Their behinds already burning, their faces now burned from the blistering lecture they received.

Once that ended, they found out that their punishment wasn't quite over yet.

“I am going to give each of you a futher reminder or lesson. Hopefully, it won't be necessary to spank any of you again, but, if need be, I won't hesitate to do so.”

The three girls noticed that Barbara had walked away from in front of them and had then gone behind them.

Then Colleen and Beth heard Margaret plead, “NO, NOT THAT!! PLEASE, NO!!”


Colleen and Beth didn't know what had happened, but Margaret did. She had felt her belt being removed from her jeans and knew from her teenaged years what that meant.

Beth was on the left side of Colleen, who was in the middle, and Beth was the first one to have her behind bared, with Margaret pulling up her skirt and pinning it up once again. She heard Colleen cry out and knew that her panties were lowered and then heard Margaret groan.

Then Beth heard a swish and then felt the impact of Margaret's belt across her bottom.


She howled in pain from the painful smack of the strap. Then again as once again the strap was applied to her seat. Then 8 more times the belt raised up and then swung across her behind, causing even louder wails from Beth. Then, once the ten spanks had been given, she sensed that Barbara had moved on. That was confirmed when she heard the swish of the belt and then Colleen's howls. Colleen got off easier than Beth and received five spanks with the belt. Then it was Margaret's turn and she received ten spanks, and as with Beth, really howled in pain.

Barbara stepped back and looked at the three red, bare bottoms in front of her. It was quite a sight as well, for the crowd behind her. She turned toward them,

“Ok, the show is over. I doubt this is the first spankings you have ever seen.”

The crowd slowly dispersed. It probably wasn't the first spankings they had ever seen, but it was most likely the most unusual.

Stepping back to the three girls, Barbara stood Beth up, smacking her behind five times. Then she stood Colleen up and smacked her five times before raising her panties. Then it was Margaret's turn to be stood up. She received her five spanks, her panties and jeans were raised up and then Barbara gave Margaret her belt back, who put it in her bag. Margaret ruefully thought that she picked a bad day to wear such tight jeans, as her jeans contained the heat that her behind was emitting.

All three were escorted inside, Colleen being left at the library and Margaret and Beth were marched to their rooms. Both were anxious to get there and be alone in order to try and get some relief to their behinds, not being allowed to rub while in the Barbara's presence.

As Barbara left them off, they said their goodbyes and both Beth and Margaret hurried to the privacy of their rooms. Once inside, Beth quicky reached underneath her skirt and rubbed furiously. In her room, Margaret quickly lowered her jeans and panties and followed Beth's suit and began rubbing as well.

In fact, both girls then did the same when they both then laid face down on their beds, their behinds remaining bare, and both tried to take a nap, with Beth having some thoughts in her mind that she couldn't shake.

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Part 42

The rest of Beth's Saturday was uneventful. She went grocery shopping, and, despite her sore behind, drove to a supermarket further away, lessening the risk of anyone recognizing her from earlier that afternoon. Though the most prominent part of her that people saw was her bare behind.

As she expected, it was an uncomfortable ride, but she survived without anyone saying, “Hey, did I just see you this afternoon getting spanked in front of Lee Academy?”

She returned home, made supper and ate it, sitting on a pillow. Slowly, but surely, her behind was recovering. After watching some tv, she took a shower and changed into pajamas and laid down, putting the tv on.

As she rested, she recalled the events of the afternoon. What she really felt bad about was Colleen, and, especially, Margaret getting spanked right in public. She realized that if she did not oversleep she would have been spanked in Barbara's classroom and not out in front of the school.

While Colleen deserved to be spanked, and might have gotten one anyone if Beth had spotted Colleen in her outfit, it would not have been outside unless Colleen really resisted. Margaret, however, would not have been spanked at all.

Her thoughts then went to what was going to happen the next day. She was dreading it, but glad that by then, her behind would be back to normal. Although, she thought wryly, lately, her behind's normal situation was red and hurting. She would be glad when all these spankings of hers were finally over with.

She slept fitfully that evening, as she couldn't help but think about what was facing her the next day, as well as being bothered by something that she couldn't quite put a finger on.

It was finally time to get up and she went and took a shower. She dressed in a white blouse and a skirt, as instructed. Looking at herself in the mirror, she thought she looked more like a schoolgirl rather than an adult. She reached for the hem of her skirt, trying to push it down. She wished that the skirt was longer. Looking like a schoolgirl wouldn't make Mrs. Marshall more lenient with her, she was sure.

Beth tried eating breakfast, but only picked at her food. She sat and read for a bit, then got up and sighed. There was no delaying what faced her, and recalling the day before, she didn't want to make it worse for herself by being late. Taking a quick look at herself in the mirror, she left her quarters and began her "long walk" to Mrs. Marshall's office.

She left herself plenty of time to get there, so she didn't have to rush, but eventually, she reached her destination, and taking a deep breath, went inside. Sitting at her desk, Mrs. Marshall looked up, a puzzled look on her face.

“Hello, Miss Ashley. Mrs. Donovan is not in today.”

Well, thought Beth, she doesn't know why I am here... yet.

“I....I...know, ma'am. I am here to see you.”

Still looking puzzled, Mrs. Marshall finally noticed how nervous Beth was.

“Why is that?”

“Mrs. Donovan instructed me to see you.”

“For what reason, young lady? Come on, out with it, I don't have all day for you to spit it out!”

With a deep breath, Beth told her.

“When I was here last and in Mrs. Donovan's office, I called you a name. She told me that I had to come here and ask you to punish me.”

Surprised, Mrs. Marshall was curious what it was that Beth had called her that resulted in those instructions.

“What was it that you called me, Elizabeth Ashley?”

Beth felt like a little kid, being called by her full name.

“I called you a ‘bitch’?”

A dark look came over Mrs. Marshall.

“That was not very nice at all. Now, please do what you were told to do. As I said, I don't have all day.”

Beth realized that Mrs. Marshall was not going to make it easy for her.

“Mrs. Marshall, I am sorry that I called you a bitch. Will you please punish me.”

It quickly became obvious that Beth would not receive any mercy.

“Oh, you will be very sorry, young lady, when I am done with you. I'll teach you to call me such a horrid name. You will pay for that, let me tell you that.”

Beth shivered at the harsh words. She stood there as Mrs. Marshall approached her and began undoing Beth's skirt. It was soon down at her ankles and her panties quickly joined her skirt. Beth was told to take her shoes and socks off and Mrs. Marshall then removed her skirt and panties completely, leaving Beth completely nakes from the waist down.

“You are a naughty girl, with a dirty mouth. I know just what you need.”

Beth felt her arm being grabbed and she was propelled to the adjacent bathroom. Beth had a strong inkling was in store for her and it was confirmed when Beth was stood right in front of the sink. The water was turned on and when it got warm, Mrs. Marshall took a bar of Ivory Soap and put it under the water until it began lathering up.

“Ok, open your mouth.”

Beth began to plead, but two hard smacks to her bottom convinced Beth to open up, however unwillingly. Beth found herself with a wet bar of soap in her mouth.

“Stay right here, do not move!”

Mrs. Marshall left the bathroom as Beth stood there as told. She looked at herself in the mirror. She had tears already and she already had the awful taste of the soap in her mouth. A few moments later, Mrs. Marshall returned, stool in hand. Sitting down, she called Beth over.

“Come here, Beth, get over my knees. Is your mouth getting clean yet?”

Beth couldn't respond as she was put over the waiting knees of Mrs. Marshall.

“If I were you, young lady, I'd make sure that bar of soap stays in your mouth.”

The spanking then began, with hard, slow smacks of Mrs. Marshall's hand. The sound of the spanks resounded through the small room as Mrs. Marshall's hand smacked the upturned bottom that was presented to her. Meanwhile, it was all Beth could do to keep that bar of soap in place as the taste got worse and worse.

After about 25 hard spanks, the spanking stopped. Beth was allowed off Mrs. Marshall's lap and was taken to the sink where she was allowed to rinse her mouth out. She was then taken back over Mrs. Marshall's knees once again and her spanking resumed, this time at a faster pace. Beth soon was crying as her behind was smacked and smacked. This time, the spanking continued on well past 25 spanks and Beth soon was sobbing. When Mrs. Marshall finally stopped the handspanking, Beth was stood up and brought back to the office and put in the corner.

“Stay here until I am ready to continue your punishment. Do not even think about rubbing your behind or covering up.”

Beth hardly thought her punishment was over yet, as she cried and stood facing the corner. She hoped that no one would be coming to the office and see her in such a childish position.

It was twenty minutes before her ear was grabbed.



Beth was marched over to the desk, and bent over it, her behind sticking up. Beth recalled that she was in the same position that previous time and also recalled that Mrs. Marshall had used the ruler to spank her with. Beth found out that her guess about the next implement being used was correct when she saw the ruler that was on the desk being picked up.





Tears streaming down her cheeks, Beth wailed out in pain as the ruler stung her seat over and over again.


As when it happened the previous time, the ruler really stung Beth's behind. This time, however, the ruler spanking continued on longer than previously, becoming a long and painful spanking, rather than a short series of spanks. Beth was bawling by the time the spanking with the ruler ended. Once again, Beth was taken by her ear back to the corner and once more warned about rubbing or covering up, both of which Beth wanted to do, but refrained.

Her behind burning, Beth hoped that her punishment was over. Not knowing whether it was or not, Beth continued to stand in the corner, again hoping there wouldn't be any visitors to the office.

This time, it was thirty minutes before Beth was taken out of the corner by the ear. As she was, she saw the stool in front of the desk and she moaned. Mrs. Marshall ignored that as she took Beth over to the stool, sat down and pinned Beth over her left knee, leaving Beth helpless and dangling. She was dreading what was to come.


Beth couldn't tell exactly what was being used to smack her behind, but she guessed it was a hairbrush, which was exactly what Mrs. Marshall had in her hand and spanking the already red behind. Beth quickly was once again bawling and howling, and shortly thereafter, the spanking stopped.

“Beth, can't you take a spanking without all this carrying on?”

“I can't help it, it hurts!!!”

Sighing, Mrs. Marshall released her right leg and stood Beth up.

“Ok, I'll give you a break. We'll go to the cafeteria and have lunch.”

“Can't I just stay here?”

Beth felt herself being bent over. Twelve times the hairbrush exploded across her behind.



“Don't argue with me, can't you behave and do what you are told?”

Beth almost thought that she would be taken to the cafeteria dressed as she was, but was relieved when Mrs. Marshall retrieved Beth's skirt and put it on Beth, leaving Beth's panties off. Then, taking Beth's hand, as if Beth was a child, they left the office, Beth's eyes red from all her crying and still sniffling.

At the cafeteria, the got their food, with a few workers looking at Beth strangely, and they went to the lounge area. She did all she could to not jump up when she sat down. Unfortunately, her reaction was noticed by Mrs. Donovan, the teacher who Beth hadn't seen.

“Looks like someone is having trouble sitting down. Why is that?”

Beth just buried her head in her hands. But not for long.

“Raise your head, Beth, and answer her!”

Blushing, Beth told Mrs. Donovan that she had just been spanked and why. Then tried to eat, but, like at breakfast, wasn't very hungry. Her burning behind caused her to squirm, which annoyed Mrs. Marshall.

“If you are going to continue to squirm, you might as well get up, young lady.”

Fearing what would happen, Beth tried to plead, but to no avail. She got up and Mrs. Marshall turned Beth across her knees and flipped up Beth's skirt, leaving Beth's red behind on display.


Mrs. Marshall then gave Beth a sharp handspanking and then kept Beth across her knees while Mrs. Marshall resumed eating her lunch and as well as chatting with Mrs. Donovan. To Beth's further embarrassment, they were joined by Marie in the middle of the spanking who were told by Mrs. Marshall the reason for Beth's predicament.

As the others ate and chatted, Mrs. Marshall occasionally smacked Beth's bottom hard, as Beth continued to lay uncomfortably across Mrs. Marshall's knees. It seemed forever that she had to remain upended until finally, Beth heard Mrs. Marshall inform the others that she and Beth had to return to the office for the remainder of Beth's punishment.

Blushing, Beth was stood up, and taken once more by the hand, she and Mrs. Marshall made their way back to the office. Once there, she was put back in the corner, where she was undressed so to leave her once again bare from the waist down.

It was another 30 minutes before Beth was once again put over Mrs. Marshall's left knee and pinned. This time, Mrs. Marshall warned her that this time there would be no cutting short the spanking she was about to receive.


Once again, the hairbrush spanking began. Over and over, the brush left it's mark on the two bottomcheeks. Methodically, Mrs. Marshall applied the hairbrush over every inch of the round behind that laid across her knee. She didn't miss any spot, including the lower portion where Beth sits. Beth sobbed, bawled, howled, but, as promised, the spanking went on and on, and ended only after Mrs. Marshall painfully applied a fast flurry of painful smacks to Beth's scarlet red behind. Then she laid the brush down as Beth continued to bawl, now an extremely well spanked girl.

“Ok, get up, I don't have all day to wait for you to calm down!”

Mrs. Marshall released her leg and helped the sobbing girl up off her lap.

“Get your clothes on and go on back to your room. Don't ever even think about calling me any such name again.”

Hardly listening, Beth went over and put her skirt on and picked up her panties, not willing to put them on over her poor behind. But she was not even allowed that mercy.

“No, no, put those on too.”


Bent over, Beth was smacked twice more, then stood up, and, Beth, miserably, put her panties on over her inflamed seat, causing fresh tears.

Then, without a word, she quickly left the office. As she did, she had two thoughts in her mind. One was that she swore to herself that Mrs. Marshall would never have any reason to spank her ever again. Second, that if Mrs. Marshall could read her mind right then, Mrs. Marshall would be blistering her behind all over again.

Beth has a momment to relfect with a bar of soap in her mouth

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Part 43

Beth felt fortunate that on that Sunday afternoon and evening, with her students having arrived, she didn't have to hand out any spankings, thus avoiding the need to sit down. Her behind tingled and ached from the painful spankings she had received from Mrs. Marshall, but she was able to hide that fact from her students or their parents.

All her students returned in good humor, even the Anderson twins, Bobby and Billy, perhaps owing to the fact that they were brought back to school by their dad, who seemed much more amiable than their strict mother.

The next morning, all her students were on time for breakfast and, when they left for their homeroom, Beth then began checking up, as usual, on the boys' rooms. The first three rooms she checked, everything seemed more or less in order. A couple were not perfect, but acceptable. It was only when Beth came to the last room that Beth got annoyed. It was the room assigned to Chris and Jon, and when she looked in, she was horrified at the mess she saw, food all over the place and clothes strewn all over the room. All this in less than a day, Beth thought.

Leaving the room as it was, Beth went about her duties, at the same thinking about how she was going to punish the two boys.

It was about this time, on the other side of the building, that Marie was making a similar discovery when checking the rooms of her section. Like Jon and Chris, the room assigned to Robin and Michelle was extremely messy, annoying Marie no end. She thought about going to their homeroom but decided that the girls would be punished that afternoon.

That afternoon, when Chris and Jon arrived back at their room, they were met by Beth, sitting on the stool in their room. As they looked at the foreboding look on Beth's face, they glanced at their room and realized why their housemother was glaring at them. “Is this how you leave your bedrooms at home?”

Both boys looked down and shook their heads negatively.

“I didn't think so, yet, look at this mess! Both of you know better. You're not 8 year olds. Both of you need to be taught a lesson. Come here, both of you!!”

Both boys walked over slowly to where Beth was sitting. They stood in front of her while Beth reached over and undid both of their belts. Their pants were unbuttoned and pushed down and then their underpants were lowered as well. Shoes were taken off and then both boys had their pants and underpants removed completely, leaving them both bare from the waist down and red-faced.

“Go stand in the corner and remain there until I tell you differently. And no covering up!!”

Both boys did as they were told and shortly there was the sight of two young teens in the childish position, one that their housemother knew too well. Beth left their room, but not before making sure their door stayed open. Then she went to each of the other rooms and gathered the remainder of her students and together, they assembled back in Chris' and Jon's rooms.

Addressing those they came in with her, she warned them all.

“I want all of you to remember the rules about keeping your rooms reasonably neat. Not anything like you see here in front of you. I am not going to spank all of you like I did at the start of the school year, but if you misbehave, I won't hesitate to put you across my knees and spank your bare bottoms soundly. So let Chris and Jon be an example for the rest of you.”

Both Jon and Chris cringed at that, more so when Beth called them out of the corner. Red-faced again, they walked over to Beth, and as indicated by Beth, over to her right side. Then she helped both of them across her knees, just like she did the first day of school.

Then Beth began spanking the two boys, alternating series of spanks between the two sets of behinds presented to her. Unlike the introductory spanking she gave the boys that first day of school, this spanking didn't stop after each boy got 25 spanks. Instead, Beth continued the spanking until both boys were sobbing loudly, heard very well throughout the boys' wing. Both of the boys' behinds were red when Beth finally stopped. Beth allowed the boys to compose themselves before she helped the two boys to their feet.

