Lee Academy

by Gary

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Part 81

A couple of classes had passed since Marylee's first class in which she had spanked Jason. The next class to enter her classroom was Beth's and Marie's sections.

Once Marylee had checked attendance, she began collecting the homework assignments. As she went down each row, picking up the sheets, she arrived at Jon's desk, who had nothing to give to her.

“Where's your homework, Jon?”

Nervously, the boy mumbled, “I didn't do it.”

Marylee repeated her question.

“Louder, Jon, where's your homework? Don't make me ask you again.”

In a normal voice, Jon repeated his answer, “I didn't do it.”

“Is there a reason why you didn't do it?”

Jon didn't have one.

“No, Miss Lewis.”

Marylee sighed. She had already handed out one spanking this day and now there would be another one. Hopefully, she thought, no other student would fail to hand in their homework assignment.

“Well Jon, you do know what happens when homework isn't done in my class, don't you?”

Jon knew all too well what happens. From their first class with Miss Lewis, when on the blackboard was the declaration that missing homework would result in a spanking.

“Yes, Miss Lewis.”

“Then go up to the front of the room and stand in the corner while I finish collecting the homework.”

Downcast, Jon did as he was told, walking to the front of the room and then to the corner, facing inward. He knew it wouldn't be long before he would over Miss Lewis' knees.

It was only a few more minutes until he heard Miss Lewis' footsteps walking back to the front of the room. He heard her sigh and then the sound of a chair being moved. He knew too well that the chair was being moved so as to accommodate his going over her knees.

Then he heard the fatefull steps walking toward him.

“Ok, Jon, it's time for you to get a reminder to do your homework in the future.”

Marylee took Jon's wrist and pulled him out of the corner and over to the waiting chair. Standing him in front of the chair, Marylee sat down and began preparing Jon for his punishment. As Jon fidgeted, his weight shifting from one foot to another, Marylee undid his pants and tugged them down to his knees, exposing Jon's underpants to the class. Unlike Jason, Marylee didn't pull down his underpants right then but, instead, took Jon's hand and pulled him over to her right side and guided him across her knees.

It was then that Marylee grabbed the waistband of Jon's underpants and pulled them down to join his pants at his knees. With Jon's bottom bared, Marylee placed her hand on Jon's behind and told Jon he was getting off easy.

“This time, young man, I am not going to use the hairbrush. But rest assured, if you fail to do your homework again, you'll be feeling the back of my hairbrush on your bare bottom!”

Draped over his teacher's knees, with her hand resting on his bottom, felt relieved that he would be spared being spanked with the hairbrush, but still was nervous enough knowing he would still be soundly spanked with his teacher's hand.

Then he no longer felt Miss Lewis' hand on his bottom and Jon knew it was about to begin.


Quickly, the spanks came, the sound of palm smacking bottom resounded across the classroom, together with Jon's cries of pain as Marylee's hand repeated smacked Jon's upturned behind. His relief of being spared the hairbrush left his consciousness, replaced by the burning caused by his teacher's hand. The spanking continued as Jon began sobbing and then finally wailing, no longer able to control himself.

Then it was over, the hard smacks of Marylee's hand no longer falling, as Jon bawled shamelessly in front of his classmates, who watched silently, glad it wasn't them across their teacher's knees.

Marylee waited a few minutes until Jon regained some of his composure before pulling up his underpants. Then she helped the crying boy up off her knees and on his feet.

Standing up herself, she bent over and raised up Jon's pants, making a request.

“Now, Jon, let's not have this happen again. I don't want to have to spank you with the hairbrush.”

Then she sent Jon back to his seat with one, final smack to the seat of his pants. Jon walked back to his seat, and grimaced as he eased himself down on seat. At the front of the class, Marylee placed her chair back behind her desk and sat down, hoping that she could spend the rest of the class teaching.

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Part 82

Two floors apart, at the same time, two housemothers in the boys' section were looking at their email with annoyance. What annoyed them was the information in the email, that stated that at the time of the email, there were two boys spanked during class that morning.

Both housemothers noticed at once that it was one of their boys that had been spanked, both they noted, by the same teacher, Miss Lewis. Included in the email was the reason for the spankings and when Beth saw the reason why Jon got spanked, she shook her head.

Meanwhile, Julia Jameson, Jason's housemother, noticed that the email not only gave the reason Jason was spanked, but also the information that at the end of his classes, he was to go to Mrs. Donovan's office. Julia knew what that meant for Jason, but it didn't sway Julia's determination that she would be dealing with Jason as well.

As for Beth, she knew that she would be punishing Jon as well, but another feeling came over her as well. As she did some paperwork, she subconsciously remembered that Marylee had the next hour free. She still had an uncomfortable feeling as passed and she realized it was shortly after the top of the hour. When she heard knocking on her door, she walked to the door, with a feeling that she knew who would be on the other side of the door. She opened the door and saw that she was right.

“Hello, Marylee.”

“Hello, Beth, may I come in?”

“Yes....yes, come on in.”

Marylee walked in and Beth closed the door behind them. Both walked to the middle the room and faced each other. Marylee spoke first.

“I guess you know what happened earlier?”

Beth nodded.

“If this was a few months ago, I probably would be looking forward to this, but not now.”

“Do you have to....?”

“I am afraid so, Beth. I have been told this isn't the first time that you have neglected to check to see if a student's homework has been done or not. If I don't take care of this, it might put me in a bad position.”

Beth sadly understood and, in her mind, hearing Marylee's words only worried Beth more, but she put those thoughts in abeyance. As Beth stood there, Marylee went over and grabbed the stool and placed it next to where Beth was standing. As she reached over to begin preparing Beth, Marylee commented on the spankings she had given out that day and the one she was about to.”

“You know, Beth, this will be the third spanking I've given out today. I haven't had to spank this much since the first day of the second semester, my first day of teaching here.”

Beth recalled Marylee telling her how she had spanked James Parker in class that day and later, taking him to get his haircut and having to spank him front of the hair salon. She wondered if her mom had unknowingly taught Marylee too well.

Marylee lowered Beth's slacks and then Beth's panties. Taking Beth's arm she guided Beth over to her side and then across her lap. Beth started to squirm, but Marylee tried to forestall any resistance.

“Please, Beth, don't resist, or I will have to pin you and we both know that will make the spanking even worse.”

Knowing that to be true, Beth calmed herself down, as she nervously awaited the start of the spanking.





The spanking began with Marylee smacking Beth with the palm of her hand. Methodical, but hard, Marylee smacked Beth's behind, causing 'oohs' and 'ahs' to come out from Beth's mouth, which changed to 'ows' as she continued to handspank Beth. Then suddenly, Marylee began spanking quickly, causing Beth to get louder and twist a little, causing Marylee to scold her.

“Beth, what did I say about resisting? I just started the spanking. Now, I am going to have to pin you.”

And pin Beth she did, pushing Beth forward over her knees so that Beth was bent over Marylee's left knee and her legs pinned by Beth's right leg. Once pinned, Beth expected the spanking to resume right away, but there was a pause and felt some moveing about from Marylee. What she didn't know was that Marylee had reached for her pocketbook and took out a hairbrush.


Immediately, Beth knew what the delay was caused by as she felt the back of the hairbrush striking her behind. Beth yelled out loudly in pain, but she couldn't escape and the spanks rained down across her quickly reddening behind. As the spanking continued, it didn't take too long for Beth to start sobbing and then wailing from the painful spanks from the hairbrush. Only then did Marylee put the hairbrush down.

Marylee kept her friend across her knee until Beth's sobbing lessened to just crying. Once that occurred, she released her right leg and helped Beth up to her feet.

“I am sorry, Beth, but you left me no choice. I hope this isn't necessary again.”

Still crying, Beth nodded her head. Not sure if she would immediately be allowed to pull up her panties and slacks, she stood there until Marylee said to get dressed.

“You can get dressed now, Beth, no need to stand in the corner. You'll be able to rub your behind in a moment when I leave.”

Then, Marylee went over to Beth and gave her a hug and then left Beth's room, leaving Beth to reach back and rub her crimson bottom. It was a few minutes later before Beth reached down to pull up her panties and slacks and then went to her bathroom to wash her face. Once that was done, she went to her bed, grabbed her pillow and placed on the seat of her chair. Only then did she sit down, gingerly, and think about the spanking she had just received and plan for how she was going to deal with Jon not doing his homework. She thought to herself that she would have to be careful not to overdo Jon's punishment.

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Part 83

The bell rang, signifying the end of classes for the day. For two boys it signified more. For one ninth grader, Jason Walters, it meant a trip to the headmistress, Mrs. Donovan, something no student looked forward to. For another boy, Jon, it meant facing his housemother, Miss Ashley, who wouldn't be pleased that he hadn't done his homework. The fact that Miss Lewis had spanked him in class would not prevent his housemother from adding her own punishment to that of his teacher's.

Jason walked slowly toward the main office. He would have liked to go even slower, but didn't dare to. Entering the outer office, he walked over to the Adminstrative Assistant's desk.

Miss Marshall looked up at the apprehensive student as he handed her the note from Marylee.

“What do we have here?”

Even though Miss Marshall knew why Jason was there, she acted otherwide and opened the note and read it aloud, to Jason's discomfort.

“Drawing naked pictures of your teacher? What were you thinking?”

Jason said not a word, but looked down at the floor.

“Mrs. Donovan will see you shortly. In the meantime, you are to stand in the corner with your pants and underpants down.”

Jason began to protest and found out that Miss Marshall didn't tolerate any dissent from her instructions.

“I guess you need to learn the hard way not to question me, young man.”

Miss Marshall walked over to Jason, turned him around and planted two hard smacks to the seat of his pants, causing Jason to let out a yelp. Then turning him back around, she undid his pants and lowered them to his knees. Turning him around again, she had Jason bend over her desk and then left him like that for a moment while she went back to her desk and picked up her 18" ruler. Returning to the prone student, she yanked his underpants down, baring the boy's behind.


Fast and hard, Brenda Marshall smacked the bare, upturned bottom as Jason cried out in pain. After 25 hard spanks, Brenda paused.

“Are you ready to obey me, young man or do I need to continue?”



“Wouldn't have been better to obey me the first time?”

Not waiting for an answer, she pulled up the crying boy and marched him to the corner.

“Keep your nose in that corner and don't you dare reach back to rub.”

Jason put his hands in front of him, not daring to disobey Miss Marshall and faced the corner, awaiting his appointment with Mrs. Donovan.

While this was happening, Jon was approaching his section and was unhappy seeing his housemother, Miss Ashley standing opposite his room with an annoyed look on her face. He inwardly cringed as he approached her.

“Well, well, young man. I am really disappointed in you. You should know better than to not do your homework, especially for science class. What were you thinking?”

Jon hung his head, not having an explanation to give to his housemother.

“Well, I guess I will need to impress upon you to do your homework. Come over to me.”

Jon walked over and stood there while Beth undid his pants and lowered them to his ankles, and Beth told him to remove his shoes and step out of his pants. Once pantless and shoeless, Beth walked Jon over to the railing and bent Jon over it, his underpantclad bottom sticking up. But not for long as Beth grabbed the waistband of his underpants and pulled them down and then completely off.

“Stay right where you until I am ready to deal with you.”

As Jon remained bent over, Beth went into Jon's room and with help from Chris, brought out Jon's desk and chair. Then returning to Jon's room, she retrieved Jon's ruler and went back out to the wide balcony. Walking over to Jon, she placed her left arm over Jon's back and began smacking the sniffling boy.


25 times, the ruler smacked Jon's bare seat, as he sobbed loudly, bringing attention to himself throughout the boys's wing. There was no time for Jon to recover as Beth pulled him and took him to his chair and sat him down on the hard, wooden seat. Jon winced at the contact of his sore bottom with the hard wood. As a reminder, she left the ruler on top of the desk.

“You can sit here and do your homework. I'll be checking it when you're done, so don't do it sloppily or your behind will pay. Now, get to it!!”

Beth left Jon to do his homework and shooed away the rest of her section and the other boys watching. She went to her room, leaving her door open so she could keep an eye on Jon.

Meanwhile, in Mrs. Donovan's outer office, Jason remained in the embarrassing position of being bare bottomed in the corner under the watchful eye of Miss Marshall. To make things worse for the 16 year old student, he wasn't fortunate enough to endure his childish punishment just in the presence of Miss Marshall. Jason had the misfortune of finding out that visitors to the office during the after school hours was not a rare occurance. It seemed especially so while Jason stood in the corner. While Jason didn't dare look to see who was coming into the office, he could here voices and some were of students, he was sure. He felt foolish standing facing the corner while students came into the office delivering messages to Miss Marshall.

While any student coming into the office knew better than to make a comment about seeing a bare bottomed boy in the corner, that didn't stop other visitors from commenting.

Jason heard various comments, such as “look at the naughty boy in the corner” to “somebody has been naughty” to “my, what a cute, little naughty boy”; comments that made Jason turn red and wish even more that he didn't do such a stupid thing. It was almost enough to wish that Mrs. Donovan would open her door and summon him inside her office.

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Part 84

It was uncomfortable for Jon to do his homework outside his room, squirming on hard, wooden seat of his chair. He hardly could concentrate despite the consequences that would occur for wrong answers. So, trying to ignore all that, Jon worked on his homework, all the while apprehensive of what would happen when he finished.

After about 90 minutes, Beth left her room and walked over to Jon.

“Are you finished, Jon?”

Nervously, Jon nodded. Beth reached for his papers and began looking at them, checking Jon’s answers and a look of annoyance came over her, to Jon’s dismay.

“You could have done a much better job on this, Jon. Very disappointing... Very well, stand up.”

Jon stood up, some sniffles evident. Beth took the chair and turned it around. Grabbing Jon’s wrist, she pulled him over to her as she sat down and then turned Jon across her knees.

“Peter, could you hand me the ruler that’s on Jon’s desk, please.”

Peter did as he was asked and handed the ruler to his housemother.

“Thank you, Peter.”

Taking the ruler, Beth began spanking her negligent student, applying hard smacks to Jon’s behind, the sound of which resonated throughout the boys’ wing, along with Jon’s cries of pain. Knowing that Jon was already soundly spanked by Marylee as well as by herself earlier, Beth didn’t give Jon a long ruler spanking, but it was long and hard enough to have Jon bawling by the time she had put the ruler down. Helping Jon up, she took the sobbing boy over to his desk and bent him over it, causing his red bottom to be sticking up in the air.

“Stay just as you are, young man, and no reaching back. You can think about how you put yourself in this position and how you can avoid it in the future.”

Leaving Jon bent over the desk, Beth asked the rest of her section to leave Jon alone and they went into their rooms. Beth retired to her room as well. She figured 30 minutes over his desk would be a good lesson for Jon.


Time seemed to stand still for Jason as he stood in the corner outside Mrs. Donovan’s office. He felt small as he heard persons entering the office, as well as comments by teachers and/or housemothers on his predicament.

Suddenly, his ears perked up as he heard the door to Mrs. Donovan’s office open.

“I see someone needed a lesson on following directions without arguing. That is not a good idea, Jason Walters!”

Jason squirmed as the heardmaster scolded him.

“Well, pull up your underpants and turn around.”

Jason reached down and pulled his underpants up and slowly turned around. He couldn’t help but see what was in Mrs. Donovan’s hand, a wooden hairbrush that he knew would shortly be applied to his bottom. Mrs. Donovan walked over to him, grabbed his left ear with her left hand and began marching Jason toward her office.

It was a slow and clumsy walk, what with his pants at his ankles, made worse when he felt the sharp spank of the hairbrush across his behind. Each step he made was helped along with the application of the brush to his bottom until finally he was inside the office. Placed in front of her desk was a stool and he was taken to the stool, as he realized that Mrs. Donovan had left the door open, so that Miss Marshall and anyone entering the outer office would be able to hear his spanking.