“OK, Chris and Jon, you are to clean up this pigsty. When you are done, you are to come and get me and I will check your room out. You better do a good job the first time. And, just to be clear, your behinds stay bare until I say otherwise. Now get at it. The rest of you, back to your rooms, I hope you all of you got the message.”

Their room now empty of their fellow students or their housemother, the two boys, choking back sobs, began cleaning their room, their burning behinds reminding them to do a good job.

Meanwhile, in the girls' wing, Marie had taken a somewhat different tack. Like Beth had done with Chris and Jon, Michelle and Robin found their housemother, Marie, waiting for them. Then they found themselves being scolded sharply for their messy ways, followed by Marie removing all their clothes, leaving both girls completely naked. Both girls were red-faced, as they were instructed to clean their rooms and once finished, to report to Marie when they were done.

Like Chris and Bob, the two girls got to work, wondering whether there would be more to their punishment.

Chris and Bob clean up their room with trying to prevent round two

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Part 44

Beth was reading in her quarters when she heard a knocking on the door.

“Chris and Jon must be finished,” she thought to herself, as she went to the door. Opening the door, the two half-naked boys stood there, looking nervous.

“We have finished cleaning our room, Miss Ashley.”

“Well, we will see shortly whether that is true or not.”

Taking each of them by their hands, she walked them to their room and went inside. As the boys had stated, they had indeed cleaned their room to Beth's satisfaction.

“Well, boys, don't you think it would have been better to do this without any ‘encouragement’ from me?”

Both boys nodded their head.

“I suppose you two want to put your pants back on? You'll be able to do that shortly, but first, I want the two of you back over my knees.”

Both boys began pleading, but Beth wasn't hearing any of it and insisted they do as they were told. Reluctantly, the two boys went over to Beth who helped them across her lap as she sat on the stool.

“I hope this is the last time I have to talk to you about a messy room, boys.”

As they laid side-by-side over Beth's lap, both boys began to sniffle in anticipation. Deciding not to make them wait any further, Beth reached for the hairbrush that was on the table behind her. Then she raised her arm and began spanking the two sets of behinds that was presented to her. Upon the very first spank to each boy, the boys yelled out in pain. Such yells increased in vigor, eventually replaced by crying and sobbing. To their relief, the hairbrush spanking they received was not a long one, but still left their bottoms crimson. They were then helped up and, as Beth left their room, both boys quickly went to put on their underpants and pants, all the while rubbing their sore seats.

Meanwhile, in the girls section, Michelle and Robin were on their way to Marie's room, apprehensive about facing their housemother. As with Jon and Chris, they knocked on the door to her room. Marie greeted them and ushered them inside, surprising the two girls who expected their housemother to take them to their room for inspection.

Instead, Marie marched the two girls to an empty corner, where they were instructed to face the wall and not move. While they stood in the corner, they heard Marie leave. Both girls were resigned to the fact that they had further punishment coming, but hoped that Marie would find their rooms acceptable.

Finally, they heard the door open and both girls held their breath for the verdict.

“Well, girls, your room looks much better. I think you better keep it that way. However, you two need to be taught that this can't happen again. So, the two of you, turn around and come over here.”

Both girls turned around and saw that Marie was sitting on her couch. They walked over to her and to their surprise, they were both put over her knees.

“Both of you were equally naughty, so you are going to be equally punished at the same time.”


Marie began spanking the two upturned bottoms, alternating between each at the start, then alternating a series of spanks to the reddening bottoms. The two girls began crying almost immediately, increasing in volume as the handspanking continued on. Sharply, Marie smacked away, leaving the two bottoms nicely red, when the handspanking stopped.

Any thought that their spankings were over were quickly dashed when it resumed with a more painful result, due to Marie picking up her hairbrush and applying it vigorously to the rosy cheeks of Robin and Michelle. She continued the spanking until both behinds were scarlet and both girls bawling and carrying on.

Once over, she helped them up and marched the two sobbing girls back to the corner with a warning about not rubbing. Marie kept the girls facing the corner for 20 minutes before allowing them to go back to their rooms, which they did, red bottomed and red-faced.

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Part 45

The same afternoon that found Jon, Chris, Michelle and Robin in trouble with their housemothers for having messy rooms saw Colleen hanging her head in her aunt's office.

“Colleen, I am very disappointed in you. I have told you before that you must dress more modestly when you are going to work, even when the school isn't in session. And, what you wore, as you know, I don't approve of at all, except to wear when going to the beach.”

“But, auntie,...” Colleen protested, but was cut short by her aunt.

“I don't want to hear it, young lady. I am very glad that Mrs. Morley spanked you as soundly as she did. You deserved it.”

Mrs. Donovan then went over and got the stool and placed it in the middle of the office. She sat down and motioned for her niece to come over to her.

Resigned to her fate, Colleen did as she was told and went over to her waiting aunt. Standing in front of her, she had no choice but to stand there while her aunt took off her skirt and then lowered her green panties. Colleen then found herself in an all too familiar position across her aunt's knees.

As she waited for the spanking to begin, her aunt started scolding her again, repeating what she had told her earlier.

“How dare you wear such an outfit when I expressly told you not to!! I am glad Margaret Morley spanked you so soundly and publicly. It's only because she spanked you so soundly that I am only using my hand. Next time, you won't be so lucky!”


The spanking began and the hard spanks stung Colleen and soon the teenager was crying and then sobbing as the hand of Mrs. Donovan repeatedly smacked the upturned behind presented her. Fast and furious, the spanking continued until Colleen was bawling. Then Colleen was stood up and marched to the corner, Mrs. Donovan making sure Colleen's nose was deep in the corner.

Colleen was in that position for 20 minutes before her aunt released her. Colleen had to stand there while her aunt raised her panties and put her skirt back on. Then with one more resounding smack to her seat, Colleen was sent on her way to the library.

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Part 46

The remainder of the week was peaceful, with none of her charges needing to be disciplined since Jon and Chris were spanked for having a messy room.

Beth was still having this uneasy feeling that she couldn't quite get a handle on. It wasn't until late Friday that she realized or understood what was bothering her. It was while Beth was having these thoughts that she heard knocking on her door.

“Hi Margaret,” Beth smiled weakly.

“Hello, Beth.”

Beth took Margaret's coming over as a sign, and spoke first.

“Margaret, I am really sorry about the other day. It wasn't fair that you got spanked, especially out in public. It wouldn't have happened except that I screwed up.”

Margaret nodded, but didn't say anything.

“I know how embarrassing it is to be spanked in public, especially at our ages.” Beth then reached behind her and rubbed, “Unfortunately, it has happened to me too many times recently.”

“Really? Wow! Other than when I was young, it has never happened to me. Oh, I have been spanked, don't get me wrong, but never as a teenager or later, was I ever spanked in public. In fact, I haven't been spanked since I turned 19.”

Beth felt really bad then. “Oh Margaret, I am really sorry. Is there anything I could do to make it up to you?”

“Well, unless you know a way to reverse the pain of a spanking...”

It sounded like a joke, but Margaret wasn't smiling when she said that.

Beth looked down and then said something that she somehow knew would result in something she would be both sorry about and relieved.

“Margaret, would you feel better if you spanked me?”

“Well, it won't make up for how my behind felt last Saturday, but, it would clear things up, and I am sorry to say, make me feel better inside.”

Beth hadn't said what she did in hopes that Margaret would say it wasn't necessary, but she also wasn't thrilled that she was about to receive what she had just volunteered to accept.

“Well, I guess then, go ahead.”

“Beth, are you sure? If I do this, I am sorry to say that I won't go easy on you.”

Beth had no choice. “Go ahead, Margaret.”

Margaret nodded and went over and got Beth's stool.

Beth stood up, and once Margaret sat down, she went over and stood in front of Margaret, signaling her acceptance of the bargain. She remained standing there as Margaret lowered her pajama bottoms and had Beth step out of them. Then, she guided Beth over to her right side and helped Beth go across her lap.

“Before we start, Beth, I think you need to tell me about why Barbara Connolly spanked you that day. And also, why you have been spanked in public recently.”

Beth sighed. She then felt the back of Margaret's hairbrush being laid on the summit of her behind.

“Go ahead, Beth, tell me about it.” It was a commanding voice that, together with the presence of the hairbrush resting on her behind, gave Beth little choice.

So Beth related to Margaret everything that happened, from walking downtown and getting caught smoking. To her many spankings both in public and at Mrs. Donovan's, as well as at home, to the spankings she had received from Barbara Connolly.

“Well, I must say that you have spent much time across someone's knees as well as being spanked in public.”

As Beth was telling Margaret about her experiences from her perch across Margaret's jean- clad knees, Beth was almost getting used to the position. Until, suddenly, she felt the hairbrush no longer resting on her behind.


Fast and furious, the hairbrush smacked Beth's upturned seat. Hard, painful smacks that caused Beth to yell out in pain. Beth tried to twist away, but to no avail. All it did was cause Margaret to pause and push Beth forward and pin her legs.

“Stay still, Beth, and take your punishment!! That will cost you!!”

Then the spanking resumed, just as fast and furious as before. Beth could hardly take a breath, as the hairbrush pounded her bottom. She sobbed, she wailed, she howled and the brush continued to smack away.

When the spanking finally ended, it was one bawling young lady that was laying limply across Margaret's left knee.

“I am going to release your legs, Beth, but you are not to even try to get up. Do you understand?”

Beth could hardly respond.



“Y..y..e..ss,” SOB “I....I...d..o.”

Beth felt herself being pushed back and now she was back over both of Margaret's knees.

“You know, Beth, what I hated most when I was a teenager? It wasn't the hairbrush, though it was painful. It was when my dad took my belt off my jeans. He would bend me over the back of the couch, or, sometimes, over the side of the couch. Sometimes, right before bed, he would bend me over two pillows at the end of my bed. My behind would be sticking up and then he would strap me. I would howl in pain but he would continue until I was on fire. Sometimes, if I had misbehaved real badly, he would strap me right after or soon after mom had spanked me good and hard with the hairbrush. It was terrible. And it wasn't 5 or 10 spanks either. Ever since I turned 19, and my spankings ended, I thought I would never feel the strap again, especially my own.”

Beth heard Margaret's story and felt real bad despite how much her behind burned. She was helped up, and stood there while she was startled to see Margaret gather up two pillows and place them at the end of her bed. Then, to her further dismay, saw Margaret unbuckle her belt and remove it from her jeans.

Beth didn't resist, however, when Margaret took her wrist and brought her over to the two pillows and bent Beth over them.

“Do you notice how much your behind is sticking up, Beth? How much it feels like a target? That's how it felt for me. I'd be bent over like you, and dad would make me wait a bit before he began. It was especially embarrassing when it happened in the living room and my sister, and moreso, when my brothers were there to witness it.”

Seemingly to allow Beth to experience what she had, Margaret kept Beth bent over for a few minutes before starting the strapping. Those few minutes seemed endless for Beth, not that she was that anxious to have the strapping to begin.

Then it began. As with the afternoon, Beth heard the whoosh of the strap in motion before she felt it. And like in the afternoon, she howled in pain. She didn't have much of a chance for it to register before another spank of the strap struck home. Then steadily, one spank of the strap after another smacked Beth's red bottom as she howled. It was obvious that Margaret was duplicating her father's way as the number of spanks passed ten and continued on. She didn't know how she could bear it, and at one point, felt Margaret's hand press upon her back to keep her in place. Beth was a bawling mess when the strapping finally ended.

“Sorry, Beth, but I had to give you exactly what I would get at times. I know it hurts but it will be ok. I suggest you remain like this for a few minutes to recover and then put some cold cream on your behind.”

Then, leaving Beth bent over the two pillows, in tears, Margaret gathered up her strap and hairbrush and left Beth's room. She wasn't happy to have punished Beth so soundly, but she had to admit that in another way, she felt better about her own punishment in front of the school.

As for Beth, she just continued to stay bent over the two pillows, letting the fire that her behind was feeling slowly diminish.

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Part 47

Beth was glad that after Margaret's painful spanking and strapping, that the next day was Saturday, and could get up a little later. After Margaret had left her room the night before, Beth remained bottoms up over the two pillows that Margaret had bent Beth over on. Only when the pain from the hairbrush and strap had lessened some did Beth get up. Walking over to her bathroom, and with the use of a small mirror, she looked at her behind and was startled by how red her behind was.

As suggested by Margaret, she reached for the cream and slowly and gingerly applied it to her bottom, gritting her teeth as she spread it. Then with a sigh, and wiping her eyes with a tissue, she went to her bed, disdained her pajama bottoms and laid herself face down on her bed.

Despite the painful spanking that Margaret gave her, she wasn't as resentful as she thought she might have been and now her nagging thoughts were behind her.

After a weekend with no further incidents, Monday morning arrived and after getting dressed, she left her room to see how her boys were doing.

As she checked each of the boys' rooms to make sure they were all up, she went into Peter's room to discover that he was still in bed. She roused Peter and told him to get up. Then she continued on her rounds. On the way back, she stopped once again at Peter's room and went inside. To her dismay, Peter was still in bed. Meanwhile, his roommate, Paul, was just about finished dressing.


Even Beth's loud voice didn't cause Peter to get up. Walking over to his bed, Beth decided to use a method that her mother used when Beth or one her brothers were too slow getting up in the morning, especially on a school day.

Grabbing the covers, she yanked them back, causing Peter to stir a little.

“Young man, I told you to get up, but here you are still lazing about. I have a way to get you going.”

Peter was on his stomach and it was easy for Beth to yank his pajama bottoms down, exposing his bottom. She bent down and began smacking Peter's bottom repeatedly until she had applied 25 hard spanks to his bare seat, with Peter yelping and crying out.

Once the spanking stopped, Peter was only too willing to get up.

“Now, get going. You better hurry. If we have to wait for you, you'll be over my knees in the cafeteria. Now, scoot!”


Beth sent him on his way with one resounding smack to his seat. Fortunately, Peter did make it in time, to spare himself a public spanking during breakfast.

The week before the holiday break,on Wednesday morning, as she was making her rounds, she went into Chris and Jon's room to find Chris still in bed. He was awake, however, and told Beth he wasn't feeling too well. She went over to him, and felt his head and it didn't seem warm.

She reached into a pocket and pulled out a pad. “Well, Chris, we can't have you sick. I am writing a note for you which you will take to the nurse's office.”

“Can't I just stay here?”

“No, Chris. That's what the school nurse is for. Now, on your way, unless you want me to think you are faking.”

Seemingly reluctant, Chris took the note and left for the nurse's office. As he left, Beth looked pensive, and then turned to Jon, his roommate.

“Jon, you have a test today, don't you?”

Jon didn't want to get his roommate in trouble, but didn't want to lie to his housemother, so he nodded affirmatively.

“Well, well......I guess we'll see what happens at the nurse's office.”

As Chris approached the nurse's office, he found out he wasn't the only student to see the nurse, as walking from the opposite end was Lauren, from Marie's section. She was also a seventh grader, who found herself during her first breakfast, with her roommate, Janice, being spanked in the cafeteria for teasing the twins because they were spanked.

They nodded to each other and went inside the office. Sitting at her desk was the school nurse, Veronica Lord. In her 20's, she was young, but with her height, made an imposing figure. But she was a very friendly person, at least most of the time.

“Well, what do we have here? Not feeling well, I see,” she looked at the notes Lauren and Chris had handed her. Then, going to them, she felt their foreheads, finding them normal to her touch.

Wondering, she had the two students go inside into the examining room. Both students were still wearing their pajamas, as well as a bathrobe, which they were instructed to remove. Wondering why, they did as they were told.

“Ok, kids, I want you to bend over that bed,” pointing toward the hospital bed.

It was Chris that questioned the request.

“Why do we have to do that?”

Miss Lord chuckled, “I need you bent over the bed so I can check your temperature, silly. Why else?”

Startled, and blushing, Chris asked, “Why not the normal way, in our mouths?”

“Sorry, Chris, this way is more accurate. Now, bend over children. Let's cooperate, so as to not make more uncomfortable than it might be.”

Chris and Lauren both sighed, but bent over next to each other, their pajama-clad bottoms sticking up in the air. Both moaned as their pajama bottoms were pulled down, baring their behinds.

As they remained bent over, Veronica Lord got what she needed ready. Then she went over to the two students.

“Ok, Chris and Lauren, I'm ready now. Stay still, while I insert the two thermometers.”

Both Chris and Lauren moaned, as in turn, they felt the nurse's hands on their bottoms and then felt the thermometer inserted. Then, waiting the few minutes seemed endless for the two students who were red-faced from having their temperatures taken in such an old-fashioned and embarrassing manner.

“Ok, let's see what the readings are.”

None too soon, the time necessary passed. They each felt the thermometer being removed, but were told to remain as they were, so they remained bent over bare bottomed.

“Hmmm, everything's normal. Tell me, kids, are you trying to avoid the test you have today?”

Not realizing that the nurse had only guessed they had a test that day, they both protested their innocence, but their protests sounded insincere to the nurse and with continued probing, they finally admitted that they wanted to avoid taking the test.

“That was pretty silly of you two.”

As they were bent over, they heard something being moved behind them as well as a drawer being opened. And then footsteps that approached them. They both then felt their ears being grabbed and they were pulled up. They were both turned around and they noticed a stool that wasn't there before and their eyes opened wide at the sight of a imposing wooden hairbrush that was on an adjacent table.

Hobbling due to their pajama bottoms at their knees, they were taken over to the stool and Miss Lord sat down. With her height and long legs, her legs made an imposing platform, as Chris and Lauren were about to find out as they both had to go across her knees with Chris on the outside. They were now both regretting their actions.

They couldn't see it, but their nurse reached back and picked up the hairbrush. Taking a firm grip, she raised her arm and brought it down the hairbrush upon Chris' upturned and bare behind. That was followed by equally hard smack to Lauren's waiting bottom.

“Now that I have your attention; you two need to learn that you must not lie about being sick. Otherwise when you really are sick, you won't be believed.”

She then began spanking in earnest, alternating between the two naughty students. Loud cries of pain came out of their mouths with each hard smack of the brush. Then, shortly afterwards, followed the sound of crying, and then sobbing, increasing in sound and vigor as the spanking continued without letup. When the spanking did finally end, both students were wailing, tears streaming down the cheeks and their behinds crimson.

“Ok, off you go.”

Chris and Lauren got up, as told, and once standing, their pajama bottoms were pulled up.

“There's still time to have breakfast, so let's go.”

The last place that Chris wanted to go was the cafeteria.

“Can't I just go to my room and get dressed and wait for everyone else to return?”

“No, Chris, eating breakfast is necessary for growing boys, and girls, as well. Now, no more discussion, let's get a move on.”

As if they were little children, Miss Lord grabbed their hands and she headed for the door.

“What about my bathrobe?”

“I'll bring them to your rooms later.”

It wasn't a long walk to the cafeteria and it was two blushing students who were walked in, causing murmuring from those who noticed them. Their first stop was to Chris' section, to where Beth was seated.

“Hi Veronica. Well, how is Chris?” Beth asked the question but really knew the answer from the look on faces of Lauren and Chris.

“He's ok, Beth, except for a case of inflammation of the posterior.”

Beth chuckled, as Chris turned even redder. Then turned to Jon, Chris' roommate.

“Jon, could you get some breakfast for Chris? Veronica, I am afraid that Chris' condition will get worse before it gets better.”

Jon got up to do as he was told, as Veronica Lord brought Lauren over to her table.

“That was a naughty thing to do, young man, While Jon gets your food, you can just go over my knees.”

As she scolded Chris, she grabbed his arm and pulled him over her lap. She then grabbed the waistband of his pajama bottoms and yanked them down.

“I see Nurse Lord did an excellent job of treating you, Chris. But a little more treatment won't hurt.”

She then began spanking, using her hand. And continued spanking for the few minutes it took for Jon to return with Chris' breakfast. At the same time, Lauren was across Marie's knees, getting her bare behind spanked. Between the two students being publicly spanked, the other students in the cafeteria that could see the spankings paid rapt attention, while the others could only hear the two spankings taking place.

Once Jon brought Chris' tray, Beth stood Chris up and pulled up his pjs. The sobbing boy sat down, wincing as he did so, and began eating his breakfast, squirming in his seat. Then, when finished, they all returned to their section, where Chris hurriedly dressed, and joined his fellow section in heading for their first class.

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Part 48

The Friday before the Christmas break found Mrs. Donovan in her office with a quandary. The science teacher in the school had, for family reasons, just informed her that she would need to take a leave of absence for the remainder of the school year.

That meant that she would need to find a replacement quickly, in the middle of the school year. By necessity, the replacement would, obviously, need to be a woman. Looking at the list she had, she was shocked to see that of all the names on the list that she had of available replacements, there was only one female name on it, and to call that candidate a woman would almost be stretching the point. Her qualifications, academically wise, were good, but her age, was another matter, since she was quite young, actually only one year older than Elizabeth Ashley, who, at times, Mrs. Donovan thought, hardly acted in a grownup manner.

Sighing, Mrs. Donovan, realizing her lack of options in this matter, picked up her phone and called Miss Lewis for an interview. Talking to her on the phone did not provide any reassurance, but made an appointment for an interview that afternoon.

Making things worse was that Miss Lewis was five minutes late, annoying Mrs. Donovan before the interview had even begun. Nor did the excuses that Miss Lewis gave help any, as it only re-enforced her youthfulness.

Escorting Miss Lewis to a chair, Mrs. Donovan sat down and began the interview. Academically, she was qualified and Miss Lewis expressed that she really needed the job and that wanted to be given an opportunity. Knowing that she had little choice, but not telling Miss Lewis that, Mrs. Donovan took a different tack in the middle of the interview.

“Tell me, Miss Lewis, how much do you know about Lee Academy.”

“Other than it has a good reputation, not very much.” replied the pretty, but youthful, blond applicant.

“I see. Well, the one thing that stands out in this school, which makes it different from others, is our insistence on discipline.”

“Well, I can understand that. I remember in my school years, there was often detention or extra work assigned if you messed up.”

Mrs. Donovan smiled. “Tell me, Miss Lewis, may I call you MaryLee?”

After getting an affirmative nod, Mrs. Donovan continued on. “In this school, detention or extra work, isn't a form of punishment that is used very much.”

Miss Lewis looked confused. “It isn't? I don't understand.”

“Of course you don't,” thought the headmaster.

“Tell me, Marylee, when you misbehaved at home, what were the consequences?”

“Well, mom or dad just lectured or scolded us.”

“I see.” Mrs. Donovan was not exactly surprised at the answer she got.

“In this school, you might get scolded, but only in addition of the main punishment. You see, we like to think of this school as an extension of a family, especially since the students live here during their term rather than commute. When our students misbehave either in class or elsewhere, they get punished in a manner similar to how most children get punished at home, with spankings.”


“Does that bother you?”

“Well, I don't know, I've never been spanked or have spanked anyone, but I guess I could learn. I do really need this job.”

Mrs. Donovan decided to take a chance, and see how badly MaryLee Lewis wanted this job.

“Marylee, I would like to offer you the position, but I have to admit that I have some qualms about you being able to handle the position and all it entails because of your age.”

“Oh, please, Mrs. Donovan, please, give me a chance. I really need this job.”

Convinced even more of her strategy, Mrs. Donovan continued on.

“I am willing to take the chance of hiring you, but it has to be conditional.”

“You mean, if I don't work out, I'll be fired?”

Mrs. Donovan chuckled, “Not exactly, though that is always an option. No, my condition is that I will hire you only after you submit to a sound spanking that you have never had.”

“What? My god!!! I've never.....” a shocked Marylee Lewis sputtered on, “Isn't there another way?”

“I am afraid not, young lady. Since spanking is an integral part of this school, and you haven't even been spanked yourself, never mind ever administrating one, I think it is necessary that you know how a spanking feels like. Now, you must make your mind up, because if you want the position, I intend to give you that spanking immediately so you can start right away. Now, what is your answer?”

With only a short pause, and with a sigh, Marylee looked down and mumbled her agreement.

“Speak up, Marylee.”

“I agree. Please don't spank me too hard.”

Mrs. Donovan chuckled once more, “That's the same thing I hear from my 16 year old niece when it's time for her to go across my knees. It doesn't do her any good either.”

Mrs. Donovan got up from her chair and went over to get the nearby stool. At the same time, Marylee got to her feet as well. MaryLee was wearing a dark aqua suit, obviously trying to make herself look a bit more adult, but, Mrs. Donovan thought, the short skirt and ponytail didn't help carry it off.

Calling Marylee over to her, she removed Marylee's jacket and hung it up. Then she began undoing Marylee's skirt.

“What?” Marylee exclaimed.

“Oh, that's right, you've never been spanked before. Well, as you are about to find out, in this school, spankings are given on the bare behind, whether it's a student getting spanked, a housemother, or, in this case, a prospective new teacher. Now, do you still want the position?”

With a slight moan, Marylee nodded her head and stood there while Mrs. Donovan removed her skirt. Already blushing, Marylee's face got even redder when, after being told to take her shoes off, she felt Mrs. Donovan's finers grasp the waistband of her panties and slowly tug them down and then completely off. Now, Marylee stood there, bare from the waist down for her first ever spanking.

“Well, I have to say you now look more like a naughty girl about to get spanked rather than a science teacher. I am afraid with your fair skin, you're really going to feel this punishment, but you'll live.”

Marylee shivered at her 'about to be' employer's words and wondered how bad it would be. She felt Mrs. Donovan guide her over to the right and then felt herself being turned over and across Mrs. Donovan's knees in the classic spanking position.

While never being spanked herself, she had a few occasions where she witnessed a spanking of a girlfriend, sometimes with the girlfriend's mom telling Marylee she deserved the same. Well, now, she was about to find out for herself what a spanking felt like.


The spanking began with handspanks, as Marylee yelled out in pain. Sharply, Mrs. Donovan applied the flat of her hand to the entire bare behind being presented to her. Left, right, in the middle, lower and across the summit, her hand smacked the reddening behind as Marylee quickly began crying and then sobbing. That didn't dissuade Mrs. Donovan from continuing the sound handspanking she was administrating to the young blonde.

When she had determined that she had given her a sufficient number of handspanks, she stopped and let Marylee sob for a bit until she had calmed down somewhat. Then Marylee was helped up, and was taken to an empty corner and placed in it, her nose facing the corner.

“Since I am treating you as if you were my daughter, I suggest you hold your hands in front of you and keep them there. If you reach back to rub, I'll start over again and you won't like that one bit.”

Marylee heard the stern words and quickly did as suggested. The last thing she wanted was for the spanking to be starting over. As it was, she couldn't believe how much painful the spanking was.

Maylee may have thought that her spanking was over, but that was hardly the case. After 20 minutes, Marylee felt her ear grabbed, causing Marylee to exclaim in pain, and she was marched back to the stool.

“Oh, please, ma'am, no more. I kept my hands in front!!” pleaded the no longer virgin spankee.

“That was just a warmup, dear. You need to be shown the two basic forms of spankings that you will need to hand out when your students misbehave. Now, in order that you don't fall off my lap, get across my left knee and I will make sure you stay over my knee without falling.”

Marylee did as she was told and found herself dangling helplessly over Mrs. Donovan's left knee, with her own knees locked in by Mrs. Donovan's right leg. This only made Marylee even more bent over, and her behind sticking way up for her upcoming second part of the spanking.

This part was not to be a handspanking. Picking up the hairbrush that she had put nearby, Mrs. Donovan raised her arm and smacked the bare seat hard with the back of the wooden hairbrush, causing Marylee to shout out in pain.

This was followed by one spank after another, each additional spank causing Marylee to howl in pain. Mrs. Donovan didn't spare any part of Marylee's behind, including the lower portions where she sits.

It didn't take long for Marylee to sob, and then bawl, as the pain built up. Finally, Marylee couldn't shout out in pain, but just bawl helplessly, as she laid limply across Mrs. Donovan's knee, who stopped the spanking and allowed Marylee to slowly recover some little bit of composure. Then, once again, she was marched to the corner and given the same warning, which Marylee somehow was able to obey, despite the huge desire she had to reach back and try and put out the fire she felt behind her.

It was 30 minutes this time, before Mrs. Donovan told her to turn around. Marylee was worried that there would be another part, but instead, Mrs. Donovan handed her panties and then her skirt, and Marylee put them on, wincing as she pulled the panties over her very sensitive and inflamed behind.


One fully dressed, Mrs. Donovan instructed Marylee to return the next day to sign all the necessary papers and then she would be taken to her office and classroom for her to get ready for classes after the holiday break.

However, right before Marylee could leave, Mrs. Donovan stopped her.

“One more thing, young lady. Today, you were late for your appointment.”

To Marylee's horror, she found herself bent over under Mrs. Donovan's arm and her short skirt flipped up. Then her panties were lowered once more.

“This will remind you that you are expected to be on time in the future.”






Five times Mrs. Donovan smacked Marylee's bare, red behind, causing fresh crying once more. Then, she was allowed to leave the office, and as she did so, eached back to rub the seat of skirt, and as she rubbed, she realized that Mrs. Donovan's secretary, Ms. Marshall was watching it all, with a self-satisfied expression on her face. Not caring about it at all, she hurried left the outer office and headed to her car, as she continued to rub, even reaching under her skirt to rub the seat of her panties, anything to try and ease the burning she felt. She knew it would be a painful ride home. She also knew, despite her lack of experience, that like they say with christmas presents, it is better to give than receive.

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Part 49

Saturday morning arrived and so did Marylee at Mrs. Donovan's office. Unlike the day before, this time Marylee arrived early, not daring to risk getting another spanking.

When she arrived at the office, the desk in the outer office was unoccupied and Mrs. Donovan had her sit there to fill out all the forms that were required. As she did so, she told Marylee more about the discipline policies of the school, including the part where teachers were the direct supervisors of the housemothers.

“What do you mean, ‘direct supervisors’?” Marylee was wondering exactly what that meant.

“It means that they have to answer to you or other teachers, and depending on their age, if they do something wrong, or are derelict in their duties, you have the authority to discipline them?”

“You mean, I could spank them?” Marylee thought that was interesting.

“Yes, that's possible, again depending on the housemother and offense involved. But I also want to remind you that as the most junior teacher on staff, other, more veteran teachers would have that same authority over you, so be warned.”

Marylee grimaced, remembering the painful spanking she had received the day before. Once finished telling Marylee the necessary information, she left Marylee alone to continue with her paperwork. What she needed to do was find someone to take her around the school and then to her office and classroom.

Shortly thereafter that problem was solved with Beth walked into the office for some paperwork she needed to file. She noticed someone different at Ms. Marshall's office.

“Covering for Ms. Marshall?”

Marylee looked up and replied, “No, I am not, I am the new science teacher. And who may you be?”

Beth was surprised. And then replied, “My, teachers are getting younger and younger.”

After the day before, getting spanked for being young, Beth's remark did not go over very well, nor did she appreciate that this girl did not show her any respect by giving Marylee her name.

At that point, Mrs. Donovan appeared in the doorway of her office, having heard the conversation.

Beth noticed her, and mouthed to the headmaster, “She's so young!”.

Mrs. Donovan was annoyed by Beth's quiet remark, thinking it disrespectful and went over to Beth.

“I think you ought to apologize to Miss Lewis. You ought to know better than that, young lady.”

As Mrs. Donovan scolded Beth, she reached for her belt and unbuckled it, then unzipped her slacks and lowered them and her panties to her knees. Then, in the same manner that she smacked Marylee, she bent Beth over under her arm and began smacking the housemother.


20 times she smacked Beth's bare bottom as Beth cried out in pain, tears beginning to trickle down her cheeks.

“Beth, go stand in the corner until Miss Lewis is finished. When she is finished, she will raise your panties and slacks and then you will give her a tour of the school, ending up at her office and classroom. Is that understood, young lady?”

“Yes, ma'am.”

Then, turning to Marylee, “Since this young lady didn't tell you, her name is Elizabeth Ashley and she is a seventh grade housemother in the boys section. As you can see, she is not immune to being spanked, far from it.”

Watching Beth getting smacked felt much better than how she felt when getting spanked herself. She was glad that Mrs. Donovan spanked the housemother, but her annoyance at this housemother wasn't satisfied by the short smacking Miss Ashley had received.

It was about 15 minutes later that Marylee finished her paperwork. She walked over to Beth, and pulled up Beth's panties and slacks, rebuckling Beth's belt.

“Ok, Elizabeth, take me on this tour.”

Beth was annoyed that she got smacked, and was not in a very good mood and she didn't hide it. Even telling Marylee that she could call her Beth brought an annoyed response that she would call Beth whatever name she desired.

So a sullen Beth took Marylee around the school, letting her bad attitude get the best of her as she did so. Finally they got to the last stop, Marylee's classroom. Beth started to walk away, but Marylee stopped her.

“Wait a minute, young lady, come inside the classroom.”

Beth sighed. “Now what?” she wondered.

She followed Marylee into the room. Once inside, Marylee looked around the room, then went over to her desk, where to her surprise, on the top of the desk was a wooden hairbrush and ruler. Glancing to the side of the desk was a stool similar to the one in Mrs. Donovan's office.

“Miss Ashley, ever since you came into Mrs. Donovan's office, you have been rude and disrespectful, with a very poor attitude. Even the spanking that Mrs. Donovan gave you didn't change your attitude.”

Beth, making a fateful mistake, listened with a ‘so what’ attitude.