At the stool, Mrs. Donovan sat down and had Jason go over her knees. She pushed him forward so that his bottom was over her left knee and she put her leg over his legs, to keep his legs from kicking and to raise up his behind. Jason felt helpless and a sense of deep dread, knowing that he would soon be in great pain.

“That was a naughty thing to do, young man. You’re lucky I don’t suspend or expel you. What would you parents say? I am sure they would be very upset with you.”

Jason knew that was true. He wasn’t immune to being spanked at home and for being suspended or expelled, he would be in deep trouble with his parents.

Mrs. Donovan then raised her arm and brought the hairbrush down on the waiting behind with a loud and hard smack, causing Jason to yell out in pain. Then again, she raised her arm and again applied a hard spank to Jason’s bare bottom.

Then methodically, she applied the hard hairbrush over and over as Jason soon was howling in pain. She continued spanking until his entire bottom was beet red and Jason was raining tears on her rug. But she wasn’t quite finished. She began spanking rapidly, the lower part of his behind, where he sits as Jason howled and bawled, as spank after spank rained down. Only when she was satisfied that Jason was one well-spanked boy did she cease the spanking.

Not giving Jason any time to recover, she stood the bawling boy on his feet and pulled up his underpants and pants.

“You are to go out and apologize to Miss Marshall and then go directly back to your section with no delay. I will be checking on you and if you delay, you’ll be back in my office tomorrow after classes end. Now, go.”

In pain, Jason left the office, stopping at Miss Marshall’s desk. She looked up, awaiting what Jason had to say. She had heard Mrs. Donovan’s instructions to Jason as well as his painful spanking.

Through his choking sobs, Jason apologized for disobeying her and then left the office, heading for his section. He so wanted to stop at a restroom to compose himself, but didn’t dare to, so, reluctantly, he walked back to his section without delay.

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Part 85

His bottom still burning, Jason walked back to his section with trepidation, knowing that his strict housemother, Miss Jameson, would most likely be waiting for him. There was no doubt that she would think that the spankings he had received already would spare him from going her knees as well.

As he finally approached his section, his fears were realized. As well as seeing the rest of his section milling outside their rooms, he saw Miss Jameson sitting on a stool, hairbrush in hand, apparently waiting for his arrival. With his head down, he nervously approached his housemother.

“Well, well, our naughty boy has finally arrived. I hope Mrs. Donovan spanked you good and hard.”

“She did.” Jason could hardly look at her as he responded.

“Look at me while I am talking to you. Don’t think just because Mrs. Donovan spanked you, that I won’t be punishing you as well. Come over to me.”

“Please, Miss Jameson, Mrs. Donovan spanked me REAL HARD! My bottom is still hurting!!” Jason pleaded.

“I’ll see about that, now come over here, right now!”

With no choice in the matter, Jason walked over to Julia and she began undressing him, by first undoing his pants and lowering them to his knees. Then she tugged down his underpants, leaving him bare from his waist to his knees. Grabbing his arm, she pulled over to her right side, and helped him across her lap.

“I see Mrs. Donovan did a fine job.”






Five times, rapidly, Julia smacked Jason’s bottom with her hand. Just the five spanks caused Jason to howl in pain, his behind so sensitive after Mrs. Donovan’s severe spanking not long before.

“I see that you are correct, your behind is too sore to receive another spanking.”

Through his tears, Jason thought he was escaping a spanking from his housemother. But that thought was quickly squashed.

“Don’t think, just because your behind is too sore now to spank, that it won’t be too sore tomorrow morning. Your behavior was too outrageous for me to not spank you. You’ll wish you got my spanking over with today. Now, get up and go to your room and start on your homework. I don’t care if you have trouble sitting or not, you can do it standing up..

Jason was stood up and pulled up his underpants and pants and retreated to his room.


It was a restless night for Jason as he couldn’t help but think about his upcoming spanking. Knowing how soundly Miss Jameson spanked, he dreaded facing the inevitable. He was thankful that his roommate left him alone the previous day and evening, as well as this morning as he got up and got ready.

When he left his room, he expected to see the stool waiting for him, but it wasn’t there. He just lingered around until it was time to leave for the cafeteria. He knew for sure that his spanking wasn’t forgotten when Miss Jameson came out of her room, walked over to him and took his hand. Together, as if he was a little kid, she and the rest of his section began the walk to the cafeteria. He felt like everyone was watching him as they walked and felt even more self-conscious as they entered the cafeteria. He couldn’t help but hear the murmuring as more and more students noticed that his housemother was holding his hand as they walked to their table, which was at the front of the cafeteria.

Blushing, Jason expected to be put over Miss Jameson’s knees right away, but instead, she gave Jason some instructions.

“Jason, you are to go over to the teacher’s lounge and apologize to Miss Lewis for your behavior.”

Jason, unwisely, began to protest.


A resounding smack to the seat of his pants stifled his protest.

“Don’t interrupt. You are in no position to be arguing with me. You will listen to what I tell you to do and you will obey me, do you understand?”

Jason could only nod.

“Good, now as I was saying before you interrupted me, you are to go over to the teacher’s lounger and apologize to Miss Lewis. Then, you will tell her that your housemother is going to give you a good, hard spanking, but first, ask her to warm your bottom up and if she says no, you must insist that she do so.”


Inside the teacher’s lounge, Marylee was facing the window, able to see the student section of the cafeteria and noticed Jason being taken to his table by his housemother. She saw Julia talking to Jason as he stood next to her as well as her smacking him. She wondered what she was saying to him as she saw him turn and head straight to the teacher’s lounge. She was mildly surprised as he entered and walked to her table, occupied by her, Miss Donovan and Barbara Connolly.

She raised her eyebrows as he walked over to her.

“Miss... Miss Lewis, I w...want to apologize for what I did yesterday.”

Jason was finding it hard to get the words out.

Marylee was gratified by the apology, though, she thought, it was most likely prompted by his housemother. She thought that Jason would then return to his seat, but instead, he just stood there, finally it difficult to ask to be spanked.

“Is there something else you want to say, Jason?”

Reluctantly, Jason did was he was instructed to do, with a few tears in his eyes.

My housemother is going to spank me, but, first,.......could you warm me up?”

Surprised, Marylee wanted to clarify what she had just heard.

“Are you saying that I should spank you before Miss Jameson does?”


It was an unusual request, but Marylee felt she couldn't refuse, so she pulled Jason closer to her and lowered his pants and turned him across her knees. Then, grabbing the waistband of his underpants, she lowered them as well.

“I hope this is the last time I need to spank you, young man.”

Marylee began the spanking, her hand smacking the upturned bottom rapidly and soundly as soon Jason was crying, both from the pain and embarrassment. It wasn’t a long spanking, but enough for Jason’s behind to be an uniform red color. She raised his underpants and stood him up, and pulled Jason’s pants up.

“Ok, Jason, you’ve had your warmup. You can go back to your table.”


While Jason’s spanking couldn’t be heard by the students, many of the students could see it happening and they murmured about the unusual event. They saw Jason being stood up and dressed and watched as he returned to his seat. For Jason’s part, he knew that it was not over yet, and that was confirmed by the sight of the hairbrush resting on the table in front of Miss Jameson.

Arriving back at the table, Miss Jameson had Jason stand to her right as once again, his pants were lowered. Then over her knees, he went and once more, his bottom was bared.

“Miss Lewis gave you a nice warmup, Jason, but now you are really going to be sorry about what you did. And you will be further reminded when you sit down in classes today.”

Then the spanking began, as Julia picked up the hairbrush and began smacking Jason’s already warmed behind. She spanked methodically and hard and soon Jason was crying hard but the hairbrush spanks kept coming. The sound of the brush smacking bare cheeks resounded through the cafeteria as well as the sound of Jason’s sobbing which would turn to howls as the hairbrush turned Jason’s bottom crimson. For those sections close by, girls and boys alike, it was not a common sight, especially for a ninth grader, to be spanked publicly in the cafeteria, and they were glad it wasn’t them on the receiving end of the hairbrush.

Jason’s began wailing in earnest, as his behind felt on fire and the spanks stopped.

“Do you think you can behave in the future, young man?”

Jason, still wailing, didn’t answer right away, prompting a couple of additional smacks.

“I want an answer.”


“You better, if you know what’s good for you. I am going to make sure you remember this the rest of the day.”

Then, to Jason’s horror, Miss Jameson resumed the spanking, this time smacking lower, where he sits. As she applied five hard spanks to his sit spot, Jason howled in pain. She put the hairbrush down and raised his underpants. Standing him up, she had Jason kneel on the empty chair next to her and she lowered his underpants again, putting his red bottom on display as she sent one of his section-mates to get breakfast for Jason. It was only when breakfast was over that Jason was allowed to get fully dressed.

And for the rest of the day, it was a squirming ninth grader who had an uncomfortable time sitting down in class.

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Part 86

Classes were over for the day, and Jason was glad for it to be over, after having to endure sitting down on his sore bottom for the rest of the day. He could go back to his room and avoid sitting down for a while.

Meanwhile, in another part of the boys’ section, Beth was on her way to a staff meeting, leaving the adjacent section’s housemother, Margaret Morley, to keep an eye on her section. Two staff meetings were held each week, one that included the housemothers from the boys’ section and the other, from the girls’ section. But, since they couldn’t have all the housemothers from each wing at one time, only two housemothers from each grade attended each meeting.

Beth entered the conference room early and noticed that Barbara Connolly, Marylee, Veronica Lord, the school nurse, and a few housemothers, including Julia Jameson were already present. Shortly, the remainder of the expected participants arrived, with the headmaster, (another Mrs. Donovan) and Brenda Marshall, her assistant the last to arrive.

The staff meeting began and various school related topics were discussed followed by talking about issues that had come up over the previous week. The last subject that came up before the close of the meeting related to Beth, when the headmaster mentioned that one of Marylee’s students had gotten punished for not doing his homework. That got Beth’s attention since that student was one of her boys, Jon, as Mrs. Donovan addressed Marylee.

“You had a busy day, Miss Lewis, first having to deal with Jason Walters and then Jon Davis.”

Marylee just nodded.

“Did you discuss the matter with his housemother?”

That got Beth’s attention and she felt a start of a blush.

“Yes, I did. I went to see her during one of my free hours.”

“Good. I seem to remember that this isn’t the first time that one of your boys failed to do their homework. Is that correct, Miss Ashley.”

Beth squirmed. “Yes, Mrs. Donovan.”

“I also believe you were punished for that as well. Is that correct?”

Blushing more now, Beth nodded.

Turning back to Marylee, Mrs. Donovan had another question for her.

“In your discussion with Miss Ashley, were there more than words involved?”

Beth was more than embarrassed. It wasn’t unusual for housemothers to be taken to task in these meetings, but usually nothing was said about any measures that were taken.

“Yes, Mrs. Donovan, I put her over my knees and spanked her.”

Beth buried her face in her arms.

“Oh, Miss Ashley, it’s not like it’s unknown that housemothers get punished by spanking in this school. And, unfortunately, you seem to have a proclivity to finding yourself over the knees of one us. I suggest you work on avoiding such situations.”

This was not what Beth expected to happen during this staff meeting. Mrs. Donovan then turned to Marylee once again.

“I know you are friends with Miss Ashley. I hope that didn’t cause you to shirk your responsibility?”

“No, it didn’t.”

“Good. Well, Miss Ashley, I hope you have learned your lesson this time. I guess that’s all for this week.”

The meeting ended, Beth was only too glad to leave the conference room, but before she made her exit, she was stopped by Barbara Connolly.

“Miss Ashley, could you remain here for a moment, please.”

Beth felt like she was a student in high school, about to be made to stay after school. She wanted to stay something but not when the others were had not left yet. So, she stood there while everyone left, leaving Beth and Miss Connolly alone.

“Beth, I am disappointed. I thought I had cured you of not making sure your boys did their homework, but I guess I was mistaken. I hope Miss Lewis spanked you good and hard.”

Beth was nervous, not knowing if Barbara was going to add a punishment of her own.

“She did.”

“Good. However, I recall that not only have I spanked you for the same offense previously, but I also recall that I promised you that whenever you got spanked, I, as your mentor, would spank you as well. Consider yourself fortunate that I waited until after the meeting. Now, let’s get it over with.”

Barbara walked over to Beth, and took her to the corner. Beth was wearing a loose skirt, which made it easy to Barbara to lift the back of it up to Beth’s waist and then pinning it, leaving Beth’s panties on display. But not for long, as Beth felt her panties being lowered.

“I’ll be right back, don’t go anywhere.”

Beth was hardly going to leave as she heard Barbara leave and close the door behind her. She heard the door being locked, giving Beth relief that no one else would come in and see Beth in her childish position. Barbara was correct, it was only a few minutes later that Beth heard the door being unlocked, opened and footsteps entering the room. She half wanted to turn around to see if, indeed, it was Barbara Connolly, but didn’t dare to, knowing that it would not be something that Barbara would look fondly on.

“Ok, Beth, you can turn around and come over here.”

As Beth turned around, she realized what Barbara had left the room for. Adjacent to her was a stool, something common at Lee Academy. She walked over and after Barbara sat down, Beth was helped across Barbara’s knees. Beth felt herself being adjusted over Barbara’s lap and knew the spanking was about to begin.

She wasn’t wrong as she felt the first smack of Barbara’s hard hand.

“Yeouch!” Even at Beth’s age, a hand spank, especially from Barbara Connolly, still stung. Steadily, the spanking continued, as Beth continued to yelp in pain. With the spanking ongoing, Beth began crying steadily as smack after smacked of Barbara’s hand rained down on Beth’s bottom.

“As Mrs. Donovan said, I hope you have learned your lesson. I wonder if my hand smacking your behind is reaching your brain. Maybe next time, I should use my hairbrush.”

Still being spanked while being scolded, Beth wasn’t required to answer as suddenly, the spanks came fast and furious in a flurry of spanks as Beth began sobbing. When the spanks finally stopped falling, Beth was bawling and her behind burning.

“Ok, on your feet, young lady. Back to the corner until you have composed yourself and then you can go back to your section. I hope Miss Morley doesn’t want to spank you for returning late.”

Tears streaming down her face, Beth walked to the corner and put herself in the corner, knowing all too well what was expected of her.

Gradually, Beth’s crying slowed and stopped, as she composed herself.

“Miss Connolly, I am ready to go now.”

“Ok Beth, you can pull your panties back up and then I’ll unpin your skirt.”

Reaching down, Beth pulled her panties over her sensitive behind and then felt her skirt being unpinned and dropping down.

“You can go now. Try to behave, please.”

Beth nodded and left the conference room. Before going back to her area, she made a stop in the nearby ladies room and wash her face and, hopefully, not look too much like she had just been spanked. To her relief, the restroom was empty and also didn’t meet anybody on her way back. Even when she arrived back at her section, all the students were evidently inside the rooms.

She noticed that Margaret Morley’s door was ajar and she knocked on the door. Margaret came to the door and Beth went in.

“Sorry I’m late, Margaret. Miss Connolly wanted to talk to me.”

Margaret wasn’t fooled. She knew that one of Beth’s students got into trouble for not doing his science homework and she knew the science teacher, Miss Lewis, had visited Beth’s that same day. Knowing Lee Academy as she did, she assumed that Miss Lewis, new as she was, most likely spanked Beth as punishment. And, knowing, painfully as she recalled, that Barbara Connolly was no stranger to spanking Beth, as well as seeing Beth’s face, she knew that Barbara had “talked” to Beth while Beth was across her knees.

“Maybe I ought to spank you as well for being late,” Margaret kidded.

Beth began to deny, but then relented and admitted she had just been spanked.

“Sorry to hear that.” With a chuckle and smile, Margaret kiddingly threatened, “Maybe I ought to spank you lying to me!!”

Not sure if Margaret was truly kidding, Beth began to protest, before Margaret started laughing, causing Beth to let out a sigh of relief.

“Well, thanks for covering for me.”