“I see that you either aren't paying attention or don't care to. Well, Mrs. Donovan informed me that one of my roles here is to supervise housemothers and their behavior, and your behavior is not acceptable.”

Beth stood up straight, was this young teacher going to spank her?

“What are you going to do, spank me?” It was with a defiant air that Beth challenged her.

“That is exactly what I intend to do. Do you deny that I have that authority?”

Beth realized that she had gone too far. She also realized that as young as Miss Lewis was, she indeed had the authority to spank her.

“I am sorry, Miss Lewis.”

“You ought to be sorry, young lady, and, I assure you, you will be. I've had enough of your behavior.”

Remembering the spanking she had received herself, Marylee went over and retrieved the stool and placed it in front of her desk. Thinking to herself, she thanked Miss Ashley for earning a spanking. Now she could practice giving a spanking before classes started. She could put into practice what she learned while over Mrs. Donovan's knees.

“Come here, Miss Ashley, well, since you want to be called ‘Beth’, I will do so. It's more fitting anyway.”

With a moan, Beth walked over to the young teacher. She couldn't believe what was happening to her. Meanwhile, Marylee decided to emulate the way that Mrs. Donovan had spanked her. So, like on Friday, Marylee proceeded to completely undress Beth from the waist down.

One done, she stood Beth in front of her, and realized that this girl could be her own age. For her part, Beth was thinking the same thing, not believing that someone her age was about to spank her.

“Ok. Beth, across my lap. It's time for your spanking to begin.”

With no choice in the matter, Beth did as she was told, and went over Marylee's knees. Then, quickly, Marylee began the spanking, using her hand. Spanking fast, Marylee discovered that she didn't feel uncomfortable on the giving end at all and spanked Beth until Beth's bottom was nice and red. Stopping, Marylee thought about how she was spanked on Friday and was going to give Beth some time in the corner, but instead, reached back for the ruler she had seen on the desk. Seeing how it was next to the hairbrush, she had assumed it would be suitable for a spanking and thought she should find out.

So, she resumed the spanking, using the ruler, and from Beth's response, she found out that the ruler could be a good spanking implement. As she spanked, Beth sobbed and wailed, obviously feeling the sting that the ruler had caused. When she thought that she had given Beth sufficient spanks with the ruler, she helped Beth up and marched her to the corner, giving Beth the same warning that Mrs. Donovan had given her.

Part of her wanted Beth to reach back and rub, but the housemother didn't give Marylee any cause to repeat the spankings. Beth was kept with her nose in the corner for 20 minutes, before calling her out. As when Mrs. Donovan had spanked her with the hairbrush, Marylee had Beth go over her left knee and then pinned Beth's legs.

Picking up the hairbrush, she began spanking Beth's behind hard and fast. Quickly, Beth was once again sobbing and wailing, as Marylee applied the hairbrush over and over upon Beth's crimson behind, and remembering her own spanking, also over the lower part of Beth's bottom where she sits.

Marylee was just about done when the door to her classroom opened. Standing in the doorway was Barbara Connolly.

“I thought I heard the familiar sounds of a spanking and someone bawling. Beth, you're getting spanked AGAIN?”

Beth was still bawling and not in position as yet to reply, so Barbara turned to Marylee. I assume you are the new science teacher. You are young.”

That got Marylee going for an instance. “I AM NOT THAT YOUNG!”

Annoyed, Barbara reminded Marylee, “I wouldn't use that attitude with me, young lady. Let Miss Ashley off your knees, you have spanked her enough.”

Marylee moved her right leg to allow Beth to get off her knees. Standing there, Beth wanted to get dressed, but didn't know if she would be able to.

Barbara now was able to communicate with Beth.

“Beth, what did you do to earn a spanking by Miss Lewis so quickly?”

Beth looked down and said that the new science teacher thought she was being rude. Barbara shook her head.

“How many times do you need to be spanked before you learn, young lady? Come here.”

Beth realized that she was about to spanked again.

“Please, Bar...I mean, Mrs. Connolly, please don't spank me, Miss Lewis spanked me real hard!!”

“Yes, she has, but she was stopped before she intended. I am sorry Beth, but everytime I catch you being spanked, or it's aftermath, I am going to spank you myself. So, come here.”

Tears streaming down, she did as she was told. Reaching Barbara Connolly, she found herself being put over Barbara's left knee which was raised up by putting her left foot on a nearby stool. This left Beth dangling.


Quickly, Barbara applied a series of hard handspanks to the already wellspanked behind, causing Beth to resume her bawling. Then letting Beth up, she instructed Beth to get dressed and return to her room, which Beth was only too glad to comply with. Both Barbara and Marylee remained in the room silently as Beth got dressed, and still crying, left the room. As Beth walked back to her room, her hands massaging her clothed bottom, Barbara Connolly turned to the still seated science teacher.

“I am sure that Miss Ashley deserved to be spanked. Goodness knows that she is the most spanked housemother in the school. But I am not convinced that she deserved as severe a spanking as you were giving her. Nor did I appreciate you talking back to me like you did. So, please stand up.”

Shocked by the turn of events, Marylee did as she was told. Obviously, she thought, this teacher was Marylee's superior and would have the right to spank her.

Barbara took Marylee's spot on the stool and then went about lowering Marylee's jeans and panties. Then moving her to the right, she pulled her across her lap.


Barbara showed Marylee that a handspanking by her was not something to laugh off, that it could almost be as painful as a hairbrush. The proof of that was Marylee sobbing as Barbara's hand smacked and smacked her behind. Then, when done, she kept the sobbing teacher across her lap and began asking Miss Lewis about herself.

After talking with Miss Lewis for a bit, she finally allowed the sniffling teacher up off her lap, and with a final, hard smack to MaryLee's red behind, told her to get dressed.

Leaving the room, Barbara returned to her office deep in thought. Once there, she reached for her phone and punched in a number.

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Part 50

Part of this chapter was inspired by a drawing of Comixspank that was posted last week.

Mrs. Donovan hung the phone up and thought for a moment. Then, looking at her Rolodex, she picked the phone back up and made a call, which didn't long. A second look at her Rolodex got her another phone number and she called it.

This conversation lasted longer and when it did end, Mrs. Donovan got up from her desk and left her office.

In Beth's room, Beth was alternatingly rubbing the seat of her slacks and packing for her trip home the next morning. She thought about how it seemed it was impossible for her to go too long without being spanked by somebody.

As she was rubbing and packing, she heard knocking on her door. Wondering who it was, as all the students had left to go home, she went and opened the door, and was surprised to see Mrs. Donovan there.

“Hello Beth. I guess you have had a bad day already.”

Somewhat surprised that Mrs. Donovan knew about being spanked after leaving her office earlier that day, Beth nodded her head.

“Well, I am sorry to hear that, young lady. Though, that's not while I am here, though. It seems that our new science teacher doesn't have anyone to spend the holidays with and that doesn't seem right to me. I'd have her stay at my house, but that isn't possible. So, I would like her to go with you and stay with you and your family.”

Beth was shocked! And upset.

“What? Are you kidding me? After what she did to me? No way!!”

Mrs. Donovan had expected Beth's reaction, though she hoped otherwise.

“I understand your feelings, Beth, but I would like you to put your feelings aside. After all, you are going to have work with Miss Lewis once school resumes.”

“NO! I won't!!”, was Beth's defiant retort.

Mrs. Donovan sighed. She hoped that it wouldn't come to this, but she had no choice.

“Your mom thought that you would have this reaction. She also suggested an 'attitude adjustment' might get you to change your mind.”

Mrs. Donovan walked over to Beth and took her arm and marched her to the nearby stool.

“No, please don't!!!” Beth pleaded, to no avail, as she was stood in front of the headmaster as once again, Beth's slacks were lowered, together with her panties.

Mrs. Donovan noticed the redness of Beth's behind. “Well, I guess Miss Lewis has learned quickly how to administer a sound spanking, and I know Barbara Connolly can as well. Now, across my lap, young lady. Let's see if I can change your attitude at all.”


Using just her hand, Mrs. Donovan re-ignited the burning that Beth had felt earlier while over the laps of Miss Lewis and Barbara Connolly. She spanked hard and fast, and Beth soon was bawling and, finally, surrended and acquiesced to Mrs. Donovan's ‘request’.

Standing Beth up, she pulled up Beth's panties and slacks.

“It would have been better to have agreed in the first place, Beth, so I didn't have to spank you. Miss Lewis will meet you in the parking lot tomorrow morning at 8:30. I think it will for the best if you two learned to get along.”

Then Mrs. Donovan told Beth something that caused Beth to shiver.

“I have to tell you, Beth, that your mother isn't very pleased with you right now. She asked, and I had to tell the truth, about your behavior at school and whether you had been spanked here at school or not. She told me to tell you that she will discuss it with you when you get home.”

Beth knew all too well what her mom meant by ‘discuss’ and she reached back to rub her sore seat.

As directed, Beth met Miss Lewis in the parking lot and silently they began their trip. The silence didn't last long as the two began bickering and arguing. They were about halfway to Beth's home when something caught Beth's eye as she suddenly stopped and parked the car.

“Why are you stopping Beth? Oh, I see.”

What Beth had seen and now Marylee did as well, was that they had stopped at a park. But that wasn't all they saw. For on one bench was a sight that was unusual to say the least. For bent over the bench was a young boy, wearing shorts. In the area, but not too close was a woman looking on.

Beth got out of the car, as did Marylee, and they walked over to the bench. Once there, they both noticed that the boy's legs were immobilized by a belt that kept his legs together and the boy unable to escape his predictament. Next to the boy, was something very familiar to Beth, a hairbrush and next to that, a shoe. Beth then noticed the note that was fastened to the bench.

The note read: “My name is Brad. I am 12 years old. I'm the boy who damaged the park property and put graffiti on everything, Please give me a good spanking.”

The note was signed by Brad as well. Then Beth noticed a trash barrel next to the bench with graffiti painted on it. Obviously a sample of Brad's handiwork.

“Well, well, I guess someone has been naughty. How long have you been bent over, young man?”

Embarrassed, the boy mumbled, “Just now.”

“Is that your mom over there, watching?”


“Has anyone spanked you yet?”


“I see.”

Beth went over to the boy and began unbuckling the belt.

Marylee interceded. “Beth what are you doing? He needs to be punished.”

Beth ignored Marylee and finished unbuckling the belt.

“You are a naughty little boy, Brad, who needs his behind spanked good and hard. But not bent over like that. The proper way to spank a boy who misbehaves like you have is right across the knee. Now, don't resist or you will find out that this belt has another use than holding up pants or keeping you from escaping.”

Beth put the boy between her legs and began lowering the boy's shorts. Brad quickly began pleading to leave his shorts up, as his face turned red.

“No, Brad, naughty boys get spanked on their BARE bottoms.”

Beth then quickly lowered his underpants and pinned him over her left knee.

“Hand me that hairbrush, will you, Marylee?”

“NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO, not the brush!!!”

Beth ignored Brad as she took the hairbrush and began spanking Brad hard with the brush. It didn't take long for the boy to start crying and then sobbing as the hairbrush smacked his upturned behind repeatedly.

Beth ended the spanking sooner than she might have otherwise, but because she noticed that Marylee had indicated she also wanted a turn, she stopped and let the bawling boy up.

To Brad's horror, he was quickly turned over Marylee's knees and Marylee had her first experience in spanking a boy. She, like Beth, spanked hard and fast, and the boy screamed out in pain until he just laid there, limply, bawling his eyes out. Then Marylee stood the boy up and brought him back to bench and immobilized his legs once again.

Beth then began to raise his underpants when she noticed that the same woman who was watching from a distance had come over.

“Thank you for punishing my son, ladies. I am sure he will learn a better lesson from the two of you than he would have learned from me. Although I will still give it a try tonight before he goes to bed. Don't bother covering his behind up. He can stay bare bottomed for a bit longer. If he's lucky no else will come by to spank him. Now, Bradley, please thank these nice two ladies for spanking you.”

Through his tears, Brad mumbled his thanks and Marylee and Beth returned to the car and resumed their trip to Beth's home. What also resumed was their bickering.

Public Option on Boy Spanking

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Part 51

Once Beth and Marylee resumed their ride to Beth's home, their bickering resumed as well. The ‘truce’ brought about by their stopping at the park and spanking Brad was only temporary.

Both were frustrated. Beth by Marylee's ordering her to pull over so Marylee could spank her and Marylee by Beth's refusal to do so. So, they continued to argue until they reached Beth's house, pulled into the driveway and walked up to the porch. Only then did both realize that Beth's mom was waiting for them on the front porch.

Their arguing was interrupted by Mrs. Ashley.

“Good morning, girls. You must be Miss Lewis. Mrs. Donovan told me about you. I imagine we will get more acquainted each day you are here. As for you, Beth, Mrs. Donovan told me about you as well. I believe you know that.”

Beth had almost forgotten about that and now looked down at the porch's floor.

“So, why don't you come over here now.”

“Oh, mom, can't you do it inside?” Beth pleaded.

“I could.....but I am not going to. It's getting to be a habit, isn't it, young lady, to be spanked on your arrival. Maybe you can avoid getting a spanking when you return to school. Now, come over here right now!”

Resigned to her fate, Beth walked slowly over to her mom. As she did so, Marylee mumbled, “I'll punish you later.”

Marylee may not have intended for Mrs. Ashley to hear it, but she did, and ignored it for now. With Beth standing in front of her, she had Beth take her sandals off, and then lowered her jeans to her ankles and had Beth step out of them.

Beth was blushing and turned even redder as her mom grabbed the waistband of her panties, and lowered and then removed them completely. Mrs. Ashley pointed at her lap.

“Ok, Beth, over you go.”

Beth sighed and bent over her mother's lap. She felt her mom adjusting her and then felt the first, hard smack of her hand.



Then followed a series of hard, handspanks that caused Beth to whimper and for her to begin to tear up. Her crying began to increase as her mom spanked fast and furious. Then her mom stopped.

“Marylee, could you hand me the hairbrush that's over there? Thanks.”

Marylee went over and got the hairbrush as instructed and handed it to Beth's mom. It felt pretty imposing in her hand.

Mrs. Ashley took the hairbrush and then resumed the spanking. Now the spanking became even more intense and Beth soon was sobbing and bawling from the hard spanks from the brush. Her mom applied the hairbrush over every inch of her behind, including the lower part where she sits. The spanking went on and on, not interrupted by even the honks of horns of cars passing by. When it finally ended, Beth continued to bawl and carry on until very slowly her wailing lessened. Then turning to Marylee, she gave her further instructions.

“Marylee, could you open the front door? Inside you will find a pillow. Please get it for me and place it over the railing.”


“Hush, Beth. You'll bend over whether you like it or not.”

Marylee got the pillow and placed it on the railing. She thought it would be terrible to have to bend over it like Beth was about to do.

“Ok, Beth, up you go.” Beth found herself helped up and marched to the railing and then bent over it, causing her red behind to stick up in the air.


Mrs. Ashley smacked Beth's seat five times, causing fresh bawling from a well-spanked Beth and then warned Beth.

“Remember, young lady, no rubbing.”

Then, she turned to Marylee.

“Miss Lewis, I heard what you said to Beth earlier. Well, just so you understand, while you are here, you will not spank Beth unless I say so.”

“What? But I have that authority!”

“Not here you don't. Maybe at Lee Academy you do, but here, I have the authority to decide that.”

Mrs. Ashley continued, “Also, so you understand completely, while you are staying here, you will be treated the same as Beth, as if you were my daughter. That means you could end up over my knees just like Beth.”

Marylee was stunned at that news and did not take it well. In fact, she took it as if she was eight years old and argued, stomped her feet and acted like a little girl.

Beth's mom watched it all and said nothing until Marylee stopped.

“Are you quite done, young lady?”

Then, not giving Marylee a chance to answer or escape, Mrs. Ashley got up and grabbed Marylee's arm and pulled her over to the stool.

“What!!! You can't!! Stop!!”

Her pleas were ignored as she was taken to the stool and after sitting down, Mrs. Ashley had Marylee stand between her legs and she pinned the unhappy girl. Then began the process of baring Marylee. She wasn't as cooperative as Beth was, but still Mrs. Ashley managed to lower her jeans and panties to her knees. She then turned Marylee so that she faced left and then bent Marylee over her left leg and pinned Marylee's legs with her right.

Now in position to be spanked, Mrs. Ashley raised her arm and began spanking the young teacher.


Like with Beth, she began with a rapid handspanking to warm Marylee up. Sooner than Beth, Marylee began crying and yelping. After a sufficient number of handspanks, Mrs. Ashley picked up the hairbrush and began the second part of Marylee's spanking.

Quickly, Marylee began sobbing and howling from the pain caused by the hard, wooden hairbrush. That didn't spare her anything, as Mrs. Ashley continued to spank Marylee. Even the arrival of Beth's brother, Jay, didn't stop the spanking and the spanking continued until she thought that Marylee was sufficiently punished. Only then did she acknowledge the presence of her son.