Beth turned and left Margaret’s room, not giving Margaret a chance to change her mind, and returned to her room, glad to have some time to herself.

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Part 87 - Toggle Original/Alternative

Once again, Beth was walking through the school corridors. This time, however, she wasn't going to the school offices or the supply room. Instead, she had just received a call from the office asking her to take over a study hall because the teacher assigned to it had to leave because of a family emergency. Due to the short notice, Beth was going to be a few minutes late.

As she approached the classroom, she noticed two things. The first thing she noticed was the noise coming from the unsupervised classroom. The second thing was a teacher from across the hall who was headed to the noisy classroom until she saw Beth. The teacher gave Beth a “you better take care of that look”, and Beth nodded. Then, taking a deep breath, Beth opened the door and walked in.

What Beth saw startled her. All 16 students were running around, yelling and carrying on. That wasn't the only thing that startled her. The other was the fact that 8 of the students were her own section, the other eight had Marie as a housemother. Those who saw Beth walk in stopped suddenly in their tracks. Those who didn't, stopped shortly after, seeing the reaction of those who had already seen Beth enter the classroom and then looking behind them at Beth.


The sixteen students suddenly became quiet and looked down at the floor.


The students walked glumly to their seats. Meanwhile, Beth went to the classroom phone and made a call. It wasn't very long and then Beth hung up the phone and walked back to the desk in front of the class. She reached into her pocketbook and took out her hairbrush, causing the seated students to tremble.

After placing the hairbrush on the desk, she walked over to the first desk on her right. Seated there was Bobby, one of the Anderson twins.

“Stand up, Robert.”

It was the first time that Beth had ever called him by his formal name, which didn't make Bobby very comfortable at all.

“Take your shoes off.”

Surprised by Beth's ‘request’, Bobby nevertheless did what he was told. Once he removed his shoes, he stood there while Beth unbuttoned his pants and then pulled them down. Bobby blushed, as he was undressed with the other students watching. To his surprise and further embarrassment, he had to step out of his pants completely. Now in his underpants, he felt Beth guide him to the front of his desk and then bend him over the desk, his bottom sticking up behind him. To complete his embarrassment, he felt his underpants being lowered.


Ten times Beth smacked Bobby's bare seat, causing the boy to cry out in pain. Then Beth walked over to the adjacent desk, where Lauren was seated. As with Bobby, she had to stand up and she did so, trembling in anticipation. She too had to take her shoes off. Then, she stood there while Beth removed her skirt. She found herself being bent over the desk, and then having her panties lowered.


She received the same number of spanks that Bobby did, also causing her to cry out.

As Beth moved on to the next desk, where Billy sat, the classroom door opened and in walked Marie, carrying a stool. She noticed the two students bent over their desks, bare bottomed and their rears showing the effects of the smacks they had received. Marie nodded in approval and walked over to the opposite side of the classroom. Together they proceeded to prepare the rest of the students until all sixteen students were undressed, bent over, panties or underpants lowered, and then given ten smacks to their bare behinds.

Then the two housemothers went back to the front of the class. They stood there for a few minutes, looking at the sight of sixteen bare behinds facing the front of the classroom. Beth motioned to Marie that she would start at the right and Marie nodded in return.

Beth went over to Bobby, and grabbed his ear. Lifting him up, as he groaned in pain, she brought him to the front of the classroom to the stool that was already in the classroom. Meanwhile, Marie had gone over to the opposite side and had grabbed the ear of one of her own girls and brought her over to the stool she had brought in with her. Then both students were pulled across the knees of the respective housemothers, who then picked up their hairbrushes.


They didn't stop spanking until they each had received 50 spanks each with the hairbrush, and both students bawling. They were stood up and then returned to their desks where, once again, they were bent over.

Then Beth and Marie continued on, each taking another student, irrespective of whose section the student belonged to, up to the front of the room where they were put across their laps and spanked soundly.

It was unfortunate for the class that this study hall was the last class of the day, allowing Beth and Marie plenty of time to hand out eight spankings each. When they were finished, they gazed upon the sight of sixteen rosy red behinds staring up at them and saw they had done a good job.

Having the spankings end after the school day was over was a mixed blessing for the students. After a few minutes more of staying bent over, they were told to stand up and pull their underclothing up. Once they did so, they were then instructed to put their shoes on.

“What about our pants?”

That was Jon. Beth walked over to him and bent him over her hip, and lowered his underpants.

“If I wanted you to put your pants on, I would have said so. Now, hush, unless you want to forego your underpants as well.”


Beth gave Jon ten hard spank with her hand, renewing Jon's sobs, and then raised his underpants back up and stood him back up.

“You boys are to fold your pants neatly and carry them with you. The girls do the same with your skirts.”

Once they did so, they had to go out to the school corridor where Marie had them form up two abreast, and Beth followed suit with her section. Then each section began walking toward their own building wing, with each housemother walking behind them, each scolding them as they walked. Since it was after school hours, they didn't run into any other students until they got to their own wing, though they did meet up with a few teachers who smiled at the sight of students walking in their underpants or panties. When they got to their own wing, the sight of the eight students walking with their pants off caused plenty of murmuring and stares, but no one dared to laugh or giggle, at least not within hearing distance of Beth or their own housemother.

Once Beth's section got to their area, Beth told them to stay in their rooms and do their homework, and to stay dressed as they were until they were told otherwise. As they glumly walked into their rooms, they wondered if they would be allowed to dress for supper, and just as important, whether they would be spanked again that day.

Once again, Beth was walking through the school corridors. This time, however, she wasn't going to the school offices or the supply room. Instead, she had just received a call from the office asking her to take over a study hall because the teacher assigned to it had to leave because of a family emergency. Due to the short notice, Beth was going to be a few minutes late.

As she approached the classroom, she noticed two things. The first thing she noticed was the noise coming from the unsupervised classroom. The second thing was a teacher from across the hall who was headed to the noisy classroom until she saw Beth. The teacher gave Beth a “you better take of that” look, and Beth nodded. Then, taking a deep breath, Beth opened the door and walked in.

What Beth saw startled her. It was a class of ninth graders and all 16 students were running around, yelling and carrying on. Those who saw Beth walk in stopped suddenly in their tracks. Those who didn't, stopped shortly after, seeing the reaction of those who had already seen Beth enter the classroom and then looking behind them at Beth.

“What on earth is going on here?”

The sixteen students suddenly became quiet and looked down at the floor.


The students walked glumly to their seats. Meanwhile, Beth went to the classroom phone and made a call. It wasn't very long and then Beth hung up the phone and walked back to the desk in front of the class. She reached into her pocketbook and took out her hairbrush, causing the seated students to tremble.

“Just because there is no teacher present, doesn't mean you can act like batty preschoolers. You know better than that.”

The door to the classroom opened and in walked Marylee, with her hairbrush in one hand and a stool in the other. While the class watched, Marylee put down the stool in front of the desk and then conferred with Beth, at the end, the class could see the two nod in agreement.

Marylee placed her hairbrush next to Beth's and walked over to the first desk on the left side of the classroom while Beth walked over to the opposite side.

Both Beth and Marylee motioned to the student in front of them to get up. Both the boy in front of Beth and the girl in front of Marylee were surprised, when after standing up, were told to remove their shoes. Both, nevertheless, obeyed. Beth then proceeded to unbutton the boy's pants and pull them down. Blushing, the boy just stood there while Beth had him step out of his pants completely. Now, in his underpants, he was guided to the front of his desk and bent over the desk, his bottom sticking up behind him. To complete his embarrassment, he felt his underpants being lowered.


Ten times, Beth's hand smacked the boy's bare seat, causing him to cry out in pain. Meanwhile, Marylee was in the process of preparing the girl in front of her. She had the girl stand up and remove her shoes. Marylee then removed the girl's skirt and like Beth, Marylee bent the girl over the desk and lowered the girl's panties.


She received the same number of spanks that the boy did, also causing her to cry out.

Beth and Marylee proceeded to prepare the ret of the class until all sixteen students were undressed, bent over their desk, their panties or underpants lowered and give ten smacks to their bare behinds.

Then, returning to the front of the class, Beth and Marylee for a few minutes looked at the sight of sixteen bare behinds facing the front of the classroom.

Beth and Marylee then walked over to the first students they had undressed and took them by their ears to the front of the class to the two stools placed there. Once there, the two students were put across the knees of Marylee and Beth, who then picked up their hairbrushes.


They didn't stop spanking until they each had received 50 spanks each with the hairbrush, and both students bawling. They were stood up and then returned to their desks where, once again, they were bent over.

Then Beth and Marylee continued on, each taking another student up to the front of the room where they were put across their laps and spanked soundly.

It was unfortunate for the class that this study hall was the last class of the day, allowing Beth and Marylee plenty of time to hand out eight spankings each. When they were finished, they gazed upon the sight of sixteen rosy red behinds staring up at them and saw they had done a good job.

Having the spankings end after the school day was over was a mixed blessing for the students. After a few minutes more of staying bent over, they were told to stand up and pull their underclothing up. Once they did so, they were then instructed to put their shoes on.

“What about our pants?”

That was one of the boys. Beth didn't answer right away. Instead, she walked over to him, bent him over her hip and lowered his underpants.

“If I wanted you to put your pants on, I would have said so. Now, hush, unless you want to forgo your underpants as well.”


Beth smacked his bottom twenty times with her hand, renewing his sobs, and then raised his underpants back up and stood him back up.

“You boys are to fold your pants neatly and carry them with you. The girls do the same with your skirts.”

Once they did so, they had to go out to the school corridor where Marylee and Beth had them form up two abreast in opposite directions. Then each section, one accompanied by Marylee and the other by Beth, began walking toward their own building wing, with Beth and Marylee walking behind them, each scolding them as they walked. Since it was after school hours, they didn't run into any other students until they got to their own wing, though they did meet up with a few teachers who smiled at the sight of the older students walking in their underpants or panties. When they got to their own wing, the sight of the eight students walking with their pants off caused plenty of murmuring and stares, but no one dared to laugh or giggle, at least not within hearing distance of Beth or Marylee.

Once they arrived their respective areas, they were met by their housemothers, who weren't very happy when told the reason for the lack of pants or skirts.

In both section's cases, the students were sent to their rooms, left to wonder if they were going to be punished further.

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Part 88

About a couple of hours had passed and it was time to accompany her section to the cafeteria. While in her room, she did some paperwork, read and talked to Marie on the phone.

As she left her room, she wondered if any of her students had disobeyed her by putting pants on. That would not be a good idea, she thought. Usually, when it was time to go to the cafeteria, she would wait outside the rooms for the boys to come out. This time, she was a little early and would go to each room to gather her boys.

After all eight boys were brought out to the hallway, it was Jon, who had something to say.

“Miss Ashley, haven't we been punished enough? Two spankings and some it happened after the bell, so it was really being punished extra for being spanked in class.”

At another time, Beth might have laughed at Jon's comment, but not today. Instead, she grabbed Jon's arm, pulled him over and bent him over the railing. With her right arm, she pulled down Jon's underpants and began smacking Jon's behind. Twenty five times, she smacked his seat as tears streamed down his cheeks. The rest of the class, observing Jon's spanking, had nothing to say. Once Beth had pulled Jon's underpants back up, she helped him up and taking Jon's hand, began the walk to the cafeteria, the rest of the section following her.

As they reached the doorway to the cafeteria, Beth, as well as the rest of her section noticed that standing in hallway was Marie and her section. Like the boys, the girls were in the same state of undress as they were when leaving the classroom earlier in the day. Beth nodded to Marie and Marie led her section inside and over to the table in the boys' half that Beth and her section would normally sit.

Meanwhile, Beth and her section walked in and Beth took her section to Marie's usual table in the girls' half. Both the girls in Marie's section and the boys' in Beth's, blushed as they made their way to their seats. Before either section could sit down, they had to bend over, have their underpants or panties pulled down just below their bottoms and get smacked by their housemother. After ten spanks for each, instead of being seated, they were sent to get their meals.

Each student felt the eyes of the rest of the school on them as they made their way, sniffling, to the front of the cafeteria to get their trays and their meal. They could hear murmering, but no remarks, as they self-conciously made their way up and back from the food line. They were grateful to be able to sit down and not be much a spectacle as they were minutes before.

It was not until after the meal that they found out their fate. Beth told her boys to stand up while Marie did the same with her section. Beth led her boys to the housemothers of the eighth and ninth grade girl sections and asked each housemother to spank one of her boys. She indicated that they should use their hairbrush. Meanwhile, Marie led her section to the housemothers of boys' sections of eighth and ninth graders, also asking them to give her girls a spanking.

Each boy and girl had to stand to the right of the housemother that was about to spank them and almost simultaneously, they were turned over the knees and their underpants or panties were pulled down.

Hairbrushes in hand, the spankings began and the sound of 16 hairbrushes smacking 16 bare bottoms resounded throughout the cafeteria while the 16 students yelped in pain. The embarrassment of the boys being spanked in front of older girl students, or of the girls being spanked in front of older boy students were soon overwhelmed by the effect of the hairbrushes smacking their bare seats over and over.

The spankings continued until all 16 students were bawling out of control. As one spanking stopped, it acted as a signal to the other housemothers who were spanking and one after another, the rest of the spankings ceased, leaving only the sound of loud wailing to remain. Each housemother kept their boy or girl over their lap until their bawling subsided somewhat. Underpants and panties were pulled up and the 16 well spanked boys and girls were put back on their feet.

Each student had to thank the housemother that had just spanked for taking the time to spank them, which they all did, haltingly, as they still had tears streaming down their cheeks. Once they did so, they were taken to the middle aisle where they were lined up, each section side by side. Then, with their housemothers in back of them, they marched out of the cafeteria, none of them daring to reach back to rub their very red and sore behinds.

They were marched back to their sections, where they were sent directly to bed, with the admonition that they better not even think of behaving in such a poor manner when left in an unsupervised classroom.

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Part 89

As the end of the school year got closer and closer, Beth thoughts turned toward going back home for the summer. As she did, she was surprised how often she thought of Neale Cooper and the fact that she had missed him. Thinking of Neale, she recalled the last time she saw him. It was hard not to remember Neale's mom marching him to his car, each step of his punctuated with a smack to his underpant-clad bottom. Then seeing him bent over and handspanked on his bare bottom and finally able to get in his car and drive home. She wondered what happened after that with Neale as his mom had told him that his punishment wasn't over yet.

But her thoughts of Neale was more than wondering how he got punished. Despite the spankings she received at that time, she wanted to see him again and hoped he felt the same way.

It was just a few days before the end of the school year that Beth received a pleasant and unexpected surprise, a call on her cell phone from Neale. Since school was still in session, she couldn't talk long, but Neale informed her that he would be in the area over next few days and wanted to see and spend time with her.

Beth hesitated, knowing that the school rules forbade such visits, but relented when she thought there would be no harm done since all the students would have gone home.

A couple of days passed, and with it, the end of the school year. There were still things to finish up, so teachers and housemothers were still around, but the school seemed quiet and empty without the presence of students.

When Beth received the call from Neale, she went to the front door and with no one around, let Neale in and they went back to Beth's room, where, once the door closed behind them, they embraced.

Once they finally separated, they sat down and talked about things each had done since they had seen each other last. As they did, Beth again recalled, to herself, the last time she saw Neale, as he was painfully marched to his car and spanked before being put into the car to drive home.

The conversation eventually went back to that time, post New Year's Eve, to their severe and embarrassing punishments. Beth admitted that she and Marylee got a real bad spanking the next morning and once back at school, they got it again, badly.

Neale was shocked by that revelation.

“You got spanked at school? Wow!!”

Beth sheepishly nodded her head.

“Yeah, I have a mentor, a teacher. Mom made us drive back to school bare from the waist down. When we got there, we got caught before we could put on shorts. We got spanked in front of the school by her and the school nurse. It was pretty bad.”