“Hi Jay. I'll introduce you to Marylee (indicating the girl across her knee) once her punishment is over. If you could do me a favor, could you get me one of Beth's pillows from her room? Thanks.”

Surprised at seeing his sister bent over the railing and another girl across his mom's knee, Jay went inside to get the pillow. He couldn't help but recall the last time Beth came home from school, before Thanksgiving. At that time, he was over his mom's knees getting spanked for smoking in school. He returned with the pillow and placed it over the railing next to Beth as instructed. Then he stood there while his mom stood Marylee up and marched her to the railing.

It was at the same time that Marylee noticed Beth's brother there and turned crimson. She felt herself being bent over and felt very vulnerable with her behind in the air. She also felt her jeans and panties being removed completely.

“Marylee, don't even think about reaching back to rub. Jay, please keep an eye on them until I return.”

Mrs. Ashley left Jay to watch over the two girls and went inside. Marylee, especially, was really embarrassed to be in the position she was in, plus having Beth's brother there to witness her spanking and her embarrassing position she was now in. She didn't want to make it worse, so she grabbed the rails of the railing and held tight.

She heard Beth's mom return and was glad that Jay didn't lie and say she had rubbed. she wasn't glad, however, that Jay didn't then leave.

“Ok, girls. I am not going to put up with the two of you arguing and bickering. Either you two get along, or you will have trouble sitting down. While you are staying here, I am going to treat you as twins. That means that if one of you misbehaves, you both get spanked equally.”

Both girls protested. Mrs. Ashley cut their protests short. Also, unknown to them, Mrs. Ashley had returned to the porch holding her paddle.






Smacking the pair of upturned behinds facing her, she got their attention, through the exclamation of pain.

“Quiet!” she ordered. “Additionally, when you misbehave, not only will you be spanked equally, you will be dressed equally, as identical twins.”

Both girls moaned. Then they both felt an arm across their backs, in anticipation of more spanks from the paddle.

Alternating smacks, both girls received ten spanks from the paddle, causing both to resume bawling and their red behinds to feel on fire once again.

“Ok, girls, you can get up now. Marylee, go with Beth to her room.”

Both girls got up and quickly went inside, Marylee following quickly behind Beth. She didn't know about Beth, but she sure felt the need to rub her burning behind and couldn't wait to get to Beth's room so she could do so.

Later, while laying down, face down, on the spare bed in Beth's room, she wondered whether spending time across Mrs. Ashley's knees would be a common occurance during her stay.

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Part 52

For the remainder of the morning and a large part of the afternoon, Beth and Marylee mainly remained in Beth's bedroom. Not because they were grounded there, but because they didn't feel like making an appearance. They did leave the room to eat lunch, but they made sure it was after the rest of the family ate.

Still, neither Beth nor Marylee spoke to each other, refraining from any arguing or bickering that might get Mrs. Ashley to punish them further.

Late in the afternoon, Mrs. Ashley knocked and entered their room.

“Ok girls, your sulking has to end. You two are to shower and get ready to go out to dinner with us.”

Not to anxious to go, Beth then asked if she could stay home.

“No, Beth, you ARE going with us. Now, one of you had better get a move on.”

Beth could see from her mom's expression that it would be a bad idea to argue with her and got up, and headed for the bathroom. Turning to Marylee, Mrs. Ashley told Marylee that she could use the other bathroom to get ready, and Marylee got up and did what she was told.

When both girls returned to their rooms, they were both dismayed to see that two, identical outfits were laid out for then. White blouses and gray pleaded skirts. Beth groaned just as her mom came in.

“Oh mom, I am going to look a like a school girl.”

“Well, young lady, you have acted like one. Both of you have. Now, I don't want any arguments from either of you, or you both will be sorry. Now get dressed, or do I have to dress you myself?”

Blushing, both girls quickly began getting dressed to the approval of Beth's mom.

“Good. If I had to dress you, I am sure it would have been accompanied by some smacks to a couple of behinds. I'll be back to check up on you shortly.”

As Mrs. Ashley left the room, both girls continued to get ready, feeling increasingly childish in their outfits as well as how they were being treated. They didn't know it, but it would get worse.

Once they were done, both girls were displeased to notice the shortness of their skirts, and both pulled at the hem trying to make it longer. As they did so, Mrs. Ashley came in.

“You two look so cute!! But one thing is missing.”

Walking over to Beth's dresser, she picked up some ribbon and went back to the girls. Putting Beth's hair in a ponytail, she tied the red ribbon around the elastic, further giving Beth a look of a young schoolgirl.

“Oh, mom! Please.”

“Hush, Beth.”





Twice Mrs. Ashley smacked Beth's skirted seat. Then went over to Marylee and put her hair in a ponytail, and added the red ribbon.





Repeating what she did with Beth, Mrs. Ashley smacked Marylee's seat as well and then directed them both to go the living room. Once there, both Jay and Justin stared at them, but refrained from any remarks, knowing that doing so would get themselves in trouble.

A short time later, Mrs. Robertson along with her son, Jimmy, their next door neighbors, who commented on how cute the two girls looked, causing more blushing by the two girls. Then all of them went out to the van and headed for the restaurant. They went to a restaurant that they went to often. It was at a mall and it was a family restaurant that was actually owned and run by a family. As they were seated, they noticed that at a nearby table was a family consisting of a mom and two teenaged boys. Beth and Marylee felt very self-conscious, aware of the looks they got from that table as well as others, as they were seated.

As they looked over the menu, it became obvious that the mom at the nearby table was not very happy with her boys, as they heard her scolding them. What surprised Beth and Beth's parents were that the two boys were answering her back.

What the two boys didn't know was that their mom was losing her patience. She knew that for the last couple of years, after the death of their father, she had been too lenient with the boys, spoiling them because they had lost their dad. She wondered what happened to the two well mannered boys that she once knew. Actually, she knew what happened to them, they had turned into two undisciplined brats. And, she said to herself, that was going to end.

“ENOUGH! I don't want to hear any more backtalk. When we get home, you both are going to be punished.”

Too used to being threatened and their mom not following thru, both boys, not knowing that they were truly on thin ice, picked a bad time to mimic their mom by repeating their mom's threat.

“Ok, that's it. I am not going to wait until you get home. Michael, come over here!”

Michael's mouth opened wide in surprise, perhaps realizing that his mom was finally being serious about punishing him. Up until his father's death, he was all too familiar with being put over a knee and spanked, but since then, he had been immune and thought his days of being spanked were over. And even when he was spanked, it was never out in public. So he was really shocked at his mom's command and just sat there.

“Michael, I suggest you get up and come over here now. If you prefer, I could get those two girls, (indicating Beth and Marylee) to come over and help me.”

Michael glanced over to the Ashley table and couldn't help but notice the unsympathetic look of the two parents sitting there, and sighed as he stood up. Slowly, he walked over to his mom.

“Please mom, I'm sorry. Can't you just punish me at home?”

“Michael, and you as well, Jack, lost that chance. In fact, Jack, come over here as well.”

Blushing, Jack got up, walked over and stood next to his brother. To their mortification, they stood there while their mom reached over and began unbuttoning their shorts.

They both protested.

“Mom! No, leave them up!!”

“Don't be silly, boys. If I am going to spank you, it certainly won't be with your shorts on.”

Their mom continued to undo their shorts until both were pulled down to the boy's knees. Being a tall woman with long legs, she decided that she would spank her two sons simultaneously so she, in turn, put both boys across her knees, side by side to the surprised murmuring from other tables in the restaurant.

At the Ashley table, Beth and Marylee, in their childish outfits felt bad for the two boys, while Beth's parents looked on approvingly.

As for the two boys, now over their mom's knees for the first time in a couple of years, it was about to get even more embarrassing. For their mom had no intention of spanking her boys with their underpants protecting their behinds.

So, first Michael felt his mom's finger grab the waistband of his underpants and begin to pull them down.

Frantically, Michael begged to save himself from the further embarrassment of having his bottom bare in front of everyone in the restaurant.

“NOOOO, please mom, not bare! Everyone will see!!!!”

Michael's words did not stop his mom from finishng the lowering of his underpants to his knees. Nor did it stop her from yanking Jack's underpants as well.

“Maybe now you will listen to me and obey me. You're lucky, I don't have my hairbrush. I'll have to start carrying it with me in the future.”

Then she started spanking the two boys, alternating smacks to each boy, causing the two boys to yelp out in pain.

In the adjacent table, Mrs. Ashley reached for her pocketbook. She couldn't help but overhear the mom's comment about not having a hairbrush. Unlike that mom, Mrs. Ashley always carried her hairbrush with her.

“Marylee and Beth, please take this brush over to her and ask her if she would like to borrow it.”

Both girls blushed, Beth knowing that the mom would know that the brush was used in their own family for spanking.

“Oh, mom, do I have to?”

“Beth, either the two of you do what you am told, or that hairbrush will be used on your behinds, rather than those two boys!”

With no choice, the two girls got up, Beth taking the hairbrush from her mom, and walked over to the next table, where the mom had already turned the two behinds a solid pink.

“Hi....my mom would like to know if you would like to borrow this?”

Pausing the spanking, the boys mom looked closely at Beth and Marylee and smiled.

“You two look very cute.” Noticing the blushes that her comment caused, she continued, “Is your outfits a punishment or part of a punishment?”

Neither girl wanted to admit it, but with their own table close by, they had little choice.

Beth spoke for the two of them.

“Yes, part of a punishment.”

“I see. Let me guess, was this hairbrush also part of the punishment?”

Both girls turned redder. Beth nodded her head.

“Good, I am glad your parents aren't as foolish as I have been. Thank you for the use of this hairbrush. My name is Mrs. Cole, by the way.”

Beth told Mrs. Cole her first name and Marylee's and as they returned to their table, Mrs. Cole resumed spanking her two sons, this time with the hairbrush, and both boys yelled even louder with the more painful spanks. As she continued the spanking, both boys put on a show for the rest of the customers as well as the waitresses and busboys working that shift. Held down by their mom's left arm, their behinds were once again finding out how painful a spanking with a hairbrush could be and both boys howling in pain, tears streaming down their cheeks.

At the Ashley table, they were transfixed by the sight of the two boys being spanked. Marylee was shocked. So shocked, she was about to forget her own predicament.

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Part 53

Having seen the two boys spanked at the adjacent table and having played a part in it by go ing with Beth to lend the boy's mom a hairbrush, Marylee was stunned at the public nature of the boys' punishment. So much so that it caused her to blurt out something that she would later regret.

“What a fucking bitch!! Couldn't she wait until they got home?”


Beth was stunned at what she had just heard and her bottom tingled in anticipation. Mrs. Ashley was stunned as well, but only for a moment.

“MARYLEE LEWIS!!! I can't believe my ears. I will not tolerate such language. If you are so upset at those two boys being spanked at the table, you'll really be upset in a moment when you'll be across my lap getting your bare behind spanked.”

Beth groaned and Marylee sat there with her mouth open wide.

“You can't, you wouldn't dare!!”

“Oh, wouldn't I?”

In an instant, Mrs. Ashley got up and grabbed Marylee's ear. Left no choice, Marylee was off her chair and over to Mrs. Ashley's, standing to the side of the chair.

“Don't you dare move!! Betty (her next door neighbor), could you deal with Beth, please? Beth, I don't want to see any resistance on your part.”

Betty Robertson asked Beth to get up and go over to her. Knowing full well that resistance on her part would indeed make things worse for her, moaned but got up and walked over to her neighbor's chair. Now both girls were standing, Marylee at Mrs. Ashley's chair and Beth at Betty Robertson's. Reaching under Marylee's skirt, Mrs. Ashley grabbed the waistband of her panties and yanked them down.

“You won't need these the rest of the day.”

Mrs. Ashley tugged the panties down and completely off the red-faced girl. Mrs. Robertson, taking her cue from Mrs. Ashley, did the same with Beth, and both girls stood there, bare bottomed under their skirts. But, not for long, as both girls were pulled over the knees of their respective disciplinarian. Once positioned, both girls had the backs of their short skirts flipped up, exposing their bare behinds to most everyone in the restaurant. Neither Mrs. Ashley or Mrs. Robertson wasted any time in beginning to apply the palm of their hands to the upturned behinds of the two girls.

Meanwhile at the adjacent table, the boys' spanking was just tapering off, with both boys bawling, their behinds red and glowing. Their mom, looking over to the Ashley table, noted to herself that it was certainly a bad time to misbehave in this family restaurant. At the Ashley table, both girls were getting soundly handspanked, and beginning to cry loudly. That didn't deter either spanker, however, as spank after spank rained down on their reddening cheeks. The two spankings were interrupted, however, by Mrs. Cole and her two boys, still crying from their own painful spankings.

Introducing herself, Mrs. Cole told her boys to give their thanks for the use of the hairbrush. Meanwhile. Beth groaned, both because now the hairbrush might be used and for the interruption prolonging her stay over Mrs. Robertson's lap. Mrs. Ashley accepted the two boy's thanks, expressed through thru their tears, but scolded the two boys for not behaving better for their mom. Then, Mrs. Ashley provided an economic lesson for the two boys.

“When banks lend money, they collect extra in return which is called ‘interest’. I think that you two ought to pay some interest for the use of my hairbrush.”

Mrs. Ashley looked up at Mrs. Cole who nodded in agreement. With Marylee still across her lap, Mrs, Ashley had the two boys lower their shorts. Then they were told to bend over and Mrs. Ashley lowered their underpants in back until it was below their behinds.




Using the hairbrush, Mrs. Ashley applied five resounding spanks to each of the boys' red behinds, causing fresh sobbing by the boys. Then, with the boys told to stay bend over and Beth and Marylee still over knees, Mrs. Ashley and Mrs. Cole talked about raising kids, about discplining them and also about Mary Lee and Beth's occupations. This eventually led to Mrs. Cole asking if Beth and Marylee would be available to babysit for the boys later that week as she had a business conference to attend to.

Mrs. Ashley answered for both Marylee and Beth, saying they would be glad to. Meanwhile, Beth was getting squirmy across Mrs. Robertson's lap.

“Stay still, Beth! You're spanking will resume shortly, don't you worry!”

Finally, the conversation ended and both boys were allowed to stand up straight and pull their clothes back up. Then Beth's fears came to fruition.

“Betty, you have your hairbrush with you, don't you?”

Betty nodded and reached for her pocketbook, extracting her own wooden hairbrush from it. Now with both moms armed with their own hairbrush, the spankings resumed, only more severely, and louder, from the cries of the two girls and the sound of the hairbrushes smacking bare bottoms.

Once again, however, the two spankings were interrupted, this time by the owner, who was making her rounds.

“I guess this is a day to spank naughty children at the table. Not enough parents care enough these days. Thank goodness people in this area don't feel that way.”

Beth and Marylee could only lay there, wanting to get their punishment over with and no longer bare bottomed over a set of knees. As they laid there, they both heard the sound of giggling. What they couldn't see was their waitress, who also happened to be the daughter of the owner, giggling at the sight of Marylee and Beth having their bare behinds spanked in public.

“JENNIFER!! How could you!!”

The owner grabbed her daughter's arm and reach over and smacked hard the seat of the girl's snug slacks, causing the girl to cry out in pain. She followed up with three more smacks across the girl's seat. Keeping a grip on the girl's arm, the owner apologized for her daughter's behavior. She then turned to her daughter with a question.

“Jennifer, you have a good, sound spanking coming to you. Do you want it right here and now, or later when we close?”

“Mom, please, I'm sorry.”

“I am waiting for an answer, young lady. Unless you prefer to get spanked now AND later.”

“Later, please, mom.”

“Ok, Jennifer. Now get back to work and you best behave yourself, or I won't wait until later.”


The owner sent her daughter on her way with one more, resounding smack to Jennifer's seat, who scurried away lest her mom changed her mind. Then saying that she should allow the two girls' spankings to continue on, the owner excused herself. This was the signal for the spanking to resume once more, and once more both girls were sobbing from the hard spanks of the wooden hairbrushes. This time the two spankings continued on until both girls were bawling their eyes out and their behinds were crimson.

“Now, you two girls get up and sit down. Later on, I will be having a discussion with you two about bad language.”

Both girls got up, their skirts falling back down and went to their chairs. Both sat down extremely carefully, and both winced when their bottoms felt the seat of their chairs. The rest of their time at the restaurant was spent quietly, with the exception of the two girls' crying which eventually was followed by sniffling and then a feeling of shame and feeling sorry for themselves. All the while, Beth wasn't looking forward to later, as she knew what form her mom's discussion would take.

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Part 54

After Beth and Marylee, their bottoms still feeling the effects of their sound spankings, self-conciously left the restaurant, things were much quieter in the restaurant without the sound of hairbrushes or palms smacking bare behinds or the resultant sound of sobbing and bawling.