Beth was surprised she had just admitted to being publicly spanked at school. But she thought that it was only right to tell Neale what happened. Once telling Neale all about her punishments, she then asked Neale what happened to him after he left her house that day.

Neale blushed, hesitated for a moment, and then began to relate what happened to him following his ride home that day.

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Part 90

Neale cleared his throat and began his telling of what happened after leaving the Ashley home.

Once I arrived home, I went upstairs to my room. I knew it wouldn't be long before my mom arrived. As I laid on my bed, I wondered if the further punishment my mother promised me would begin on her arrival.

As I predicted, it wasn't long before I heard my mom's car pull into the driveway and then the sound of the car door closing. I didn't hear the front door opening, but did hear the sound of my mom's shoes as she walked up the stairs.

I heard a knock on my door and as I sat up on my bed, mom entered my room.

“Neale, put your pajamas on and come downstairs to the living room.”

I moaned and complained. “It's just 5:00!!”

Mom didn't care for my complaint. She threatened to undress me herself, which I didn't want to happen. So, reluctantly, I began undressing. I guess seeing that I was going to do what I was told, mom left my bedroom, leaving me to undress and change into pajamas. Then, as instructed, I went downstairs to the living room.

As I entered the living room, I saw an unwelcome sight. In the middle of the room was the stool that mom usually sat on when spanking me. As I stood there, mom came in, holding her hairbrush. Mom told me to go over to the stool.

I complained once again, “Haven't I been spanked enough?”

Mom said, “No, Neale, you haven't. Now get over my knees and I will explain it to you once you obey me.”

Again, reluctantly, I walked over to the stool. Mom had sat down on the stool and shortly I was over her knees. I felt the waistband of my pajama bottoms being grabbed and then felt them being pulled down.

I felt the brush resting on my bottom as mom explained why I was being so severely punished.

“Neale, maybe you don't understand the seriousness of what you did. You risked your own life by driving impaired, I don't know how I could live if I lost you. Not only that byt you put Beth and Marylee at risk. That is completely unacceptable.”

As she spoke, I did realize the seriousness of what I did. Mom continued.

“If I could, I would take your car away from you for the next week, but I know you need to car to get to work. So, for the next week, you will be allowed to drive to work and back home. No side trips. I know when you get out of work and I know how long it takes to drive home.”

I sort of breathed a sigh of relief. My thought was that I could live with that, it wasn't that bad. However, as if mom could read my thoughts, she provided the kicker.

“When you do drive to work each day next week, you will be reminded of your behavior as you sit, uncomfortably, in your car.”

Oh, so mom was going to spank me before I left for work. Not looking forward to that, but at least it was at home.

“Don't think that those spankings will always be inside. I'll make sure that the neighbors know how naughty you have been.”

I protested, but all that got me was two hard spanks with her hairbrush, causing me to yell out in pain.

“Also, during the week, you better not do anything to annoy me, or you'll be over my knees in an instant.”

I stayed silent and then mom added the topper.

“Your punishment will end next Saturday. I hope you learn your lesson. I will do all I can to teach you to behave better and not put yourself or others at risk.”

Immediately after mom finished saying that, I felt the hairbrush being lifted off my bottom and then I felt the smack of the brush on my already sore bottom. That didn't deter my mom as she began spanking me, landing spank after spank with her hairbrush on my bottom.

It didn't take long for me to start crying but the spanking continued and soon I was bawling and begging for it to stop. That was ignored as mom began spanking rapidly all over my burning behind as I wailed and carried on.

Finally, it ended. I still was bawling as mom helped me off her lap and pulled up my pajamas. She sent me to my room, telling me she would bring my supper up later.

I rushed to my room, avoiding rubbing my bottom until I got to my room and closed the door. Then I dived on my bed, face down, sobbing and rubbing my poor bottom.

The next morning, mom told me to leave my shirt and pants off to avoid their getting wrinkled. So, I had to eat breakfast in my tee shirt and underpants, knowing that once breakfast was over, I would across my mom's knees getting spanked. Remembering mom's words, I wondered if I would be spanked in the house or outside. Mom never said a word, and neither did I and I wasn't very hungry.

Once breakfast was over, mom got up and told me to go with her. Standing up, I followed mom to the living room. The stool was still there along with the hairbrush, which was resting on top of the stool.

Over mom's knees I went and my underpants were pulled down. The spanking began and mom surely didn't go easy on me. She spanked hard and spanked long, finishing the spanking with numerous spanks to where I sit. I was once again, bawling and wailing from the painful spanks of the hairbrush.

The spanking ended, and mom let me off her lap and left the room, allowing me to get dressed. Shortly thereafter, I went to my car, still in tears with my behind blazing. As mom had promised, it was an uncomfortable ride to work as I was constantly squirming as I drove. Fortunately, by the time I had arrived at work, I was composed, though I could still feel the effects of the spanking.

Tuesday's spanking was worse. This time after breakfast, I was taken outside to our front porch, where I had to stand facing the wall with my underpants down to my knees. I felt my cheeks getting warm as I stood on display, my bottom bared for anyone walking or driving by.

I wasn't very fortunate in that regard. I could hear cars driving by and I believe some slowed down to see the sight of my exposure. What was worse was neighbors walking by as I could hear their comments. I recognized a couple of voices, my next door neighbor, Mrs. Ahern. and her sixteen year old daughter, Melissa.

The timing was bad in that case, as it was at that moment that mom came out. In no time, I was put over my mom's knees and then mom explained why I was being spanked. It was only slightly mollifying to hear my neighbor say to her daughter, “see, you aren't to old to spank”.

Then, in their presence, my spanking began and mom sure didn't make it easy on me. She spanked me just as hard as the previous morning, again finishing up with many spanks to my “sit-spot”. The only thing different was that mom pulled up my underpants before letting me off her lap. She stood me facing the wall as she went inside and then returned with my clothes and shoes and as I bawled, I got dressed. I did all I could to not look at my neighbor and her daughter as I walked painfully to my car, and winced as I sat down in the driver's seat.

The rest of the weekday spankings were of a similar vein. Wednesday's spanking was, fortunately, inside, but Thursday and Friday's were once again administered on the front porch, and on Friday, the spanking was once more in the presence of my neighbor and her daughter.

As I drove to work, in between tears, I felt relieved that it was the last day for the “before work” spankings, but nervous about the next day.

Neale paused, and asked for a drink of water. Beth got up and retrieved a glass of water for both of them and then awaited Neale continuing his telling of his experiences...

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Part 91

His dry mouth sated, Neale continued..........

Saturday morning, I got up and headed for the bathroom. I was pretty nervous as to what I would have endure for my final day of punishment. After taking a shower and shaving, I headed back to my bedroom, a towel around my waist.

I was intercepted by my mom, who apparently was waiting for me to emerge from the bathroom. She followed me to my bedroom where she produced a pair of white spandex shorts.

“Put these on together with one of your tee shirts. Then come down to breakfast.”

I resisted.

“What? You got to be kidding me!! I am not putting those on!!”

The next thing I knew, mom was grabbing my arm and yanking me over to the chair and across her knees. She undid my towel and I was naked across her knees.

She began spanking me, with her hand, and soon I was in tears. She paused and asked if I was ready to obey her. I gave in and said I would put those shorts on.

Mom stood me up and left me to get dressed. Putting those shorts on was not easy, they were so tight. Finally, I got them up and it felt like a second skin. So confining.

Finishing getting dressed, I took a deep breath and headed downstairs. Mom was there and embarrassed me by telling me how cute I looked. I bit my tongue and said nothing.

Other than that, breakfast was spent quietly. Once it was done, mom took me to the living room and put me in the corner. As I stood with my nose deep in the corner, I felt the waistband of my shorts grabbed and pulled down. As tight as they were, I could tell it was a tough task to get them down below my bottom. Another thing I could tell was that the shorts, when pulled down, acted like a restraint on my legs, they were so tight.

Mom left me in the corner for 30 minutes. I could tell how long from the clock in the living room which I noticed before and after the corner-time. During the time I spent in the corner I thought about how I might be punished. I had little hope that I wouldn't be publicly spanked as my mind went back to the previous Sunday and how I was punished then.

The 30 minutes seemed endless and then I heard my mom approach behind me.

“Neale, pull up your shorts and you can leave the corner.”

I struggled to get my shorts up but finally did so. My expectation was met as mom marched me out to her car. As we drove away from my house, I noticed the direction we were heading and came to an unfortunate conclusion which was confirmed when we arrived at the same mall that I was spanked at the previous Sunday.

Very subconscious, I accompanied my mom inside the mall. I felt like everyone was looking at me, especially my backside and was blushing like mad. I was pretty sure where we were headed, but our trip was interrupted by a familiar voice.

“Well, hello Mrs. Cooper. I guess Neale is still being punished. He certainly looks cute in those shorts. What a spankable bottom he has!!”

I could have died. It was Mrs. Ahern and her daughter, Melissa, who have already seen me spanked soundly three times the past week. And now having to encounter them wearing these damn shorts!!

One thing that surprised me, though, was the look on Melissa's face. The last thing I expected was for her to have such a gloomy face. I figured she would enjoy seeing me dressed as I was.

“I am glad to have run into you, Beverly. It seems that this young lady (indicating her daughter) was only to happy to tell everyone about Neale's spanking. I didn't realize it at the time, but she even used her cellphone camera to take a pic of it.”

Listening to this, I felt embarrassed even though it wasn't the first time I have been publicly spanked.

Mrs. Ahern continued, “Then, she even topped that. Last night, I found cigarettes in her jeans when I was about to put them in the wash. That's one of my strictest rules. She's already been spanked for spreading Neale's spanking around and she is soon to be spanked good and hard for smoking.”

At that point, Melissa interrupted her mother, “MOM!!! Must you tell EVERYONE about my being spanked?”

Mrs. Ahern was taken aback by her daughter's snotty tone.

“Right now, young lady, you have more important things to worry about than whether Mrs. Cooper knows you were spanked or not.”

She then turned to my mom, “Considering that part of her misbehavior involved your son, I think it's appropriate for you to give Melissa a warm up for her upcoming sound spanking.”

I don't think my mom really cared that news of my public spanking was being spread around, but what Melissa spit out had to have determined her fate.

“You wouldn't dare let that fucking bitch spank me!!!”

Her mom looked shocked and grabbed her daughter's hand and pulled her over to her. Reaching behind Melissa, she pulled up the back of Melissa's skirt up, exposing her pink panties.



Twice, Mrs. Ahern smacked Melissa's bottom, causing her daughter to yelp out in pain. Meanwhile, my mom sat down on the adjacent bench, signaling her agreement to spank Melissa. Seeing this, Mrs. Ahern pulled her daughter over to my mom, who quickly turned Melissa over knees. Before mom turned her attention to Melissa, she had a request of her own for Mrs. Ahern.

“While I warm up Melissa's behind, I'd appreciate if you did the same for Neale here. After all, driving intoxicated could have been harmful to anyone, including you two.” I just looked at the floor of the mall as I heard my mom ask my neighbor to spank me. I knew my fate was sealed when Mrs. Ahern walked over to me and took my wrist and walked me to the bench that was opposite the bench that mom was occupying.

It didn't take long for Mrs. Ahern to turn me across her knees. As I went across her knees, I could see that Melissa's skirt was flipped up and mom was pulling down her panties even more, to Melissa's loud protests... I wished she wouldn't do that. It wouldn't deter my mom and would only attract attention.

As for myself, I really hoped Mrs. Ahern, seeing how tight my shorts were, would refrain from baring my bottom. But when I felt her hand on the waistband of my shorts, I knew it wouldn't be spared having my behind bared and on display.

As I laid face down, I heard Mrs. Ahern exclaim, “My, these shorts are like a second skin! It'll be a workout just to pull them down!! But don't you worry, Neale, they will go down.”

I just looked down as I felt my shorts being tugged and tugged, until finally, they were down just past my bottom. Then, simultaneously, my spanking and Melissa's began. I yelped in pain as Mrs. Ahern's hand repeatedly and methodically smacked my bottom. Meanwhile, I could hear Melissa yelling louder than me as mom spanked her.

Shortly, however, I was yelling as loud as Melissa, as the spanks built a fire on my behind. Soon, both of us were sobbing from the hard spanks and after that, the two spankings ended. It was then, as tears streamed down my cheeks, I realized that our dual spankings had attracted an audience. I noticed that Melissa had noticed as well, and put her hands to her head, as if that would prevent the crowd from seeing her. Of course, the spectators could see everything.

I felt Mrs. Ahern begin pulling my shorts up, and I could tell she was struggling to do so. Meanwhile, mom was about to pull up Melissa's panties but Mrs. Ahern stopped her. “Beverly, don't bother pulling those up. Just take them off completely. She doesn't need them. In fact, I think you have a good idea with these shorts.”

Melissa groaned as she heard her mom say that. Finally, Mrs. Ahern got my shorts up over my bottom. It wasn't very pleasant, the heat of the spanking contained by the tight shorts. Man, I wanted to rub, but resisted. Both because it could mean another spanking, and also to not make an even more of a spectacle of myself.

Mrs.Ahern asked my mom where she bought the shorts I was wearing and mom said she got them at the sporting goods store in the mall.

For whatever reason, mom and I accompanied Mrs. Ahern and Melissa to the sporting goods store. There, both of us was further embarrassed as we had to stand next to the dressing rooms facing a corner, like we were little kids. I guess the only consolation for me was that my bottom was covered. Melissa didn't have that consolation as she was told to hold the back of her skirt up and not dare let it drop.

When Melissa protested, all it got her was a loud smack from her mom and her mom telling her to be quiet. Mrs. Ahern asked mom to watch Melissa for her and mom said she would.

It was a few minutes before she returned. I heard her tell mom that she picked a couple of shorts for Melissa to try on. Melissa tried to plead to not make her wear the shorts, but her mom threatened her the alternative of having her skirt pinned up and her behind on display instead. Melissa chose the shorts. Mrs. Ahern took Melissa into the dressing room.

Shortly, I could hear Melissa claim the shorts were too tight, but I heard her mom say, “good, it's supposed to be, just like Neale's”.

I blushed at that remark. I heard them leave the dressing room and I felt Melissa being brought back next me, hearing her sniffling. Mrs. Ahern mentioned that she would be returning the other shorts to the rack and paying for the one that Melissa was wearing. Shortly, she returned, as I heard her talk with mom. I couldn't hear what they were saying, however.

All I knew was that mom took my hand and walked me out of the store. Mrs. Ahern did the same with Melissa, and walking in front of us, I noticed how tight her shorts were and realized how I must have looked.

We began walking and sure enough, I knew where we were headed............

“Man, telling this is making me thirsty!!”

Beth got up to get Neale a coke. She was amazed at Neale's story and knew very well where they were headed. She thought of her mom making her wear spandex shorts as punishment and shivered. She hoped that would never happen to her.

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Part 92

As Neale drank from his can of Coke, Beth expressed to Neale her amazement at his punishment.

“I can't believe how you were punished. It must have been real embarrassing.”

Neale could only agree. “It sure was, as well as painful.”

“To have to wear those spandex shorts, wow!! What a difference from the time when your mom never spanked you.”

Neale smiled ruefully. “Yeah, night and day. It's like mom is making up for lost time.”

Beth nodded. “Speaking of time, I guess it's time for you to continue.”

Neale took one last sip of his drink, and resumed...

As I had mentioned, I knew where we were headed, and I wasn't wrong, unfortunately. As we walked into Mrs. Corcoran's boutique, I noticed that there was someone new behind the counter. The other thing I noticed was the sound of spanking behind the partition as well as sobbing. From the sound of it, it was a boy being spanked.

Melissa and I were taken to the other side of the partition and, sure enough, it was a boy being spanked. I didn't recognize him, but he seemed about 15. What surprised me was that it wasn't Mrs. Corcoran who was doing the spanking but Karen Lewis, the new girl who we saw on our visit and who handspanked us then.

Mom and Mrs. Ahern took us over to two of the chairs that were by the wall. As we were walked there, I noticed one boy facing the wall, with his jeans down but wearing underpants. Not far from him were two girls in the corner wearing cheerleader uniforms, with their skirts pinned up and their bottoms bare.

So, we weren't going to be spanked right away. Melissa and I were told to face the wall and once we did so, I felt my shorts being pulled down. I assumed the same was happening to Melissa. As we faced the wall, I heard the spanking end, and just heard the boy's bawling. I could tell from the sound of his bawling that he was being taken to the corner where the other boy was standing.

The next thing I heard was Karen scolding what I assumed was the other boy, the one I previously saw in the corner. I really couldn't make out what she was saying, however. Soon, came the sound I was all too familiar with. The sound of a hairbrush smacking a bare bottom, joined shortly by the sound of a boy yelping in pain. From the sound of the smacks, it seemed evident that Karen was spanking hard and shortly, the sound of the boy's sobbing confirmed it.

I cringed with each smack as the boy's sobbing got louder and louder as the sound of the hairbrush echoed through the shop. I definitely was not looking forward to my turn over Karen's knee, if she was going to spank me. The sobs turned to bawls, and then to one constant wailing as the spanks came faster and faster, building up to a crescendo of spanks. The spanks stopped, but not the wailing. I can't help but admit that my own bottom was tingling in anticipation of my turn over a knee.

Then, I was surprised as I felt my shorts being tugged up. I wasn't sure what was happening, but what it was, was my mom bringing me to her chair and turning me over her knees. The same was happening to Melissa, who was over her mom's knees to my right. So, she had a good look at my behind, which fortunately was covered.

In our positions, we could see what was happening. In fact, we had no choice as we were told to not look to our left, toward the wall. They told us to watch what will soon be happening to us.

I noticed the two boys in the corner, one of which had a real red behind. Them I saw Mrs. Corcoran enter the area carrying a stool and hairbrush. So, I thought, the girls would be spanked at the same time. And, I also thought, so would Melissa and I.

The next thing I saw was Karen and Mrs. Corcoran and Karen walk over to the girls and take each of them by their arm and march them to the stools in front. Once they arrived there, Mrs. Corcoran and Karen sat down and pulled the girls over their knees. I could see the girls being scolded, but not what was being said. As the girls were scolded, they were squirming as they awaited their spankings.

I felt the same way they did as I laid over my mom's knees. I was glad my bottom was covered, though I knew it wouldn't be when I was getting my spanking.


I felt my bottom get smacked. It wasn't too hard, but it still stung. Then I heard another smack, behind me, and I knew that Melissa had also been smacked.

Up front, the two girls' scolding had stopped and their spankings had begun. The sound of the hairbrushes smacking bare skin resounded through the area and I cringed at the sound the hairbrushes were making as well as the loud cries from the two girls, the cries getting louder and louder as the spankings continued.

Meanwhile, as the girls were getting their spankings, my mom and Melissa's continued to occaisionally smack our seats, hard enough to cause us to audiby emit “ouches”.

The spankings of the girls continued as they wailed loudly until it consisted one, loud, continuous wail. They were stood up, and loudly told to not dare rub their bottoms and they were marched back to the corner. Their behinds glowed crimson, leaving me more nervous as it would soon be my turn.

The girls were put in the corner, with Karen and Mrs. Corcoran administering five more smacks of their hairbrush to their burning bottoms as the girls wailed loudly. Then I saw Karen and Mrs. Corcoran walk toward us and my stomach churned in anticipation. I wondered whose knees I would be going over. It turned out to be Karen who stood me up off my mom's knees. Grabbing my left upper arm, Karen then smacked me hard five times with her brush and marched me to the front.

I realized that my punishment would be different from Melissa's as I didn't hear Melissa get any smacks herself. Once at the stools, Karen and Mrs. Corcoran moved the stools to how they wanted them and then Karen turned me over. Unlike the girls before us, Karen put me over her left knee. As I was bent over, I could see Karen to my right over both of Mrs. Corcoran's knees.

“You look real cute in these shorts, Neale, they make your behind look very spankable!!!”

I blushed at Karen's remarks.

“However, for a spanking, they must come down.”

I felt her hands on the waist band of my shorts and she began tugging them down.

“My, these shorts look like they are painted on, but, don't be concerned, THEY WILL BE COMING DOWN!”

True enough, they did finally come down and I felt myself being adjusted over her knee until Karen felt I was positioned to her satisfaction. It certainly wasn't to mine as I felt my bare behind sticking up in the air, vulnerable to the hairbrush that I knew would be used.

Looking to my right, I could see that Karen's shorts were pulled down and she was ready to be spanked. It must have been a busy day for the shop as I realized that a couple of other moms were sitting there with a total of three unhappy teenagers sitting next to them. I realized shortly I would be making quite a spectacle of myself.

And then it started with the first smack of the hairbrush on my bottom. It was the first time for Karen to give me an over the knee spanking so that made it more embarrassing for me. But soon all I could think about was the pain of the hairbrush smacking my bare seat. She really spanked me hard and soon I was bawling. But that didn't deter her at all, as applied the hairbrush to my behind over and over again, hardly missing a spot. She didn't hurry but methodically and repeatedly smacked my upturned seat.

Tears streamed down my cheeks as she set my behind on fire. Once I tried reaching back, but that only make it worse.

“Oh, no, don't you dare do that. You'll be getting extra for that!!”

Karen grabbed my wrist and held it against my back as she resumed the spanking. But now, she began smacking me rapidfire as I wailed uncontrollably. Then when I thought I couldn't take any more, the spanking stopped.

My head hung down as I laid limply across her knees. As if reading my mind, Karen put to rest the thought that my spanking was over.

“NO, I am not quite done yet, young man. I am going to make sure you never drink and drive again.”

Karen then began smacking the lower part of my behind where I sit and I really howled as the brush smacked my “sit-spot” Finally, she stopped but my wailing didn't as my shorts were slowly tugged up, That didn't provide any relief as the tightness of the shorts kept the pain contained.

At that point, I noticed that a weeping Melissa had just been stood up as well. Her shorts were also up as we were marched to the corner where the boys were previously.

Once in the corner, I felt my shorts pulled back down and then the pain of the hairbrush as Karen smacked my bare seat five times. We were kept in the corner for about 20 minutes, while a pair of spankings were handed out. My behind was really stinging and it was hard to not reach back and rub, no matter how old I was.

Finally I heard the sound of Karen and Mrs. Corcoran's footsteps come toward us, and heard Mrs. Corcoran tell Melissa to pull her shorts up. I started to do the same when Karen told me to stop.

“I'll tell you when you can pull up those shorts!! When you tried to cover up your behind, I promised you extra and I wasn't kidding.”

I didn't realize it but I shortly found out that Karen had brought the stool with her and she quickly turned me over her left knee. Pinning me, she began spanking me once more, this time rapidly, as she spanked me hard across all of my behind, causing it to be on fire once again as I wailed and bawled and sobbed my eyes out. She didn't spank nearly as long as before, but she didn't have to as my behind was already so well spanked. Finally, she stopped, yanked up my shorts and stood me up.

Again, it didn't bring any relief as my bottom throbbed as the tight shorts kept, as I said, the pain in. Meanwhile, Mrs. Corcoran either decided that Melissa needed extra or her mom did, as Mrs. Corcoran bent over Melissa and gave her 20 hard spanks on the seat of her shorts, causing Melissa to start sobbing once again. Then, mom, Mrs. Ahern, Melissa and me went to the cashier and they paid the bill.

Before we left, Mrs. Corcoran talked to mom and Mrs. Ahern and I blushed as Mrs. Corcoran said that she was going to stock spandex shorts since we looked so cute in them. She said we could model them anytime we wanted. As our moms laughed, I could have died of shame.

Finally leaving the shop, I, and Melissa as well, wanted nothing more but to go home after such an embarrassing morning, but Mrs. Ahern and mom decided to have lunch at McDonald's. We complained and only relented when we were threatened with having our lunch while over their knees.

We were able to eat while sitting, but it was so uncomfortable that we couldn't help but squirm causing both moms to smile. We also tried not to look around, afraid that someone there might remind us that they saw our embarrassing spankings. We finished and, I thought, headed home, when they mentioned about going to a particular store. Again, Melissa and I complained. Not a good idea.

Mom said, “Ok, we will take you home. But not before you two go over our knees once again.”

Before we could say anything more, I felt my mom grab my wrist and pull me over the nearby bench as Mrs. Ahern did the same with Melissa to the opposite bench. I was yanked over mom's knees and Melissa over her mom's.

Quickly, my shorts were tugged down, or as quickly as they could considering how tight they were and how sore our bottoms were. Just the act of pulling them down was painful. Once I was barebottomed over mom's knees, and Melissa's bottom was bared, I saw Mrs. Ahern reach for her pocketbook and I had a bad feeling, confirmed when she pulled out a wooden hairbrush. I moaned knowing mom would most likely do the same.

When our spankings started, my fear was realized as the brush began smacking my behind. Man, did it hurt on my already sore bottom!! Both Melissa and I were quickly howling from the hairbrush smacking our blistered bottoms.

I guess our reactions caused our moms to stop. Our embarrassment didn't stop as they kept us over their knees. In the meantime, I had to endure mom telling Mrs. Ahern about my previous spankings including my first one that your mom gave me. It didn't help that Mrs. Ahern laughed at the thought of my volunteering to be punished by your mom and how it backfired on me.

It was a few minutes before mom said our bottoms were exposed enough. I felt my shorts being tugged up and I began to raise up when mom stopped me.

“Just where do you think you are going?”

“I thought the spanking was over,” I said that as I realized that it probably wasn't.

“Oh, no, it's not over. You two earned a spanking and we didn't finish it. We'll finish it on your covered bottoms. But I imagine you won't like that either.”

When the spankings resumed, I found out she was right. Even on the shorts, the hairbrush really hurt. This time, the spanking didn't end early as we sobbed, wailed and bawled our eyes out until finally they stopped spanking us.

To my horror, it wasn't over quite yet. I had to get up and go over to Melissa's mom and Melissa over to mine. We were turned over their knees and once again we got spanked, fortunately for only a short time, but enough for us to be wailing even more. Stood up, a river of tears streaming down our cheeks, my bottom on fire, we were walked to our cars and barely able to sit down, I was taken home, where I was allowed to go to my room, which I did so, removing my shorts and laying on my bed, bare bottomed.

“WOW!!!! That was awful!! How embarrassing and painful!! I can hardly believe!!”

“Oh, believe it, Beth. Mom even told Mrs. Ahern that she had permission to spank me if I was ever rude to her or misbehaved in her presence when my mom wasn't around. And Mrs. Ahern gave mom permission to spank Melissa. Fortunately, I have avoided that!!"

Beth went up to Neale. “Thank goodness, I feel so bad for you.”

Beth then embraced Neale....................

Meanwhile, in Mrs. Donovan's office, a meeting was being held. In attendence was Mrs. Donovan, her assistant, Miss Marshall, the school nurse, Veronica Lord and Barbara Connolly. Mrs. Donovan was talking.

“So, it's agreed that nothing will happen until tomorrow morning?”

The other three nodded in agreement.

“Ok, until tomorrow.”

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Part 93

The next morning, Neale, having spent the night in Beth's room, accompanied Beth to have breakfast at a nearby restaurant. As they left the room, they were unaware of Barbara Connolly on the third floor, who, as she shook her head, texted a message to Mary Donovan, the headmistress of Lee Academy.

As Beth and Neale entered the library area on their way outside, they “ran into” Mary Donovan and her aide, Brenda Marshall. At first, Beth was shocked and felt more than a bit of anxiety at the sight of the headmistress and her aide. However, she quickly hid any visual evidence of her feelings.

As if the sight of a housemother walking in the school in the early morning accompanied by a young man was an everyday occurrence, Mrs. Donovan greeted the two them in an extremely friendly manner.

“Well, hello kids. What a great morning. The sun is shining and all is right in the world. Miss Marshall and I are going out to have breakfast, why don't you join us?”

That was the last thing Beth desired, but before she could say anything, Neale spoke up.

“Sure, that would be great!”

As they left the school building, Mrs. Donovan thought to herself that Neale and Beth would shortly not think it was so great. But as they walked toward the restaurant, she and Brenda engaged in pleasant small talk, disarming both Beth and Neale.

“Well, here we are. This restaurant is excellent for nice hot breakfast.”

They entered the restaurant and Beth noticed that all the tables were high ones with tall, armless chairs. As Beth and Neale headed to the table and started to sit down, they were stopped.

“Oh no, there's no sitting down for you two.”

As Mrs. Donovan spoke those words, Beth felt herself being pulled over by Brenda Marshall and up and over her lap. At the same time, Neale felt grabbed and he too was pulled across a lap, in his case over Mrs. Donovan's knees. As both Neale and Beth laid dangling across knees, Mrs. Donovan spoke.

“Did you really think, Elizabeth Ashley, that it was ok for you to have this young man in your room and have him stay the night?”

“But the students are gone!”

“Lucky for you. But it's still against the rules. You seem to have a problem with obeying the rules when the students have gone home. Like smoking at the Thanksgiving break.”

Neale, shocked at the turn of events, protested.

“This is stupid, you have no right to do this, and besides, aren't I too old to be spanked like a little kid?”

Mrs. Donovan was not impressed. “Does that mean your not subject to spankings anymore??”

Neale then made it worse for himself and Beth.

“Yeah, that's right.”

Mrs. Donovan then turned to Beth, “Is that true, young lady?”

Beth, conflicted with telling the truth or backing up Neale's claim, mumbled, “True.”

“You know, when my kids lie, they get spanked a lot worse, than if they had told the truth. It's too bad you have to learn that the hard way. You two again have made it worse for yourself. If you, young man, had left last night, and yes, I knew you were in Beth's room, you would avoided the predicament you are in now. And you, Beth, would have gotten spanked but in your room instead at this restaurant where others can see what happens to naughty children.”

Mrs. Donovan continued, “It so happens, Neale Cooper, yes, I know your name, it so happens that I know that you are no stranger to being spanked and to being spanked in public and I know for a fact that you were spanked as recently as New Year's. Isn't that true, Neale?"

Neale hung his head as he laid over Mrs. Donovan's knees.


“You should have told the truth in the first place, and that goes for you as well, Beth.”

At that point, Mrs. Donovan reached under Neale and unbuttoned his shorts and lowered the zipper.

“I am well used to pulling down shorts or pants while a naughty boy is laying over my knees.”

As Neale's shorts were being lowered, Brenda Marshall flipped up Beth's skirt and grabbed the waistband of Beth's panties and tugged them down, leaving Beth's behind exposed to all in the restaurant.

“Your bottom is pale now, but it soon will be cherry red!! You'll be sorry you broke the rules!!”

Beth didn't react too well to Brenda's scolding.


“Elizabeth Ashley!!! Are you out of your mind? Have you forgotten what happened the last time you called me that vulgar name?”

Beth couldn't believe she had called Brenda Marshall a bitch once more. What was she thinking?

By this time, Neale's underpants had joined his shorts at his knees, so both Beth and Neale were barebottomed over knees. Unknown to the two miscreants, both Mrs. Donovan and Miss Marshall reached into their pocketboooks and pulled out a pair of hairbrushes. A moment later, Beth and Neale found this out, to their sorrow, as their spankings began.



The sounds of hairbrushes smacking bare skin resounded throughout the restaurant, fully capturing the attention of the other patrons of the establishment. The two behinds being spanked were not spared any mercy as the hairbrushes smacked repeatedly the upturned seats of both Beth and Neale. It didn't take long for the two of them to start crying and soon that changed to loud sobbing as the pain of the spankings increased. Still, the spankings continued on, as both Neale and Beth bawled and wailed, their behinds on fire.