Their waitress, Jennifer, did her best to hide her anxiety concerning the spanking that her mom had promised to give her once the restaurant closed. Her behind tingled from the smacks her mom had given her and the anticipation of the spanking she would get later.

A little later, her mom, the owner of the restaurant, was making her rounds, when she heard a crashing sound, the sound of broken dishes. That was followed by the sound of an expletive uttered by a familiar sounding voice, her son, who worked as a busboy. Being clumsy enough to drop dishes was bad enough in his mom's mind, but to let out an audible swear was totally unacceptable.

Hurrying over, she grabbed her son's arm and then bent him over.

“You know how I feel about swearing, young man. It seems like I have been neglicent in dealing with your behavior lately. That is going to change.”

Then she began smacking the seat of her son's shorts, causing her red faced son a few tears from the hard handspanks. Then letting him up, she let him know his punishment wasn't over.

“Once we close, you'll be joining your sister in getting a real, proper spanking. Now, clean this up and don't let me hear such language from your mouth again.”

Embarrassed by being spanked out in the open and his bottom stinging from being smacked, Jon went and cleaned up the broken dishes that he had dropped. Meanwhile, his mom went on her rounds.

The time until closing passed too quickly for both Jennifer and Jon's liking. When the last customer exited the restaurant, the door to the restaurant was locked and both Jon and Jennifer were motioned to come over to a table not far from where the office was.

Jennifer protested, “Mom! We aren't alone!!”, referring to the remaining waitresses who were still there cleaning up.

“Would you prefer that I wait until tomorrow when the restaurant is open?”

That quieted Jennifer's protest and she just stood there silently looking at the floor, which was what Jon was doing as well.

“Both of you have been behaving poorly lately, not just today. So you can take the spankings you will soon get as the consequence for that poor behavior as well as what you did tonight. Now, I want the two of you to take your sneakers off.”

“Take our sneakers off? Why?” questioned Jon.

“Because I told you to. Now, do what you were told.”

Relunctantly, both teens did as they were told and they took their sneakers off. Then, standing in front of their mom, they were prepared for their spankings.

First, Jennifer's slacks were unbuttoned and pulled down, exposing the pink panties of the blushing girl. Then Jon's shorts were pulled down as he blushed. Both then had to lift their legs so their mom could remove the slacks and shorts completely. They didn't have to stand there in panties and underwear long, as their mom then lowered and removed those as well, leaving them bare bottomed and exposed from the waist down. The two were almost grateful when their mom told them to bend over the table, which they did, leaving their behinds sticking up in the air.

“You two stay right where you are and don't you dare reach back and cover up.”

Leaving her son and daughter on display, the owner went to her office. Looking around, she spotted something and thinking, “that will do”, she picked it up and went back to the restaurant proper to where Jennifer and Jon were. She had originally intended to give Jennifer her spanking first, as she was older, but instead decided to have her wait. Sitting down, she was ready to start.

“Ok, Jon, you can get up now and come over here.”

With a sigh, Jon got up and walked to where his mom was. Following instructions, he stood to his mom's right side and allowed himself to be taken across her knees. Once over her knees, Jon found himself pushed forward until he was over just her left knee and then felt himself pinned by his mom's right leg. This left Jon with the feeling that his behind was up in the air ready to be spanked, which it indeed was.

He didn't have long to wait as his mom raised her right arm and began the spanking. Jon hadn't seen the 18" ruler that his mom had brought with her from her office, but he sure felt how much it stung as it repeatedly smacked Jon's upturned behind.

“I don't have my hairbrush, but it seems like this ruler is a good substitute. You better start behaving better, young man, or will be feeling this ruler or my hairbrush on your bare behind much more often.”

Then addressing Jennifer, still bent over the table, and cringing at the sound of the ruler spanks and Jon's crying, “this goes for you as well, young lady. And next time, I might not wait until we close before putting you across my knees for a good sound spanking on your bare behinds, just like you witnessed earlier”

All while she scolded, the spanking continued and Jon's crying turned to sobbing and eventually bawling as the pain from the ruler became untolerable. Then the spanking ended and Jon was only allowed moment's respite before he was put on his feet. He then felt himself being propelled by his mom grabbing his ear over to a nearby sink. Despite his sobs, Jon knew to well what was about to happen, even though it had been a few years since the last time. The faucet was turned on and he saw his mom take a small bar of soap and put it under the water.

“Ok, Jon, open wide, let's see if I can clean up your dirty mouth.”

At first, Jon kept his mouth shut, but five resounding smacks to his red behind convinced him to open up.

“Don't you dare let that soap drop.” His mom warned him.

Then, soap in mouth, Jon was taken by his ear back to the chair where he was put back over his mom's knees once again, only this time over both knees. The spanking resumed, only this time with his mom's hand which, nevertheless, got him bawling once again, as his mom smacked every inch of his crimsom bottom. This only caused the soap to lather even more, to Jon's distress. The spanking ended and to Jon's further regret, he was not allowed to rinse but was bent back over the table, with a stern warning not to rub his inflamed behind.

Jennifer's stomach as doing backflips as Jon's spanking progressed and the time for her turn neared. She dreaded hearing her mom's words, “Jennifer, it's your turn to have your naughty little bottom spanked red. Come here!”

Jennifer protested despite her half naked state, “But mom, I am too old to be spanked like a little girl!!”

Her mom only chuckled, “Oh really? Well, we'll see about that shortly. Now come here right now, don't make me have to get you.”

With a moan, Jennifer stood up and went over to her mom and like Jon was put over her mom's left knee and pinned by her mom's right leg. Despite her protest about being too old, Jennifer wasn't feeling very adult as she lay bottoms up over her mom's knee. Jennifer expected the spanking to start with the ruler as it had with Jon's spanking, but her mom had other ideas.

“So, Jennifer thinks that she thinks she is too old to be spanked. Let's see how she fares when I spank her like a little girl.”

Such was the thoughts of her mom as she began spanking her daughter, not with the ruler, but with her hand. At first Jennifer tried to take the spanking without reacting to it, but as the heat imparted by her mom's hand continued to increase with each hard smack to Jennifer's behind, ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ turned to ‘ows’ and ‘ouches’, and eventually to tears and then to sobs. Once Jennifer was sobbing steadily, the handspanking stopped.

“For someone who thinks they are too old to be spanked, you are acting just like you were when you were younger and I had given you a handspanking. So, obviously, you're not too old at all.”

Then her mom picked up the ruler and resumed the spanking. Jennifer really reacted then, and soon her sobbing got louder and louder until she was bawling her eyes out.

“Ok, Jennifer, you can get up now. Jon, you can as well.”

That was a relief for Jon as he desparately wanted to have to the bar of soap removed and be able to rinse out the soapy taste in his mouth. She had Jon and Jennifer walk in front of her over to the sink where she allowed Jon to take out the bar of soap and then rinse his mouth out. Once that was done, they were marched to the office where they had to stand in separate corners while their mom did the accounting for the day's business.

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Part 55 - Toggle Original/Alternative

The ride home for Beth and Marylee was a quiet one, as they squirmed on the cloth seats of the family van. Justin and Jay thought it best to not tempt fate by saying something that would get themselves in trouble and Mrs. Robertson and Beth's mom left this well enough as it was.

Upon returning home and inside, Beth and Marylee were told to go to their room (Beth's bedroom) and change into pajamas and remain there. Both girls were content to do so, but Beth had a foreboding that more punishment was upcoming. They remained in their room until later that evening when they heard a knock on their door and Beth's mom entered.

“You girls, come with me.”

Both girls got up, Beth with a little moan, as she saw that her mom was carrying her paddle. They were marched to the bathroom, causing Beth some dread as she realized what her mom had in store for the two of them.

“Ok girls, stand in front of the sink and bend over.”

Sighing, both girls did as they were told and bent over, their pajama clad bottoms sticking up. That didn't last long, as Beth's mom, behind them, lowered both their pajama bottoms, leaving their behinds bare.



Mrs. Ashley smacked each of the behinds presented to her smartly with the paddle, causing both girls to cry out in pain.



Once again, Mrs. Ashley smacked the upturned bottoms, causing additional crying out. Then she put the paddle down and went to the sink and turned on the water. When the water was warm enough, she took two small bars of Ivory Soap and ran them under the water until they were completely wet. Then taking one bar with one hand, and holding the back of Beth's head with the other, she brought it to Beth's mouth and told her to open her mouth and stick out her tongue. Beth began to plead, but two hard smacks to her rear convinced her to obey and Beth stuck her tongue out, which her mom promptly began lathering with the wet bar of soap. Then, she told Beth to open wide and she stuck the bar in, warning Beth to not let it go until told otherwise.

Then Mrs. Ashley, to even up the punishment, gave Marylee two hard smacks across her bottom and then told Marylee to stick her tongue. As with Beth, when she did so, her tongue was lathered up and then the bar of soap put in her mouth with the same admonition to keep the bar of soap in her mouth.

Picking up the paddle, Mr. Ashley placed her left arm across the backs of the two girls, holding them down in place. Then slowly, but firmly, Mrs. Ashley paddled the two girls soundly, alternating each smack. After ten spanks each, they were crying hard, causing more of the soap to lather, and when they received the second set of ten, they were bawling their eyes out, and soap suds were running out of their mouths.

But still they could not let go of the soap and rinse. Instead they were taken to a empty corner of the bathroom and placed there. For fifteen minutes, they remained in their shameful place, hoping no one would pass by the bathroom, the door of which was wide open.

It seemed like an eternity for the two of them, but finally, their mom told them that they could pull their pjs up and then remove the bars of soap and rince their mouths. Both frantically rushed over to the sink to grab a cup and rinse their soapy mouths until they got as much of the soapy taste out their mouths as they could. Then in one final, childish moment, their mom grabbed Beth's right ear with one hand and Marylee's left ear with her other, and matched painfully back to Beth's room where she sent them to bed with a hard smack to each. Both girls scooted to their beds and soon fell asleep.

The ride home for Beth and Marylee was a quiet one, as they squirmed on the cloth seats of the family van. Justin and Jay thought it best to not tempt fate by saying something that would get themselves in trouble and Mrs.Robertson and Beth's mom left this well enough as it was.

Upon returning home and inside, Beth and Marylee were told to go to their room (Beth's bedroom) and change into pajamas and remain there. Both girls were content to do so, but Beth had a foreboding that more punishment was upcoming. They remained in their room until later that evening when they heard a knock on their door and Beth's mom entered.

“You girls, come with me.”

Both girls got up, Beth with a little moan, as she saw that her mom was carrying her paddle. They were marched to the bathroom, causing Beth some dread as she realized what her mom had in store for the two of them.

“Ok girls, stand in front of the sink and bend over.”

Sighing, both girls did as they were told and bent over, their pajama clad bottoms sticking up. That didn't last long, as Beth's mom, behind them, lowered both their pajama bottoms, leaving their behinds bare.



Mrs. Ashley smacked each of the behinds presented to her smartly with the paddle, causing both girls to cry out in pain.



Once again, Mrs. Ashley smacked the upturned bottoms, causing additional crying out. Then she put the paddle down and went to the sink and turned on the water. When the water was warm enough, she took two small bars of Ivory Soap and ran them under the water until they were completely wet. Then taking one bar with one hand, and holding the back of Beth's head with the other, she brought it to Beth's mouth and told her to open her mouth and stick out her tongue. Beth began to plead, but two hard smacks to her rear convinced her to obey and Beth stuck her tongue out, which her mom promptly began lathering with the wet bar of soap. Then, she told Beth to open wide and she stuck the bar in, warning Beth to not let it go until told otherwise.

Then Mrs. Ashley, to even up the punishment, gave Marylee two hard smacks across her bottom and then told Marylee to stick her tongue. As with Beth, when she did so, her tongue was lathered up and then the bar of soap put in her mouth with the same admonition to keep the bar of soap in her mouth.

Picking up the paddle, Mr. Ashley placed her left arm across the backs of the two girls, holding them down in place. Then slowly, but firmly, Mrs. Ashley paddled the two girls soundly, alternating each smack. After ten spanks each, they were crying hard, causing more of the soap to lather, and when they received the second set of ten, they were bawling their eyes out, and soap suds were running out of their mouths.

But still they could not let go of the soap and rinse. Instead they were taken to a empty corner of the bathroom and placed there. For fifteen minutes, they remained in their shameful place, hoping no one would pass by the bathroom, the door of which was wide open.

That wasn't to be the case as they heard footsteps behind them. To their dismay and further embarrassment, they heard the voices of Jay and Justin, Beth's younger brothers. At first, they heard them whispering and then it got louder as they heard laughing giggling behind them. Both girls turned red in embarrassment and wanted to dig a hole for themselves. However, the next thing they heard was the sound of two hard smacks and the resultant sounds of two exclamations of pain. Then they heard the sound of Mrs. Ashley's voice.

“Justin and Jay, you know better than to laugh at anyone's misfortunate. You both know I have had to spank you previously for that. Now, you two can march to the other corner here and put your noses right against the wall.”

Beth and Marylee heard the sound of the two boys walking to the corner, who were now sniffling.

“Don't both sniffling now. You'll have plenty to cry about shortly. In the meantime, let's bare your behinds. There, now we have four sets of behinds all bare. Your two (Justin and Jay's) might be pale now, but you will be going to bed with red bottoms, I promise you. You just stand there, and no covering up.”

All four remained in their corners for about ten more minutes before Mrs. Ashley returned. To the girl's great relief, they were allowed to pull their pajama bottoms up, remove the bars of soap and rinse their mouths out. Both frantically rushed to the sink to grab a cup and rinse their soapy mouths until they got as much of the soapy taste out of their mouths as they could. Only then did they glance and look at Justin and Jay in the corner. Unlike the boys, they refrained from any comments or laughing, but both thought they looked cute in their embarrassed and half naked state.

Mrs. Ashley had left the bathroom, but then returned.

“Ok, girls, each of you take an ear of a naughty boy and follow me.”

Both boys groaned and yelled out in pain as they felt their ears grabbed. They both painfully hobbled out of the bathroom and to the living room, where two stools, hairbrushes on top of them waited.

“Ok, girls, it's up to you to punish these naughty boys.”

The girls needed no further encouragement. Jay, whose ear was grabbed by Marylee, found himself taken to one stool, while Beth marched Justin, the older of the two boys, to the other. Each girl picked up a hairbrush with one hand and sat down, squirming as they did because of their own sore bottoms. Then they pulled the two boys across their knees, who were only too glad to do so, to spare themselves further humiliation.

Once in position, the girls moved the hairbrush from their left hand to their right and moved the two boys across their laps until they were in the position Marylee and Beth wanted. Then, as if on cue, both girls raised their arms and brought the two hairbrushes down on the upturned behinds hard and loud.

Also loud was the shouts of pain from the two boys. The sound of the brushes smacking the bare bottoms and the sound of two boys crying filled the room. Both girls were determined to teach the boys a good lesson as Mrs. Ashley looked on approvingly. As both girls applied the hairbrush to every inch of Jay and Justin's bottoms, they two boys pleaded for mercy and they began sobbing. It was to no avail and the boys ceased pleading and just bawled from the pain of the spanking caused by the hard, wooden hairbrushes.

For Marylee, it was a new experience, spanking a boy, and she realized that Jay reacted just like Beth did when Marylee spanked her. This time, she thought, she wouldn't get a spanking herself as a result. Mrs. Ashley watched in satisfaction, noting to herself that Marylee, for an inexperienced spanker, was doing a fine job of turning Jay's bottom red. She knew Beth, with all her experience, would have no problem doing the same with Justin. Watching the progress of the two spankings, she finally called a halt to the punishments.

“Ok, girls, I think you have punished Jay and Justin enough. I don't think they will be laughing at you again, if they find you in the corner again. Speaking of which, march these two naughty boys to a separate corner”

The two boys, still bawling from the pain of the spankings, were stood up and taken by ear to their own corner, their noses pressed into the corner. Their mom warned them about rubbing their bottoms and then turned to Marylee and Beth.

“Ok, girls, time for you two to go to bed.”

Then in one final, childish moment, their mom grabbed Beth's right ear with one hand and Marylee's left ear with her other, and matched painfully back to Beth's room where she sent them to bed with a hard smack to each. Both girls scooted to their beds and soon fell asleep.

Marylee leades Jay of to his spanking for teasing her about getting spanked

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Part 56

Despite their teamwork, as directed by Mrs. Ashley, in spanking Jay and Justin, tensions remained high between Beth and Marylee. Enough that everyone else could sense it, incuding Mrs. Ashley. She knew that at some point, it would break out and then she would do something about it.

It wasn't until Tuesday evening when Mrs, Ashley's prediction came true. All of a sudden, she and the rest of the house heard the back and forth yelling that was emanating from Beth's bedroom. Mrs. Ashley sighed, then headed for her own room and then the kitchen before going to the girls' bedroom.