Then with five resounding smacks of the hairbrush, the dual spankings stopped, but the wailing didn't as both Neale and Beth continued to bawl loudly. It was a few minutes until their sobbing subsided. To their misfortune, they weren't allowed to get off the knees of their disciplinarians. Instead, they remained dangling, as Mrs. Donovan and Brenda Marshall ordered breakfast for themselves.

Meanwhile, while Beth and Neale was experiencing their painful and humiliating punishment, Barbara Connolly was walking from her office to a nearby classroom where unannounced, she opened the door and entered the classroom.

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Part 94

Barbara Connolly got to her destination, the classroom of the school's science teacher. The door was open and Barbara walked in. Marylee was working on some paperwork and didn't realize at first that Barbara had entered but shortly realized she wasn't alone.

Marylee looked up and greeted Barbara.

“Oh, hi, Ms. Connolly.”

“Hello, Marylee. Tell me, Marylee, do you know anything about this Neale Cooper visiting and staying with Miss Ashley in her room?”

Barbara watched Marylee's face as Marylee responded.

“Uh,....no I don't.”

Unfortunately for Marylee, Barbara saw through Marylee's denial. She walked over to the nearby stool, picked it up and placed in front of the desk, causing Marylee's eyes to open up. Then, wordlessly, Barbara went over to Marylee, took her hand and stood Marylee up. She walked her over the stool, standing her in front of the stool, while Barbara sat down.

“I don't think you are telling the truth, young lady.”

Barbara reached out and undid Marylee's short and tugged them down to Marylee's ankles and had Marylee step out of them. Marylee's panties soon followed, with Marylee also stepping of them, leaving Marylee naked from the waist down.

Marylee found herself being pulled over to Barbara's right side and then helped across Barbara's lap.

“Please, Ms. Connolly, don't spank me.”

Barbara answered Marylee's plea with her answer.


The sound of the palm of Barbara's smacking Marylee's bare behind resounded thru the classroom.

Barbara spanked fast and hard, quickly bringing tears to Marylee's eyes.

Barbara continued the fusillade of spanks, turning Marylee's bottom red as the cries turned to sobbing and pleading that the stopping stop. With ten resounding spanks, Barbara stopped.

“Now, Marylee, are going to tell me the truth?”

Bawling, Marylee stammered, “I told her that it wasn't a good idea.”

That response didn't exactly impress Barbara.

“And that was all you did? You know better, Marylee. First of all, you could have dissuaded her from doing it in the same way you dealt with her when one of her students did not do his homework. Or you could have brought it to my attention. But, instead, you just let her go ahead and disobey the rules, for which, she is being dealt with right now.”


Barbara resumed the spanking for a series of additional spanks and then stopped and stood up the bawling teacher. Taking her by the ear, she marched her to the corner, putting her nose directly in the corner.

“Stand there and think what your behavior brought you, Elizabeth and her friend. Keep your hands away from your bottom, if you know what is good for you. I will be checking on you.”

Barbara left Marylee to cry in the corner, making sure the door was open wide so she could check on the well spanked science teacher.

At first, Marylee just cried and kept her hands in front of her, but after a few minutes couldn't resist the urge to reach back and rub her sore bottom. It was poor timing as just as she did so, Barbara had quietly walked by the classroom.

“Marylee Lewis!! That's going to cost you!!”

Barbara walked into the classroom and over to Marylee. Pulling Marylee back from the corner, she bent Marylee over and gave the poor teacher ten hard smacks of her hand and stood her back in the corner.

“Don't be rubbing your behind again, Marylee.”

Once again, Barbara left the classroom as Marylee faced the corner. This time, Marylee resisted the urge to rub and Barbara's multiple times checking found Marylee's hands away from her seat.

It was some time before Barbara returned to the classroom. By that time, Marylee was getting a bit stir crazy as she awaited further punishment. She heard Barbara enter the room and took a deep breath. She heard the sound of the stool moving and then Barbara's voice.

“Marylee, you can leave the corner now. Come over to me.”

Marylee turned around and saw Barbara sitting on the stool, with a hairbrush in her right hand. She walked slowly over to the stool and went over Barbara's knees. She felt herself being pushed forward until she was bent over Barbara's left knee and then felt her own legs pinned. She could feel her bottom sticking up, as she was jackknifed over Barbara's knee. A few tears trickled down her cheeks as she realized that in her position, the hairbrush would really burn her behind.


To Marylee's sorrow, the first spanks from the hairbrush confirmed her thoughts. She wailed in pain as the hard, wooden hairbrush smacked her upturned bottom.

The sound of the hairbrush was even louder than the sound of the handspanks that Marylee had received earlier and so was Marylee's bawling as her wailing intermixed with the sound of the hairbrush smacking bare skin. Marylee was no longer the grownup teacher, now she was transformed into a naughty teenager soundly spanked.

Marylee bawled and bawled as the hairbrush did it's work, untl Marylee's behind was glowing crimson. Not an inch was spared, including her “sit spot” which would make sitting down a painful affair.

Finally, the spanking ended. Marylee continued to wail, her behind on fire. Barbara kept Marylee over her knee, as Marylee very slowly regained her composure, her bawling turning into steady sobbing and then eventually to crying. Only then did Barbara help Marylee to her feet.

“I don't ever want to hear that you didn't do enought to dissuade misbehavior from someone you have authority over. Do you understand me?”

Through her tears, nodded her agreement.

“Good, once I leave the room, you can rub your bottom to your heart's content. You'll be getting an email from me telling you when you and Elizabeth will be meeting with me for a further discussion.”

Marylee, realizing what that meant, started to protest, but was stopped short by Barbara's stern words.

“I don't want to hear one word out of you. You will do as you are told.”

Barbara emphasized her words by grabbing Marylee's arm, turning her and applying a resounding smack of the brush to Marylee's behind, causing Marylee to emit another wail. Barbara released her grip, and satisfied that Marylee got her message, left the crying teacher standing there and left the classroom. Once Barbara left, Marylee's hands quickly went behind her to try and rub the pain that she was feeling behind her, though it hardly alleviated the burning she felt. Then, she quickly went and closed the classroom door. She didn't need another teacher to walk by and see her as she was.

Back at the restaurant, Mary Donovan and Brenda Marshall were finishing their breakfast as Beth and Neale remained uncomfortably over their knees, their red bottoms on display. Unseen by the two of then, Mary nodded to her assistant and raised her hand, giving Brenda a signal and the second half of Beth's and Neale's breakfast spanking was about to begin.

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Part 95

It had been a long and uncomfortable breakfast for Neale and Beth. Instead of eating breakfast, they spent their breakfast time face down and bare bottomed over the knees of the headmistress and her aide. Having already been painfully spanked with hairbrushes shortly after being put over the laps, both Neale and Beth self-conciously had good looks at the floor of the restaurant while Mary Donovan and Brenda Marshall had good looks at the two behinds, as well as many of the patrons of the restaurant sitting at nearby tables.

Unknown to both Neale and Beth, Mary Donovan had signaled to her aide that it was time to resume the spankings, and indicating that it was to be a handspanking, rather than with the hairbrushes.

Both Beth and Neale felt themselves being shifted a bit and both realized that their time at rest was about to end. And end it did, with the first loud smack of palm striking bare skin, causing both Beth and Neale to let out yelps of pain.

As the spanks continued to fall, the pain from the earlier spankings was reignited and both Beth and Neale shortly were sobbing. That didn't deter Mrs. Donovan or Ms. Marshall one bit and they continued spanking until both Beth and Neale were bawling.

Once the bawling had subsided, Beth and Neale had to remain in their prone positions while Mrs. Donovan took care of the bill. Then, as Mrs. Donovan raised Neale's underpants, Beth found her panties removed completely.

They were stood up and Neale's shorts were raised, but when he was about to fasten them, he was told to just hold them up. Neale and Beth were escorted out of the restaurant, sure that the eyes of all the customers were upon them.

Who and what awaited them outside the restaurant shocked them. Standing there, adjacent to a nearby bench, was the school nurse, Veronica Lord. On the bench, were a couple of identical items that aren't usually seen on public bench, a pair of pillows. Seeing that, Beth had an ominous feeling. A feeling that was confirmed when Miss Lord picked up the pillows and placed over the back of the bench.

Mrs. Donovan directed Beth and Neale.

“Both of you, go behind the bench.”

As Neale went behind the bench, Miss Lord told Neale to let go of his shorts and once Neale did so, he was bent over, bottom sticking up in the air. The last of his protection was removed when Miss Lord lowered Neale's underpants.

Then Miss Lord turned to Beth and bent her over the other pillow, next to Neale. Like Neale, her bottom was bared as Miss Lord flipped up her skirt.

With two pairs of reddened bottoms sticking up, Veronica Lord then went over to Neale's shorts and pulled his belt out. While Veronica did that, Beth was anticipating one of two implements to be used on their upraised behinds. It would be, she thought, either a paddle or strap. No matter what it would be, she was not looking forward to it.

Neale, on the other hand, knew what the instrument of his next punishment would be and was full of nervous anticipation.

While they waited, Miss Lord doubled up the belt and stood behind Beth. Unknowingly, Beth was about to find out first hand her fate. She heard the swish of the belt and then she felt the belt's explosion upon her bare bottom.


Beth yelled out in pain and Neale did the same when he got his first lick of the belt across his behind. Then Miss Lord alternated applying the belt to Beth and Neale until they had received 50 spanks each and were bawling loudly. As they got strapped, a crowd began to form, watching the spectacle of a public strapping.

When Veronica finished applying the strap, the crowd found out that the strapping was over. Miss Lord handed the strap to Miss Marshall who went behind Neale and Beth and applied ten licks to each of them, causing even louder wails. Then it was Mrs. Donovan's turn and she finished off the strappings with ten licks of her own.

Both Beth and Neale were bawling their eyes out and their bottoms were blazing and on fire. They had to remain in their embarrassing position until the bawling had subsided to just crying and then Miss Lord raised up Neale's underpants, and after standing Neale up, pulled up Neale's pants. Then, being told he could go and handed his belt back, Neale didn't bother putting the belt on but quickly left the scene, heading for his car and trying not to look anyone in the eyes.

Meanwhile, Beth's skirt was flipped down and she was stood up. She so much wanted to reach back and rub her bottom, but the sight of those looking on dissuaded her from doing so as well as the possibility of causing further public punishment.

It didn't prevent further embarrassment, however, as Mrs. Donovan took her left hand and Miss Marshall, her right, and the three of them began the walk back to the school.

Feeling like a little kid, Beth could do nothing but walk with the headmaster and her aide and was glad as the finally approached the front door of the school. Little did they know, as they opened the door and walked inside, led by Mrs. Donovan, there would be a surprise waiting for them.

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Part 96

As the threesome entered the school building, Mrs. Donovan was the first one inside and her eyes quickly noticed movement at the entrance of the library. What she noticed did not please her one bit. For what she saw was her niece, Colleen, trying, unsuccessfully, to ditch her cigarette. Not only was she not allowed to smoke, but to be doing it at school in the library made it even worse.


Colleen just stood there, realizing that her effort to hide what she was doing had failed. She watched as her aunt left Beth and Ms. Marshall and walked up to her.


Twice Mary Donovan smacked the tight seat of Colleen's shorts as Collen yelped. Then, grabbing the nearby stool, she sat down and began undressing Colleen until her shorts and panties were pulled down. Then over her aunt's knees, Colleen went. Not wasting any time, the spanking began and Mary's hand smacked Colleen's behind repeatedly. After approximately 25 smacks, the spanked stopped. It would not be good news for Colleen.

“Brenda, can you get my hairbrush out of my pocketbook. Why should I hurt my hand on this naughty girl's behind.”

Ms. Marshall bent over to the pocketbook that Mary Donovan had dropped and took out her hairbrush. Still holding Beth's hand, she walked over to the headmistress and handed her the hairbrush. Now closer to Colleen, Beth had a bird's eye view as Mrs. Donovan resumed the spanking. The difference was all too obvious as Colleen loudly cried out from the painful hairbrush smacks. As Beth watched the painful spanking, she became aware of her skirt being raised and pinned up in back and then felt the sharp sting of Ms. Marshall's hand across her sore bottom.

“Don't want your bottom to feel neglected, do we?”

So, as Colleen was being spanked by her aunt and soon was bawling, Beth again was crying from her own punishment. When Mrs. Donovan stopped spanking her bawling niece, Beth's smacking also ended. Colleen was stood up and as she was, Ms. Marshall couldn't resist adding her two cents worth.

“You're behind is nice and red, Colleen. It's just what you deserve!! You and Miss Ashley make a good pair, both naughty girls with red behinds. Serves you both right!!”

Already in enough trouble, Beth bit her lip but Colleen didn't.

“Shut up bitch!”

Beth cringed at Colleen's outburst. Colleen's aunt reacted quickly. Bending Colleen over, she resumed spanking Colleen with the hairbrush, resounding spanks landing on her crimson bottom, causing Colleen to wail uncontrollably. Upon stopping, Mrs. Donovan spoke to Colleen and to her assistant.

“That was uncalled for, young lady. Brenda, it looks like you will have two naughty girls visiting your office tomorrow morning. You should get someone else to help you discipline these girls.”

“Oh, I will. Such naughtiness. Unimaginable.”

Mrs. Donovan marched her hobbling niece to a nearby unoccupied corner and put her squarely in the corner and seeing that, Miss Marshall took Beth by her ear to the same corner next to Colleen.

“What a cute pair, two naughty girls with red bottoms.”

Once again Brenda Marshall couldn't resist making a comment.

“Brenda, I need to go to my office. Could you keep an eye on these two for 30 minutes and then let them leave the corner. You can tell them what time in the morning they need to be in the office.”

Both girls heard the headmaster's words and they remained facing the wall for the seemingly endless 30 minutes, the only sound was Colleen's sniffling.

Finally, they heard footsteps approaching them. Beth didn't dare turn around, but sensed movement to her right where Colleen was. Then she heard the sound of wood striking skin, and yells from Colleen. She heard the hard smacks as Collen yelled out and began crying hard once again and eventually was howling. As she heard the smacks of the hairbrush (though she didn't know for sure it was the hairbrush that was being used), she cringed knowing that she would be next.

Beth counted the smacks and they stopped after 25. With the pause, Beth tried to mentally prepare for her turn. She felt herself being pulled back from the corner and bent over. She gritted her teeth and before she knew it, she felt the back of the hairbrush striking her bottom. She yelled out in pain as she received the first smack of th hairbrush. The smack was applied with great force and, like with Colleen, she received 24 more hard spanks and was wailing in pain. As she sobbed along with Colleen, she barely heard Ms. Marshall tell Colleen she could pull up her panties and shorts. Then she felt her skirt being unpinned and lowered. Handing Beth her pocketbook, Ms. Marshall told Beth she could go on her way.

“You may go now, Beth. Your panties are in your pocketbook and don't forget, be in my office at 9:00 sharp. It would not be a good idea to be late.”

Quickly, Beth left, not wanting to give Ms. Marshall any opportunity to send her away with any additional smacks, and headed for her room. Once in her room, Beth flopped on her bed, on her stomach, avoiding any contact with her stinging behind. She still had paperwork to do, but decided to rest for a bit before having to sit down.

About 90 minutes later, having nodded off, she woke up and carefully sat down on her chair, wincing a bit as she sat down. Once she finished, and despite being hungry, she decided to rest and once again, nodded off. It was about 2 hours later that she was awakened by knock on her door. She had no idea who it might be as she slowly got up and headed for the door.

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Part 97

As Beth walked to her door in response to the sound of someone knocking, she wondered who it was. She remembered that she and Marylee were going out for dinner but that wasn't until later that day.

She opened the door and, Marylee, looking serious was standing there. Without waiting for an invitation, she marched in. Closing the door, Beth passed and was shocked to find Marylee grab her arm and then smack the seat of her skirt.

“OWW!! What's that for?”

“What that's for? That's for breaking rules by having Neale stay over, that's what. And silly me, I didn't stop you.”

“But I have been punished for that!!”

“Not by me, you haven't. Because of you, I got blisterd by Barbara Connolly, plus I have an appointment, together with you, with her for tomorrow.”

Marylee walked over and grabbed the stool and brought it over. While Beth stood there open-mouthed, Marylee sat down and then called her over.

“Come over here, Beth. It's time for you to go over my knees for a good spanking!!”

“But....but my bottom is still so sore!!”

Marylee didn't have any compassion for the housemother.

“I don't care. Get over here right now, don't make it worse for yourself!!”

Almost in tears, Beth did as she was told and walked over to Marylee who had Beth go across her lap. Flipping up Beth's skirt, Marylee saw that Beth did not have panties on.

“The way you get yourself in trouble, Beth, maybe you should always go without panties. Maybe that would remind you to behave.”

Marylee reached into her pocketbook and pulled out her hairbrush, the one she used when spanking a naughty student.



Twice Marylee smacked Beth's bottom with the brush and Beth yelled out loudly. Marylee, seeing how Beth reacted to just two smacks of the hairbrush, paused. She considered spanking Beth with her hand, but then noticed a ruler. Realizing that a ruler would be less impactful, but still stinging, Marylee reached over and picked it up and put down the hairbrush.

Meanwhile, Beth wondered what was going on, and hoped Marylee had changed her mind about spanking her. She was about to be disappointed, as Marylee resumed the spanking. Instead of the hairbrush, Beth felt what she guessed was her ruler smacking her behind. The impact wasn't as bad as the hairbrush, Beth thought, but it was very stinging as Beth cried out in pain.

Marylee repeatedly applied the ruler to Beth's increasingly burning bottom, ignoring Beth's pleas to stop the spanking. As she spanked, she scolded the housemother. “It's time you stop breaking the rules, Beth. Next time, I hear you are going to break some rule, I won't hesitate to turn you over my knees and spank you, just like I would one of my students.”

Soon, Beth was bawling as the pain of the ruler spanking kept building up. Still, Marylee continued spanking her friend and subordinate until, finally, she realized that she should stop. Beth's bottom was glowing red as Beth wailed. Not giving Beth a chance to regain her composure, Marylee stood Beth up and marched her over to an empty corner. Just like Barbara Connolly did with her, Marylee warned Beth to keep her hands away from her blistered behind.

“Don't even think about rubbing, Beth. I'll be keeping an eye on you.”

And so, Beth remained sobbing in the corner, watched closely by Marylee, so wanting to rub, but not daring to. She couldn't help to think of the spankings she had received that day and what she was facing the very next day.

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Part 98

It was early the next morning when Beth woke up. As she did, she remembered what happened the previous day and what she faced that day.

After getting spanked by Marylee the previous afternoon, and made to stand in the corner for 20 minutes, she was able to leave the corner and let her skirt fall down, covering her sore behind.

As Marylee made her way to the door, she reminded Beth that she would return later for them to eat dinner. Beth wasn't really in the mood for eating and told Marylee that she would pass. However, Marylee had other ideas, telling Beth that she was going to dinner and that was that. Beth sighed, but didn't want to argue and said, “ok”.

Beth was made more nervous when Marylee added that she was to keep her bottom bare under her skirt. That led to Beth expecting another spanking from Marylee, perhaps in public, but, as she found out later, Beth received no additional spanking.

As Beth got up and went to get ready, her thoughts turned to what she faced next, a visit to the office to be punished by Ms. Marshall. Her vow to not get spanked by her failed to materialize and now she would soon have to face being spanked by her again. As she recalled what happened the last time Ms. Marshall had spanked her in the office, she was definitely not looking forward to it.

Making sure she wasn't late, Beth was early as she approached the office. At the same time, an unhappy looking Colleen Donovan was walking from the opposite direction. They nodded to each other and they entered the office.

As Beth entered with Colleen, the first thing she saw was Ms. Marshall and Miss Lord, the school nurse. Then she saw that two stools were placed in front of the desk.

“Hello girls, come on in.” As they walked inside the office, Veronica Lord went over to Beth while Brenda Marshall went to Colleen. Both Colleen and Beth stood there while they were undressed from the waist down.

It was an uncomfortable feeling for the two girls as they stood there awaiting their punishment. It didn't take long as Beth was taken to one stool by Veronica and Collen to the other by Brenda.

Both girls were put over knees and immediately, their spankings began. Hard, fast smacks rained down on their behinds, eliciting loud “ouches” from both girls. After about 40 spanks each, the dual spankings ended. After being stood up, both girls were marched to the bathroom. From her previous experience, she knew was going to happen next.

They were stood facing the sink as the water was turned on. As Veronica put two small bars of soap under the water, Brenda began smacking the bottoms of Colleen and Beth. Both girls were told to open their mouths which they did reluctantly. Once open, the two bars of soap were inserted in their mouths. Brenda stopped smacking and both girls, the awful taste of soap in their mouths were brought back to the office, where they went back over the knees of their disciplinarians.

This time, Beth had to go across Brenda's knees and Colleen over Veronica's. Once again, they were spanked, but this time with a ruler. Their spankings didn't end at 40, but continued on steadily and hard.

It was difficult for the two girls, sobbing while they had to endure a soapy mouth. And it only got worse while the two girls endured their spanking. They were both blubbering, from the sobbing and the suds.

Once their ruler spankings finally ended, they were taken back to the sink and allowed to rinse. Then back to the office and in the corner, they were marched, where they had to remain for 20 minutes.

Too soon, they were taken out of the corner and back to the stools. As they were once again taken over the knees, Beth was put over Veronica's left knee and pinned, Colleen was positioned in the same manner over Brenda's left knee. This was very foreboding to Beth as it meant they were going to receive a painful punishment.

They were not ‘disappointed’ as Veronica and Brenda each picked up hairbrushes. As the two girls, practically upside down, dangling with their bottoms sticking up, awaited the start of the next stage of their punishment, they couldn't help but squirm while they were made to wait before the spankings started.

Then, without warning, the first smack of the hairbrushes smacked their targets as if they were heat seeking missiles. Both girls yelled out in pain from that first smack. Neither Veronica or Brenda were in any hurry to apply the next spank, again keeping the girls waiting and wondering.


Finally the second spank was applied, causing another yelp as the hairbrushes smacked hard the pair of bare bottoms. Then slowly, the smacks continued, each smack bringing loud yells. Methodically and hard, spank after spank came down hard on the bare skin as the girls once again sobbed. With their legs pinned, the girls had no escape but had to endure the smack of the back of the hairbrush as it collided with their behinds. So, all they could do is bawl and endure their spankings as gradually the spanks came faster, and they bawling got louder with each smack.

Not one inch of their bottoms got spared, from the summit to lower down where they sit. Their sound of their wailing reached a crescendo when, finally, the hairbrush spanks stopped raining down on the girls' behinds. They were kept over the knees while they continued to sob and only when the sobbing was reduced were they allowed up and they were returned to the corner.

As they stood in the corner, their bottoms on fire, both girls were hoping that their ordeal was over. Beth, having been spanked by Brenda Marshall previously, had her doubts, however, and cringed at the thought of her bottom taking more punishment.

It was about 30 minutes later that, to Beth's dismay, she heard her name being called and told to turn around. When she did, she, unhappily, saw what she was in store for. On the desk was placed a pillow, and Beth didn't think it was for her to sit on. The other thing she noticed was that there was only one pillow. Was Colleen going to spared what Beth was about to get, or was she going to be next, after Beth?

That was what Beth was thinking as she was taken over to the desk and bent over that pillow. As when she was pinned, her bottom was sticking up in the air, as she wondered what she would be spanked with.

Behind her, unknown to Beth, Veronica had a paddle in her hand and Brenda was holding a strap. Veronica stepped up behind Beth and applied the paddle five times to Beth's bottom, once more causing Beth to bawl and plead for leniency. Her pleas were ignored as Veronica completed her paddling. She stepped away, and Beth hoped it was done. She found out it wasn't when she felt the first bite of the strap across her bottom. Four more times, the belt struck her bottom as tears flowed and Beth wailed. Then five more times, Beth felt the paddle strike her behind as she wailed. Then Brenda applied the strap ten times to Beth's bottom as she wailed, choking sobs, her nose running.

“Ok, Beth, get up.”

At first, Beth stayed bent over, but a threat by Brenda Marshall to continue the strapping caused Beth to stand up.

“Beth, you're lucky that you have an appointment with Barbara Connolly later, or you would still be across that pillow. In case you are wondering why you got more than Colleen, it's because you are older than her and should know better and also because you didn't learn your lesson from the last time you had to visit this office to be disciplined. I suggest it better be the last time for you, Beth, and the same goes for you, Colleen Donovan. Now, both of you, get dressed and you can leave.”

Beth wasn't feeling very lucky, nor was Colleen, who was promised another spanking by her aunt later that day. They both dressed and left the office, their bottoms burning. Once outside, they looked at each other, and while crying, hugged each other. Then, they went their own way, Beth in one direction to her room, and Colleen, the other to her car. While Beth knew that she was going to be soaking her bottom, Colleen faced the prospect of sitting down as she drove home.

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Part 99

As Beth squirmed while she sat at her desk chair, she turned on her computer and checked her email. She noticed that an email from Barbara Connolly was among the messages in her inbox.

Opening up the email, the message stated that her appointment with Barbara Connolly was postponed from later that day to the next morning.

It was with mixed emotions that Beth read and digested the message. With how sore her bottom was right then, additional punishment on it would be extremely hard to take. On the other hand, having to call home to inform her parents was not something she was anxious to do either.

Instead of calling, however, it came to Beth that she could email them instead, telling them that something came up that would delay her until the next day. Putting her thoughts into action, she went to her address book, clicked on her mom's email address and sent the email.

Having done that, Beth went to her bathroom to soak her bottom in the tub, knowing that her bottom would be safe until the next morning.

The next morning came sooner than Beth desired. With a sigh, she got up and got herself ready. After she took a shower and dressed. She wondered if she was supposed to wear panties or not(knowing that they would be coming down eventually) but decided to put them on. She also wore a skirt as she knew Barbara would require that.

About ten minutes before she had to meet Barbara in front of the school, she heard the sound of someone knocking on door. Looking at her clock radio, she confirmed that she wasn't late for her appointment.

Opening the door, it was Marylee. Like Beth, she also wore a skirt.

“Shall we go, don't want to be late. It'll be bad enough as it is.”

Beth nodded affirmatively and they left Beth's room. Neither had anything to say as they walked toward their destination.

As they opened the front door, they had a surprise awaiting them. Along with Barbara Connolly were two housemothers, Margaret Morley, the housemother of the boys' section adjacent to Beth's and Vanna McKay, a ninth grade housemother.

Barbara greeted them.

“Good that the two of you were here on time. Miss Morly and Miss McKay are here to help me administer a well-deserved punishment to the two of you.”

The fact that Beth and Marylee would be spanked by the two housemothers did not sit well with them, especially Marylee, who recalled the time when she had to administer a pair of hard spankings to Miss Mckay.

Barbara nodded to Margaret and Vanna, who went up to Marylee and Beth. Vanna took Marylee's ear and Margaret took Beth's and, painfully and accompanied by yelps of pain, they were walked to the nearby stools.

It didn't take long for Marylee and Beth to go across the knees of the two housemothers. Both felt their skirts being raised up and fussed with. Then the inevitable, their panties were taken off, baring their bottoms. Despite not being the first time they were spanked outside in front of the school, both girls were still completely embarrassed by their being bared and put over knees in full view of anyone walking or driving by.

Before their spankings commenced, Barbara had a few words for Vanna and Margaret.

“Suffice to say, I expect both of you to not go easy on these two naughty girls. I won't hesitate to demonstrate on your bare bottoms the proper administration of a sound spanking if I find yours lacking.”

The spankings began with hard, hand smacks to the upturned bottoms across their knees. Beth and Marylee yelped in pain as they felt the painful spanks. Neither Margaret or Vanna wanted to be on the receiving end of a spanking, so they made sure that each smack they delivered was done without leniency.

Actually, Vanna did not need any kind of incentive to give Marylee a sound spanking, having experienced going over Marylee's knees previously. It was the experience of getting spanked that led to her being less permissive with her section.

The two housemothers spanked soundly as Beth and Marylee dangled over their knees. Soon, they were crying steadily from the handspankings as smack after smack rained down on their behinds. They were about to start sobbing when Barbara stopped the spanking.

“Stop ladies. Beth and Marylee, you can get up.”

Both girls wondered if somehow they were getting off easy, but they found out they weren't that lucky. They also realized that their skirts were pinned up in back.

“Margaret, put Marylee over your knees and Vanna, put Beth over yours. In fact, put them over your left knee and pin their right legs so they can't go anywhere.”

Beth and Marylee knew what that meant. Their spankings were about to get worse. And so, they found themselves jackknifed over the knee of their respective spankers, their behinds sticking up high, both girls feeling like their already sore bottoms had a target drawn on them.

“I have something for you, Vanna and Margaret.”

Barbara reached into a bag and took out a pair of school-issued hairbrushes and handed them over to Vanna and Margaret. Then the spankings resumed, and the pain from the hairbrush completely overshadowed the handspankings they had just received.

Both Beth and Marylee broke into sobs as the hairbrushes smacked down on their already red bottoms. Both spankings progressed steadily, causing more and more distress on the part of the two girls across the knees, unable to do anything about it but sob and then bawl from the painful smacks of the brush.

Meanwhile, a small crowd gathered on the sidewalk in front of the school and traffic slowed as well, seeing the unusual sight of a public spanking of older girls. They were impressed with the soundness of the pair of spankings as well as the loud wailing coming out of the two very well-spanked girls.

To Beth and Marylee, it seemed like the spanking would never end. But end it did, as they continued to bawl. Though the pair of spankings had ended, Barbara had Beth and Marylee remain as they were, pinned over knees.

To their embarrassment, they had to stay like that for 20 restless and uncomfortable minutes. During that time, Barbara went inside for a few minutes. While Barbara was away, Margaret didn't say anything, but Vanna couldn't resist telling Marylee how much she enjoyed spanking her, but had one regret.

“I only wish I could have had the opportunity to use the hairbrush on your behind, like you did to me!! I'd really lay it on you!”

Marylee remained quiet, thinking to herself that Vanna better not slip up and give her a chance to get even herself.

What Vanna didn't know was that not having her allowed to spank Marylee with the hairbrush was a premeditated decision, knowing the past history of the two. She also wasn't aware that Barbara overheard what she had just said and wasn't pleased about it at all.

Barbara returned with two pillows. With Marylee and Beth parallel to the school, they could see that and inwardly groaned, knowing what would follow.

Barbara had both girls get up and then brought them to the railing and up and over the pillows, causing the girls' behinds to stick up in the air.

Both girls shivered at what they thought would be next. Behind them, unknown to them, Barbara had pulled out a thick leather strap and had doubled it. Walking behind the girls, she first applied the first smack of the strap to Beth's bottom, causing Beth to yell out loudly.

Marylee was next and she also responded with loud wail. Alternating, Barbara applied 25 spanks each to the two girls who were wailing uncontrollably by the time the strapping was finished.

Still holding the strap, Barbara informed all four that she would be right back. While Barbara was away, Vanna was able to hold her tongue at first, but finally she couldn't resist.

“You're bottom is so red, you could fry bacon on it. I wish I was the one applying the strap to your bottom, I would have really enjoyed it!!”

“Would you enjoy Marylee applying the strap to your behind, Vanna?”

Vanna was startled. Instead of Barbara returning by way of the front door, she had returned using the side door, wondering if Vanna would dig a bigger hole for herself, which she did.

“Lucky for you, Marylee isn't in any position to take the strap to your bottom.”