In Beth's room, both girls were very vocal in their remarks to each other. Suddenly the door opened and both girls suddenly became silent when the saw Mrs. Ashley, a hairbrush in one hand, and holding a stool in the other.

“I have had all I can take of you two acting like little brats. You are going to learn to get along or you will learn how to spend your vacation standing up. Marylee, come over to me.”

Marylee was intimidated by Mrs. Ashley's stern demenor and walked over to Mrs. Ashley who had placed the stool down and sat on it. She stood in front of her and her pajama bottoms were pulled down to her knees. Then she was guided over to Mrs. Ashely's right side and helped across her knees.


Marylee yelled out in pain and Mrs. Ashley applied the hairbrush solely to the lower part of Marylee's bottom, where she sits and where she feels it the most. After 25 spanks, she stopped and let Marylee up,

“Pull up your pajamas, Marylee, and sit down on the stool. Beth, take this hairbrush, go over to Marylee and ask her to give you a good, hard spanking.”

As Marylee sat down, wincing as she did so, Beth started to protest, which was cut short by her mom.

“Not one word, Beth, not one word, unless you want this all repeated tomorrow morning.”

Keeping quiet, Beth walked slowly over to Marylee, who despite her sore bottom, was looking forward to putting Beth over her knees and spanking her soundly. She grabbed the waistband of Beth's pajama bottoms and yanked them down, then like Mrs. Ashley did with her, she pulled Beth over to her right side and then across her lap.

“I am going to teach you a good lesson, Beth.” Marylee scolded the bare bottomed housemother, now face down, her behind in position. “hand me the hairbrush.”

Beth reasched back with her right arm and gave Marylee the hairbrush that would shortly be used on her waiting behind. Marylee didn't wait long to begin.


Eagerly, Marylee began spanking, applying the hairbrush hard across Beth's cheeks. Raising her arm high for each spank, the sound of the hairbrush striking bare skin resounded thoughout the house, causing Jay and Justin, in their rooms to wince, as they recalled their spankings at the hands of the two girls.

Mrs. Ashley watched on, seeing no need to remind Marylee to make sure the spanking was hard enough. Seeing her spank Beth as hard as she was, Mrs. Ashley had some sympathy for Marylee's future students when they went back to Lee Academy.

The sound of Beth's cries and sobbing got louder and louder. She wasn't a housemother right then, but a well-spanked girl who could hardly bear the hard spanks of the hairbrush. She was now bawling her eyes out, laying limply in surrender to the ongoing painful spanking she was enduring.

It was near the end of the spanking when Marylee began to have some sympathy for the girl across her knees. So much so that the intensity and force of her spanks began to lessen. Mrs. Ashley noticed it as well, and knew that it was time for the spanking to end.

“Ok, Marylee, you can stop now.”

Beth just laid over Marylee's knees, hardly noticing the spanking had stopped, as her behind throbbed in pain, and tears continued to flow down her cheeks. Mrs. Ashley told Marylee to help Beth up and to take her to the corner, which Marylee did, as Beth hobbled over to the corner.

Once Beth was in the corner, Mrs. Ashley then went over to Marylee and turned her around and placed her in the corner as well, lowering her pajama bottoms to her knees. Looking at the two sets of behinds facing her, Mrs. Ashley noticed the color differences, Beth's being crimson, while Marylee's was pale, except for the lower part of her behind, which was a darker pink.

There were left in the corner for about 15 minutes, with Beth no longer crying, but still feeling the pain of that the hairbrush had caused her. They both heard Mrs. Ashley return and then heard her voice.

“Ok, girls, raise your pajamas and turn around.”

Both girls did so, thinking their punishments were over. They were both wrong.

“Beth, please sit down on the stool. Marylee, take this hairbrush, and go over to Beth, and ask her to give you a good, hard spanking. And, remember, not one word, or you'll get a repeat tomorrow morning.”

Mrs. Ashley's stern words of warning did forestall any protests from Marylee, who was shocked at the turnabout. Instead she took the offered hairbrush, and in dread, walked slowly over to Beth, now sitting down very gingerly on the stool, but looking forward to putting Marylee across her knees and getting back at her.

Beth reached over and yanked Marylee's pj bottoms down, and then pulled her over to her right and yanked Marylee across her knees.

“Now it's your turn, Marylee. I am going to turn your behind nice and red and you won't be able to sit down. Hand me the hairbrush so I can give you the spanking of your life!”

Nervous, if not afraid, Marylee reached back and handed the hairbrush to Beth. She cringed in anticipation. She was now very sorry to have spanked Beth so long and hard as she had no idea that Beth would be getting her own turn.


The spanking began, and like with Beth's spanking, no mercy was shown as Beth applied the brush hard on the upturned bottom. However, Marylee resisted the hard spanks much more than Beth did, jerking across Beth's knees with each hard spank.

Beth, being both an accomplished spanker and well versed in being on the receiving end, looked at her mom, who read her thoughts and nodded.

Putting the hairbrush aside, Beth pushed Marylee forward until she was over Beth's left leg, and then Beth put her right leg over Marylee's legs, causing Marylee to be pinioned and causing Marylee's behind to stick up even more. Then taking up the hairbrush once again, Beth resumed the spanking. This time, Marylee had no way to resist and the spanks were even more painful with her behind more vulnerable.



Beth applied the hairbrush all over Marylee's bottom. Not one inch was spared as she rained smack after smack on the quickly reddening seat that was facing her. Meanwhile, Marylee could not resist the spanking and could only yell out in pain, which soon became a steady sound of sobbing and then bawling that could be heard throughout the house.

Once again, Jay and Justin, in their rooms, could hear very well the sound of the hairbrush striking bare skin, and now the sound of their house guest bawling her eyes out. Both boys were glad that they weren't the ones getting spanked like that, it seemed so hard to them.

It seemed pretty hard to Marylee as well, as she could hardly stand each additional spank. Strangely enough, as the spanking went on, and Marylee was bawling incessantly, Beth slowed the spanking down and lowered the forcefulness of each spank. Like before, Mrs. Ashley noticed it and nodded affirmatively to herself.

“Ok, Beth, I think you have spanked Marylee enough. Stand her up and bring her to the corner.”

Beth stood up Marylee, and like Marylee did with Beth, walked the bawling girl over to the corner.

“Beth, you can join her in the corner as well. I want both of you to not turn around, and definitely not reach back with our hands to rub or cover up. Oh, Beth, you can lower your pjs as well.”

Beth expected that and pulled down her pjs. Then both girls stood in the corner, Marylee almost desparately wanting to reach back and rub her behind, but not daring to.

This time the girls had to stand in the corner for 30 minutes, though it seemed much longer to them. At the end of the time, they heard footsteps which they assumed was Mrs. Ashley's. A few minutes later they were told to turn around. When the did, the girls' mouths and eyes opened wide. What they saw made the behinds tingle. For on the bed, they saw two sets of pillows resting on each other, and in Mrs. Ashley's hand was her paddle. They both knew what was in store for them.

“Please mom, not that. My behind is still sore!!”

“I am sorry, Beth, and Marylee, but you have punished each other, and now it's my turn to punish the two of you. Now, come over here and bend over these pillows. I want your naughty behinds sticking way up so I can paddle you two soundly. Now, come on, or I will have to give you extras.”

Both girls reluctantly did what they were told and went over to the bed and bent over the two pillows, causing their bottoms to be sticking up in air. The two sets of bottoms, next to each other, seemed to be inviting the smack of the paddle and Mrs. Ashley didn't want to disappoint them.


She applied the paddle to Beth's waiting seat, and she yelled out in pain.


Then she smacked Marylee's bottom which elicited a howl of pain.

Then alternating between the two offered behinds, she gave each girl 19 more spanks with the paddle, causing both girls to bawl. When done, both behinds were glowing red, and both girls had tears streaming down.

Mrs. Ashley didn't give them any time to recover, but stood them up.

“Ok, girls, I want the two of you to give each other a hug. And I don't want to hear any arguing from you two, or even any tension between you. Now, hug.”

Both girls looked at each other, and then suddenly rushed to each other and wrapped their arms around each other. It was obvious to Mrs. Ashley that the two partners in pain were hugging and meaning it, as Mrs. Ashley let them stay hugging for a few minutes before breaking it up.

“Ok, girls, I think you ought to go to bed and cry your pain out. And tomorrow will be a new day.”

The two girls separated finally, nodded and climbed into their beds. When their behinds touched the sheets, they quickly decided to turn over and the two girls cried softly as they laid on their stomachs and eventually fell asleep that way.

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Part 57

After finally getting some sleep, the girls woke up with the memories intact of their spanking and paddling the night before. It was evident that the lesson they had learned the night before had sunk in, as when they got up, they looked at each other, laughed and hugged.

The upcoming two days would be busy ones for the girls. The previous day, Mrs. Cole, the mother who had spanked the two boys in the restaurant had called, desparately asking if they could babysit Jack and Michael, as a sudden business trip had unexpectantly come up. The girls were reluctant at first, but with some persuasion from Beth's mom, had agreed. Up until the previous evening, neither girl was looking forward to being together with the two boys, as the rest of the Ashley's would be away for those two days. Their own situation resolved, albeit painfully, they were now feeling better about it.

Beth's parents, Justin and Jay had already left when Mrs. Cole and her two boys arrived.

Letting them inside, Mrs. Cole reminded Beth and Marylee of their embarrassing meeting on the previous Sunday.

“Hi girls, I guess this is more of a formal introduction than the other day when you and my boys were spending time over knees.”

Both Beth and Marylee, as well as Jack and Michael blushed as they were reminded of their very embarrassing spankings on Sunday.

Pulling out the hairbrush from her pocketbook, Mrs. Cole displayed a wooden hairbrush for both the girls and her two sons to see.

“Since Sunday, Mike and Jack haven't felt this yet, but with the way they have been behaving, or should I say, misbehaving, it won't be long before their behinds will once again experience what this hairbrush can do. While they are here, I expect you to make sure they behave, and if they don't, you not only have my permission to spank them, I expect you to. Beth, your mom has told me that you have extensive experience in spanking naughty girls and boys?”

Beth nodded affirmatively.

“Good. Marylee, I guess you have only a little experience, but it will be a skill you will need in your job, correct?”

As with Beth, Marylee nodded.

“Very well. On the way here, both Michael and Jack were not behaving very well. Before I go, I think it would be a good idea for you to give them a taste of what to expect if they misbehave as well as punish them for misbehaving on the ride over.”

Beth and Marylee looked at each other, nodded and walked over to the boys. Beth took Michael's wrist and Marylee took Jack's and they pulled the boys over to separate chairs.

Standing the boys in front of them, they undid and lowered the boys' shorts. Underneath the shorts were their bathing suits, as the girls had mentioned to Mrs. Cole the day before that they planned to go to the beach. With their shorts at their ankles, the boys found themselves turned over their babysitter's knees. They quickly found out that their modesty wouldn't be spared as the girls grabbed the waistband of the boys' bathing suits and yanked them down, exposing two sets of bottoms.

Quicky, the girls raised their arms and began spanking the two teenagers. It didn't take long for the boys to begin crying as the girls spanked at a rapid pace. They continued spanking until both boys were sobbing. Then the boys were helped up and they were marched to separate corners and put face first in the two corners.

Mrs. Cole nodded in approval, and gave the girls further guidelines.

“I hope you girls have hairbrushes to use on them if necessary. Also, I think it's beneficial, if they do misbehave, to punish them on the spot like I did at the restaurant.”

Mrs. Cole then walked over to the girls and bent them over, side by side. Both girls had on shorts with elastic waistbands, and Mrs. Cole yanked them down, together with their bikini bottoms.

“I hope it won't be necessary, but if I find out you have been neglicent in your duties, you'll be getting much more than this little sample.”


Beth squealed in pain as Mrs. Cole smacked her bottom hard with her hairbrush.


Marylee yelled out as the hairbrush smacked her behind five times.

“Ok, you can pull your suits and shorts back up. I am sure I won't have to turn you over my knees and spank you properly.”

Mrs. Cole walked over to her sons, and gave them both a kiss and a hard smack with the hairbrush and said her goodbyes to all of them and left, leaving the boys in the corner and the two girls rubbing their seats.

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Part 58

Beth and Marylee left the boys in their corners for just a few minutes more before allowing them to pull up their clothes and leave the corner. With the boys' help, they loaded Beth's car for their trip to the beach.

Both Beth and Marylee made the boys forget their spankings with more pleasant conversation on the ride to the beach. Arriving at the beach, all four helped take everything down to the sand and then set it all up.

All four then headed for the water and they enjoyed the warm water, playing catch and having fun. Eventually the girls left the boys in the water and went back to their blanket to catch some rays, while the boys continued to enjoy the water. Some time later, the boys came back to the blanket and the girls applied sun tan lotion on the boys, to prevent sunburns.

While the boys went to throw the frisbee around, the girls continued to sun themselves and do some reading. Everything was going well and when noontime came around, they all went to get subs to bring back. After lunch, the girls joined the boy in throwing the Frisbee around. As they did so, the girls had to caution the boys a couple of times to not throw the frisbee too close to others, warning them of the consequences.

Eventually, the girls returned to their blankets, leaving the boys to continue playing with the Frisbee. The girls noticed that they were getting closer to others and were just about to intervene when disaster struck. Running after an errant throw, Jack ignored the nearby sunbathers and scattered them in a futile attempt to catch the frisbee.

The girls quickly got up and rushed over, to find some angry sunbathers, who, fortunately, were unhurt. Grabbing the ears of the now nervous boys, the girls apologized for the boys and promised that they would be punished for their behavior. Still holding their ears, the girls marched the blushing boys to the water and pulled them in until they were wet from the waist down. Then, their eyes still held firmly, the boys were brought back to their area where the girls sat down on their beach chairs.

Quickly, the two boys were turned over the girls' knees, Jack over Beth's and Michael over Marylee's. Almost as quickly, their bathing suits were pulled down, leaving their wet behinds on display to all those nearby. The boys' faces turned even redder as they were put bottoms up over their babysitters' knees. Meanwhile, the girls reached into their pocketbooks and pulled out their hairbrushes.

The boys couldn't tell what was happening, but the delay in the start of their spankings gave them an inkling that they wouldn't be getting a handspanking. Their fears were well-founded when the spankings started and the hairbrushes rained down smack after smack on their upturned behinds. As the spanking started, heads were turned in the area as others saw the spanking begin and then heard the sound of the hairbrushes striking bare skin as well as the loud cries of the two boys.

The group of sunbathers where the boys ran into all stood up and walked over, better to witness the punishment. They cheered in encouragement as the spankings continued and the boys' cries became sobs. Soon both boys were wailing, tears streaming down their cheeks, as the pain from the hairbrush intensified. The other result of the painful spanking was the boys kicking their legs, causing them to lose their bathing suits and becoming naked.

The girls finished off the spanking with five resounding spanks and dropped the hairbrushes on the blanket. The boys continued to sob, and their embarrassment was increased when the nearby audience started applauding. The girls kept the boys over their knees until their sobbing subsided. Only then did the girls help the boys up, only to have the boys lie face down on the blanket, with their bathing suits still off.

“You two brats can just lay there until we tell you otherwise. Maybe next time you will do what you are told.”

In their present state of undress, the last thing the boys had in mind was moving from their face down position, in effect, a horizontal cornertime. They had to remain on the blanket for a long 20 minutes. When the 20 minutes passed by, the girls took the boys' suits and put them on the boys half way up with the boys finishing the job. Only then did the boys stand up, still embarrassed by the public spankings.

Their embarrassment wasn't over yet, as the girls took them by their hands and walked them over to where they had bowled over the bathers and the two boys had to apologize while looking at them. Once that was done, they were allowed to go to the water where they hoped to avoid anyone who might say something about their being spanked.

Their efforts seemed to be successful until just before they were called in by Beth and Marylee. A couple of teenaged girls swam up to them and asked if their bottoms were still red from the spanking and giggled. The boys just looked at the water and didn't respond, and the girls swam away.

It was time to leave and the girls sent the boys to the bathhouse to change out of their suits. On their return, they helped pack up and load Beth's car and they left the beach, with the boys not looking too fondly on their day at the beach.

Post Tanning tanning

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Part 59

The remainder of Tuesday passed uneventfully with the boys staying out of further trouble. However, it was a different story the following morning.

The boys, still in pajamas, entered the kitchen and were greeted warmly by the two girls. As Marylee started scrambling some eggs, Beth set the table and shortly they all had breakfast.

As the boys and Marylee began clearing away the table, Beth went to her room, but stopped when she went by the guest bedroom, where the boys had slept. She immediately went back to the kitchen.

“Michael and Jack, how can you leave the bedroom in a such a mess?”

Michael flippantly responded to Beth's question.

“Oh, it was easy.”

Michael's remark brought hearty laughing from his brother, but neither Beth or Marylee were laughing. Instead, Beth went over to Michael, turned him around and planted a resounding smack to the seat of his pajamas, eliciting a loud yelp from Michael. Beth then scolded the boys.

“That was not very funny. Now, the two of you go and clean that room. And you better do a good job.”

Unhappily, the boys stomped out of the kitchen, almost provoking a response right then by the girls. As the boys were in their roon, the girls could hear the boys complaining and they smiled. Faster than the girls anticipated, the boys returned to the kitchen. The girls told the boys to remain where they were while the girls went to check the bedroom out.

The girls' hunch was on the mark as the condition of the bedroom was hardly improved. Marylee and Beth looked at each other, nodded and together they went back to the kitchen. Silently, they each grabbed a boy's wrist and pulled them over to a chair. Quickly, they were turned over their knees, Jack over Beth's and Michael over Marylee's.

In an instant, two pairs of pajama bottoms were yanked down and two sets of behinds began feeling the impact of being smacked soundly. Smack after smack rained down on their bare bottoms as tears began to flow. It wasn't until both boys were sobbing that the spankings stopped.

Now, Beth scolded and gave instructions to the boys, stopping occaisonally to resume smacking the boys as if to emphasize her directions.

Then the boys were stood up, and to their shame and embarassment, their pajama bottoms were completely removed and they were sent to the bedroom to do a better job.

This time, the boys cleaned the room to the girls' satisfaction and they were allowed to put their pj bottoms back on. They were then told to take baths, eliciting moans, but with a stern look, they obeyed.

Their room now clean and now bathed, the boys, dressed in tshirts and jeans came into the living room where Marylee and Beth were.

“You two look much better now. Do you want to watch a DVD?”

“Can we do that later? We'd like to go to the playground.”

Beth thought about it for a moment.

“Ok, but be back by noon and stay clean.”

The boys quickly left, not letting Beth change her mind.

At noon time approached, the girls wondered if the boys would return in time. They decided that if they weren't too late, they would overlook it, boys being boys. However, when it was 12:30 and they hadn't returned, they began to get annoyed and worried.

So, they decided to go to the playground. To their relief, the boys were there. To their dismay, the boys were filthy. You would have known that they had taken showers that morning.

The boys never noticed that their babysitters had arrived. Not until they heard Beth's voice.

“Weren't you told to be home by noon? And to stay clean? I don't believe it!! We should undress you right here and spank your behinds nice and red!!”

Both boys blushed at Beth's public scolding, fearing that Beth would carry out her threat with other kids present. Instead, their ears were grabbed and they were marched painfully back to the house. There they found out that they would not be spared embarrassment. They were taken to the front porch, where the girls began undressing the boys.

“We are not going to have you traisped into the house with your muddy clothes and shoes.”

And so, both boys were undressed completely and then were taken over to the railing and bent over it.

“Don't go anywhere, we'll be right back.”

In their naked state, the two boys had no intention of going anywhere. The girls didn't take long to return, but didn't return empty-handed, each carrying a stool and a hairbrush. The boys didn't remain bent over, as they were stood up and turned around. They were taken over to the stools and put over their babysitters' knees. This time, Beth took Michael across her lap and Marylee had Jack go across hers.

They both started spanking and sound of the hairbrush smacking bare skin was heard by nearby neighbors, who weren't unused to hearing that particular sound coming from the Ashley house. As they looked out their windows, they realized it wasn't Jay or Justin Ashley getting spanked, or Beth and her friend, who had the misfortune to be publicly spanked on the Ashley front porch when they arrived home from Lee Academy. Instead, it was the two boys who the girls were sitting for that were getting spanked, and the neighbors noticed that Beth and her friend seemed to be quite accomplished doing the spanking, rather than being the ones upended and getting spanked themselves.

Both girls applied the hairbrush to the boys' behinds until they were quite red and the two boys bawling their eyes out. They were stood up and marched, encouraged by the back of a hairbrush, to the bathroom. They were made to face the wall, as Beth began to get the bath ready. She recalled when the twins had been returned to Lee Academy by a policewoman and both were filthy.

“Marylee, could you take Jack into the tub and get him clean?”

Jack began to protest, “I can bathe myself!!”

Marylee walked over to him and bent him over.

“You'll do what you are told, young man.”


Receiving five smacks from Marylee, Jack allowed Marylee to take him over to the tub and put him in it. Marylee proceeded to bathe Jack, using a bath brush, scrubbing him with the brush side and smacking him with the reverse side, causing more tears from Jack. Meanwhile, Beth took Michael over to the toilet, and after sitting down, placed Michael over her left knee and began smacking the boy's bottom. The sound of Beth's hand, and the sound of the bath brush commingled with the sound of both boys crying hard.

When Jack's bath was finished, Beth stood up Michael and brought him over to the bathtub as Jack was taken out of the tub. She helped Michael in the tub while Marylee grabbed and towel, and after sitting down, placed the towel over her lap, and then Jack followed.

It was then Michael's turn to be scrubbed and smacked, while Marylee handspanked Jack, and once again the sound of smacking and sobbing resounded in the room. When the bath was finished, both boys were toweled dry and brought to their room where they had to stand in the corner, naked.

After 20 minutes, they were dressed personally by the girls, and brought to the kitchen for lunch. They spent the rest of the afternoon under the close supervision of the two girls until the boys' mom arrived. Upset at the boys' behavior, she had them both bend over, and, after lowering their shorts and underpants, spanked them both with her hairbrush until both boys were sobbing. Promising them another spanking when they got home, the boys raised their clothes, and thanked the girls for taking care of them and apologized for misbehaving.

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Part 60

(This particular chapter came out of a post of Ron's in another thread.)

Things were peaceful at the Ashley household thru Christmas Day and the ensuing weekend. There was no misbehavior that needed to be corrected and everyone enjoyed the holiday.

It wasn't until Wednesday of the following week that Justin and Jay had gotten under their mother's skin enough to earn themselves spankings. There was no one else at home at the time as they stood in front of their mother, looking downcast at their impending punishment.

“I've had enough of your behavior. Over the last couple of days, I have tried to overlook your smart mouths, your messy rooms, your bad attitudes, but enough's enough. You two have just been asking to be spanked and I am going to give you want you want.”

Standing there, the two boys definitely didn't want to be spanked, but thought better of trying to deny it. They knew that doing so would only make it worse for themselves.

“Ok, let's get you ready for your spankings.”

Mrs. Ashley began undoing her sons' shorts and lowered them to their knees. She reached over again and tugged down their shorts, as the boys blushed in embarrassment. No matter how many times they had been in this predicament, it always embarrassed them to be undressed, especially as they got older.

Just as they both anticipated one of them being put across their mom's knees, the doorbell rang,

“I wonder who that is? Well, I guess your spankings are going to be delayed.”

Both boys thought that they would be sent to their rooms, but it was not to be.

“Go stand in the corner, next to each other, and keep your behinds bare.”

The boys began to protest, but ceased with the application of two smacks to each of the bare bottoms. As they walked to the corner, Mrs. Ashley went to the front door and once the boys reached the corner, she opened the door. Waiting on the outside of the door was a young woman, about Ashley's age, carrying a large briefcase, who Mrs. Ashley invited inside.

“Excuse me, I am Karen Lewis and I am selling........” Her voice trailed off as she noticed the two teenaged boys standing in the corner with their bottoms bare and a trace of pink splayed across them.

“My god!! Aren't they too old for that? You got to be kidding!! I should call the police! You..... your a bitch!!”

Mrs. Ashley was stunned at the young woman's remarks, But not for long. She grabbed her wrist and pulled her outside on the porch, closing the door behind her.

“How dare you!! How dare you!! You have no right!! You think I care whether you call the police or not? Well, you can call them if you want, but I will give you something to really call them about!!”

Mrs. Ashley had continued to hold on to Karen Lewis' wrist as she berated the shocked young woman or girl, as Mrs. Ashley considered her. Noticing that a chair was on the porch and nearby, she yanked the girl over to the chair and sat down, and then pulled the stunned girl across her lap.

“What are you doing?”

Mrs. Ashley chuckled. Isn't it obvious what I am doing? I am going to give you a well-deserved spanking for your rudeness.

“NOOOO!!! You can't!!! I've never......”

Mrs. Ashley interrupted. “Don't tell me you have never been spanked?”

“NO, I HAVEN'T!!” yelled the indignant girl. “LET ME UP!!!”

Karen tried to get up, but Mrs. Ashley pressed down on her and Karen had to stay where she was.

“You just stay where you are! You must not be from around here, if you don't know that this community is firmly in favor of corporal punishment for naughty children, no matter what age.”

Mrs. Ashley remembered the briefcase that Karen has been carrying.

“What's in the briefcase? Are you selling something?”

Uncomfortable and unused to her position, Karen, nevertheless answered the question.

“I am selling brushes for the Fuller Brush Company.”

“Really? I thought they only used males for that?”

“No, that finally changed that policy, under pressure.”

“Good, I am glad to hear that. However, you need to learn that the customer is always right and that it is a good idea to not antagonize a possible customer. It might also be a good idea to not wear such a short skirt when making house calls. It makes it very easy to do this.”

Karen squealed as she realized her skirt was pulled up behind her.

Karen was less indignant now, but pleaded instead.

“Please, not out here. Take me inside!! Please!!”

“Don't worry, the neighbors here are used to naughty children being spanked outside.”

Mrs., Ashley punctuated her remark by grabbing the waistband of Karen's panties and yanking them down.


Mrs. Ashley began spanking the “never been spanked before” behind of Karen Lewis as the girl squealed in pain.


Karen pleaded, but Mrs. Ashley responded as she did whenever anyone across her knees pleaded for the spanking to end....with more spanks.


Mrs. Ashley paused, and noticed that the girl's behind was already red and the girl was crying hard.

Face down, Karen never realized how much a spanking could hurt and how much her behind was burning.

“Let's see what kind of brushes you are selling.”

Keeping Karen across her lap, Mrs. Ashley reached over and grabbed the case and placed it across Karen's bottom. Opening it up, she saw numerous brushes of all types. She picked up a number of them, holding them in her hand and feeling it's heft. Finally, she picked out one, and then closed the case and placed on the floor.

“Good news, young lady, I think you have made a sale, but I need to test one thing out.”

Just when Karen felt at least the visit wasn't a complete disaster, she found out the hard way how exactly Mrs. Ashley was going to test out the brush she had picked out.


Karen thought that Mrs. Ashley's hand was painful enough, but didn't comprehend how painful a back of a solid hairbrush would feel on an already spanked bottom.

She yelled out in pain as the hairbrush smacked her bottom, and her sobbing resumed quickly, and then changed to all out bawling as the hairbrush continually smacked her seat over and over.

Making sure she didn't miss a spot of Karen's bottom, including where she sits, Mrs. Ashley gave Karen a full lesson on how a spanking feels like when on the receiving end. Seeing that it was time to end the spanking, she gave Karen five final and resounding smacks, and ended the spanking, dropping the hairbrush, while Karen continued to wail.

Mrs. Ashley waited a few moments before helping Karen up. Reaching over, she began pulling Karen's panties up, but that brought fresh tears as the material touched the girls extremely sensitive cheeks.

“Ok, young lady, you have received your well-deserved punishment, You can come inside and help me out.”

Sniffling, the girl followed Mrs. Ashley inside, not exactly understanding what was going to be expected of her.

Justin and Jay, still standing in the corner as told, were well aware of what was happening outside and cringed with each smack of her mom's hand and then what they assumed was a hairbrush, They knew their mom was not holding the hairbrush when she went to the door after they were sent to the corner and both boys had risked looking behind them and saw their mom's hairbrush on the table next to the chair. She must have gotten it from the girl, they thought.

They heard the front door open and then heard the girl's sniffling.

“Good thing for you two that you are still in the corner. Otherwise, you'd be paying a visit to the front porch. Now, I want you to pull up your underpants and turn around.”

The boys reached down and pulled their underpants up and turned around. They wondered if they were getting a reprieve. As they turned around, they saw their visitor for the first time. She was pretty and they could see that her eyes were pretty red, and they were sure her behind was as well.

“I've had to give his young woman a lesson in manners, something that you two could use as well. Now, she is going to help me do that.”

Karen looked up. She realized what Mrs. Ashley intended.

“Please, ma'am....”

“Now, young lady, do we need to go back outside.”

That was something Karen definitely didn't want to happen.

“Ok, but I have never spanked anyone.”

“Oh, don't worry, it's not that hard. And now you have first hand experience. In your line of work, it might come in handy. Just do what I tell you and you will be fine. That's something these two boys haven't learned yet. Now, go over to that chair.”

Mrs. Ashley indicated what chair she wanted Karen to go over to and then took Jay's ear and marched him over to her.

She Instructed Karen to sit down, who did so, wincing when her bottom came into contact with the chair's seat. Mrs. Ashley then walked over to Jay, grabbed his ear and walked him over to Karen.

“Jay, go over to Karen's right side and then go over her knees.”

Reluctantly, but with no choice, Jay did what he was told and found himself laying over the stranger's knees. Meanwhile, Mrs. Ashley grabbed Justin's ear and took him over to another chair. Sitting down, she pulled Justin across her lap.

“Ok, Karen, the naughty boy across your lap is my youngest son, Jay. This naughty boy is Justin, Jay's older brother. I want you to get a grip of his underpants and pull them down.”

Karen was shocked.

“Bare his behind?”

“Yes, all his spankings are on the bare bottom, no matter who is present or where he is getting spanked. And not all his spankings are done in private either.”

Karen shrugged her shoulders and reached over and grabbed the waistband of the boy's underpants. Meanwhile, Mrs. Ashley was duplicating Karen's action as well. Both began pulling down the underpants, baring the boys' behinds.

Mrs. Ashley resumed instructing Karen.

“Reach over and get that hairbrush that is on the table next to you. That's my usual hairbrush that I use to spank, whether it's these two boys, their older sister or one of their friends who might misbehave while visiting here.”

As Karen reached over for the hairbrush, Mrs. Ashley picked up her new one.

“Now, Karen, the idea is to make sure that the spanking is hard enough to give the person across your knees an incentive to behave. So make sure you spank hard enough.”

Mrs. Ashley raised her arm and then brought the hairbrush down on the waiting cheeks of her older son, who yelled out in pain. Seeing that, Karen did the same, but with a noticeable lesser force.

“Now, Karen, do I have to demonstrate again exactly how hard to spank?”

Karen understood the implied threat and quickly said she's do better.

“You better. I'd hate to have to interrupt these spankings to give you a lesson. Am I clear?”

Karen quickly responded, “Yes, ma'am.”

“Good, let's start again.”

Mrs. Ashley applied another spank to Justin and Karen did the same. This time, Karen applied a sharp spank to Jay as Mrs. Ashley nodded in approval.

Then both began spanking in earnest. Both boys soon began crying as the two hairbrushes found their targets. Spank after spank rained down on the two behinds as they turned redder and redder with each smack of the brush. Soon both boys were pleading for the spanking to stop, then sobbing and bawling. Karen was a quick learner as she spanked Jay just as soundly as Mrs. Ashley was spanking Justin.

Karen followed Mrs. Ashley's lead and when Mrs. Ashley stopped spanking, she did as well. Both boys continued to sob, something Karen, ruefully recalled, did as well.

Mrs. Ashley kept the boys across Karen's and her knees under they got their crying under control. She then instructed Karen to raise Jay's underpants back up and she did the same with Justin.

Then Karen, following Mrs. Ashley's lead, helped Jay to his feet at the same time Justin was put on his feet as well. Mrs. Ashley then marched Justin to the corner, smacking his underpants clad bottom with her new hairbrush. She then looked at Karen, who followed suit by taking Jay to the same corner, also smacking him with the hairbrush. Once in the corner, Mrs. Ashley reached over and lowered Justin's underpants and Karen did likewise, leaving the two boys, with bare and very red behinds, with their noses facing the wall, side by side.

Mrs. Ashley then went to her pocketbook and got her purse, taking out enough money to pay for the hairbrush she had purchased and used on Karen's and Justin's behinds.

“Now, Karen, I hoped you have learned from this time on how to act when trying to make a sale. Unless, you think that getting a spanking will help you sell more brushes.”

Then noticing Karen with her hands behind her, obviously rubbing her bottom, she went over to Karen, turned her around and bent her over.

“No more, please!!”

“Karen, if you noticed, neither Justin or Jay reached back to rub after their spankings. That's because they know better. Now, if they had, they'd get a repeat of what they had just received. I am going to go easy on you, however, since I didn't warn you, so I am not going to take you outside and repeat the spanking you received earlier. However, you aren't getting away scot-free.”

Mrs. Ashley reached over and pulled down Karen's panties to her knees. Pulling the girl closer to her hip, she placed her left arm over Karen's back and, using her hand, began smacking Karen's still very sore behind.'


She applied ten hard smacks to Karen's bare seat and then let her up, allowing the crying girl to pull up her own panties.

Then she sent the Fuller Brush salesperson on her way with one final smack to the seat of her skirt, sending Karen scurrying out of the house.

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