As Barbara paused, Vanna became aware of what Barbara was carrying. It was another pillow and Vanna swallowed nervously.

“However, I am more than capable of applying the strap to your behind.”

Walking over to the railing, she placed the pillow over the railing next to Beth and Marylee, who, while still sobbing, was aware of what was happening behind them.

“Come over here, Vanna.”

Vanna, shocked at the turn of events, just stood there, open-mouthed. And then protested.

“You can't be serious!!”

Barbara, not willing to wait, walked over to Vanna, turned her around and bent her over. Using her hand, she applied 5 resounding smacks to the seat of her shorts, as Vanna yelped in pain.

“When I ask you do something, I expect to be obeyed, Miss McKay. I think you have forgotten that, while I am having you participate in the girls' punishments, that doesn't mean you aren't subject to discipline yourself. You can stand back up now, while I prepare you for your strapping.”

As Vanna stood up, Barbara reached around her and undid the shorts and lowered them and then pulled down her panties. Then Barbara took her over to the railing and bent her over the pillow.

Picking up the strap where she had left it, she doubled it and began spanking Vanna. As she administered the strapping, Vanna soon was crying, sobbing and eventually, bawling as the strap left its mark. Barbara didn't count but applied the strap until Vanna was bawling loudly.

“I hope you learned a lesson, Vanna, as well as you two, Beth and Marylee. All three of you are to remain as you are until I say you can stand up.”

As they remained bent over, the crowd watching on the street slowly dispersed, seeing that the spanking action had ended, but a few didn't leave while the threesome remained bent over on display. Barbara excused Margaret, who was glad that this time, she didn't have to endure being spanked herself.

It wasn't until 15 minutes later that Barbara had stood Vanna up, raised up her panties and shorts and sent her on her way with a loud, hard smack.

Once Vanna had rushed inside the school, Barbara addressed Marylee.

“Marylee, I have punished Vanna for her intemperate remarks. You are not to take advantage of your position to gain revenge against her, do you understand?”

Marylee agreed, “Yes, Miss Connolly.”

“Good. Once I let you girls up, you are free to go.”

Before Barbara allowed the girls up, however, she went behind the girls and began smacking the girls with her hand until both were once more sobbing. Ending the smacking, she allowed the girls to stand up and handed them their panties back. Then both girls rushed inside, sobbing, up to Beth's room where the got ready to leave for Beth's home. At least they thought, they didn't have drive there with their bottoms bare, though it would be an uncomfortable ride home in any case.

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Part 100

If Beth had her way, she wouldn't have left for home until the afternoon, but she knew that she had delayed enough. So, going up to her room, along with Marylee, she finished packing and they left the school building to the parking lot where Beth's car was. Marylee's suitcase was already in the car.

As she thought, it was an uncomfortable ride home, as both girls could't help but sit uneasily, their bottoms still very sore from their painful spankings and strapping. And the thought of what might await them at home was never far from Beth's mind.

As they arrived on their street and drove up to Beth's house, it wouldn't have surprised Beth to see her mom waiting for her on the front porch, with stool or stools there as well.

To her relief, no one was on the porch, nor were any stools. Beth looked at Marylee and shrugged her shoulders. Parking in the driveway, they grabbed their suitcases and went inside, trepidation in their minds.

To their surprise, they were greeted warmly, and, silently, breathed a sigh of relief. Going up to Beth's room, they unpacked and then Beth suggested they go out for lunch. She didn't understand what was going on, but thought that if they weren't at home, they would be safe. She wanted to give Neale a call, but didn't dare do that yet.

As they left, Mrs. Ashley asked the girls if they wanted to go out to dinner with them but the girls said no thanks and Beth and Marylee left.

After lunch, they went and saw a movie then hung around the mall. By the time that arrived back home, Beth's parents had already gone to dinner and her brothers were out for the evening.

After Beth made dinner for Marylee and herself, they watched some TV and then decided to make an early night of it. So, they were asleep when her parents arrived home.

They might have slept through the night, except that Beth and Marylee heard a commotion that appeared to come from the living room. She had a feeling that Jay and Justin had just arrived home, well past their curfew.

Beth heard her mom scolding the boys and then heard Justin exclaim that he was too old to spank. Beth thought to herself, that was a bad idea. She knew that her mom would take kindly to that remark.

The next thing she heard was the sound of smacks followed by yells of pain. Beth opened the door and walked silently out of the room. What she eventually saw was her brothers bent over the back of the couch, pants and underpants pushed down, and her mom applying the paddle to their bare bottoms. Both boys shortly began sobbing and pleading as the paddle smacked hard across their bottoms.

Pausing, Mrs. Ashley asked, "Still think you're too old to be spanked, Justin?" She then gave both boys five more spanks and then sent them to bed. Beth quickly ducked back to her room and went back to her bed.

The next morning, Beth heard a knock on her door. Both she and Marylee were awake but still in pajamas. Beth opened the door, and Mrs. Ashley was there.

“Good morning girls, I am about to punish the boys for being late and talking back to me last night, and I could use your help.”

As they were still in pjs, Beth asked, “Can we get dressed first?”

“No, you're fine as you are. The boys are still in pajamas as well.”

Beth shrugged her shoulders, and she and Marylee followed Mrs. Ashley out of the room. They didn't stop in the living room, but continued outside to the front porch. Arriving outside, Beth saw that the boys were bent over the railing, their pj bottoms down at their knees. They hadn't been smacked or spanked yet, their behinds untouched.

Mrs. Ashley gave out instructions.

“Marylee, could you take Jay, and put him over your knees? I'll spank Justin.”

Marylee, surprised to be requested to spank one of Beth's brothers, thinking she would ask Beth to do so, had a brief foreboding thought about Beth, but shook it off and grabbed Jay's arm and pulled him over to the stool and, after sitting down, pulled him across her knees. Mrs. Ashley did the same with Justin, leaving Beth standing there, wondering.

Not that she standing there long.

“Oh, Beth, sorry, I forgot about you. Could you hand me and Marylee a hairbrush?”

Beth noticed the two hairbrushes, went and picked them up and handed one each to her mom and to Marylee.

“Thanks Beth, Now you can go over to one of the pillows the boys were bent over and go over one of them yourself. And pull your pajama bottoms down before you go over.”

“Oh, mom!! Please....”

“Don't ‘oh, mom’ me, young lady. Did you think I didn't know about your escapades at school? Now do what I say.”

Downcast, Beth walked over to the pillow hanging over the railing, pushed down her pj bottoms and placed herself over the railing, feeling so self-conscious at her embarrassing position.

As she put herself over the railing the dual spankings began behind her. The sound of hard spanks raining down on bare behinds seemed even louder to her as she realized that she was hearing the future when she was in the boys' position. For she was sure that was what awaited her.

Mrs. Ashley and Marylee continued to spank the now sobbing boys, as Mrs. Ashley scolded her oldest son.

“You sure don't sound like you are too old to be spanked, Justin. You sound just like any naughty boy who misbehaves and gets spanked. As long you live here, you will be getting spanked whenever, and wherever you misbehave and don't you forget it.”

Both boys were wailing when, finally, the hairbrushes stopped their assault on the now crimson behinds.

Mrs. Ashley then helped Justin off her knees and and put him back over the railing. Taking Beth's ear, she painfully stood her up and had the hobbling girl walk over to the stool. Then Beth was put across her mother's knees.

“Marylee, you can put Jay over the railing now that it is unoccupied”

As Marylee stood Jay up and marched him over to the railing, placing him over the pillow that Beth has just vacated, Mrs. Ashley began Beth's spanking, using her hand. That surprised Beth, as well as making Beth recognize that it would only get worse for her.

Mrs. Ashley spanked steadily and hard, smacking Beth's entire bottom as Beth cried loudly. Beth began sobbing as Mrs. Ashley relentlessly rained smack after smack after smack on Beth's bare bottom without let up.

Finally, Mrs. Ashley stopped the spanking and turned to Marylee.

“Marylee, in the living room, there is a third pillow, could you get it for me, please?”

While Marylee went inside to do what Mrs. Ashley requested, she kept Beth across her knees while Beth cried.

“I can't believe you are unable to behave yourself while at Lee Academy. Goodness, aren't you tired over going over everybody's knees?”

Marylee returned and she was instructed to put the pillow over the railing, and once she did, Mrs. Ashley stood Beth up and put over the railing.




Once Beth was bent over, Mrs. Ashley reached over and smacked each of her children sharply, causing them all to yelp in pain. Then she turned to Marylee.

Then she turned to Marylee.

“Well, it appears that Justin, Jay and Beth have been spanked. I guess that just leaves one more person, doesn't it?”

Marylee stood there, open-mouthed. She had assumed that because she had helped with the spankings that she would be immune to punishment herself.

"But....but...I didn't break any rules!!!”, she protested.

“You knew about what Beth planned, didn't you?”

Marylee looked down.


“So you could have stopped her, but instead you let her get into trouble. A friend shouldn't do that, should she?”

Marylee nodded.

Mrs. Ashley sat on the stool and called Marylee over.

“Come over here, Marylee, you need to be punished as well.”

Realizing completely now what her inaction had caused, she went over to Mrs. Ashley to face the music. As with the others, she was turned over the knees. Mrs. Ashley grabbed the waistband of her pajama bottoms and pulled them down, baring her behind. Prior to sitting down, Mrs. Ashley had picked up the hairbrush, but kept it in her left hand as she began Marylee's spanking, using her hand.

Once again, the sound of hard hand spanks was heard, this time heard by the three Ashley children, as Marylee's behind felt the hard hand of their mother with a faster pace than Beth's handspanking, Marylee was soon in tears as over and over, the spanks fell on her reddening bottom. Just when Marylee had reached the point of sobbing did Mrs. Ashley stop. But the spanking wasn't over yet. Shifting the hairbrush to her right hand, she resumed the spanking, this time the hard wooden brush smacked hard on the upraised behind continuously until Marylee was bawling uncontrollably.

Mrs. Ashley allowed Marylee to cry herself out before standing her up and pulling her pjs back up. But then in a surprising maneuver, she then reached behind Marylee and pulled the back of her pjs down, leaving her bottom bare.

She took Marylee to the stool, scaring Marylee, but instead, had Marylee sit down on the stool, which she did, very gingerly, and couldn't help but squirm and shift restlessly as her burning bottom made contact with the wooden seat of the stool.

Mrs. Ashley handed Beth the hairbrush, and explained.

“My arm is too tired to hand out another spanking, so Marylee, could you be a dear and give Beth a good, hard spanking for me?”

Marylee tried to turn Mrs. Ashley down.

“Please, I rather not.”

“You see, Marylee, if you don't spank her, I will have to. And then I would have to have Beth put you over her knees and I am sure she wouldn't refuse to spank you. Have I made myself clear?”

Marylee relented, there wasn't really any choice in the matter.

Mrs. Ashley took Beth's arm and stood her up. Beth was sniffling still as she was led over to Marylee and put over her friend's knees.

“I don't need to remind you, Marylee, do I, that if I don't think you are spanking hard enough, you'll be switching places. And Beth will still get the spanking she is due”

Marylee sighed, raised her arm and brought the hairbrush down hard on Beth's bottom. Beth yelled out in pain, but Marylee ignored it and spanked in a steady pattern, making sure to protect her own bottom by making sure each spank was hard enough to satisfy Mrs. Ashley. Over and over she spanked as Beth sobbed.

Beth sobs got louder and louder and soon Beth was bawling and then uncontrollably weeping from the painful smacks. Marylee paused, thinking the spanking was painful enough, but Mrs. Ashley held up ten fingers and pointed at Beth's sit spot.

Marylee made a face and then, reluctantly, gave Beth ten more spanks, all on the lower part of Beth's bottom where she sits, while Beth bawled even louder.

Beth was bawling so hard, her nose was running, the sobs choking and her bottom was on fire as she was stood up and put over the railing, joining her brothers.

“Excuse me, Marylee, I'll be right back.”

Mrs. Ashley went inside as Marylee sat there, not sure what to say. So, she remained quiet until Mrs. Ashley returned, which she did shortly, carrying another pillow. Marylee knew it was for her.

“Stand up Marylee. You did a good job in spanking Beth, but I don't appreciate the look on your face when I told you to give her ten more smacks.”

Taking the hairbrush from Marylee, she bent Marylee over, lowered her pjs completely, and smacked her ‘sitspot’ ten times hard, as Marylee let out wails from the painful smacks.

Then Mrs. Ashley had her join Beth, Jay and Justin over the railing, so now there were four sets of red bottoms sticking up as the four looked down, not wanting to see anybody walking or driving by. They were all grateful that nobody did walk by though cars did, some slowing down.

Other than their red bottoms, all four had one thing in common, the hope that their spankings were finished. When they heard the front screen door open and then close, signifying that Mrs. Ashley had gone inside, they wondered what that meant.

A short time later, the reverse occurred, the screen door opened and footsteps were heard, making known that Mrs. Ashley had returned. They all thought the fast return was not a good sign.


The sound of a smack heard by three of them and felt by Justin told them the answer. The trip inside the house was to get her paddle. Which she proceeded to use, alternating paddle spanks to each set of bottoms until all four had received 20 hard smacks of the paddle and all were bawling once more.

They were left bent over, bawling until they slowly recovered their composure. To Beth's dismay, she found herself being stood up and brought over to the stool and put over her mom's knees once again.

“Please, mom, no more!! My bottom is on fire.”

“Whether you get more or not is up to you. I had a conversation yesterday with Mrs.Donovan, the headmistress. Then I had a conversation with the mother of two of the boys in your section, Mrs. Anderson.”

Beth was startled by what her mom had just told her. And a bad foreboding.

“It seems that Mrs. Anderson had a job proposal for you.”




Beth yelled out as her mom smacked her hard.

“Mrs. Anderson told me that you would refuse the job offer. And up until the last couple of days, that would have been fine with me. But with the way you have behaved, or, should I say, misbehaved, it's what you need.”

“Oh, please, mom, don't make me!”





“Yes, I know that you will most likely end up over her knees while there. What do you think will happen if you don't work for her? This is a hint.”



Beth bawled as her mom smacked her five times, this time with the hairbrush.

“OK, OK!! I'll do it,” Beth gave in, through her sobs.

“Good. I am glad you finally saw the light. You don't need to be at her house until Friday.”

Mrs. Ashley helped her sobbing daughter off her knees and sent her inside and then allowed Justin, Jay and Marylee to stand up, pull their pjs up and also go inside.

Beth ran sobbing to her room, joined shortly by Marylee.

“I am sorry, Beth, to have to spank you. I had no choice.”

Beth was forgiving.

“I know. Doesn't matter, if you hadn't, mom would have, and maybe even worse. I am sorry I got you spanked by Barbara, Vanna and Margaret as well as by my mom.”

“Well, I can't say I enjoyed it, but I'll forgive you. Besides, I did punish you for it already, even before today. One thing I don't understand... Why don't you want to work for Mrs. Anderson, and why would you likely be spanked by her?”

Sniffling, Beth replied, “I never told you but on the first day the students returned after Christmas break, she asked me to spank her daughter and I declined. We then went to my room and she told me how she saw me get spanked in front of the school for the smoking episode and said I need to be punished for that. I guess she blackmailed me. She spanked me, hard, until I agreed to spank her daughter and offered me a job of nanny in the summer. I knew that it would mean being spanked by her, probably regularly and refused. And now I have to!!”

“WOW! I feel bad for you, but, I hate to say this, but you have a way of getting yourself in trouble. Maybe this will help you get you to stop earning spankings!!”

In a not too serious manner, Beth responded, “Gee, thanks for the support!! Oh, I know I need to stay out of trouble, I just don't think at times. Oh well, at least it's for the summer only. Want me to find out if she wants two nannies?”

“Oh no you don't!! Don't you dare!!!”

Beth smiled, “Just kidding!! Oh, well, we better get ourselves dressed. I think I will want to stand while eating breakfast.”

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